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Sharing Large Files Seem Easy, Secure & Fast with Virtual Drive Sharing large files seem to be a serious issue for many businesses hindering workflow by a great extent. The companies needing to share large files need not worry any more - Virtual Drive has announced easy, fast and secure online file share services. Virtual Drive is a leading company in cloud file storage & sharing services operating since the year 1999. “With us, file sharing is simple, safe and quick. We will allow you to share and transfer a huge number of files or a single big file over 1 GB through our FileManager software with great reliability and drag/drop ease. We do not put any restrictions on size or number of files”, stated the spokesperson from Virtual Drive, when speaking about their file share services. “You can go for quick sharing through URL or for Group-Sharing Collaboration along with the access control”, he added. Virtual Drive uses the latest caching & compression technologies that help in transferring files with lighting fast speed. They offer 3 easy steps in sharing files and assure instant access for the recipients on the files transferred. The clients will be getting automatic notification on email as the files are transferred to their chosen recipient. Speaking more about the file sharing services, the manager from Virtual Drive reported that they enable the clients to choose from 4 access levels. “We would allow you to select from 4 access levels so that you can pick up the ideal option as per your particular business requirements. These are Large view with lower resolution, downloadable Original view; Upload as well as Full Access. Added to it, you can enable others to rate and comment”, he said. The company offers folder space sharing and branded corporate file upload & sending as well. The firm also reported to assist in broken transfers right from the interruption point and confirmed no transfer of a similar file twice. The clients can sign up for free.

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Sharing Large Files Seem Easy, Secure & Fast with Virtual Drive