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Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México Escuela Nacional Preparatoria Plantel 1 “Gabino Barreda” “Compositions”

Mata Núñez Haide Viridiana 509

Content: ★ Introduction ★ Learning Reflection ★ Profile: John Lennon ★ Description of my favorite restaurant: Restaurant ナルト ★ The Diary of Anne Frank ★ E-mail: Yano and Jun sang ★ Advertisement

Introduction This is a collection of compositions that I created during this school year, so far I have written five compositions the first one was a description of my favorite rock star John Lennon, I have also learned how to describe my favorite restaurant and my favorite food, I have written a book cover, an e-mail, and finally an advertisement for volunteers to help at an international sporting event. These things I'm talking about are things that I chose because I really like John Lennon, the restaurant of which I speak is my favorite and every time I go, and as The Diary of Anne Frank is a book that I really liked when I read it.

Learning Reflection Writing helps me practice English to learn the vocabulary, grammar and how to communicate in writing. I feel it is very helpful to have made these compositions because they have helped me a lot to improve my writing and I've learned a lot about writing and grammar of the language. I think it's a great way to improve the learning of a new language, and helped me to learn to write. These are compositions that were difficult at the beginning to write, but I really liked and I chose what talk about.

John Lennon John Lennon is a singer of The Beatles and composer of songs. John was born in Liverpool England the 9th of October of 1940 he is a member of The Beatles. He composed songs such "Girl", "Don't let me down", "If I fell", among other. He was a pacifist man but the 8th of December of 1980 he was murdered by Mark David Chapman who shot four times on his chest and back, and this caused missing the 80% of your blood and died in the hospital at about the 10:50 pm.

Restaurant ナルト This restaurant has Japanese food it’s very oriental style, to eat you have to use chopsticks, the food is very delicious and has a very nice presentation, the dishes they serve are takoyaki, which are balls with octopus inside, sushi that is raw fish, onigiri are rice balls, curry is very spicy chili with rice and ramen noodles that are very thin with fresh vegetables and surimi or pig.

The Diary of Anne Frank This is the story of a thirteen year old scarce girl that writes her diary. The diary became her friend and was named Kitty, she narrates living in an attic during The Second World War. She describes the fear, restlessness and anguish that she felt but still continues living every moment of her life as if it were the last


Hello Yano Just wanted to tell that to get to the conference in Liverpool, I'll take to train that comes close to where we're going to meet. i'll be there 10 am, then i'll take a taxi to drop me at Penny Lane street. Near there you will find the company that we have to meet I'll get around there at 10:30am. Will Ana be at the reception? By the way this is my cell number. Call me, and I Will tell you if I'm late or I have a problem. 5547819885 See you

Hello Jun sang Ok Jun sang, I will also take a train to go from here to Liverpool, but to get there I'll take a bus that runs right in front of the conference venue, see you at the reception at 10:30. Thanks for your cell phone just in case I will also give you my number. Call me if you need me 5545179174 See you, take care.

Advertisement for volunteers from an international sporting event I'm getting in touch about your advertisement for the international sporting event. I'm very interested in all sports, and athletics, I've worked as a volunteer on a number of sports projects. I speak English and French well. In 2012, I spent 2 months helping out at a athletics project in London and in this year I took part in a project to train boys for a basketball competition in my local area. I would be grateful if you could send me more information about your volunteer programme.

Yours Viridiana Mata

My compositions, Mata Nuñez Haide Viridiana  
My compositions, Mata Nuñez Haide Viridiana