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Surgical Recall ●

Written in a rapidfire question-andanswer format, Surgical Recall is a best-selling, highyield reference for clerkship students. Covering both general surgery and surgical subspecialties, this portable resource provides accurate, on-the-spot answers to the questions you’re most likely to encounter during your rotations and on the shelf exam . The eighth edition—now in full

Author : Lorne H. Blackbourne Pages : 640 pages Publisher : LWW Language : ISBN-10 : 1496370813 ISBN-13 : 9781496370 815

color—distills the content even further to give you exactly what you need: survival tactics and tips for success, key information for those new to the surgical suite, and expanded opportunities for self-assessment in a variety of formats.Strategic two-column format provides chapter content in the form of questions on the left and answers on the right to facilitate quick, effective review.Brand-new Rapid-Fire Reviews at the end of most chapters let you test your knowledge of chapter content, and also help you get familiar with finding the words that are key to unraveling clinical vignettes throughout the book.Detailed color illustrations enhance understanding.Sur gical Overview and

Background sections are packed with practical advice and tricks of the trade.Hundreds of mnemonics, acronyms, tips, prompts, and hints help you master and retain essential knowledge.Concise procedure descriptions and relevant anatomy prepare you to serve as an active participant in the operating suite.Allnew pre- and postbook tests show you what areas to study and then how well you have mastered them. Surgical Recall

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Surgical Recall  

Surgical Recall