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Author : Cormac McCarthy Pages : pages Publisher : Recorded Books on Brilliance Audio Language : ISBN-10 : 1501260421 ISBN-13 : 9781501260 421

The Road Ne w terr itor y for Mc Car thy :a pos tapo caly ptic lan dsc ape wh

ere list ene rs me et a ma n wh o rec alls a bet ter wor ld and a boy wh o doe sn’t . Wit h all the tra de mar ks of vint age Mc Car thy —a ma n

and his you ng son ,a bla ste d Am eric an lan dsc ape , spa rse pro se tha t is at onc e bru tal and ten der —T he Roa d furt her ce me nts Mc Car thy’

s stat ure as one of Am eric a’s gre ate st livi ng nov elis ts. The Road

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The Road  

The Road