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Hello Yano

Just wanted to tell that to get to the conference in Liverpool, I'll take to train that comes close to where we're going to meet. i'll be there 10 am, then I'll take a taxi to drop me at Penny Lane street. Near there you will find the company that we have to meet I'll get around there at 10:30am. Will Any be at the reception? By the way this is my cell number. Call me, and I Will tell you if I'm late or I have a problem. 5547819885 See you

Hello Jun sang Ok Jun sang, I will also take a train to go from here to Liverpool, but to get there I'll take a bus that runs right in front of the conference venue, see you at the reception at 10:30. Thanks for your cell phone just in case I will also give you my number. Call me if you need me 5545179174 See you, take care. Listening the link of my composition, please

My Compositions Viridiana Mata