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Author : International Code Council (ICC) Pages : pages Publisher : International Code Council Language : eng ISBN-10 : 1609837355 ISBN-13 : 9781609837 358

2018 International Building Code Thi s cod e app lies to all buil din gs exc ept det ach ed one and

two fam ily dw elli ngs and tow nho use s up to thr ee stor ies. The 201 8 IBC con tain s ma ny imp ort ant cha nge s suc h as: Acc ess ory stor age spa

ces of any size are no w per mit ted to be clas sifi ed as par t of the occ upa ncy to whi ch the y are acc ess ory. Ne w cod e sec tion s hav e bee n

intr odu ced add res sin g me dic al gas sys tem s and hig her edu cati on lab ora tori es. Use of fire wall s to cre ate sep ara te buil din gs is no w limi ted

to onl y the det erm inat ion of per mis sibl e typ es of con stru ctio n bas ed on allo wa ble buil din g are a and hei ght . Wh ere an ele vat or hoi

stw ay doo r ope ns into a fire resi sta nce rat ed corr idor , the ope nin g mu st be pro tect ed in a ma nne r to add res s sm oke intr usi on into

the hoi stw ay. The occ upa nt loa d fact or for bus ine ss use s has bee n revi sed to one occ upa nt per 150 squ are feet . Liv e loa ds on dec ks and

bal con ies incr eas e the dec k live loa d to one and one half tim es the live loa d of the are a ser ved . The min imu m late ral loa d tha t fire wall s

are req uire d to resi st is five pou nds per squ are foot . Win d spe ed ma ps upd ate d, incl udi ng ma ps for the stat e of Ha waii . Ter min olo gy des crib

ing win d spe eds has cha nge d aga in wit h ulti mat e des ign win d spe eds no w call ed bas ic des ign win d spe eds . Site soil coe ffici ent s no

w corr esp ond to the ne wes t gen era tion of gro und mot ion atte nua tion equ atio ns (sei smi c val ues ). Fiv efoot tall wo od trus ses req uiri ng per ma

nen t bra cin g mu st hav ea peri odi c spe cial ins pec tion to veri fy tha t the req uire d bra cin g has bee n inst alle d. Ne w alte rna tive fast ene

r sch edu le for con stru ctio n of me cha nic ally lam inat ed dec kin g is add ed givi ng equ ival ent po wer driv en fast ene rs for the 20pen ny nail . Soli

d saw n lum ber hea der and gird er spa ns for the ext erio r bea ring wall s red uce spa n len gth s to allo w #2 Sou the rn Pin e des ign val ues . 2018 International Building Code

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2018 International Building Code  

2018 International Building Code

2018 International Building Code  

2018 International Building Code