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Congratulations to the newly elected Alumni Council Chair Cheryl Cunningham ’86 - Radiography and Vice-Chair Anne Hogan ’76 - Nursing. If you are interested in serving on the Alumni Council and helping to shape the future of the Virginia Western Alumni Association, please contact Erik Williams, Alumni Relations Coordinator, at 857.8914 or

HALL ASSOCIATES CAREER CENTER CORNER Question: What are some tips to writing a successful resume? Answer: • Use your resume as way to market yourself to a prospective employer. • Use a clear, concise format that is easy to read, with a professional feel and look. • Keep your resume as concise as possible and to as few pages as possible. • Use industry-specific terms or action verbs wherever possible. • ALWAYS have someone else review your resume for typographical or other errors. • Remember, you don’t have to include everything on your resume; you will be able to expand upon your resume in the interview.

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Bits & Bites

Bits & Bites

The Hall Associates Career and Employment Assistance Center would be happy to help you create an effective resume. Contact them at (540) 857-7298 or They look forward to hearing from you!

Virginia Western Educational Foundation Alumni & Friends News • Volume 2 • Issue 1

Thomas L. Foster ’85 & ‘88 of Roanoke, Va., former Virginia State Police area commander in the Bureau of Field Operations at the Bedford (Va.) Field Office, has been named deputy police chief at Virginia Tech. A two-time graduate of Virginia Western, Foster went on to receive a bachelor’s degree from Mary Baldwin College and a master of public administration degree from Virginia Tech. He also received two post-baccalaureate certificates - one from Virginia Tech and one from Virginia Commonwealth University. In 2002, Foster received the Virginia State Police Superintendent’s Award of Merit, the second-highest honor awarded by the Virginia Department of State Police. In his new position, Foster will assist the chief of the Virginia Tech Police Department in providing leadership, strategic planning, and administrative direction for the campus

police department. He will oversee the daily operations of the department, which provides vehicle patrol, bicycle patrol, foot patrol, traffic law enforcement, traffic crash investigations, criminal investigation, dignitary protection, and crowd control at campus events. The Virginia Tech Police Department jurisdiction spans 2,600 acres, and the department serves more than 27,000 students, 5,000 faculty and staff, and thousands of visitors each year. Jimmy Holt ’83 of Rocky Mount, Va. was recently named the 2008 Technologist of the Year by the graduating students in the Radiography program here at Virginia Western. This award is given out annually to one technologist from area clinical locations and is chosen by the student interns themselves to recognize outstanding clinical instruction and assistance.

Please send contributions for Alumni In the News to or call 857.8914.

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Vision 2013

Virginia Western’s 2008-2013 Strategic Plan, Vision 2013, was officially launched during the fall 2008 In-Service presentation. Dr. Sandel, President of Virginia Western, has identified the strategic planning initiative as one of Virginia Western’s highest priorities. To view the plan, please visit Virginia Western Educational Foundation Alumni & Friends News • Volume 2 • Issue 1

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Impact! Fall-Winter 2008  

The Virginia Western Educational Foundation is proud to bring you Impact! The Magazine of the Virginia Western Community College Educational...

Impact! Fall-Winter 2008  

The Virginia Western Educational Foundation is proud to bring you Impact! The Magazine of the Virginia Western Community College Educational...