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April - June 2014 Volume 2, Issue 2 Valley of Newport News, Orient of Virginia, AASR

Valley Personal Representative Message

Ill. Jack L. Smith, 33o IGH

Brethren, Brethren, by the time you receive this message I pray that we will be enjoying some spring weather. It has been a rather cold winter season. As I stated in my last quarterly newsletter comments, 2014 was going to be an active and prosperous year for your Valley and it is in progress Brethren. We ended 2013 slightly in the black financially and we are working under a balanced budget for 2014 with special emphasis on fund raising for capital improvements. Our Restoration Committee continues to solicit fund raising suggestions and ideas. Please give Bro. Paul E. Lubic, Jr. a call with your ideas and suggestions. We are currently under contract with a Planner & Coordinator to rent our facility out for special occasions such as, Wedding Receptions, Retirement Parties, Police Academy Graduations, etc. A special thanks to the Knights Commander of Saint Andrew for stepping up in support and oversight of our facility during such times. Our community, 3rd Friday of every month, spaghetti fund raising dinner is doing well and I invite all who have and have not attended this event to come out and enjoy the fellowship and good food. Proceeds go directly to our Restoration Fund. I am pleased to report that our March Conference workshop in Richmond was a total success with a large number of Brethren carpooling from Newport News to Richmond to attend this event. As always, we enjoyed the fellowship, and excellent speakers provided for all attendees. We have a joint Reunion, with the Valley of Portsmouth, scheduled for the last of April. Fees have been reduced. If you or your Lodge has a prospective candidate, please solicit their membership in Scottish Rite Freemasonry. Finally Brethren, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Bro. J. Richard Rawls for his dedicated service to Freemasonry in general and the Newport News Scottish Rite in particular. Thanks to all my Brethren for your support and confidence. God Bless each of you. Sincerely & Fraternally Jack

12th Annual Ill. William M. Johnson, 33o Memorial Golf Tournament

June 12, 2014

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Valley of Newport News Ill. James D. Cole, 33º

Upcoming Activities

Sovereign Grand Inspector General of Virginia

April 4-5 - Valley of Norfolk Spring Reunion

Ill. Jack L. Smith, IGH

April 11-12 - Scottish Rite South Eastern Conference, Williamsburg VA.

Personal Representative of the SGIG in Virginia

Ill. Adrian L. “Pete” Eure, IGH Secretary for the Valley of Newport News

Bro. Paul E. Lubic, Jr., 32º Assist. Secretary for Valley of Newport News

Ill. Gerald E. Burks, IGH Treasurer for the Valley of Newport News

Bro. Harold C. Joyner, KCCH Almoner for the Valley of Newport News

Ill. James E. Lassiter, IGH Chairman of the Trustees

Newport News Lodge of Perfection Bro. Harris T. Luscomb, III, KCCH Venerable Master

Newport News Chapter of Rose Croix Bro. Gerald L. Frey, KCCH

April 18 - Valley of Newport News Friday Night Dinner 5:00pm - 7:00pm April 23 - Valley of Newport News Scottish Rite Stated Meeting 7:30pm (Dinner @6:30pm) April 25-26 - Joint Spring Reunion (Valley of Newport News/Valley of Portsmouth) May 16 - Valley of Newport News Friday Night Dinner 5:00pm - 7:00pm May 27 - Knights of St. Andrew Stated Meeting 7:00pm May 28 - Valley of Newport News Scottish Rite Stated Meeting 7:30pm (Dinner @6:30pm)

Wise Master

June 20 - Valley of Newport News Friday Night Dinner 5:00pm - 7:00pm

Newport News Council of Kadosh Ill. Danny O. Belott, IGH

June 24 - Knights of St. Andrew Feast of the Battle of Bannockburn 6:00pm


Newport News Consistory Bro. E. Keith Winder, KCCH

June 25 - Valley of Newport News Scottish Rite Stated Meeting 7:30pm (Dinner @6:30pm)

Master of Kadosh

Knights of St. Andrew Bro. Joseph D. Myers, 32º

Spring Has Sprung !

Venerable Master

Chartered October 12, 1912 Our stated meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 7:30pm. A deliciously prepared Dutch Treat dinner is served at 6:30pm prior to all meetings w/e of July & August. The Ladies of the Scottish Rite meet at all meetings w/e of the July & August Stated meetings. Editor: Bro. J. Richard Rawls, KCCH Asst. Ed.: Ill. David A. Burkus, IGH Offices: 65 Saunders Rd. Newport News, VA 23601 Phone: 757 599 6617 Fax: 757 599 0021 Email:

Please support your Blue Lodge, your Scottish Rite and all other Masonic Bodies you are a member of. They all need your support.

Valley of Newport News: Orient of Virginia: Inside this Issue Page 1 - Personal Representative Page 2 - Upcoming Activities Page 3 -“From the Secretary”; Membership Committee Page 4 - Knights of St. Andrew; Golf Committee Page 5 - 7 - Annual Golf Tournament Information

Page 3 From the Secretary’s Desk

Ill. Adrian L. Eure, IGH

This is April already and we are getting ready for the Spring Reunion. It will be held in the Portsmouth Scottish Rite Masonic Center. The dates will be April 25th and 26th, 2014. The Director of Work, Brother Harris Luscomb III, KCCH, is working with Portsmouth and will have the schedule soon. As of this date, we have two (2) candidates and a promise for four (4) additional candidates. If you know of a Mason who would like to enrich his Masonic knowledge, give him a petition to the Scottish Rite. He must be a Mason in good standing in his Blue Lodge and a resident of Virginia for six (6) months. Come by this office and pick up a petition. I would like to thank all the members who have submitted their dues for 2014. Please look at your dues card and make sure it says 2014 (it is a plastic card, now!). If you are more than two (2) years in arrears of your dues, you are subject to suspension. If you have any idea of giving up your membership, please use the proper way of leaving the Scottish Rite, in good standing. Pay up your dues and request a demit, this way if you ever desire to renew your membership, you will be in good standing. Remember, this office is here to help our members and their families. Please call this office if you have any questions concerning the Scottish Rite in general and the Newport News Scottish Rite in particular. Hope to see you at our meetings – April 23rd ,May 28th and June 25th. Dinner at 6:30pm and meeting at 7:30pm. All Dinners are $7.00 per person. God Bless !! See you at our next Stated Meeting. Ill. Adrian “Pete” Eure, IGH Secretary

Membership Committee Chairman

Joseph D. Myers, 32o

I hope all are doing fine and looking forward to the warmth of spring. Spring is about growth and rejuvenation. I am happy to pass that recently, our Newport News Valley has displayed a growth in membership. The boost in membership was a direct result of our Valleys members' reaching out to Brethren, and encouraging them to join our Scottish Rite family. Continued growth takes steady commitment and drive, thus resulting in long range benefits for our Valley. The Spring Reunion is not far away; and looking down range to the foreseeable future, the Fall Reunion will also be upon us before we know it. We solicit the support of each Valley member to draw in new prospective members to make these Reunions a success. The more active voices we have, the more interest is gained. We need your energy to impact membership growth. As a means to increase our Newport News Valley "voice", we ask that you consider augmenting this recruitment campaign by assisting your Blue Lodge Scottish Rite Ambassador (strengthening the program through team effort). A list of Lodge Ambassadors can be found at our Newport News Valley web site (below). "Life is an echo; what you send out, comes back; what you sow, you reap; what you give, you get back in return; what you see in others, exists in you"... Lastly, please consider participating in one of our Valleys numerous committees; we welcome your ideas and interaction. A list of committees can be found on our Newport News Valley web site: Fraternally Joseph D. Myers, Chairman, Membership Committee

Freemason Network: Update your Scottish Rite Information: Pay your dues online:

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Knights of St. Andrew

Joseph D. Myers, 32o, Venerable Master

In the 29th Degree we are reminded that “virtue” is an armor that we cannot lose, unless we do false to ourselves... Virtue emphasizes the role of one's character and ethical behavior. As Freemasons, we understand what it means to display sound moral character, it comes natural to us, it is what we are about. How we arrive at that point where we display good character is left to the individual. The manner in which each person applies generosity can have a lasting impact. Occasionally we should ask ourselves, "Have I impacted someone lately"? And if so, how, and on what level? Was the act genuine? This impact may have been displayed by a simple hand shake or assisting in the kitchen prior to our monthly Valley's Stated Meeting; imagine how a simple phone call to the Masonic Home of Virginia can make the day of one of the residents. Making the decision to assist with the Ill. William M. Johnson 33 o Memorial Golf Tournament can profoundly impact the Scottish Rite Childhood Speech and Learning Center at Old Dominion University; the possibilities are endless. Our moral character is a product of our environment; we impact others not because we have to, but because we want to. The generous man will be prosperous, and he who waters will himself be watered (Proverbs 11:25)...

Fraternally Sir Knight Joseph D. Myers, Venerable Master

Golf Committee

Ill. James A. Freeman, 33o IGH

Brethren of the Valley of Newport News,

The 12th Annual Ill. William M. Johnson, 33o Memorial Golf Tournament will be held on Thursday June 12th. All of the information you may need for this tournament is included on the following pages of this newsletter. The Valley of Newport News Scottish Rite Golf Committee has been at work for many months in preparation for this event. Our Committee is small...we have lost key members of our Committee over the last year and this is an area that I would ask for your help. I asked for volunteers at our February Stated Meeting and only had a couple of Brethren offer their help. Brethren, this is a major fundraiser for the Valley to support our Childhood Speech and Learning Center at ODU. Please do what you can to offer your help with this worthy event. We also need help working the day of the tournament. Registration, “Mulligan” Sales, drink carts, hole-in-one observers and many other tasks need to be staffed. Naturally, we hope you will be able to either play or sponsor a hole, but we also need your help in conducting this tournament. Hopefully at this point, you have gotten my message that we need your help to make this tournament a success. Please mark the date of June 12th on your calendars and offer whatever help you can for this event. Did I mention we need your help….Please do your part as a Scottish Rite Mason and a member of the Valley of Newport News for this charitable event. Please take a look at the following pages for more information regarding our annual golf tournament. Fraternally, James A. Freeman, Golf Committee Chairman

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Thomas Troy Palmer 32o December 24, 2013

Ill. Carl William Gaborik 33o IGH January 6, 2014

Allan Randolph Hoffman, Jr. 32o February 9, 2014

Randolph Alexander Raines, 32o February 25, 2014

Our Departed Brethren Their spirit to God, their memory in our hearts.

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