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ABOUT ME Hello! my name is Viridiana, I’ m 17 years old. I’m single and my date of birth is 23 of November. I studied in prepa 1 “Gabino Barreda”. My interest is music. I love coldplay . I like read books and listen to the music.

INTRODUCTION This is a collection of compositions made during the school year. I hope you like my portfolio.

CONTENT My pet My brother Unit 1: Facts and figures unit 2: Where and When Unit 3: Family and fiends Unit 4: Bed and Breakfast Unit 5: Film and Television Unit 6: Work and Study My Job Unit 7:News and Weather The Concert of Coldplay The transport in Mexico City Unit 8: Coming and Going

My Pet He is tom. He is very playful and loves to play ball and loves to sleep. He is a baby. He is very beautiful. I love! :D

My brother Hi! he is my brother Arturo, he is 18 years old. He likes to read comics and likes to listen the music . My brother studies in E.N.P 4 “Vidal Castañeda y Nájera”. He is friendly and intelligent. I love him :)

Unit 1: Facts and figures

Hi! My name’s Viridiana and I’m from Mexico City. My first language is spanish, but I need English because it is an indispensable tool in today’s world. My main interest is music. I love pop music and alternative rock. I’m also interested in read books and listen to the music. If you contact me, my full name’s Viridiana Arellano and my address is calle Alfredo V. Bonfil. My home email’s viridiana soto I’m single and my date of birth is 23.11.1997.

Where and When In Mexico City people generally have breakfast at home before work or school and then they have small snack in the middle of the morning. The working day typically starts at 8 o’clock or 9 o’clock. A lot of people at work have just half and hour for lunch so It’s typical to have a small lunch at lunchtime and big dinner in the evening. School generally finishes at about a 2 o’clock and a lot of people finish work at 5 o’clock or 6 o’clock. Most shops close at 6 o’clock blut big supermarkets stay open until 9 or 10 o’ clock. It’s typical to have dinner at 8 o’clock….. It’s typical to go for a drink after dinner

Unit 3: Family and Friends ¡hello Barbara! How are you? I’m writing because my cousin’s on holiday in France with her family. They want to spend next weekend in Paris. Do you have time to meet them and give them some suggestions- things to do, places to eat, etc?. My cousin’s name’s are Danna and Liliana. Liliana likes to watch t.v and read books. Is there a library in the area? Danna likes to listen to the music and chatting online. Does the town have an internet cafe?. And They all love french food! Thanks for any help you can give, and don’t worry if you can’t meet them. All the best. Your friend Viridiana

Unit 4: Bed and Breakfast Mr Perez I’d like some more information about the holiday apartment to rent. The description says it’s a big apartment. How big is it? How many rooms are there?. The description also says apartment is near the city centre. How far from the centre is it? Can we walk there? Could you send me the address?. Another question is Does it have internet access? and is there a supermarket near the apartment?. Finally, I’d like to know about the price and when it’s available. Is it available for one or two weeks?. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours faithfully Viridiana

Unit 5: Film and Television The Real Entertainment Site the programmes that real people recommend. Category: T.V programmes Starting next Friday we can all watch the T.V series ( a comedy programme) called Big Time Rush. It’s on channel 316 at 8 p.m every night. It’s set in a town called L.A in U.S.A and it’s about some amazing guys live in Palmwoods. They are from Minnesota and they want to be big stars. They love L.A. They think that it is a much more interesting place. The other setting in the programme is Rocque records. There, they film their songs and sing. A lot of people think it’s funny, but I recommend it because I love it. It’s a comedy but sometimes it’s quite funny.

Dear Mr. Pathiyamaton. I saw your advertisement for English training courses on the internet and I would like to apply for a course are the English Institute. The online option is best for me because I live in Mexico City. I’m interesd in the course because I would like to change my school and travel to other countries, and I need an official qualification. I study at the UNAM at the moment. I attach a copy of my CV. As you can see, I studied English at UNAM. I was good at Biology. If necessary, I’m available for an interview at any day this week. I look forward to hearing from you.

Unit 6: Work and Study

My Job Dear Mr. Bennett. The reason why I’m writing is to apply for the job looking after children. I’m 17 years old and I’m from Mexico City. I study in Prepa 1 “Gabino Barreda”. Now I’m in Mexico City. I believe I can do this job very well. I have experience with children and I like being with them. I’m friendly, patient and reliable. I like playing with the kids, watch TV and study with them. I look forward to hearing from you. Viridiana Arellano Soto


Unit 7: News and Weather

This happened six years ago. When we were at Michoacan in the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary. When we arrived the weather was fantastic!. It was beautiful to see the vast forest and butterflies. But in the forest the weather is fresh and cold. At first we very thrilled to see the forest, I liked the trees and flowers. A little later we went to eat at a nearby restaurant. During the afternoon it was a bit cold. In the end, we decided to return to the city the wind blew a cloud away during the afternoon. This is an experience that I lived with my family. A wonderful experience!

CONCERT OF COLDPLAY- LIVE 2012 The concert of Coldplay was two years ago it took place in Paris. The concert was wonderful and funny. There were one thousand of people, from many different countries. During the concert there were fireworks, colorful lights and great music. They sang paradise, fix you, Us Against the world among many others songs. The aim of the event was to entertain people and have a good time with great music!. The thrilled people sang during the concert. It was fantastic to see my favorite band on stage. IT WAS A GREAT EVEN!!

The Concert of Coldplay




It’s easy to get to Reforma by metro and by bus. The journey takes about 2 hours. There is a metro too and this is cheaper. Another option is to hire a car. Traffic gets heavy when there are many cars. You can get a taxi after evening films. There are a number of hotels in the city. The fair cultures friends offersan exhibition on different countries A good way to travel around Reforma is by Metrobus it’s very efficient.!. It’s a good opportunity to meer new cultures.

Unit 8: Coming and Going

The transport in Mexico City In Mexico City most people go to work by bus or metro. Metro is very cheap and fast. People usually take the metro. It is faster and more efficient than buses or cars. At the moment people are going by Metro. A big problem is that traffic is heavy. Car accidents are serious. The situation is getting worse in Mexico City.

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