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Virtual Art [winter]Residence© Art Collective KipVis presents

Virtual Art [winter]Residence© Virtual Art [winter]Residence© is the winter location of Virtual Art Residence©:

both a real existing mini factory and a virtual art-platform serving as a work space for artists, located on Virtual Art [winter]Residence© opened on the 16th of December within the context of the Winter Light Festival in Vlissingen[ Flushing ], in the Netherlands. The real existing Virtual Art [winter]Residence© is, as Virtual Art Residence© , located on Dreesstraat 2 in Vlissingen – the exposition location of Foundation Art Collective KipVis [ ChickenFish ], Dreesstraat 2 in Vlissingen The formal opening of Virtual Art Residence© took place on the 1st of July 2010; since then some 20 artists joint us. See under ‘summer 2010’. Concept

Virtual Art Residence©

was initiated as a concept by two visual artists: Giel Louws & Hans Overvliet. Our motivation to start Virtual Art Residence© lies in our desire to work together with colleagues in different ways. In this case by means of the web. Virtual Art [winter]Residence© has at least to goals: we offer artists this winter a virtual workspacein order to work together, and communicate about that work. The second goal is to collect the work, produced by the artists and in one way or another to exhibit the work. This work can be anything: a poem, a video, a painting, a music composition, a novel, an illustration, a short story, an artist-diary, you name it. In any case, every month we produce a downloadable catalogue. See under ‘works’. Because everything published is downloadable, everybody can make some form of exhibition with the work[s]. Sending in your work After you contact us - - we create a blog for you on which you can upload all your work. Therefore we mail you all necessary information like passwords an a simple manual on how to use your blog. Original works can be posted to Hans Overvliet, Lange Noordstraat 67, NL-4331 CC Middelburg, the Netherlands. Returns can be arranged. Because Virtual Art Residence© and Virtual Art [winter]Residence© are non-commercial projects, commercial exploration of this projects and uploaded works are strictly forbidden.

Giel Louws & Hans Overvliet Artistic management

VAR winter - english introduction  

VAR winter - english introduction

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