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Workshifting Can your business shift? Virsage Workplace Solutions

Can your business keep running?

Can your employees stay productive?

Workshifting Getting work done in the right place at the right time by the right people

Cloud Hosted Desktops

Complete hosted desktop experience Any device, anywhere access Integrated apps for your business

IT as an on-demand service Centralize your desktops, applications and data in the cloud

Cloud Hosted Desktop

Desktop = OS + Apps + Data A bundle of services

I want to run a business, not an IT department… …I don’t care about IT, but I can’t live without Is my business ready for a disaster?

Are you prepared?

Can your users access resources securely, from anywhere?

Are your essential information resources available?

What’s Else Is On Your Mind?



Cost Control

What Keeps You Up At Night?

Cash Flow

Business Growth

Running IT



14% Source: 2010 SMB Insight Report - Microsoft

Same as before…

A new way…




Office Productivity

Hosted Email

What do you get?

Infrastructure as a Service

Disaster Recovery

Data Storage and Backup

IT Outsourcing

Windows H o s t e dWeb D e s k t o p SaaS

Office Productivity

Hosted Email

Infrastructure as a Service

Disaster Recovery

Data Storage and Backup

IT Outsourcing

Instant Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

• Enterprise class protection, SMB prices • Data and application backup

• Multi-site redundancy • Accessible anywhere, any device • Your business keeps on running!

Control Data and Compliance

• Safeguard against lost devices • No data is stored on the device

• Secure access to your data • Easily hire contractors, temps

IT Becomes an Operating Expense Capital Expenses

Operating Expenses

Cash and lending are tight Expensive purchases Quickly outdated Difficult to manage and inventory

IT becomes a monthly bill Predictable IT spending Easy to anticipate employee costs Accommodate with seasonal spikes

Predictable IT Costs

• Predictable, fixed per employee monthly IT spending • Know your true cost of hiring new employees • Scale up for seasonal spikes – tax season, retail holiday season

Freedom and Flexibility to Use Any Device

Work-Life Balance

• Stay productive outside the office • The “office” is available anywhere

• Work on any device – PC, Mac, Tablet, Smartphone

Recruit and Retain the Best Talent • Offer a richer work experience • Attract tech-savvy workers

• Tap a broader talent pool • Hire in any location

Self-Service Access to IT Tradition IT

Self-service IT

Held desk calls Service tickets Long waits

Easy to use No waiting, no calls Instant response

More Strategic Role for Your IT

• IT can focus on strategic projects • Drive business growth

• Not focus on IT support and fire drills

Where Do I Go From Here?

• Virsage can get you there • Virsage call to actions

Workshifting with Workplace  

Workshifting with Workplace

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