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Virginia Western Educational Foundation Alumni & Friends News • Volume 1 • Issue 2

Spring/Summer 2008 • 

From the President’s Desk

Get Smart. Dear Friends: As president of the Virginia Western Educational Foundation, it is my privilege to share some exciting news with you. The City of Salem has just approved one of the smartest projects in their long and storied history. They have joined forces with the VWCC Educational Foundation in inviting each and every graduate of Salem High School to go to college, on them. How smart is that? Very smart. While obviously there are some eligibility requirements that must be met by the graduate, this is ground-shaking news that sends an obvious signal to everyone in Salem. We support our youth. While I am not suggesting that other communities in our region do not, Salem has taken the bold initiative of creating the opportunity for each graduating senior to attend college, regardless of their ability to pay. Why is that so smart? The short answer is that a program like this provides for a better-educated citizenry and a more skilled work force. This is an investment in human capital which has a tendency to attract investment capital, which has a tendency to create more and better-paying jobs. The shorter answer is that this is economic development at its best. If this is such a smart idea, why aren’t the other localities doing the same thing? Great question, and there is a good answer. This initiative is brand new, and we are just starting

 • Spring/Summer 2008

conversations with others within our broader region. There is already real interest being expressed from other localities, and we expect that interest to grow as Salem’s program is fully implemented. Simply put, education is a smart investment. We can make a huge impact on our youth as well as our future quality of life by providing

a college opportunity to ALL of our regional high school graduates. That’s a goal worth working for. That’s smart. Sincerely, Russell H. Ellis, President Virginia Western Community College Educational Foundation

Virginia Western Educational Foundation Alumni & Friends News • Volume 1 • Issue 2

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Above - Roanoke County Police Officer Tim Wyatt shows participants in the VWCC Student Policy Academy the damage an impact can have on a car. Cover – Educational Foundation Board Members Jerry Pace (left) and Ed Hall (right)

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Building Hope, Creating Opportunity Two Educational Foundation Board Members help ensure that 2008 Salem High graduates can attend Virginia Western tuition free.


From Minnesota to Virginia Western While Gertrude Light Hubbard never graduated from college, she and her family are helping to ensure future generations can.


A New Start A Bright Future Yvette Jones proves it is never to late to follow your dream.


Distinguished Alumni Awards 2007 Dr. Kent Murphy and Charlotte Tyson are honored for their accomplishments.

Educational Foundation Board of Directors

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Virginia Western Educational Foundation Alumni & Friends News • Volume 1 • Issue 2

Spring/Summer 2008 • 


Bits & Bites Slaughter became instrumental in founding the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford County, earning him the nickname “Mr. D-Day.” On the 50th anniversary of D-Day, Slaughter gave President Clinton a tour of Omaha Beach, the place he and others had invaded half a century earlier. Slaughter’s memoir, Omaha Beach and Beyond: The Long March of Sergeant Bob Slaughter, is recommended to anyone who wants a first-person account of what happened June 6, 1944. As Slaughter wrote, “a writer that wasn’t there cannot accurately capture the battle.”

as of 3/31/2008 PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE $10,000 + Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Odasz Al Pollard Memorial Foundation

LEADERSHIP SOCIETY $5,000 - $9,999 Kathleen H. Stuart Grace B. Taylor Fred Whitaker Company

COMMUNITY PARTNERS $1,000 - $4.999 Anonymous (1) Access, Inc. Avis Construction Company, Inc. Bank of Botetourt Belmont Presbyterian Church Cabell and Shirley Brand Charitable Lead Trust Breakell, Inc. General Contractors Carilion Clinic Carter Machinery Company, Inc. Mrs. Dorothy S. Clifton The Commonwealth Council Dennis R. Cronk Dixon, Hubard, Feinour & Brown, Inc. Walter Dixon Ms. Katherine Elliott Foundation for Roanoke Valley Mr. Gregory Freeman & Dr. Gudrun Freeman Gary J. Harpold, M.D. Leon and Beverly Harris Lamar Advertising Mr. & Mrs. John C. Lanford Stan and Elise Lanford McLeod Family Foundation Ms. Cheryl C. Miller -e Ms. Donna L. Mitchell Prestige Motorcycle Club Dr. James C. Sears in honor of Dr. Robert H. Sandel Dr. Chuck Terrell -e in honor of Pat Morgan Mr. & Mrs. James W. Thweatt, Jr. Mike and Carolyn Warner Paul and Diane Wolff -e

DEAN’S SOCIETY $500 - $999 Anthony F. Anderson, Esq. The Cartledge Foundation, Inc. Clark & Karen Cole Mr. & Mrs. Preston M. Collins Warner Dalhouse W. Heywood and Cynthia K. Fralin

 • Spring/Summer 2008

D-Day Survivor and Virginia Western Alumnus Speaks Out

Native Roanoker and Virginia Western alumnus Bob Slaughter has been through much in his life. As a 16-year old boy in 1941, he joined the National Guard. Soon after, Pearl Harbor was attacked, and Slaughter was sent as a squad leader to participate in the biggest coastal invasion in history – D-Day – the infamous day that would take the lives of 790 men from Virginia. Upon returning home, he led a normal life—working for a newspaper, getting married and having kids. Most of all, he tried to put the war behind him. He retired in the late 80’s and became irritated about how little average Americans knew about the sacrifices made during the invasion. It was then that he started writing about his experiences of war, using the knowledge he obtained while getting his associate degree in English from Virginia Western Community College.

An Unlikely Path to Follow a Dream

When Lona Greer Watson graduated from high school, she, like many others, was unsure where her future would take her. Two years after graduation, she enrolled in the Administration of Justice Program at Virginia Western and graduated in 1988. Instead of immediately pursuing her bachelor’s degree, she decided to take what money

Virginia Western Educational Foundation Alumni & Friends News • Volume 1 • Issue 2

Bits & Bites she had and fulfill her dream of visiting Australia. For three months she traveled around the country, meeting with various people and making friends she keeps up with even to this day. Upon her return, Lona began working with Carilion Labs. She eventually decided to return to college and earned her B.S. in Criminal Justice through the 2+2 program with Radford University. With her love of the subject and drive to succeed, Lona successfully completed her master’s degree through Radford University as well. Lona now had years of experience in the workforce and traveling, as

well as a great education, so she decided it was time to write her first book, Nocturne. A suspense novel set in the Appalachian Mountains, Nocturne centers around Molly McCleod, whom the town folks believe is brain damaged and cannot speak. However, the secret hidden in her skirt pocket could reveal an entirely different story. “Anyone can write a book,” states Lona. “If you need an editor, you can hire one. It is discipline and dedication that a writer needs, and my college journey prepared me for the challenge of writing and editing my novel.” A journey that began for Lona at Virginia Western.

Virginia Western Expands Only Community College-Based Student Police Academy Program

R. Wayne and Marianne E. Gandee Dr. Virginia Garden -e in memory of Dr. Donna Harpold Bill & Ann Hackworth Dr. David C. Hanson -e Ron Hare Ellen P. Holtman -e in memory of Dr. Donna Harpold HomeTown Bank Walter A. Hunt Brenda and Steve Jamison in memory of Robert M. Heil Anne B. Kornegay -e in honor of Allie Virginia Hutcherson William and Dana Lee Sandra B. McMinnis -e in memory of Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Wood Rakes, my parents Elizabeth H. Muse Jess Newbern, III NTELOS Foundation G. Michael Pace, Jr. Lynn Painter -e in memory of Elizabeth Wright Painter Mr. & Mrs. Brownie E. Polly, III RGC Resources, Inc. Charles A. Richardson Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Saldarini Mr. & Mrs. Barry L. Shelor Sandy Shelton -e Mr. & Mrs. Donald G. Smith Ms. Betsey E. Soulsby Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Thomas, Sr. Allen and Pamela Trigger -e Emily and Chip Woodrum Brenda Lee Xeroteres -e


Virginia Western has recently expanded the only community college based student policy academy program to include students at Roanoke College. “The key goal of this program is to promote alcohol awareness and education by increasing student involvement that should lead to preventing or reducing the occurrence of underage/ binge drinking and impaired driving among college students,” said Craig Harris, Chief of Campus Police at Virginia Western. Back row (left to right): Roanoke County Police Officer Tim Wyatt, James Scott, Shera Sheretz, Anne Kern, Mark Neighbors, Robin Burch, Guy Gibson Front row (left to right): Craig Harris, Roanoke Valley Regional Crash Investigations Team Officer Steve Goodwin, Joseph Burtch

Virginia Western Educational Foundation Alumni & Friends News • Volume 1 • Issue 2

Anonymous (1) Tommy Amos -e Dr. & Mrs. J. Andrew Archer in honor of Dr. Roy Miles Jim Arend Grady and Lori Baker -e Martha S. Barnas -e in memory of Tom Barnas Dr. John S. Capps -e Ms. Karen T. Carpenter -e Glen and Marsha Combs Cheryl V. Cunningham, RTR -e Bettye V. Davis Nancy E. Francisco -e in memory of Nicholas E. Janney Edwin C. and Glenna H. Hall Terry and Zana Hall Mr. & Mrs. Barry L. Henderson Daniel Horine -e Kathlyn Killian Bill and Lorraine Lange Carlton and Melody Mabe -e Melanie Moore -e

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Spring/Summer 2008 • 

Mr. & Mrs. Johnny E. Murray, Jr. Tara L. Nepper -e Thomas C. Olsen -e in memory of Nicholas E. Janney Gerald Pace Jim Poythress -e Susan Quesenberry -e Martha H. Roberson -e Mr. Carl B. Sherertz Richard and Deanna Shoemaker in honor of our grandchildren Brian Sieveking -e Mr. & Mrs. Edwin A. Sieveking Southwest Collision Center, Inc. Patsy and John Starnes in honor of J. Andrew Archer Mr. Albert W. Stewart in memory of Hugh B. Phelps Kay and Wayne Strickland -e in honor of the Institutional Advancement Team Mr. Jeff Strom -e Marla S. Whiteside -e W. Lee Wilhelm, III Mr. & Mrs. Joseph B. Wright Gary and Rhonda Young -e

FRIENDS $100 - $249 Anonymous (6) Donna Abbatello -e Gary M. Adkins -e William Alexander -e American Door & Glass S.W. Virginia, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Brady Anderson Margaret Andrews -e Andyboo LLC Prof. & Mrs. James S. Angle -e in memory of Ralph & Ruth Angle Amy Anguiano -e Mr. & Mrs. Barry W. Baird Ralph and Lee Baker Nicole Bell -e Ms. Laura E. Benjamin Pat Bolt Frank and Ethel Bonds -e Mr. & Mrs. John W. Boyle, Jr. Ruby Brogan -e in memory of T.C. and Lonnie Brogan, my parents Mr. & Mrs. C. Whitney Brown, Jr. Brad and Yvonne Burkholder -e in memory of Clyde Jones Carroll Family -e Dr. Annemarie Carroll -e Dr. & Mrs. Richard L. Clark, Jr. -e Ms. Leah Coffman -e Joseph D. Collins -e in memory of Nicholas E. Janney Nancy B. Cook -e in memory of Beth Ramos Ramona Coveny -e Mr. Sigmund E. Davidson Wanda and Paul DiMarco -e Linda E. Durham, Ph.D. -e Frank and Lucy Ellett Mr. & Mrs. Russell H. Ellis

 • Spring/Summer 2008

Bits & Bites

Virginia Western students Jessica Bohn (left), Jeremy Hilton (right center), and Denise Corbin (right) share their stories with Del. Onzlee Ware – Roanoke (left center).

HALL ASSOCIATES CAREER CENTER CORNER Question: How can I prepare for a successful interview? Answer: • Research the website of the organization. • Practice your responses to the commonly asked questions. • Be prepared to ask a question when prompted. The question should show interest in the organization and the position. • Take additional copies of your resume. • Ask for a business card so that you can write a thank-you note the next day. • Arrive 10 minutes early. • Make sure you are dressed professionally. • Leave your cell phone in the car. • Remember to smile. Have other questions you need answered by the Hall Associates Career Center? Contact them at (540) 857-7298 or They look forward to hearing from you!

Virginia Western Educational Foundation Alumni & Friends News • Volume 1 • Issue 2

Bits & Bites

Alumni Council Profile “I’m not anything special. I am just an ordinary person who has learned to do extraordinary things,” says Anne Hogan ’76. Most people who know her would think otherwise. Anne has started two businesses– Care-N-Home and Legal Nurse Consulting of VA, LLC – and has worked as a floor nurse, ICU nurse, a nurse in Surgical Services, a school nurse, private duty nurse, and an account executive for an international medical equipment company, all with her A.A.S. degree from Virginia Western. Growing up, Anne always knew she wanted to be a nurse. Once she married, she knew cost, location, and accessibility would be very important. Virginia Western fit the bill. “My education there at VWCC was in my hometown and was affordable, and even though I felt it was by far more economical than other nursing programs, it was by no means inferior in education. I got the most bang for my buck,” says Hogan. Anne then went on to obtain certifications in Pediatric Nursing and Legal Nurse Consulting. Anne worked full-time while starting her first business, Care-N-Home, which provides skilled nursing to all ages in their home, hospital, or nursing home. “I was working 7 days a week for a while,” says Hogan. “I would work 8 to 5 at my

full-time job and then come home and work nights and weekends on my business.” Anne started CareN-Home with just a computer and desk that she put together herself. “You can do it if you equip yourself with the right tools,” says Hogan, “and attending Virginia Western was one of the smartest moves I ever made because it gave me the tools to achieve my dream.” Eventually, Anne was able to devote her full attention to her own business and to start her newest endeavor, Legal Nurse Consulting of VA, LLC. While Anne may claim to be an ordinary person, she has certainly done extraordinary things while raising two children. Following in their mother’s footsteps, both attended Virginia Western. “The education I received at Virginia Western was a great education then,” says Hogan, “but it is even more outstanding now.”

Have You Planted Seeds for the Future?

A will or trust can ensure that the seeds you sow will benefit the people and causes you love.

What Seeds Will You Plant?

visit to find how you can make an impact.

Virginia Western Educational Foundation Alumni & Friends News • Volume 1 • Issue 2

Linda and Jerry Fayed -e in honor of Colin M. Fayed, Sophia A. Fayed and Lana C. Fayed Fields Construction, Inc. Mr. George K. Fischer, Jr. Broaddus and Luann Fitzpatrick Mr. & Mrs. James A. Ford Richard Gaynor -e Mike Greer -e Kim Gregory -e Colleen Hailey -e in memory of Mary Rockwood McGowan Richard H. Harris, Jr. David W. Harrison -e Michael Henderson -e David Hillman -e Lynn H. Hurt -e in memory of Wanda Basham Ann R. Kakouras -e Anne Koon -e Shirl Duke Lamanca -e in honor of Rita H. David Cheri Lankford -e Anna L. Lawson Owen Lofthus, II -e Dr. Mary B. Loritsch -e Martin Travel Mrs. Heidi J. McClintic -e in honor of my children, Emorie Addison & Elliott Alexander Dr. & Mrs. Roy G. Miles Mona R. Moore -e Dr. Ann H. Moser -e William L. and Lucy S. Neal NovaTech Judith C. Nunn -e in honor of Sandra Myers Mary Y. Perry -e Pat Price -e Dr. Avis C. Quinn -e Karen Rayl -e Robyn Reid -e Ms. Carol S. Reger J. David and Frankie Robbins in honor of Donna L. Mitchell Gerald and Eleanor Roller William A. Salyers, Jr. -e in memory of Yolanda Giardino Salyers Dr. & Mrs. Robert H. Sandel -e James Sargent -e Bryan Schaubach -e Charles and Carol Sliver -e Linda and Gene Stuckey -e Student Government Association Natalie Mace Talbott -e Sue Steele Thomas and Dr. Radford Thomas -e in memory of Rachel Meier Thomas Mr. & Mrs. Paul R. Thomson, Jr. in memory of Paul R. Thomson, Sr., former Chairman of VWCC Board Lora S. Vasiliauskas -e Mrs. Ralph S. Via

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Spring/Summer 2008 • 

Building Hope, Creating Opportunity


hen Jerry Pace graduated from Hampden Sydney College, he was already 29 years old and had a wife and two young sons in the audience. “Getting my degree opened doors that might not have opened otherwise,” says Pace, who left a good job at General Electric to pursue his degree. As his family was growing and he was getting older, Pace knew he needed to seize the opportunity then to further his education. It was a decision Pace has not

regretted and that helped him in his career with General Electric – where he returned to work following graduation – and then in the machine tool business, where he remained until he retired in 2001. Ed Hall, president and CEO of Hall Associates, Inc., the largest commercial and industrial real estate firm in Western Virginia, can also speak to the importance of education. He and his company partnered with Virginia Western to open the Hall Associates Career and Employment Assistance Center in September 2005 on

Jerry Pace (left) and Ed Hall (right) are just two of the Virginia Western Community College Educational Foundation Board members who are instrumental in helping to ensure a bright future for Virginia Western and the entire Roanoke Valley region through their involvement with the Educational Foundation.

 • Spring/Summer 2008

Virginia Western Educational Foundation Alumni & Friends News • Volume 1 • Issue 2

John Hall, Principal, Salem High School (left); Alan Seibert, Superintendent, Salem City Schools (left center); Forest Jones, retired City Manager, Salem (right center); and Robert Sandel, President, Virginia Western Community College, discuss the life-changing impact the Salem Community College Access Program will have on 2008 Salem High graduates. Photo: Meg Hibbert, Salem Times-Register

the VWCC campus. A counseling, assessment, and resource facility, the center offers career-related services to Virginia Western students and alumni and is used by companies across the Roanoke Valley region. “We are very pleased to have approximately 800 companies signed up to use the center,” says Hall. Aside from recognizing the importance of an education, these savvy businessmen have a progressive vision and a true desire to help the community. That’s why they—with the support and hard work of the Virginia Western Educational Foundation Board and the City of Salem—have worked tirelessly to launch the new Salem Community College Access Program. Under this pilot program established by the

10 • Spring/Summer 2008

City of Salem and the Virginia Western Community College Educational Foundation, every 2008 Salem High School graduate can attend Virginia Western tuition-free beginning in fall 2008. Similar to programs already in place in other communities, including Kalamazoo, Michigan (the Kalamazoo Promise) and Wytheville (the Wythe-Bland Community Foundation Scholarship Program), this program is designed to “encourage Salem High School graduates to continue their education in preparation for good, well-paying jobs within the region and/ or to transfer to a four-year college,” says Forest Jones, Salem City Manager. While many believe more jobs should be created to keep young people in the region, Hall says many jobs go unfilled because of the lack of trained people in the valley. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, 68% of new jobs created between the years 1998-2008 require post-secondary training/education beyond high school, but will require less than a four-year degree. Of course, the program is not intended to discourage participating students from transferring to four-

Virginia Western Educational Foundation Alumni & Friends News • Volume 1 • Issue 2

year schools. Virginia Western offers numerous seamless transfer agreements, which means when students meet designated criteria and graduate from VWCC, they have immediate acceptance to many of the four-year colleges. The City of Salem and the Virginia Western Community College Educational Foundation will fund the City of Salem Community College Access Program on a year-toyear basis. The pilot program will fund tuition fees if federal financial aid is not available or does not adequately cover tuition. It will not cover the cost of books and supplies or room and board expenses. “The most exciting part of this program is it provides opportunity and access for Salem’s graduating class to go to college,” says Dr. Robert H. Sandel, president of Virginia Western Community College. “The opportunity

If any of these young people are wondering if they need to go to college or not, I can speak to them first hand about the difference it will make in their lives. will be there, so money won’t be an excuse.” He adds that the program does have stipulations, “but the value of the program is worth the guidelines; they are very reasonable.” For now, the program is only in Salem. With just one high school, it made sense to begin there, and the City was ecstatic to accommodate it. “This was one of those opportunities we couldn’t turn down because it means so much to our young people,” says Forest Jones, Salem City Manager. “[In Salem] we always say our kids come first. This is another example of putting our priorities in our young people.” Pace, Hall and the Virginia Western Educational Foundation board members hope it will eventually spread throughout the region. “Our goal is that every child in this valley will have the opportunity if they are willing to take it,” says Hall, who envisions spreading the word about the program even in elementary schools. “It’s about giving our young people [who may not have the resources or encouragement from home] at a very early age HOPE.”

“What an impact this [program] would make – for every student in the Roanoke Valley to go to college at least two years for free,” says Pace, who drew upon his previous experience as a Salem City School Board member for 15 years and Salem City Councilman for 4 years to devote countless hours of behind-the-scene work to initiate the program. But he’s quick to credit others and says, “The Virginia Western Educational Foundation Board couldn’t have been behind it more.” Having raised his children in Salem, he says he “feels like a proud parent” to see something this successful come to fruition. And Pace adds, “If any of these young people are wondering if they need to go to college or not, I can speak to them first hand about the difference it will make in their lives.” 

To be eligible for consideration for the City of Salem Community College Access Program (SCCAP), an individual must: •Graduate as a member of the 2008 class with a Salem High School diploma and have attended Salem High School for at least his/her junior and senior years; •Meet all Virginia Western Community College admission guidelines and demonstrate the ability to benefit from higher education by achieving satisfactory scores on the college’s placement tests; •Have a custodial parent or court-approved legal guardian, supported by documentation, who has resided within the City of Salem for 24 months prior to the student’s high school graduation date; •Provide proof of U.S. citizenship or permanent residency; •Meet all SCCAP deadlines for submission of application materials; •Enroll at Virginia Western Community College in a degree/diploma/certificate program that is at least one year in length in the fall semester immediately following their 2008 Salem High School graduation. For more information on SCCAP, please visit or e-mail

Virginia Western Educational Foundation Alumni & Friends News • Volume 1 • Issue 2

Spring/Summer 2008 • 11

From Minnesota to Virginia Western…


A Legacy Lives On

orn in 1905 on a farm in the mountains of Franklin County, Gertrude Light Hubbard longed for an education all her life. At 100 years old—and at the suggestion of her daughter, Kathleen Stuart—Mrs. Hubbard was thrilled to help future students achieve what she had been unable to accomplish: an education. The fourth of 12 children, Mrs. Hubbard was like many men and women growing up in the early 1900s – she left school to work on the family’s farm. At the tender age of 18, she moved to Roanoke and went to work for the “silk mill,” as many referred to 12 • Spring/Summer 2008

the American Viscose Corporation, and soon met her future husband. “My mother made every effort in her adult life to improve her knowledge level and use correct grammar,” says Stuart. “When she was older she began to talk to me about how much she wished she had been able to get an education.” So, when Stuart asked if her mother would like to contribute some funds to an educational institution to help other students attend college, Mrs. Hubbard liked the idea – especially since she had no grandchildren to carry on her name. Since Stuart’s work life was in vocational education,

she suggested Virginia Western Community College. “There was never any question that the scholarship should be established in Virginia, and in the area near where my mother spent her life,” says Stuart. “So sight unseen, but going on reputation, and knowing that VWCC serves many students like my mother and father, or even my brother and me—we were a working-class family living in Southeast Roanoke—we decided on Virginia Western.” Stuart and Hubbard learned that with some additional dollars, they could establish an endowed scholarship in Mrs. Hubbard’s name.

Virginia Western Educational Foundation Alumni & Friends News • Volume 1 • Issue 2

Kathleen Stuart (right), with her mother, Gertrude Light Hubbard, has helped to ensure future generations will benefit from an education at Virginia Western.

Thus, the Gertrude Light Hubbard Endowed Scholarship was established. The idea caught on, and friends and relatives donated funds at Mrs. Hubbard’s 100th birthday celebration and then as memorials at the time of her death. But Stuart didn’t stop with her mother’s scholarship. “My father’s life experiences were very much like my mother’s,” explains Stuart. “He grew up on a farm in Bedford County with five siblings and little opportunity for much education.” And like Mrs. Hubbard, Stu- Melvin’s life was spent with doctors, art’s father, Raymond, always wanted in hospitals and at home. to better himself – to the point where As for Stuart, her educational ophe studied course books on refrigera- portunities have been much different, tion and air conditioning every day thanks to the help of scholarships. after his “shift-work” job. But perhaps That’s why she believes “you should it was the pressure of his work and/or pay it forward!” the stress from dealing with his son A graduate of Jefferson High (and Stuart’s brother) Melvin’s sei- School, Stuart was never considered zure disorder that presented obstacles, for the “college track” (although her diminishing his effort to utilize the grades indicated otherwise); yet she coursework in his managed to soar work life. through college, eventually earning Melvin was diagnosed with the her doctorate in Voseizure disorder at cational Education 16. A civil air pafrom Washington trol cadet, he was State University in enamored with flyPullman, WA. Not ing — so much so long after, a job offer that he worked at as the Home Ecothe Clover Creamnomics Supervisor ery Company to in the St. Paul Public finance flying lesSchools sent Stuart sons. At just 16 he back to Minnesota, Kathleen Stuart succeeded in solowhere she had preing! But after havviously earned her ing a seizure at school one day, he MS in Public Health and Nutrition was sent home in an ambulance and at the University of Minnesota. Stuart asked not to return. The remainder of stayed in that job for 18 years until she Virginia Western Educational Foundation Alumni & Friends News • Volume 1 • Issue 2

retired in 1992, after having served as Assistant Director of Vocational Education for six years. “I doubt that I would have been able to complete the level of education I have attained without the help of scholarships,” says Stuart. “My life has been fuller and richer because of my educational opportunities, which in turn provided the opportunity for meaningful work and for a salary and pension that allow me to maintain an independent lifestyle.” Stuart believes she has a responsibility to help others who need to have someone to believe in them and to provide financial help to achieve their goals, like her parents and brother. “I am proud of them,” says Stuart. “Each of them was dealt some tough issues and even though their formal ‘schooling’ was less than they would have liked, they tried to continue their education through reading newspapers, books, magazines and whatever they could get their hands on. It gives me a good feeling to think their names will be remembered for many years through their gift to students at VWCC.” Spring/Summer 2008 • 13

A New Start A Bright Future


hen Yvette Jones went to church on what seemed like an ordinary Sunday, she had no idea the information some of her fellow church members would share with her would eventually change her life. A mother and grandmother who had been in the daycare industry for 20 years, Yvette was looking for something different…something that, as she puts it, “would allow me to grow.” Little did she know that a brochure about a new program at Virginia Western Community College would have such an impact on her and her family. The brochure, given to Yvette by fellow church members who worked at TAP (Total Action Against Poverty), provided information about Virginia Western’s new Quick Start Program. This 6-week evening intensive training program identifies and prepares trainees for entry-level positions in industry, manufacturing and the skilled trades in the Roanoke area. Knowing that she wanted something different in her life, Yvette applied for the program, putting herself on the fast track to success in a new career. The Quick Start program is unique in that it only takes 6 weeks to complete and there is no cost for the student to participate other than the cost of a criminal background check and drug screening upon acceptance into the program. This is because the primary supporters of the Quick Start Program, The Applied Technology Coalition Partners (members of the local manufacturing community in the Roanoke region) have made a significant financial investment in the program. This investment not

only provides those coalition partners with first access to skilled employees who have proven themselves, but it is also an investment that changes lives, just like Yvette’s. “I didn’t know what to expect when I began, but I was open to learning,” comments Jones. “I knew nothing about applied technology before I started the program, but now I use what they taught me every day, both at work and in my life.” At age 44, Yvette was also nervous about being back in a school setting, but that was quickly put to rest by the instructors and administrators in the program. “I loved my instructors at Virginia Western,” says Jones. “They looked out for us and wanted us to succeed and were willing to do whatever was needed to make that happen.” As part of the program, Yvette was not only given the skills needed to gain employment, she was also taken on plant tours by coalition partners and given interviews with those same companies before ever leaving Virginia Western. Yvette was hired by Novozymes Biologicials, a big supporter of the Quick Start Program. Ted Melnik, President, and Lori Cummings, People and Organizations Manager, at Novozymes were instrumental in helping develop the Quick Start program at Virginia Western, providing support, recommendations and referrals to program planners. Through the Quick Start Program, Yvette gained more than just the skills necessary to compete in today’s changing work environment. She also gained the confidence to know that she can successfully accomplish anything that she sets her mind to.

Virginia Western Educational Foundation Alumni & Friends News • Volume 1 • Issue 2

Spring/Summer 2008 • 15

Distinguished Alumni Awards 2007


r. Kent Murphy began his educational endeavors at Virginia Western Community College, where he completed 61 credit hours before transferring to Virginia Tech, earning his bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees; he is now Founder, CEO, and Chairman of Luna Innovations Incorporated, a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ. Luna Innovations develops and manufactures newgeneration products for the healthcare, telecommunications, energy and defense markets. Through its disciplined commercialization business model, Luna has become a recognized leader in transitioning science to solutions. Luna is a two-time Tibbett’s award winner, the 2005 recipient of the Governor’s Technology Award for Entrepreneurship, and the 2007 Roanoke Regional Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year. Dr. Murphy is formerly a tenured professor in Virginia Tech’s Bradley Department of Engineering and has over 35 patents, which have generated hundreds of millions of dollars in product revenue. In 2001, he was named Virginia SBIR Entrepreneur of the Year, and in 2004 was recognized by the Governor and Science Museum of Virginia as Virginia’s Outstanding Industrialist of the Year. Dr. Murphy is a founding member of the Virginia Research and Technology Advisory Commission, appointed by the

16 • Spring/Summer 2008

Governor, and continues to serve today. He is also a member of the NVTC Board of Directors, Greater Washington Board of Trade Potomac Tech Task Force, the Governor’s Office Productivity Advisory Committee, and the SBIR Steering Committee in association with the National Research Council and the National Academies. In May of 2003, he gave testimony at the Full Committee Hearing of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation on S.189, the 21st Century Nanotechnology Research and Development Act, a $3.4 billion nanotechnology funding bill. At a reception honoring the 2007 Distinguished Alumni Award recipients, Dr. Murphy commented, “If it were not for Virginia Western, I would not be here in front of you today or have founded a company that has provided hundreds of jobs for the Roanoke Valley and Southwest Virginia.”


harlotte C. Tyson is a 1984 Virginia Western Community College graduate with an Associate of Science degree in Nursing. She went on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from the Medical College of Virginia and a Master of Healthcare Administration degree from Pfeiffer University. Charlotte has been Lewis-Gale Medical Center’s Chief Operating Officer since October 2005

and recently served as the hospital’s Interim CEO. A 521-bed tertiary facility, Lewis-Gale Medical Center has provided state-of-the-art medical care for residents of the Roanoke Valley and Southwest Virginia for nearly 100 years and played an instrumental role in Virginia Western’s first major gifts campaign by giving the largest gift in the history of the college — $1.5 million.   Prior to becoming the Center’s COO, Charlotte was the hospital’s Chief Nursing Officer, Quality Management Director, and Director of Oncology/ Medical Surgery Departments. She serves on the Board of Directors of Project Access of the Roanoke Valley and is professionally associated with the American College of Healthcare Executives, the American Organization of Nurse Executives, and the American Society of Health Care Risk Managers. In 2006, she was featured in a Virginia Western Educational Foundation billboard campaign providing a “you can do it, too” encouragement for our region’s youth. At a reception honoring the 2007 recipients, Charlotte commented, “I am so proud to be a graduate of this institution which provides such a positive impact on our region.” We welcome your news and events to include in upcoming publications! Send your job announcements, accomplishments, and more to Erik Williams, Alumni Relations Coordinator, at (540) 857-8914 or 

Virginia Western Educational Foundation Alumni & Friends News • Volume 1 • Issue 2

Legacy Society Members

Martha and William Adams (dec.) Ruby M. Brogan Lawrence H. Hamlar (dec.) Stanard F. Lanford Gertrude Light Hubbard (dec.) Donna L. Mitchell Mary B. Moses (dec.) Mr. and Mrs. Bernard F. Odasz J. William Wilcher

Virginia Western Community College Human Resources Dept. in memory of Nicholas E. Janney Mr. & Mrs. Cary Webster Debora Q. Weeks -e in memory of Margaret H. Quesenberry Norman T. Wilhelm Erik W. Williams -e Marilee H. Williamson -e Elizabeth Wilmer -e Mr. Woody Windley Mike and Danielle Wise Barry and Libba Wolfe Deborah A. Yancey -e Ms. Kelsey Yardley -e James Zeisler, Sr. -e in memory of Mary Burke

CONTRIBUTORS $1 - $99 Anonymous (18) Ms. Victoria Ainsworth Betty Aker -e Lee Allen -e Theodore D. Allen Kathryn S. Alleyne Ms. Kristina Anderson -e Julia Andrews -e Brenda C. Ashcraft -e B Bagby -e Dr. Anna Balog -e Mr. & Mrs. Peter H. Balzer, Jr. -e Ms. Lynn J. Banks Mr. George J. Barnes Ms. Cristin Barrett -e Ms. Lois E. Beck -e Paul N. Belue Don Benson -e Holly M. Bishop Jim Blackwell Jennifer Bobbitt -e in memory of Nicholas E. Janney and Mason Metz Mr. & Mrs. Alex Bowman, Jr. Kathryn Boylan -e in honor of my developmental students Mr. Allen J. Bradley Ms. Ginger L. Brown Ms. Jacqueline Brubaker Sarah K. Burns -e Mr. Geno A. Busecca Arletha H. Butler -e M. Caldwell Butler Ms. Drema F. Calloway Dr. Carrie Cao -e Catherine E. Carroll Ms. Nadine IngramCarson -e Rhonda Cassell -e

18 • Spring/Summer 2008

Dori V. Cawley -e Becky Chauncey -e Ms. Becky Christley -e Ms. Heidi Christopher -e Kristel Clark -e Carolyn Cleiland -e Layne Compton -e Mr. Michael A. Compton Lorraine Conklin -e Pamela Conner -e in memory of Harold & Caroline Young Mary Ann Steger Conrad Mary Beth Cornett -e Ramona Coveny -e Mr. Justin Craig -e Lynn L. Crane -e Mr. Lewis A. Creasy Melanie Crouch -e Leo & Sharon Cullen -e Mr. Shelbert G. Daniels Linda S. Davis -e Sandra Dechard -e in memory of Carol Dechard Andrew J. DeLeo -e Gary L. Dent -e Christine Drake -e Dr. & Mrs. F. Joseph Duckwall in honor of Stan Lanford Ms. Rose Marie Dudley Ms. Sharene N. Duncombe Bill East -e Mr. & Mrs. Louis E. Ellis in honor of Russ Ellis Kim Ellis-Littlefield -e Dr. Mark Q. Emick, Sr. -e Brenda S. Farrell Amy S. Fenster -e Brooke N. Ferguson -e Mrs. Beverly T. Fitzpatrick, Jr. Kimberly French -e Valerie Garner Benjamin I. Gayle Gary G. Gibson -e Dr. Jeffrey S. Gillette -e in memory of Dr. Donna Harpold Mr. Richard A. Glass Marion Grammer -e Grant Broadcasting Systems II, Inc. Brenda Greenway -e Elizabeth Griffin -e Sarah M. Grubb -e Ms. Fedessa A. Guilliams Mr. & Mrs. F. Gordon Hancock Hammerhead Hardware, Inc. Mrs. Tracy Harmon -e

Bits & Bites

FACULTY Achievements* Sue Thomas

Painting “Turning Through the Clouds” was accepted 3/7/08 into the Illustrators Club of Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. Juried exhibition held in D.C. May 8 - June 26, 2008. Sue Thomas

Humanities Division Achievements:

Sarah Burns

received her Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies degree from Hollins University in Dec. 2007

Barbara Wright

Secured a VCCS professional development grant to develop the curriculum for Exercise Science and Personal Training and also secured a Perkins grant for $4,890.00.

Elizabeth Wilmer received her Ph.D. in Community College Leadership from Old Dominion University, article published in the 2008 issue of the Inquiry journal.

Archer Award for Teaching Excellence, Fall 2007.

Carolyn Cleiland Nursing, received her Master of Science in Nursing Degree, Old Dominion University, August 2007.

Amy Fenster

Biology, co-author of Student Interactive Workbook for Starr, Evers, and Starr’s Biology. Concepts and Applications, 7th edition (laboratory manual for Biology). Thomson publishing. Completed her postgraduate certificate in Epidemiology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Spring 2008. VWCC Educational Foundation Innovation Grant recipient for 2008.

Amy Fenster

Roger Wilson

Named president of the Roanoke Valley Chapter of the International Torch Club.

Social Science Division Elizabeth Wilmer

Thelma Simpson

Virginia Community College Association 2007 Showcase Award recipient.

Amy Anguiano

Awarded the 2007 Most Valuable Faculty award, presented by the VWCC Honors Institute.

Jenifer Kurtz

Jenifer Kurtz

Awarded Outstanding Advisor Award at the Phi Theta Kappa Regional Conference in February.


David Wheat

Martha Roberson

received his Ph.D. in system dynamics from the University of Bergen, Norway (May 2007), received the Dana Meadows Award for best Ph.D. student paper submitted to the 2007 International System Dynamics Conference. The paper, “The Feedback Method of Teaching Macroeconomics: Is It Effective?” has been published in the winter issue of the System Dynamics Review.

Martha Roberson

Natural Science, Mathematics, and Health Technology Divisions

Ellen Holtman


Dianne Williams

Dental Hygiene, recipient of a VCCS Chancellor’s E-Learning Enhancement and Development Award (CEED grant).

Rachelle Koudelik Jones Mathematics, is participating in the invitation-only Senior Leadership Seminar sponsored by the Virginia Network of the American Council on Education, Office of Women in Higher Education.

Biology, VWCC Educational Foundation Innovation Grant recipient for 2008. *as reported by Division Deans

Nursing; J. Andrew

Virginia Western Educational Foundation Alumni & Friends News • Volume 1 • Issue 2

Bits & Bites New Alumni

Welcome to the newest members of the Virginia Western Alumni Association! Join your fellow classmates in making a lasting impact on your alma mater by joining the alumni association today. Visit for more information.

Lynn J. Banks, 1989 James H. Bateman, Jr., 1983 Paul Norman Belue, 1981 Holly Michelle Bishop, 1992 Gregory Bloom Jacqueline Preston Brubaker, 1984 Geno A. Busecca, 1994 Drema Franklin Calloway, 1988 Vickie Rochester Clarke, 1987 Michael A. Compton, 1989 Sandra Ward Connolly, 1987 Sharene N. Duncombe, 2005 Lillian Dianna Garman, 1972 Benjamin Isaac Gayle, 1993 Richard Allen Glass, 1977 Fedessa Avedene Guilliams Stephen Hartman, 1980 Kathy P. Holland, 1988 Margaret S. Holland, 1984 Allison L. Humbert, 1987 Jeanette Keith, 1989 Susan Thomason Laing, 2004 Elisabeth von Bulow-Lile, 1976 Jesse Richard Martin, 1976 Donald W. Mathena, 1987 Neal McIntosh Elisabeth Ann Miller, 2006 Dianna B. Parrish, 1988 Mary Y. Perry Carl W. Pugh, Jr., 1981 Roger L. Rakes, 1978 Carol S. Reger, 1987 Christina Vannatter, 2005 Barbara J. Warren, 1988 Sarah A. West, 1981 Linda A. Whitlock, 1991 William Willard Mary Teresa Willoughby John David Wine, 1973 William C. Woods, Jr., 1997 Julie Yates Janice A. Young, 1978 Kathlyn B. Killian Marla S. Whiteside

Alumni Alumni Alumni Alumni Alumni Alumni Alumni Alumni Alumni Alumni Alumni Alumni Alumni Alumni Alumni Alumni Alumni Alumni Alumni Alumni Alumni Alumni Alumni Alumni Alumni Alumni Alumni Alumni Alumni Alumni Alumni Alumni Alumni Alumni Alumni Alumni Alumni Alumni Alumni Alumni Alumni Alumni Friends of Alumni Friends of Alumni (between 10/27/2007 and 3/4/2008)

Virginia Western Educational Foundation Alumni & Friends News • Volume 1 • Issue 2

Kent and Heather Harris -e Gene Harrison -e Sheila D. Haynes -e Dr. Ruth Z. Hendrick -e Judy Hensley -e Sarah H. Higgins -e J. Lee Hipp -e Kathy P. Holland -e Ms. Latisha N. Holland Ms. Margaret S. Holland Jimmy Holt Mr. & Mrs. Gary Houff -e in honor of Sarah Houff Cathy A. Hubbard Mrs. Pamela M. Hubbard Ms. Allison L. Humbert Lyn Hursey -e Carly H. Johnson -e in honor of Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Johnson Ernest and Becky Johnson -e Johnny Johnson -e Rebecca Jones -e Charles H. Judge Ms. Christina D. Keller -e in memory of Nicholas E. Janney Betty Kelly Kristi Kirby -e Rachelle Koudelik-Jones -e Rebecca A. Kraemer -e Jenifer Kurtz -e Anne F. Layne -e Judy Lienhardt -e Ms. Elisabeth V. Lile Shirley S. Long -e Amy Maiolo -e Tony Maiolo -e Constance W. McClain, M.Ed., R.T.(R) -e Maggie McDaniel -e Michael E. Meador Laney Mofield -e in honor of my grandchildren Craig S. Moore Kelleigh N. Moyer Joyce Music -e Thomas C. Olsen -e Mr. Daniel Owen Ms. Dianna B. Parrish Meg C. Patterson -e Rhonda Perdue -e Rose Peters -e Mr. James Potter John D. Price -e Mrs. Patricia H. Price -e Mr. & Mrs. Carl W. Pugh, Jr. Carol W. Pugh Jeff Rakes -e Janet Rathbun -e Marianne Repko -e Martha Richardson -e

DeStacy Roberson -e Mrs. Deborah A. Saunders Linda F. Sawyer -e Jerry J. Schaefer in memory of my son, Jerry John Schaefer Denise Schuh -e Jeff Scott -e Mr. Robert Short Bonny Simpson -e in memory of Mason Metz Sarah L. Sink -e in memory of Nicholas E. Janney Richard S. Skelley -e Mrs. Kathleen S. Southers Spa VA - Premier Day Spa Laura Stevens -e Linda and Gene Stuckey -e Cathy Swain -e Taaza Rebecca Talbot -e Susan C. Taylor -e Rick and Sue Terrell Clare Thomas, CPS -e Ms. Brenda D. Tilley -e Tong’s Thai Too Townside Gardens, Inc. Tina Trudeau -e Tara Vance -e Elisabeth von Bulow-Lile Mr. Bobby Walker -e Betty Byrne Ware Ms. Barbara J. Warren Ms. Melissa G. Williams -e Gracie M. Wilson -e Wine Gourmet Felicia White -e Joanie White -e in memory of Nicholas E. Janney Linda A. Whitlock Mr. & Mrs. Cranston Williams, Jr. Dianne Williams -e Michael H. Williams Suzanne L. Williamson Ms. Mary T. Willoughby Mr. John D. Wine Kevin G. Witter -e Mr. William C. Woods, Jr. Holly A. Woodson -e Pamela D. Woody -e in memory of Marie P. Dillon and Mary Rockwood McGowan William Work -e Barbara Wright -e Ed and Betty Wright Garry L. Wright Julie Yates Ms. Janice A. Young -e denotes VWCC employee-

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Impact! Spring/Summer 2008  

The Virginia Western Educational Foundation is proud to bring you Impact! The Magazine of the Virginia Western Community College Educational...

Impact! Spring/Summer 2008  

The Virginia Western Educational Foundation is proud to bring you Impact! The Magazine of the Virginia Western Community College Educational...