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Copyright Š 2007, The Orient of Virginia under the auspices of The Supreme Council, 33°, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, SJ, USA. No part of this publication may be reproduced without permission of its Editor at

Ever since the provisions for the formation of our Supreme Council were cited in a Manifesto in Charleston, South Carolina, on May 31, 1801 by Brothers John Mitchell and Frederick Dalcho, communication was and continues to be a problem to this present day. These two Brethren had just formed the first Supreme Council, but how do they convey news of this great, new adventure in Freemasonry? Various methods could have been by word-of-mouth, sending correspondence to local and faraway Brethren, or by possibly using the local Town Crier. Since the beginning of our Supreme Council, many methods of communication have been tried and employed. Members have been notified by word-of-mouth, mail, town criers, newspapers, magazines, telegraph, telephone, posters, signs, e-mail, and the internet. Now we are going to try a new means of communicating - we are going to try to have a quarterly , electronic newsletter which we hope will spread the word about the Scottish Rite in the Orient of Virginia. Instead of each Valley having their own newsletters, which they will still do, this newsletter will go out to the entire Commonwealth to inform you of what the other Brethren are doing in their respective Valleys. Along the way, we plan to inform you of our clinics in the Orient, have some education about the Scottish Rite, learn about the various fund raisers the Valleys are performing, provide a monthly statewide calendar, and hopefully have some guest writers in the future. We are excited about this new means of communication and we ask that you help spread the word to your Brethren who might not have the internet or electronic media capabilities. If you have any comments good or bad, please send them to Ill. Jim Cole @ or Bro. David Burkus, KCCH @ and we will try to give you a response in a timely manner.

The issuance of this electronic newsletter, The Virginia Light, represents a wonderful new chapter in Scottish Rite Masonry in Virginia. Obviously, not everyone is “connected to the Internet,” but as of November, 2006, a survey revealed that 70% of all North Americans indeed had access to the Internet. Therefore, by using a very low cost method, we should be able to keep the majority of our membership informed.

The Virginian Light© Published quarterly for the Brethren of Virginia

Ill. Ronald A. Seale, 33° Sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council, 33°, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, SJ, USA

Ill. James D. Cole, 33° Sovereign Grand Inspector General in Virginia and Grand Treasurer General of the Supreme Council, 33°, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, SJ, USA Ill. James B. Wilkinson, GC Personal Representative to the SGIG in Virginia Bro. David A. Burkus, KCCH Newsletter Editor Editorial Staff Ill. Walter S. Downs, GC Ill. William A. Wells, IGH Ill. Orville L. Lindsey, IGH Bro. Danny O. Belott, KCCH Ill. Paul W. Pennybacker, IGH Ill. W. H. ‘Andy’ Anderson, IGH Bro. Bradford F. Burnett, KCCH Bro. Paul D. Sleeper, 32° Page 2

I am asking a favor of anyone receiving this newsletter who knows of a Brother who does not have access to the Internet. Please print a copy and take it to your Brother. Not only does this kind act provide him with information, but it also shows how much you care for him and how much you care about Scottish Rite. I have to acknowledge the tireless effort contributed toward this publication by its editor, Brother Dave Burkus, 32˚ K.C.C.H. Because of Brother Dave’s expertise and most of all his dedication, we have a new form of communication. In this inaugural issue, you will read about the primary charitable focus of Scottish Rite, which is overcoming childhood language disorders. You will learn of what is happening in each Valley. In future issues, you will learn not only of events, but you will receive education about who we are and what we do as Scottish Rite Masons. As every Masonic reader of this publication knows, the title of the newsletter, The Virginia Light says a lot. Virginia, birthplace of our nation, Mother of Presidents and home to the oldest independently established Grand Lodge in the western hemisphere. Light…. few things remind us more of our Masonic roots than the thought of light. May the use of this instrument of communication, along with the efforts of our hardworking members, combine to give Scottish Rite Masons of Virginia the information to light our way as we step forward in the proud tradition of Virginia Freemasonry, improving ourselves and caring for others as we make this world of our Creator’s a better place for all to live. Fraternally,

James D. Cole, 33°

Sovereign Grand Inspector General in Virginia

The Virginia Light—January 2007

The annual Scottish Rite Conference of Virginia was held in Virginia Beach, VA on September 29 & 30 with 126 Brethren and 92 wives in attendance. Membership was the key topic of this year’s Conference. Two membership educational sessions were presented on Friday afternoon by Ill. Carlton L. Gill, IGH (Norfolk) and Brother Matthew T. Szramoski, KCCH (Alexandria). At the Saturday general session, Ill. Dean Alban, Director of Membership for the Supreme Council, continued to provided tips and suggestions on getting and retaining new members. One key point that was emphasized throughout these presentations was “value”, that being the value a Scottish Rite membership adds to a Master Mason’s pursuit of enlightenment. Ill. James Dean Cole, 33°, SGIG, reported the Virginia membership stands at 10,656; a loss of 4.5%. He also informed us our Supreme Council will meet jointly with the Northern Jurisdiction on August 27, 2007 and that Virginia’s KCCH investiture will be held at Richmond Scottish Rite Temple on October 6, 2007. Plans are underway for the annual workshop to be held on March 31, 2007 at the Richmond Scottish Rite Temple; coffee and breakfast snacks will begin at 8:30 A.M., with the meeting starting at 9:30 A.M. The workshop provides an excellent opportunity to keep current on hot issues of the Supreme Council and within the Orient and exchange thoughts and ideas for the betterment of our Valleys -- I hope you will plan to attend. Lunch will be served around Noon and everyone will have the chance to visit the Richmond Childhood Language Disorders Clinic (see page 13). My sincere thanks to the Valley of Alexandria and all members of the Orient for electing me as your Conference President and I hope I can live up to your expectations.

David H. Smith, 33° President, Virginia Scottish Rite Conference

The Virginia Light—January 2007

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Valley of Alexandria Stated Meetings on the 2nd Friday @ 7:30PM Chartered October 1911 Ill. Walter S. Downs, GC Personal Representative of SGIG

Ill. Walter S. Downs, GC Secretary Ill. Roy M. Heaster, IGH Treasurer Ill. Roy T. Mitchell, IGH Almoner Masters of the Four Bodies Bro. Terry L. Gigure, KCCH Venerable Master Bro. F. J. Pepper, KCCH Wise Master Bro. Jason W. Lotz, 32° Commander Ill. Raymond D. Steele, IGH Master of Kadosh Building Address: 1430 West Braddock Road Alexandria, VA 22309 Office: 703.998.9904 Fax: 703.778.2804

Greetings from Alexandria The new year brings renewed interest in Scottish Rite activities and a mood of looking forward with anticipation to an eventful and enjoyable year. However, we do begin with a note of sadness as we reflect on the deaths of 71 of our members in 2006, including 5 Honor Men. At our January meeting, elections brought about a new slate of officers for 2007. They were installed into office during an open installation conducted by Illustrious Walter S. Downs, 330 Grand Cross. After dispensing with meetings in November and December, our two Scottish Rite Clubs resumed their monthly dinner/meetings in January. These generate good fellowship and promote an interest in the Scottish Rite.

Upcoming 2007 Valley Highlights The Alexandria Valley is charged with conducting two extraordinary events later in the year. In August, we will confer the 33rd degree at the combined sessions of the Northern and Southern Jurisdictions. In September we will host the Scottish Rite Conference of Virginia.

E-mail: Office Hours Monday through Friday 10AM till 4PM Page 4

The Virginia Light—January 2007

Valley of Danville Stated Meetings on the 2nd Tuesday @ 7:30PM Chartered May 1923 Danville Masonic Temple

Ill. Ronny L. Lewis, IGH

Greetings from Danville

Personal Representative of SGIG

Ill. Jesse M. Hutcherson, Jr, IGH

Ill. J. Robert Denny, Jr, IGH Treasurer

The Valley of Danville had a large turnout for our Christmas party. The dining hall was decorated in a most festive way and the treats enjoyed by the brethren and ladies will not soon be forgotten.

Ill. J. Robert Denny, Jr, IGH Almoner

2007 Plans


Masters of the Four Bodies Bro. Robert G. Fisher 32° Venerable Master Bro. Rufus Adkins, KCCH Wise Master III Harold Wilson, IGH Commander III Ronny L. Lewis, IGH Master of Kadosh Building Address: 134 Tunstall Road Danville, VA 23601 Office: 434.793.9805 Fax: 434.793.9805

Throughout 2006, the Danville Valley hosted fundraising dinners for the Foundation. The most successful ones were the bean suppers. We plan to continue this in 2007. Another year-long fundraising project for the foundation is in the planning stage and will be reported on next quarter. This Spring we are looking forward to a visit by Lynn Adams from Radford University. She will be bring a program on autism. The Danville Valley plans to open this program up to the entire city and beyond. We would like to host a movie night several times during 2007. We are looking in to reviving the 16MM projector and showing some of the films we have in archive. We may also show some of the more recent movies available on DVD.

E-mail: Office Hours None posted

The Virginia Light—January 2007

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Valley of Lynchburg Stated Meetings on the 4th Monday @ 7:30PM Chartered October 1920 Lynchburg Masonic Temple

Ill. Lonnie L. Godfrey, IGH Personal Representative of SGIG

Vacant Secretary Ill. Orville L. Lindsey, IGH Treasurer Ill. Robert E. Wilmouth, IGH Almoner Masters of the Four Bodies Bro. Donlie Henderson, KCCH

Venerable Master Bro. Robert R. Eckenrode, KCCH

Greetings from Lynchburg Sadly our year ended with the passing of our Secretary, Illustrious Donald Scrivener. The loss has and will have an impact on our Valley. The Lynchburg Scottish Rite Valley has a Scottish Rite Woman’s Club that also meets at 7:30 p.m. A dinner at 6:30 p.m. precedes the meetings. PROJECT TALKK = SUCCESS PROGRAM This is a program between The Lynchburg Valley Scottish Rite, The Child Care Resource Center: A Program of the Alliance for Families and Children, and the Lynchburg Public Schools. The program provides Project Talkk = Success Kits for early intervention of childhood language skill problems. The kits are made available to childhood centers.

Wise Master Bro. Marvin O. Ledbetter, KCCH

Commander Bro. Jimmie R. Martin, Sr., KCCH

Master of Kadosh

Building Address: 214 Lemon Drive Lynchburg, VA Office: 434-385-4103 Mailing Address: P.O. Box 521 Lynchburg, VA 24505 E-mail:

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KNIGHTS OF ST. ANDREW The chartering ceremony occurred on 1/23/2006 at Marshall Lodge No. 39 Lynchburg, Virginia. The Charter Members wore the French Blue Blazers and black pants. The tartan sets and tartan ties were provided to the members at the ceremony. OTHER EVENTS OF 2006 • Policeman of the Year Awards • Food Boxes sent to deployed troops in Iraq from Lynchburg • Christmas gifts and food for families in Lynchburg • Talk by Miss Tara Reynolds, Miss Job’s Daughter of VA LODGE OF PERFECTION OFFICER’S ELECTION February 9, 2007 SPRING REUNION A One Day Reunion will be on Saturday, April 28, 2007 Blue Lodge Night will be on March 9, 2007

The Virginia Light—January 2007

Valley of Newport News Stated Meetings on the 4th Wednesday @ 7:30PM Chartered October 1912 Vacant

Greetings from Newport News

Personal Representative of SGIG

Ill. Adrian “Pete” Eure, IGH Secretary Ill. Gerald E. Burks, IGH Treasurer Ill. John E. Blair, IGH Almoner Masters of the Four Bodies Bro. David A. Burkus, KCCH Venerable Master Bro. David A. Burkus, KCCH Wise Master Bro. Jimmy C. Willis, KCCH Commander Bro. Randolph L. Rodgers, Sr., 32°

Master of Kadosh Building Address: 65 Saunders Road Newport News, VA 23601 Office: 757.599.6617 Fax: 757.599.0021 E-mail: Office Hours Monday thru Wednesday and Friday between 9AM and Noon

We ended our year with much sadness in our Valley as our Valley Personal Representative, Illustrious and Most Worshipful William Munford Johnson passed away on December 9th. The loss has had a deep impact on many in our Valley and state. We are excited in the Valley because we are about to get our charter to start the Knights of St. Andrew in our Valley. This was something instigated by our Venerable Master last year and the torch was taken up by Brother Jesse A. Norman, 32° who will be Charter Venerable Master for the Knights. Our annual Christmas Party was a great success and was definitely topped off by our entertainment, the Sweet Adelines. The Sweet Adelines are a female barber shop style choir and delighted the crowd with many Christmas favorites and encouraged sing-alongs with them. The various committees are working on enhancing our Reunions by trying to embellish the degrees by using more sound effects and music. Only one degree team has done this in the past and all of them are looking forward to trying this out at our Spring Reunion. We will be having a Country Breakfast on Saturday, January 20th, our 3rd annual Brunswick Stew Fundraiser in February, and our big fundraiser, our Golf Tournament is currently being scheduled for June to help raise money for the Tidewater Scottish Rite Foundation.

The Virginia Light—January 2007

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Valley of Norfolk Stated Meetings on the 3rd Thursday @ 7:30PM Chartered December 1874 Ill. William L. Holliday, IGH Personal Representative of SGIG

Greetings from Norfolk

Ill. Dudley Myers, IGH Secretary

Our Stated Meetings are on the third Thursday of the month at 7:30 PM with a dinner sponsored by our Scottish Rite Ladies at 6:30 PM at a cost of $8.00 Reservations Required. We will have a speaker at 7:00 PM.

Ill. Donnie E. Baines, IGH Treasurer Ill. Robert L. Campbell, IGH Almoner

The Norfolk Scottish Rite Valley elected officers for 2007 and had no one elected to serve in more than one body.

Masters of the Four Bodies Bro. Teodore B. Dela Cruz, KCCH

Venerable Master Bro. Robert E. Thomas, 32 Wise Master Bro. Ruben G. Permel KCCH Commander Ill. Wayne F. Novak , IGH Master of Kadosh Building Address: 7001 Granby Street Norfolk, VA Office: 757.489.1076 Fax: 757.489.1742 E-mail:

We are going to hold a One-Day Workshop on January 27, 2007 from 7:30 AM until 3:00 PM, just as if candidates were present. Hopefully this will give our new cast members a better idea of what will transpire during a “real” reunion. The Spring Class will be on Friday April 27, 2007 and Saturday April 28, 2007 and the Fall Class will be On Friday October 26, 2007 and Saturday October 27, 2006 We will honor three Teachers of the Year from Chesapeake, Norfolk and Virginia Beach on September 29, 2007 Regrettably due our Valley had to increase dues this year, because the Temple Corporation voted to increase the dues to all Lodges and appendant bodies within our Temple by $20.

Office Hours Monday thru Friday 9AM till Noon Page 8

The Virginia Light—January 2007

Valley of Portsmouth Stated Meetings on the 1st Monday @ 7:30PM Chartered 1955 Ill. William M. Benson, IGH Personal Representative of SGIG

Ill. W.H. ‘Andy’ Anderson, IGH Secretary Ill. John R. Goodwin Treasurer Bro. Franklin D. Peters, KCCH

Almoner Masters of the Four Bodies Ill. Franklin A. Bonnewell, IGH

Venerable Master Bro. Jeffrey Flowers, 32° Wise Master Ill. Klaus-Otto Schumann, IGH Commander

Greetings from Portsmouth We had a very good year and continued to prosper in the Valley. We continually maintain our support for the Old Dominion Childhood Clinic which is our main charity to support and we believe we did well in that area again. We will hold our elections and installation of new officers on January 8, 2007 and look for exciting thing to occur with this talented corps of officers. Our Spring Reunion is planned for May 5th and 6th, but these dates have not been confirmed as of this time. We held a piano concerto fund raiser recently that was well received and we are thinking of possibly doing this again in 2007. Plans are also currently being organized for continuing our annual Bluegrass Festival in April or May, but again the dates have not yet been confirmed.

Bro. Charles J. Whitmore, KCCH

Master of Kadosh Building Address: 3401 Cedar Lane P.O. Box 7276 Portsmouth, VA 23707 Office: 757.484.2930 Fax: 757.484.3020

Our Knights of Saint Andrew are still performing strongly within our Valley and we hope have been instrumental in helping to start Chapters in some of the other Valleys in the state. Our website is:


Office Hours

The Virginia Light—January 2007

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Valley of Richmond Stated Meetings on the 4th Monday @ 7:30PM Chartered October 1878 Ill. Aubrey L. Stratton, IGH Personal Representative of SGIG

Ill. Robert W. Carpenter, IGH

Secretary Ill. Mack T. Ruffin, III, IGH Treasurer Ill. Clarence E. Whitley, IGH Almoner Masters of the Four Bodies Bro. Bradford F. Burnett, KCCH

Venerable Master Bro. David E. Amstutz, KCCH Wise Master Bro. Claude A. Bass, Jr. Commander Ill. Malcolm R. Holley, Jr., IGH Master of Kadosh Building Address: 4204 Hermitage Road Richmond, VA Office: 804.264.2050 Fax: 804.261.0071 E-mail: Office Hours 9:00 A.M. – 3:30 P.M. on M-Th 9:00 A.M. – Noon on Fri Page 10

Greetings from Richmond

Fraternal and Seasons Greetings from the Valley of Richmond. The year 2006 is ending in grand style, and as we begin a new year in the Scottish Rite, many exciting things are planned. We believe we have a “first” for the Orient of Virginia. On December 18, our Secretary installed our Venerable Master as Worshipful Master of Meridian Lodge #284, which meets in our Temple. These two Brethren between them have performed sixteen Blue Lodge installations, many of them “Open Installations”. Our Secretary also has been very busy arranging and supervising many repairs and upgrades to our beautiful Temple. Included are handicapped restrooms, a handicapped access ramp under our canopy, a remodeled kitchen and some much-needed repairs to our roof and parking lot. We are so grateful to our skilled Brethren in various professions for their hard work and advice. Also, we applaud our Trustees for their excellent management of our funds. Our election of officers will be at the January 22 Stated, and our Open Installation of Officers will be on Sunday, February 4, at 2:00 p.m. in the Temple auditorium. Brethren, ladies, family and friends are cordially invited to attend. Our Scottish Rite Woman’s Club will be providing their famous “spread” at a reception following the installation ceremony. They are known throughout our Valley for their expertise in their craft. The really big news for 2007 is our single Reunion in October. We will confer all but the 32nd. Degree in our Temple on Saturday, October 20th. Then, on the following Saturday, we will travel to the House of the Temple in Washington, DC, for the conferral of the final Degree. We understand that this has never before been done in the Southern Jurisdiction. Please watch this space or call our office for more details.

The Virginia Light—January 2007

Valley of Roanoke Stated Meetings on the 4th Monday @ 6:00 PM Chartered October 1911 Ill. Louis K. Campbell, IGH

Greetings from Roanoke

Personal Representative of SGIG

Ill. James C. Bay, IGH Secretary Bro. Charles H. Stowe, KCCH Treasurer Ill. Warren Cratch, IGH Almoner Masters of the Four Bodies Ill. David I. Bower, IGH Venerable Master Bro. William M. Keyser, KCCH

Wise Master Bro. Moody C. DeVaux, KCCH

At our December meeting, we enjoyed Christmas music performed by the "Thursday Morning Music Club." As always, we had refreshments at 6:00 P.M. for our children and ladies (who are always invited and encouraged to attend.) We usually have a thirty minute or less meeting, and then meet for dinner and a program with our children and ladies. In December, our meal was catered. Our Venerable Master had asked each of us to attend and enjoy the music, and each others company and companionship. At our January meeting, we will have a "pot luck" dinner. As of the submission date for this article, the January program has not been confirmed. During our February meeting we will elect and install our officers for 2007.

Commander Ill. Baldwin G. Locher, IGH Master of Kadosh Building Address: 622 Campbell Avenue S.W. Roanoke, VA 24016-3597 Office: 540.343.6666 Fax: 800.266.4990 E-mail:

Office Hours Monday thru Thursday 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

During December, the Valley donated the use of its building as a drop-off point and wrapping center for people to donate gifts to a group called "Be a Santa to a Senior." Last year, the group delivered 146,000 gifts to seniors in need throughout North America. Our membership was asked to donate their time to assist in wrapping the gifts, as this was an excellent opportunity to work with the community. Our Venerable Master asked that we use the holiday period this year to "reflect on our own life and what it means to us."

The Virginia Light—January 2007

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The Scottish Rite Childhood Language Center at Richmond, Inc. is a not-forprofit clinic, founded by the Richmond Scottish Rite Bodies in 1991. Our mission is to provide speech, language, fluency, voice, hearing and auditory processing disorder evaluations and treatment to children, with fees based on their families' ability to pay. The Center is open Monday through Friday 8:00AM- 5:00 PM. The Center makes up only 15 to 20 percent of its annual $250,000 operating budget from fees, said Page Taylor Hardage, Center Administrator. In addition to the Scottish Rite support, the Center receives donations from individuals, corporations, and organizations like the Rotary Club of Richmond, the Eastern Henrico Ruritan Club and foundations such as the Richard and Caroline T. Gwathmey Memorial Trust. The Center is not a United Way agency, but United Way donors can designate the Center to receive their pledges.

Some Questions and Answers about our Clinic 1. What do I do if I suspect my child has a speech or hearing problem? Contact a Speech-language Pathologist or an Audiologist to discuss scheduling a speech and/or hearing evaluation. 2. Will my insurance pay for an evaluation or therapy services? It depends largely on your insurance company, and on how your specific insurance policy is written. Your first step should be to contact your insurance carrier to determine if services are covered. If so, you may be required to go to a facility that they participate with. 3. What if my insurance carrier will not authorize treatment, or if I do not have insurance? The Scottish Rite Childhood Language Center at Richmond, Inc. provides services to children with fees based on their families’ ability to pay. If you would like to be considered for financial assistance, please contact the Center’s Administrative Assistant for more details. 4. Do I need to get a physician’s referral? Yes, every child treated at the Scottish Rite Childhood Language Center is required to have a physician’s referral or "doctors order" documenting medical necessity. This is required for all patients, regardless of method of payment for service. 5. How long does a speech or hearing evaluation last? Speech and Hearing Evaluations generally take 1-2 hours; Auditory Processing Disorder Evaluations often require multiple sessions of 3 or more hours. 6. What do I do if my child fails the evaluation? We will provide you with an evaluation report discussing your child’s strengths and weaknesses, make recommendations, and counsel you on the options available at our facility, and in our community. 7. How often will my child attend speech therapy, if it is needed? Children are typically scheduled for therapy one to two times a week for thirty minutes to an hour, depending on their needs and therapy availability. 8. How long will my child need to attend therapy? The amount of time a child attends speech therapy is dependent on many factors. These include the disorder being treated, severity of the problem, cognitive functioning, motivation, and parental involvement, among others. 9. Are your speech and hearing professionals licensed? Yes, our clinical staff members are required to have a Master Degree, ASHA Certification and hold a current license in the Commonwealth of Virginia. All have met national standards, and hold the Certificate of Clinical Competence. Page 12

The Virginia Light—January 2007

Brief History of the Formation of the Scottish Rite The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, as we know it today, had its origins on the continent of Europe. Its immediate predecessor, known as The Order of the Royal Secret, consisted of 25 Degrees under the Constitutions of 1762. Masonic tradition maintains that Lodges of this Rite, transmitted from Bordeaux in France through the West Indies to the American mainland, were established at New Orleans, Louisiana, in 1763; at Albany, New York, in 1767; at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1781 through 1782; and at Charleston, South Carolina, in 1783. The Grand Constitutions of 1786 provided for an extension of the Rite to thirty-three Degrees, governed in each country under a Supreme Council of the Thirty-third and Last Degree. Its provisions were cited in a Manifesto at Charleston that confirmed the first Supreme Council ever opened under these Grand Constitutions, on May 31, 1801, "by Brothers John Mitchell and Frederick Dalcho." All regular and recognized Supreme Councils and their Subordinate Bodies today are descended directly or collaterally from this Mother Supreme Council of the World. In announcing its establishment to the Masonic world in that Manifesto, dated December 4, 1802, the name was given as The Supreme Council of the Thirty-third Degree for the United States of America. The word Scotch appeared in connection with one of the early Supreme Council Degrees, and Scotish (sic) was included in the name of one of the detached Degrees conferred by The Supreme Council. The name Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite first appeared in an 1804 agreement between the Supreme Council of France and the Grand Orient of France. Beginning with the administration of Grand Commander Albert Pike in 1859, it came into general use in the Southern Jurisdiction and elsewhere. Many Scottish Masons fled to France during political upheavals in the 17th and 18th centuries, at a time when the Degrees of the Rite were evolving in French Freemasonry. This has caused some to think mistakenly that the Rite originated in Scotland. Actually, however, a Supreme Council for Scotland was not established until 1846. The Grand Constitutions of 1786, in the earliest known text in the possession of John Mitchell and Frederick Dalcho, provided for two Supreme Councils in the United States. The Supreme Council at Charleston sent one of its Active Members to New York and authorized him to establish in 1813, a Supreme Council for the Northern Jurisdiction of the United States of America. With this accomplished, The Supreme Council at Charleston in 1827 ceded to the Northern Supreme Council the 15 states north of the Ohio and east of the Mississippi Rivers. The Southern Supreme council retained jurisdiction over all other states and territories (at home and abroad) of the United States. The Supreme Council of the Southern Jurisdiction recognizes in its fraternal relations 40 Supreme Councils and some National Grand Lodges practicing the Rites that include the Scottish Rite, in different countries throughout the world. Each regular Supreme Council has declared its general adherence to those Grand Constitutions of 1762 and 1786, but each, being a sovereign Masonic Body, has made variations in its Statutes to meet its own particular needs. This is especially true as to the number of members composing a Supreme Council. Some have retained the original limitations of nine Active Members. In our Jurisdiction the number of Active Members is limited to 33. In other Jurisdictions larger or smaller limitations have been set. To maintain the spirit of international unity, the Mother Supreme Council participates in overseas conferences with other Supreme Councils.

The Virginia Light—January 2007

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Volume 1- Issue 1: January 2007  

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