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Virginia Western Educational Foundation Alumni & Friends News • Volume 1 • Issue 1

Fall 2007 • 1


Impacting Our Region Dear Friends: As President of Virginia Western, it is my pleasure to share with you the exciting things that are impacting the community’s college. Your support of our efforts is important to us, and we encourage you to take advantage of all the College has to offer. At the present time, we are in the final stages of the college’s strategic planning process. If you wish to see the progress of the plan, and how it is impacting the college for the next few years, please visit the college’s website and click on Vision 2013. Other initiatives that are impacting Virginia Western in important ways are: (1) A new Advanced Technology Center has been completed in Webber Hall. This new Center offers up-to-date industry training to prepare our students for the latest in manufacturing processes, engineering technology, and craftsman skills. (2) Duncan Hall, Chapman Hall, Webber Hall, the bookstore, and the bridge walkway have all been renovated to better serve students. (3) College transfer to a four-year institution is guaranteed for many of our programs of study. (4) Strong emphasis has been placed on workforce development to promote economic development in our region. (5) The Hall Career Center is making a tremendous impact preparing students for job interviews, developing student internships, and placing students in jobs.

2 • Fall 2007

(6) Generous contributions by individuals and businesses to the Virginia Western Educational Foundation have increased scholarship award funding by 23% this year and emergency funding for students by 24%. (7) Membership in the alumni association has grown by more than 50% in the past year. Virginia Western is moving forward

in a very positive manner, and we welcome your thoughts regarding the direction and focus on where we are heading. We invite you to join us on this path to success. Sincerely,

Dr. Robert H. Sandel President

Virginia Western Educational Foundation Alumni & Friends News • Volume 1 • Issue 1



Memories & Promises The memory of a beloved Roanoke restaurateur continues to change lives for a group of culinary arts students.


A Gift for Their Future Virginia Western faculty member Ruby Brogan leaves a lasting legacy for future generations of Western students.


A Dream Realized Charles A. Richardson ’01 shows it is never too late to earn a college education.


Making a Difference For Our Community VWCC Educational Foundation Board Member Stan Lanford receives Chancellor’s award.

2 4 4 7

DEPARTMENTS From the President Bits and Bites Donors Alumni in the News

Impact is published by the Virginia Western Educational Foundation, Inc. for donors, alumni, and friends of Virginia Western Community College. Comments and suggestions may be sent to VWCC Educational Foundation, P.O. Box 14007, Roanoke, VA 24038-4007 or by calling (540) 8578914. For more information on the Virginia Western Educational Foundation and its programs or activities, please contact: Katherine F. Strickland, Executive Director Phone: (540) 857-6020 Fax: (540) 857-6370

Above – Culinary Arts students cram into a temporary trailer as they await their new home to open across from the Roanoke Higher Education Center in downtown Roanoke. Above right – Legacy Society member Ruby Brogan, Assistant Professor in Accounting. Cover – 20072008 Al Pollard Memorial Scholarship for the Culinary Arts recipient Heather E. Cypher. Left – 2007 Chancellor’s Award for Leadership in Philanthropy recipient Stan Lanford. Below – Virginia Western’s mini-baja race car team, sponsored by the VWCC Educational Foundation.

Wanda L. DiMarco, Administrative & Office Specialist Phone: (540) 857-6371 Fax: (540) 857-6370 Linda J. Fayed, Fiscal Technician Phone: (540) 857-7312 Fax: (540) 857-6370 Erik W. Williams, Alumni Relations & Annual Giving Coordinator Phone: (540) 857-8914 Fax: (540) 857-6370

Virginia Western Educational Foundation Alumni & Friends News • Volume 1 • Issue 1

Fall 2007 • 3

2007 - 2008 ANNUAL CONTRIBUTORS as of 10/15/2007 Leadership Society $5,000 - $9,999 Grace B. Taylor


America’s Anniversary Garden 1st Place Win

Community Partners $1,000 - $4,999 Anonymous (1) Avis Construction Company, Inc. Mrs. Dorothy S. Clifton Dennis R. Cronk Ms. Katherine Elliott Foundation for Roanoke Valley Lamar Advertising Stan and Elise Lanford McLeod Family Foundation Ms. Cheryl C. Miller -e Ms. Donna L. Mitchell Dr. Chuck Terrell -e in honor of Pat Morgan Mr. & Mrs. James W. Thweatt, Jr. Mike and Carolyn Warner Paul and Diane Wolff -e

A special garden in the Community Arboretum planted this spring to celebrate Jamestown 2007 as part of America’s Anniversary Garden program has won first place in the Higher Education Division of the state-wide garden competition. The

award was formally presented at a ceremony on October 5th at the Virginia State Fair. America’s Anniversary Gardens are part of the statewide commemoration of the First Permanent English Settlement at Jamestown.

Virginia Western’s Baja Team ranks 1st in recent competition

Dean’s Society $500 - $999 Anthony F. Anderson, Esq. Clark & Karen Cole Warner Dalhouse W. Heywood and Cynthia K. Fralin Dr. Virginia Garden -e in memory of Dr. Donna Harpold Bill & Ann Hackworth Dr. David C. Hanson -e Ron Hare Ellen P. Holtman -e in memory of Dr. Donna Harpold HomeTown Bank Walter A. Hunt Brenda and Steve Jamison in memory of Robert M. Heil Anne B. Kornegay -e in honor of Allie Virginia Hutcherson William and Dana Lee

4 • Fall 2007

(left to right) Dr. Rick Clark, Everett Braden, Phillip Tweedy, Gary Young, Mitch Saville, Joseph Barna, Chris Crockett, Robbie Mercogliano Ten Engineering and Technology students from Western went to Rochester, NY during the first part of June to drive and showcase a vehicle they had built from scratch. They competed against 141 other colleges and universities in a nationwide competition to build

an off-road vehicle, called a Baja. Virginia Western’s team was ranked first among community colleges, 2nd among new teams entered into the competition, and 3rd from the Commonwealth of Virginia, finishing ahead of UVa and VCU, and finishing 70th overall.

Virginia Western Educational Foundation Alumni & Friends News • Volume 1 • Issue 1


Sandra B. McMinnis -e in memory of Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Wood Rakes, my parents Jess Newbern, III

SCHOLARSHIP STATS 86 area students awarded scholarships for fall ‘07 and spring ‘08 semester ✏

Total amount awarded is

$94,525.80 – an increase of

$21,550.98 over the previous year ✏ Since January 2007, the following scholarships have been established Memorial Scholarships for the

Al Pollard

Culinary Arts


Dr. Donna Harpold Memorial Annual Scholarship for

Nursing ✏ Employee Family Endowed Scholarship Nicholas E. Janney Memorial Scholarship ✏

Orrin Clifton

Annual Scholarship


Lanford Commonwealth Legacy Scholarship ✏ Suzanne

G. Michael Pace, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Saldarini Mr. & Mrs. Barry L. Shelor Sandy Shelton -e Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Thomas, Sr. Allen and Pamela Trigger -e Brenda Lee Xeroteres -e Scholar Society $250 - $499 Anonymous (1) Tommy Amos -e Dr. & Mrs. J. Andrew Archer in honor of Dr. Roy Miles Jim Arend Grady and Lori Baker -e Martha S. Barnas -e in memory of Tom Barnas Dr. John S. Capps -e Ms. Karen T. Carpenter -e Glen and Marsha Combs Cheryl V. Cunningham, RTR -e Nancy E. Francisco -e in memory of Nicholas E. Janney Edwin C. and Glenna H. Hall Terry and Zana Hall Mr. & Mrs. Barry L. Henderson Daniel Horine -e

Hanks Paralegal Endowed Scholarship ✏ The Commonwealth Council

Bill and Lorraine Lange

Women’s Leadership Scholarship ✏ The impact

Melanie Moore -e

that these scholarships have on students is

Virginia Western

and its

tremendous. We thank all of our donors for helping

our students to

imagine the possibilities for the

future through an education here at Virginia Western.

Imagine. Inspire. Impact. Virginia Western Educational Foundation Alumni & Friends News • Volume 1 • Issue 1

Carlton and Melody Mabe -e Tara L. Nepper -e Thomas C. Olsen -e in memory of Nicholas E. Janney Gerald Pace Jim Poythress -e Susan Quesenberry -e Martha H. Roberson -e Richard and Deanna Shoemaker in honor of our grandchildren Mr. Carl B. Sherertz Brian Sieveking -e Mr. & Mrs. Edwin A. Sieveking Continued on page 6

Fall 2007 • 5

Mr. Albert W. Stewart in memory of Hugh B. Phelps


Kay and Wayne Strickland -e in honor of the Institutional Advancement Team Mr. Jeff Strom -e Marla S. Whiteside -e W. Lee Wilhelm, III Mr. & Mrs. Joseph B. Wright Gary and Rhonda Young -e Friends $100 - $249 Anonymous (6) Donna Abbatello -e Gary M. Adkins -e William Alexander -e Margaret Andrews -e Prof. & Mrs. James S. Angle -e in memory of Ralph & Ruth Angle Amy Anguiano -e Mr. & Mrs. Barry W. Baird Nicole Bell -e Frank and Ethel Bonds -e Mr. & Mrs. John W. Boyle, Jr. Ruby Brogan -e in memory of T.C. and Lonnie Brogan, my parents Brad and Yvonne Burkholder -e in memory of Clyde Jones Carroll Family -e Dr. Annemarie Carroll -e Dr. & Mrs. Richard L. Clark, Jr. -e Ms. Leah Coffman -e Nancy B. Cook -e in memory of Beth Ramos Ramona Coveny -e Wanda and Paul DiMarco -e Linda E. Durham, Ph.D. -e Mr. & Mrs. Russell H. Ellis Linda and Jerry Fayed -e in honor of Colin M. Fayed, Sophia A. Fayed and Lana C. Fayed Mr. George K. Fischer, Jr. Broaddus and Luann Fitzpatrick Richard Gaynor -e Mike Greer -e Kim Gregory -e

6 • Fall 2007


Just as it takes a village to raise a child, so it takes community involvement to define strategic initiatives for Virginia Western’s future. The College has embarked on a multi-phased planning process, Vision 2013, that when completed in spring 2008 will create a blueprint for the College to follow for 2008 – 2013. One of the first steps was to assess the needs of the community. During March through April 2007, the Situational/Needs Analysis Task Force and the VWCC Educational Foundation conducted focus groups with business, education, and community groups in Roanoke City, Roanoke County, Salem, Franklin County (Smith Mountain Lake and Rocky Mount), and Botetourt County. Focus groups were also conducted for faculty, staff, students, alumni, and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). Faculty, staff, community, and student surveys were also conducted. To view the results and to follow the progress of Vision 2013, please visit


Virginia Western employees raised a record $29,418 during the third annual Employee Giving Campaign that ran from August 16 to September 28 of this year. An initiative of the Foundation’s 2007 – 2008 “Imagine. Inspire. Impact.” Annual Giving Campaign, employee contributions went to support the Emergency Book Fund, the Student Emergency Fund, the Employee Giving Scholarship, the Employee Family Scholarship or scholarships/funds of the Employee’s choice. A special thank you goes to Foundation Board members and local businesses who donated weekly prizes for participants in the campaign.

Virginia Western Educational Foundation Alumni & Friends News • Volume 1 • Issue 1



Patrick Carrell, ‘05, recently joined Tandem Creative Studios, a leading web design firm in Roanoke, as Web Specialist. Patrick brings both agency and freelance experience as a web designer. He is a 2005 graduate in Communication Design. “Since Patrick joined us, our clients are already reaping the benefits. Patrick is someone who really stays ahead of trends in web technology, yet at the same time brings classical training in fine art,” said

Kelly Vaughn, Tandem Creative Studios cofounder. “We’re now able to offer even faster service, which is a real boost for a lot of our clients who depend on the speed of the internet to get their message out.” Tandem Creative Studios focuses on print and web design for corporate identity and branding.

Russ Ellis, ‘80, was recently named NewVa Technology Council’s High Tech Entrepreneur of the Year for 2007. After graduation from Virginia

Western, Russ went on to work for Roanoke Gas and Grand Piano before starting his own business, Data Systems Consulting. Soon Data Systems Consulting merged with another company, creating InSystems Technologies, which was bought by Standard Register in 2002. Russ then founded Xcellos Corporation, a leading provider of web-based software and services that helps organizations facilitate knowledge sharing. His newest endeavor, Rusty’s Best Corporation, manufactures Bloody Mary mixes and marinades. Russ currently serves as Vice President of the Virginia Western Community College Educational Foundation and will assume the presidency in 2008.

We welcome your news and events to include in upcoming publications! Send your job announcements, accomplishments, and more to Erik Williams, Alumni Relations Coordinator, at (540) 857-8914 or


Colleen Hailey -e in memory of Mary Rockwood McGowan David W. Harrison -e Michael Henderson -e David Hillman -e Lynn H. Hurt -e in memory of Wanda Basham Ann R. Kakouras -e Anne Koon -e Shirl Duke Lamanca -e in honor of Rita H. David Cheri Lankford -e Owen Lofthus, II -e Dr. Mary B. Loritsch -e Martin Travel Mrs. Heidi J. McClintic -e in honor of my children, Emorie Addison & Elliott Alexander Mona R. Moore -e Dr. Ann H. Moser -e NovaTech Judith C. Nunn -e in honor of Sandra Myers Mary Y. Perry -e Pat Price -e Dr. Avis C. Quinn -e Karen Rayl -e Robyn Reid -e J. David and Frankie Robbins in honor of Donna L. Mitchell William A. Salyers, Jr. -e in memory of Yolanda Giardino Salyers Dr. & Mrs. Robert H. Sandel -e James Sargent -e Bryan Schaubach -e Charles and Carol Sliver -e Linda and Gene Stuckey -e Natalie Mace Talbott -e Sue Steele Thomas and Dr. Radford Thomas -e in memory of Rachel Meier Thomas Lora S. Vasiliauskas -e Mr. & Mrs. Cary Webster Debora Q. Weeks -e in memory of Margaret H. Quesenberry Erik W. Williams -e Continued on page 18

Virginia Western Educational Foundation Alumni & Friends News • Volume 1 • Issue 1

Fall 2007 • 7



hen beloved Roanoke Valley restaurateur Al Pollard passed away suddenly in 2006, many would argue that Downtown Roanoke lost an important advocate who, along with his partners, brought a vision that energized the area. Today, the Al Pollard Memorial Foundation has brought the same vision and energy into another downtown facility by supporting 10 scholarships for students at Virginia Western’s Culinary Arts Institute

through the Virginia Western Community College Educational Foundation. The Culinary Arts Institute welcomed its first students this fall semester, and the program was received with open arms by the Roanoke Valley. Over 100 students are now enrolled in the program, which includes tracks leading to a certificate and an associate’s degree. Leading Western’s Culinary Arts Institute is Chef Jim Ziesler, known affectionately on campus and by his students as Chef Z.

Heather E. Cypher, 2007-2008 recipient of the Al Pollard Memorial Scholarship for the Culinary Arts, teams up with a fellow classmate on an assignment. The Al Pollard Memorial Foundation is keeping their beloved friend’s memory alive by giving the promise of an affordable education to 10 students this year.

8 • Fall 2007

Virginia Western Educational Foundation Alumni & Friends News • Volume 1 • Issue 1

Students cram into their temporary facility near the Roanoke Higher Education Center during a recent class. They will move into their new state-ofthe-art home in late fall.

While Chef Z. admits that teaching out of a trailer for the time being can be difficult, he and his students are looking forward to moving into their new home, the Claude Moore Educational Complex, located near the Roanoke Higher Education Center. “Once we get into the new kitchen, it will be like a promotion,” comments Ziesler. “We are really starved for good culinary people in the area, and the Culinary Arts Institute will definitely fill a need in the area.” Many important groups came together to make the Culinary Arts Institute a reality, but none had a bigger impact on ten deserving students than the Al Pollard Memorial Foundation. While the tuition at Virginia Western is less than one-third the cost to attend a public four-year college or university in Virginia, many students still struggle to pay for classes, textbooks, and, in the case of culinary arts stu-

10 • Fall 2007

dents, other supplies including knives. Thanks to the generosity of the Al Pollard Memorial Foundation, ten $2,000 scholarships were awarded to culinary arts students for the 2007-2008 academic year through the Virginia Western Educational Foundation. “Had it not been for the Al Pollard Memorial Scholarship, I would not have been able to afford to attend Virginia Western,” states Doug Ulrich, 2007-2008 Al Pollard Memorial Scholarship recipient. “I cannot express my gratitude enough for what they have done for myself and my family.” While the Pollard Foundation provided the funds to help these students realize their dreams, the students, along with hundreds of golf balls, five chefs, and a Burmese python named Bernice, helped the Foundation with their Memorial Golf Tournament and Gala, held at the Roanoke Country Club on September 21st. With 45 corporate-sponsored teams participating in the tournament and around 500 people attending the gala afterwards, Virginia Western students served as assistants for five Roanoke chefs in preparing dishes for the Signature Dish Competition, which was a big hit with the attendees. “We are looking forward to the influence the

Virginia Western Educational Foundation Alumni & Friends News • Volume 1 • Issue 1

Culinary Arts Institute will have on what is already a fantastic collection of food venues and restaurants here in the Valley. That was Al’s dream,” comments Al Pollard Memorial Foundation founding board member Chip Moore.


As Al Pollard probably knew well, the food and restaurant business can be a brutal industry, but thanks to the Al Pollard Memorial Foundation, these students will be well prepared to make a splash on the Roanoke restaurant scene upon graduation and, in their own way, ensure that Al’s memory lives on with some of the same energy and vision he displayed for years.



ere we come a-wassailing, among the leaves so green… Just in case you have ever wondered what that actually means, try out Chef Z.’s Holiday Wassail recipe and you and your family may just be wandering among the leaves so green before you know it. Holiday Wassail 1 gallon apple cider 27 each whole cloves 8 each cinnamon sticks 1 quart pineapple juice 1 can (6 oz.) frozen orange juice concentrate Rum or vodka is optional Combine ingredients and simmer slowly on stove top until hot. If you wish to add spirits, add it after it is taken off the stove. Serve warm Yield: 12 servings Virginia Western Educational Foundation Alumni & Friends News • Volume 1 • Issue 1

Fall 2007 • 11



ecause she has experienced the impact of education first hand as an adjunct and now as an Assistant Professor in Accounting, Ruby Brogan has decided to leave a lasting legacy for future generations of Western students. “I have two reasons for giving to the Virginia Western Community College Educational Foundation,” says Brogan. “One, I have no children or grandchildren, and the Virginia Western Community was a family to me through the difficult years of caring for my mother, her death and the settlement of her estate. Emotionally, I could not have succeeded without the help of all the caring people at Virginia Western. I just wanted to give a little something back to that wonderful community of people. Second, I was able to attend Radford College as an undergraduate only because of scholarships. It meant so much to me and had such an impact on my life; I would like to pass that opportunity on to someone else.” Ruby has been a part of the Virginia Western family for almost 20 years now, eight as an adjunct and twelve as a fulltime instructor. It all started when she


The Legacy Society honors those who have named the Virginia Western Community College Educational Foundation as a beneficiary of a planned gift. Through their generosity, the members of the Legacy Society are committed to the growth

wanted to make a career change from teaching at Martinsville High School to become a CPA. Ruby began to work on her Master’s in Accounting at JMU, but, unhappy, she called her high school accounting teacher, Dr. Betty Bowman, who was then at Virginia Western. “She told me that with my Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Business Education, I could take the accounting classes at Virginia Western and still sit for the CPA exam, and that is what I did,” comments Brogan. “I loved my classes and I had great teachers-Dr. Bowman, Woody Wimmer, Sally Branscom, Jennifer Mulligan. With their help, I passed the CPA exam.” It was also at Dr. Bowman’s suggestion that Ruby added her name to the list to become an adjunct faculty member, a move she has never regretted. “I believe that Virginia Western has grown, but still maintains that personal touch that helps people accomplish their dreams,” says Brogan. Her gift to the Virginia Western Educational Foundation will make sure Virginia Western is fulfilling the dreams of its students for generations to come.

of our community and to the future of Virginia Western and its mission. Legacy Society Members Martha and William Adams (dec.) Ruby M. Brogan Lawrence H. Hamlar (dec.) Stanard F. Lanford

Gertrude Light Hubbard (dec.) Donna L. Mitchell Mary B. Moses (dec.) Mr. and Mrs. Bernard F. Odasz J. William Wilcher Alice Becker Hinchcliffe Williams(dec.) Ruth Willis Williamson (dec.)

To learn more about the Legacy society or how to make a planned gift ,call Kay Strickland at 540.857.6020 or visit

12 • Fall 2007

Virginia Western Educational Foundation Alumni & Friends News • Volume 1 • Issue 1

Legacy Society Members

Martha and William Adams (dec.) Ruby M. Brogan Lawrence H. Hamlar (dec.) Stanard F. Lanford Gertrude Light Hubbard (dec.) Donna L. Mitchell Mary B. Moses (dec.) Mr. and Mrs. Bernard F. Odasz J. William Wilcher

Virginia Western Community College Alumni News • Volume 1 • Issue 1

Fall 2007 • 5



t is never an easy decision to go back to college later in life, especially when working full-time and raising a family, but that is exactly the path that Charles A. Richardson ’01 took. He has never looked back. After graduation from high school, Charles was unsure what direction to take. On the advice of his family, he attended United Electronic Institute. Upon completing that program, he went to work for GTE, installing and maintaining telephone cable carrier systems and microwave radio equipment. He soon left GTE and moved to R&B Telephone Company, a place where he started his rise to the top. From a Communications Technician, he soon moved up to Central Office Supervisor because of his hard work and dedication. During his tenure as Central Office Supervisor, he coordinated the deployment of the first multimode fiber optic system in Virginia. After several years, Richardson’s hard work once again paid off as he was named Vice-President of Network Services at R&B Communications in 1989. While VP, Richardson headed efforts to deploy fiber optics systems throughout Western Virginia and helped to launch the first distance-learning network for Botetourt County Schools. Shortly after his promotion to Senior Vice-President at R&B, Richardson knew that to go further in his career he needed further education. He wanted to stay close to home, but he wanted the best management training possible. He chose Virginia Western. “It doesn’t matter where you are in life: if your goal is a quality education, Virginia Western will help you meet that,” comments Richardson. Not only did Virginia Western help Charles meet his dream of graduating

Magna Cum Laude with an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science - Management, he was also named to the President’s Honor Roll and to the International Honor Society of Two-Year Colleges, Phi Theta Kappa. “For me, attending Virginia Western was a very positive experience,” says Richardson. “As with most things in life, you get out of it what you put into it, and I certainly got a great education at Western.” After graduation from Virginia Western, Charles did not have to leave Virginia Western’s campus to work on his Bachelor’s degree. He participated in Radford University’s program on campus and completed his B.B.A. in Management. “Virginia Western’s relationships with the universities and colleges in the state are really amazing, especially having RU right here on campus. It was really convenient, and I was well prepared to attend Radford,” says Richardson. Charles is now the General Manager of ValleyNet, a provider of fiber optic transmission capacity on a non-switched intra-network basis along a route from Carlisle, Pennsylvania to Johnson City, Tennessee through a partnership with nTelos, Shentel, and Embarq. In his capacity as General Manager, Richardson is responsible for all marketing, sales, administration, and operations for the company. While being a 35-year veteran of the telecommunications industry has played a large role in his success at ValleyNet, his education has also had a tremendous impact. In his spare time, Charles enjoys spending time with members of his family, reading, golfing, and biking. A member of the Loudon Avenue Christian Church in Roanoke, VA, he serves as the chairperson for the personnel committee.

Virginia Western Educational Foundation Alumni & Friends News • Volume 1 • Issue 1

Fall 2007 • 15



hroughout the last ten years, Stan Lanford has been a tireless supporter of Virginia Western – and the Chancellor noticed! Established by the Virginia Community College System to recognize leaders across the state who have contributed to the success of community college foundations, this year’s Chancellor’s Award for Leadership in Philanthropy was awarded to Stan Lanford, and a scholarship was given in his name to the college. Chairman of Lanford Brothers Company, which currently has over 250 employees and completes $25 million of work each year repairing and replacing bridges, roadways, guardrails, and signs in four states, Stan is an enthusiastic supporter of community colleges. He served on the Virginia Western Community College Local Board for eight years and was its Chair for an additional two years. He has served on the Virginia Western Community Col-

16 • Fall 2007

lege Educational Foundation Board for the past six years and is currently its secretary. During this time, Stan played a tremendous role in securing gifts for Virginia Western’s first major gifts campaign in 2005 that raised $4 million. Stan and his family have also established the Stanard and Betty Lanford Endowed Scholarship in memory of his parents, providing tuition assistance to Virginia Western students seeking an engineering degree. “I believe in education,” Stan says. “Over half of all the higher education students in Virginia are enrolled in community colleges. When students from Virginia Western transfer to fouryear institutions, they maintain the same grade point average, or higher, than students who begin at four-year schools. Virginia Western does a great job of preparing people for the workplace, which ultimately makes them better to have in the community.”

Virginia Western Educational Foundation Alumni & Friends News • Volume 1 • Issue 1

Legacy Society Members

Martha and William Adams (dec.) Ruby M. Brogan Lawrence H. Hamlar (dec.) Stanard F. Lanford Gertrude Light Hubbard (dec.) Donna L. Mitchell Mary B. Moses (dec.) Mr. and Mrs. Bernard F. Odasz J. William Wilcher

Marilee H. Williamson -e

Layne Compton -e

Elizabeth Wilmer -e Deborah A. Yancey -e

Pamela Conner -e in memory of Harold & Caroline Young

Ms. Kelsey Yardley -e

Mary Beth Cornett -e

James Zeisler, Sr. -e in memory of Mary Burke

Ramona Coveny -e

Contributors $1 - $99 Anonymous (18)

Melanie Crouch -e

Barry and Libba Wolfe

Ms. Victoria Ainsworth Betty Aker -e Lee Allen -e Ms. Kristina Anderson -e Julia Andrews -e Brenda C. Ashcraft -e B Bagby -e Dr. Anna Balog -e Mr. & Mrs. Peter H. Balzer, Jr. -e

Lorraine Conklin -e

Lynn L. Crane -e Leo & Sharon Cullen -e Linda S. Davis -e Sandra Dechard -e in memory of Carol Dechard Andrew J. DeLeo -e Gary L. Dent -e Christine Drake -e Bill East -e Kim Ellis-Littlefield -e Dr. Mark Q. Emick, Sr. -e Amy S. Fenster -e Brooke N. Ferguson -e

Mr. George J. Barnes Ms. Cristin Barrett -e

Gary G. Gibson -e

Ms. Lois E. Beck -e

Dr. Jeffrey S. Gillette -e in memory of Dr. Donna Harpold

Jennifer Bobbitt -e in memory of Nicholas E. Janney and Mason Metz Kathryn Boylan -e in honor of my developmental students Sarah K. Burns -e Arletha H. Butler -e Dr. Carrie Cao -e Ms. Nadine IngramCarson -e Rhonda Cassell -e

Marion Grammer -e Grant Broadcasting Systems II, Inc. Brenda Greenway -e Elizabeth Griffin -e Sarah M. Grubb -e Mr. & Mrs. F. Gordon Hancock Hammerhead Hardware, Inc. Mrs. Tracy Harmon -e

Dori V. Cawley -e

Kent and Heather Harris -e

Becky Chauncey -e

Gene Harrison -e

Ms. Becky Christley -e

Sheila D. Haynes -e

Ms. Heidi Christopher -e

Dr. Ruth Z. Hendrick -e

Kristel Clark -e

Judy Hensley -e

Carolyn Cleiland -e

Sarah H. Higgins -e

18 • Fall 2007

Hall Associates Career Center

Mr. Justin Craig -e

Kimberly French -e

Don Benson -e


The Hall Associates Career Center continues to have a huge impact on Virginia Western students, alumni, and our community. As of November 2007, 1,497 students, 237

alumni, and 753 employers have registered with the Career Center. The center has also posted 808 jobs and helped to complete 533 applications. They have helped 3,618 students who have signed into the Center and they have worked with 753 businesses to find qualified employees. Want to find out more? Visit or call (540) 857-7298.

Technology Summit 07 Virginia Western Community College hosted the second annual Technology Summit on October 2, 2007. This very successful summit was designed to introduce area high school seniors to the different opportunities available when pursuing a technical career with a company in the surrounding areas of Roanoke City, Salem and Roanoke, Franklin, Botetourt and Craig counties. Approximately 350 high school students were able to tour the new Advanced Technology Center in Webber Hall, where Virginia Western faculty and students gave demonstrations in Automated Technology, robot-

ics, rapid prototyping, GIS/ GPS, CNC, PLC’s, welding, HVAC, hydraulics, automated manufacturing and much more. Over fifty engineering and technology businesses from the greater Roanoke Valley had exhibits that provided the students with an opportunity to collect information on the company and to communicate with potential employers.

Virginia Western Educational Foundation Alumni & Friends News • Volume 1 • Issue 1


J. Lee Hipp -e

Martha Richardson -e

Ms. Latisha N. Holland

DeStacy Roberson -e

Jimmy Holt

Denise Schuh -e

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Houff -e in honor of Sarah Houff Lyn Hursey -e

Daniela Santos, RT-R Class of ‘03 Staff Technologist – Imaging Dept. Lewis-Gale Medical Center Member Since 2005

Are You A Member? Join Daniela and the many other alumni association members today. For more information on our 2007-2008 Membership Campaign and to see how you can win some fabulous prizes, log on to

Carly H. Johnson -e in honor of Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Johnson Ernest and Becky Johnson -e Johnny Johnson -e Rebecca Jones -e Ms. Christina D. Keller -e in memory of Nicholas E. Janney Kristi Kirby -e Rachelle KoudelikJones -e Rebecca A. Kraemer -e Jenifer Kurtz -e


Anne F. Layne -e Judy Lienhardt -e

Join these and your other fellow classmates by joining the Virginia Western Alumni Association today!

Shirley S. Long -e Amy Maiolo -e

Victoria Ray Ainsworth


Charles Terry Barton, 1987


Tony Maiolo -e

William Stuart Bell


Robin Gibson Boone, 1997


Allen James Bradley, 1987


Constance W. McClain, M.Ed., R.T.(R) -e

Pamela King Brown, 1992


Angie Short Canon


Jacqueline S. Dean, 2006


Stephen Dougherty


Mark & Linda Emick


Linda Fayed

Friend of Alumni

Craig S. Harris


William King


Lisa Natarajan, 1992


Daniel Owens


James Potter, 1975


Jean M. Schneider, 2006


Lana Seale

Friend of Alumni

Robert Short Garnetta J. Walker, 1982

Maggie McDaniel -e

Linda F. Sawyer -e Jeff Scott -e Mr. Robert Short Bonny Simpson -e in memory of Mason Metz Sarah L. Sink -e in memory of Nicholas E. Janney Richard S. Skelley -e Spa VA - Premier Day Spa Laura Stevens -e Linda and Gene Stuckey -e Cathy Swain -e Taaza Rebecca Talbot -e Susan C. Taylor -e Rick and Sue Terrell Clare Thomas, CPS -e Ms. Brenda D. Tilley -e Tong’s Thai Too Townside Gardens, Inc. Tina Trudeau -e Tara Vance -e Mr. Bobby Walker -e Ms. Melissa G. Williams -e

Laney Mofield -e in honor of my grandchildren

Gracie M. Wilson -e

Joyce Music -e

Joanie White -e in memory of Nicholas E. Janney

Thomas C. Olsen -e Mr. Daniel Owen Meg C. Patterson -e Rhonda Perdue -e Rose Peters -e

Wine Gourmet Felicia White -e

Dianne Williams -e Kevin G. Witter -e Holly A. Woodson -e

Mrs. Patricia H. Price -e

Pamela D. Woody -e in memory of Marie P. Dillon and Mary Rockwood McGowan


Jeff Rakes -e

William Work -e


Janet Rathbun -e

Barbara Wright -e

Marianne Repko -e

-e denotes VWCC employee

Mr. James Potter John D. Price -e

(As of 10/26/2007)

Virginia Western Educational Foundation Alumni & Friends News • Volume 1 • Issue 1

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Did someone refer or encourage you to join? Is so, please include this person’s name here so they can receive reward points for participating in our “I am. Are you?” Membership Campaign.


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I did not attend Virginia Western, but I want to join the Alumni Association as a Friend.

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*Membership Eligibility: Joint membership is available to two individuals living at the same address. For Gift Membership, simply fill out the form with the recipient’s information and include your name & address beside the gift membership box.




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Impact! Fall/Winter 2007  

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Impact! Fall/Winter 2007  

The Virginia Western Educational Foundation is proud to bring you Impact! The Magazine of the Virginia Western Community College Educational...