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I’m currently a Corporate Graphic and Motion Designer of one of the largest retail and hospitality company in the Middle East. Worked regularly on graphic, layout and production materials for internal, external and online communications. More than 4 years in the food & beverage industry and 3 years on a print and advertising setting, creating visuals for digital content and print. Creative with a handful problem solving skills. A team player, seeking to lower the workload of my future manager at your organization. Through proven strengths in creativity, collaboration and taking criticism professionally. Also excels at several graphic design tools including, Adobe illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe indesign, Adobe after effects and final cut pro. On top of this all, I’m only a high school graduate and self-taught graphic designer. And never in my entire career that it become a hindrance in my current company/clients to hire me and give them a quality work they deserve.



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Layout Design


Digital Design

Medical Insurance Guide Digital Ebook

Website Banners

Wifi Landing Page


Social Media

Packaging Design

Motion Graphic

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Virmar Costa Graphic Design Portfolio