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South India Temples: Inviting Spirituality South India is an incredible tourist destination which offers an array of attractions. South Indian temples are among its well-known attractions which attracts tourists from all over the world. South India is a land of rich enriching heritage which is known for its marvelous temples and other architectural wonders. This section of India is dotted with superb temples shimmering the cultural splendors and architectural excellence of yesteryears.

Kerala Temples Kerala, which is known to be The God's own country- the name simply justifies this remarkable backwater land with interesting beauty of nature including long and vast beauty, coconut trees, long lush trails, festive collections and unique cultural splendors. Adding more charm to this fascinating land the holy temples in Kerala prove the best part of Hindu and Dravidian culture. The most visited temples in Kerala are: 1. Guruvayoor 2. Ambalappuzha 3. Sabarimala 4. Sri Padmanabhaswamy 5. Vadakunnatha 6. Perumthitta Tharavad These amazing shrines are best known for the presentation and celebration of different Kerala festivals including Arattu, Thrissur Pooram, Theyyam, Guruvayoor Festival.

Tamil Nadu Temples Tamil Nadu is the perfect home of the core schools of the medieval and modern Hinduism as well as several non mainstream Hindu movements. Along with that the numerous famous temple also bring the multiple attentions of the tourists. The land of Tamil Nadu is blessed with more than 33000 ancient temples that are embellished with incomparable complex architecture, magnificent sculptures and inscriptions to mesmerize large number of visitors. Most visited temples in Tamil Nadu are: 1.Meenakshi 2. Kanyakumari 3. Murugan 4. Mahabalipuram 5. Kanchipuram 6. Rameshwaram 7. Madurai There are numerous festivals that can be celebrated in these amazing temples are Chitri Rai Festival, Mahamagam Festival, Karthigai Deepam, Thai Pusam Festival

Karnataka Temples When we are talking about the south Indian temples and festivals, Karnataka temples complete the list in its most attractive and revitalizing form. The temples in Karnataka reflect the various architectural styles of the respective periods. Much surprisingly, some of the Karnataka temples are also included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. They are: 1. Badami Cave

2. Mahabaleshwara 3. Somnathpur 4. Dodda Ganesha 5. ISKCON Temple (Bangalore) The famous Karnataka festivals are also included in the list likewiseVairamudi Brahmostava, Ground Nut Festival, Vaikunta Ekadashi, Ugadi.

Andhra Pradesh Temples It is one of the charming states that observe a large number of expressive South India temples reflecting the glorious past and history. The rich variety in the architectural beauty is the most vital part of the Andhra temple. Without having the glimpses of Andhra temples the South India Pilgrimage Tour is considered incomplete. Let us find some of them : 1. Tirupati Tirumala Balaji 2. Jagannath 3. Thousand Pillar 4. Ashtalakshmi 5. Koteseswara Swamy 6. Maridamma The famous festivals that captivate many attentions in Andhra Pradesh are Kotappakonda Temple Fair, Maridamma Festival, Sambhulingeswara Kalyanotsavam, Jaladurga Kalyanotsavam festival.


South India Temples: Inviting Spirituality

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