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“We are in the presence of the best present adult fantasy, in the tradition of great authors like George R. R. Martin, R. Scott Bakker or Brandon Sanderson. Big news for Spanish Fantasy.” Fantasymundo “The first thing you notice is the great quality of the prose. Virginia Pérez de la Puente seizes you with her agile, rich style, showing the fact that rhythm doesn’t need to be subject to a flat writing.” OcioZero “It’s good that someone dares to walk different paths, in a genre much stiffer than it deserves. Even more, if that someone does it with the same enthusiasm and honesty as this woman, who, if I’m not mistaken, will give people a lot of talk in a not so far future.” Espada y Brujería An unemployed mercenary gets dragged into the center of an eternal fight: the confrontation between Life and Death. Issi, a mercenary, walks through a battlefield covered with corpses after a battle. Among the dead she finds a dying girl. When Issi bends to see her, the child poses a finger on her forehead and magically embeds a silver sign on Issi’s skin before she dies. Soon, inexplicable things begin to happen: Issi can see people’s death before it occurs, she can inadvertently provoke it, and death gives her an almost sexual pleasure. She cannot ignore the Sign, because the Sign doesn’t want to be ignored, and gives her an unwanted power over death. And step by step the Sign reveals itself as something more powerful, and more terrifying, than the simple drawing she had thought at first. In the meanwhile, the kings of Thaledia and Svonda are very interested in finding her, one for making she disappear, the other to use her, while they, their nobles and other leaders struggle in a buried game of domain. The war between the two peninsular countries and the alliances with their neighbours, the infighting and the political game of kings and nobles of the four countries, reflect the conflict between Life and Death: the inevitability of Death and its inextricable connection with Life, that makes them enemies and, at the same time, sisters.

VIRGINIA PÉREZ DE LA PUENTE She was born in Madrid on March 1977. Journalist as well as a writer, she worked for ten years as a newsreader at the National Radio of Spain and as editor of the daily magazine “Hoy por hoy Mérida” at the Cadena SER. This first novel, Chosen by Death (Ediciones B, 2010), received a great reception from the critics and the public, and was the presentation of the world of Ridia, in which her second novel (The dream of the dead, Minotauro, 2013) and all the story of the Second Havoc take place. During her writing career she has won awards and mentions like El Espejo Maldito I, El Reto IV, the Teseo IV, and she has ended finalist of the awards Microrrelatos de las Bibliotecas Públicas de Madrid, Monstruos de la Razón II and Visiones 2009. She currently lives in Madrid, totally dedicated to her writing facet.

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