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Ill. & Mt. Wor. James Bernard Wilkinson, 33°, G.C. The Richmond Valley is deeply saddened by the passing of Ill. and Mt. Wor. James Bernard Wilkinson, 33°, G.C., on January 26, 2011. We extend our deepest and sincere sympathies to his devoted wife, Barbara, and to the rest of his extended family. We must not, however, dwell upon his loss to the Craft, but recall and remember his many accomplishments in Freemasonry that will live forever in the hearts and minds of Masons in many Grand Jurisdictions. He served Freemasonry for over 60 years in many capacities: Worshipful Master of Lodge of Strict Observance No. 207, Masonic District No. 15A’s District Deputy Grand Master, and Grand Master of Masons in Virginia in 1996 spreading his theme of “God, Country, and Brotherhood.” Ill. Wilkinson was very active in many appendant bodies of Freemasonry, but none held a more prominent place in his heart then the Scottish Rite and the Childhood Language Center. He joined the Scottish Rite in 1947, received the rank and decoration of Knight Commander of the Court of Honour in 1971, coroneted a 33° Inspector General Honorary in 1985, and was singularly honored in 2001 with the investiture of Grand Cross. Intimately involved with the building of our Childhood Language Center, Ill. Wilkinson devoted many hours to the operation and growth of the Center. His contributions are known throughout the Southern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite as a labor of love, and he was serving as the President of the Board of Directors at the time of his passing. Ill. James B. Wilkinson will forever be remembered for his good works for Masonry and the “children”. We are all better men and women for having known this exceptional Mason – a “giant among men.” Memorials in his name may be sent to the Scottish Rite Childhood Language Center, 4202 Hermitage Road, Richmond, VA 23227.

I am Good With the Lord

The Virginia Light© Published quarterly for the Brethren of Virginia

On a blustery Monday, my day was brightened in the most surprising manner. That day, I raced across Virginia, reminded by repeated cell phone calls from concerned Brethren that I needed to expedite my trip. You see, my good friend, Illustrious and Most Worshipful James B. Wilkinson, 33°, G.C., was, according to his doctors, nearing the end of his well-spent life. Make haste, I was told. Having only returned from a week’s vacation the night before, I had arrived home to find numerous messages from “The Judge’s” many friends and admirers, advising me of the urgency of the situation. Yet, after hurrying into his home and being brought to his bedside, I was immediately placed at ease by the smile on my Brother’s face. He said, “Bless you Jim for coming to see me, you really shouldn’t have!” He then said something so wonderful…

Ill. Ronald A. Seale, 33° Sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council, 33°, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, SJ, USA

“You know, Jim, the doctors have sort of given me the FINAL verdict, but that is OK, because “I am Good with the Lord.” I have no regrets and I am ready to see Him. And you know what I am going to say when I get to those pearly gates? I am going to say, Lord, thank you for letting me get to see Jim Cole before I got here!”

Ill. James D. Cole, 33° Grand Treasurer General and Sovereign Grand Inspector General in Virginia of the Supreme Council, 33°, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, SJ, USA Ill. William L. Holliday, IGH Personal Representative to the SGIG in Virginia Ill. David A. Burkus, IGH Newsletter Editor Editorial Staff Ill. David C. Morris, IGH Ill. William A. Wells, IGH Ill. Orville L. Lindsey, IGH Bro. J. Richard Rawls, 32 Ill. T. Dudley Myers, IGH Ill. W. H. ‘Andy’ Anderson, IGH Ill. Robert W. Carpenter, IGH Bro. Paul D. Sleeper, KCCH


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In spite of facing death, my friend Jimmy tried to make me feel good about visiting him. He was always thinking about how his friends felt. Goodness knows, The Judge often had opinions, generally strongly stated and sometimes he and I just did not fully agree on a topic. But I know one thing, he never carried a disagreement outside of a conversation. By that, I mean that if in the past we ever did disagree, by the end of the conversation, the “disagreement” would always be over and we would always walk on down the path of life as friends and Brothers. But more importantly, I heard in Jimmy’s voice the words “I am Good with the Lord.” The minister at the funeral service later that week restated those very words. Clearly, Jimmy shared those words with everyone. This devout man had taught a Bible class for decades. He urged every person he sentenced as a Circuit Court Judge to “get right with his Maker.” He opened every session of his court with a prayer. I know of no man who loved his wife and family more, nor his country, nor his Fellow Man, nor his Fraternity, nor his God. As I watched, Jimmy leaned back on his pillow, smiled and chatted with me for half an hour. He complimented me, encouraged me, shared his feelings on many matters, Masonic, patriotic and religious. He never once showed any negative feelings nor expressed anything less than peaceful contentment.

(Continued Page 3) The Virginia Light—March 2011

Spring Workshop Richmond Scottish Rite Temple Saturday, March 26, 2011 8:30 A.M.

Coffee and Pastries in Dining Room

9:30 A.M.


Ill. Jack L. Smith, 33°, President


Conference Chaplain

Pledge of Allegiance Introduction of Conference Officers

Ill. Jack L. Smith, IGH

Introduction of Heads of Appendant Bodies & Grand Master of Masons in Virginia

Ill. James D. Cole, 33, SGIG

Introduction of Grand Lodge Officers & Past Grand Masters Mt. Wor. & Ill. John M. Chambliss, Jr., IGH Grand Master’s Remarks Report of Scottish Rite Foundation Using Strategic Planning in a Valley

Ill. Orville L. Lindsey, IGH Foundation President Ill. Edmund Cohen, IGH Alexandria Valley Personal Representative

A Financial and Program Report from the Richmond Clinic Bro. V. Stuart Cook, 32° Board Vice-President, Richmond Childhood Language Center Remarks of Sovereign Grand Inspector General

Ill. James D. Cole, 33SGIG

I am Good With the Lord (Continued from Page 2) In his presence, I was not sad, nor upset. I was comfortable and peaceful. As I left the building, I began to fight back tears, not for pain, but tears over the loss of my Friend and Mentor. After composing myself, I called my wife and when she asked how it went, I said “It was the most inspiring and encouraging half hour I can recall in my entire life.” You see, my Orient Representative Emeritus, a man who held many Masonic titles, offices and honors, a man who served his community and his Commonwealth, a Marine who defended his Country; even after all he did and achieved, Jimmy knew it boiled down to that simple phrase...“I am Good with the Lord.” So, we carry on, missing our Friend, but now we have the light of that realization to serve as an example to us … no matter what we try or fail to do in this world, in the end, may we all join our Brother and be able to say … “I am Good with the Lord.”

The Virginia Light—March 2011

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Alexandria Valley Awards Dinner Freemasonry is not about the buildings, but the Brethren and is not simply about doing the ritual, but about doing the right thing. Keeping both of these concepts in mind, the Alexandria Scottish Rite Valley hosted its first annual awards dinner on Friday, January 14, 2011 to say a well-deserved thank you to a few of the Brethren who are responsible for our successes. The selection by our Executive Council was particularly difficult, because so many have contributed so much. We appreciate and value the efforts of all of these Brethren not just for what they do for the Scottish Rite, for the Alexandria Valley, and for Freemasonry, but even more for the warmth and wisdom they bring to our lives. We presented awards for particularly meritorious long term service, for particularly notable work this year, and for Community Service. We also honored our new 50-year members. The 2010 awardees are: Certificate of Merit: Ill. Walter Scott Downs, 33°, GC, who gets our first Certificate of Merit for his sustained leadership of the Valley, serving as the Personal Representative and as the Secretary for so many years. He shepherded the Valley through good times and bad, and was responsible for putting in place the majority of the programs we enjoy and take for granted today. Ill. Norman L. Hoff, 33°, IGH, for his stewardship of the Education and Americanism Committee, and especially his many years of work on the ROTC/JROTC Program, the Outstanding Teacher Program, and much more. More recently for his stellar efforts to develop and implement an officers training program for the Valley that will be a model for the rest of the Orient and beyond. He also developed our Valley Procedures Manual to add transparency to, and understanding of, the workings of the Valley. Ill. William B. Malone, 33°, IGH, for his years of service to the Valley in preparing audits and for his magnificent portrayals in the Reunion degrees. Ill. Jack G. Canard, 33°, IGH, for his tireless work as the head of the stage crew for so many years at our Spring and Fall Reunions. He made it seem easy and effortless, although we all know it was neither. Certificate of Appreciation: Bro. Jim Hawkins, KCCH, for his work on the Alexandria Scottish Rite Bulletin. Each issue has been outstanding and we have received complements from so many of the Brethren, the Sovereign Grand Inspector General, and the Sovereign Grand Commander. Ill. Robert Watkins, 33°, IGH, for leading the strategic planning effort of this Valley. This was a very challenging task with both a short deadline and a requirement to gain broad concensus. This was accomplished and we are implementing our strategic plan. Ill. Dave Smith, 33°, IGH, for extraordinary behind the scenes work as Assistant Secretary, and for his initiative in designing and producing so many of our new products including our new Alexandria Scottish Rite stationery, 100th anniversary logo, Award Certificates, Certificates for outgoing heads of bodies, and a ladies pin and card. This year the Community Service Award Certificate will go to two distinguished public servants. Hon. Del Pepper, who for the past 24 years has served the people of Alexandria as a Member of the Council and also previously as Vice Mayor of the City of Alexandria. She has been a long time supporter of the programs of the Alexandria Scottish Rite. Hon. and Ill. John D. Jenkins, 33°, IGH, who since 1982 has served the people of Prince William County. He is the longest serving member of the Board of County Supervisors, and has been active in County and State planning and transportation issues. He also has been an exemplary member and active supporter of the Alexandria Scottish Rite and its charities. We expect a large crowd from the Valley as we honor the contributions of these outstanding awardees. The Brethren, their ladies, and guests will enjoy a good meal and a great speaker. It would be wonderful if Scottish Rite Masons from around the Orient would buy a ticket and attend this event.

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The Virginia Light—March 2011

The Scottish Rite Conference of Virginia By Bro. David E. Amstutz, KCCH and Ill. Steven A. Moss, 33°, IGH The Orient of Virginia has held annual Conferences for the past eighty-seven years; the most recent being hosted by Danville in September 2010. The Conferences are hosted in turn by the Valleys in Newport News, Lynchburg, Roanoke, Norfolk, Alexandria, Richmond, Portsmouth and Danville. The Valley of Portsmouth was welcomed to the Conference in 1954. Each of our eight Valleys has a Conference Vice-President. The office of Conference President is conferred on the Vice-President of the host Valley in the year preceding the Conference. Illustrious James D. Cole, 33°, SGIG in Virginia, serves as Honorary President, and Illustrious William F. Perdue, 33°, IGH, as Secretary-Treasurer of the Conference. At each Conference, instruction and guidance from the Supreme Council is provided by our SGIG. At last year’s Conference, Illustrious Hoyt Samples, 33°, SGIG in Tennessee, presented programs focused on ‘Mentoring – Turning Bystanders Into Members’ and on ‘The Masonic Cooperative Education Program – Bringing Light to Our Lodges’. The Grand Master of Masons in Virginia, Most Worshipful William E. Rorer, Jr., KCCH, also addressed the Conference and shared remarks concerning our duties as Masons, especially as they relate to one another. Each Conference VicePresident presents a report on their Valley’s activities during the previous twelve months, its membership, training programs, attendance, Reunion class sizes, objectives for the following year, and an overall assessment of the circumstances of their Valley. Special sessions are traditionally held for the Conference officers and for the eight Personal Representatives, Secretaries, and Treasurers of the Orient. Conference officers are formally elected and installed and a necrology service is held. During the evenings, several of the Valleys sponsor hospitality suites, and often one or more of the Valleys sponsor a hospitality breakfast. Approximately one percent of Scottish Rite Masons in the Orient and their ladies attend the annual Conferences. Banquets are held on two evenings and a ladies lunch or brunch is sponsored by the host Valley during the second day of the Conference. A golf tournament is sometimes held on the day preceding the Conference. The Virginia Scottish Rite Conference also holds an annual Spring Workshop. The Workshops are hosted by the centrally located Valley of Richmond and presided over by the Conference President for that particular year. The Workshops are one-day events and are focused on dispensing information from the Supreme Council, familiarization with new programs and the sharing of ideas and experience among the Bodies. The Grand Master of Masons in Virginia and his line honor the Workshop with their attendance, and senior staff members of the House of the Temple are often invited to describe their programs and activities. The Workshop is preceded by a light breakfast and lunch is served. Participants from across Virginia are able to attend this event without having to spend the night in Richmond. Image: Provided by Illustrious David H. Smith, 33o, IGH, Valley of Alexandria.

The Virginia Light—March 2011

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Fifth Degree Perfect Master By Ill. Jim Tresner, 33°, Grand Cross The symbolic reenactment of the funeral of Hiram the Builder forms the theme of the Fifth Degree. We are told of the legend that each year, on the anniversary of his burial, a worker was selected to represent the Grand Master Hiram, was briefly entombed and then brought forth, and was expected to live his life thereafter by the very highest standards of excellence of behavior. The crossed pillars on the Fifth Degree apron represent Jachin and Boaz, which Biblical literature informs us Hiram named and set up on the porch of the Temple. In addition to their traditional Masonic meanings, they here represent Hiram himself. Resting upon them is a cube, symbol of the finite universe. But here the cube also represents the temple of Solomon. Among its many meanings, the Temple is considered as a model or representation of the universe, of life, and of the spiritual life each man must build. Thus, the pillars represent Hiram, and the cube represents the work of God (the universe) and the work of Hiram (the Temple). Surrounding the cube are three circles in orange, blue, and red. The circle is, of course, one of the oldest symbols of God, and these three represent His Wisdom, Power, and Beneficence. They surround, enclose, and protect His creation and the creations of His creatures. The green border, lining, and flap of the apron, as well as the green cordon, represent spring or rebirth—the coming again of life after the death of winter. The compasses are open on a quadrant to 60° to represent the other ancient symbol of God, the equilateral triangle. Again the ceremony of the Degree centers around death, not as a negative or destroying force, but as the door through which we must pass to have eternal life. Thus, while the border of the apron of the Fourth Degree is black (representing sorrow, mourning, and death), this border represents moving past death into new life, rebirth, and joy. The Degree also reinforces the ancient Masonic obligation to see our Brethren decently interred. It may be difficult for us, today, to understand the importance our Brethren of the last century placed on decent Masonic interment. But in Pike’s day, the bodies of impoverished citizens were given the most callous and ghastly shallow burial in potter’s fields, which were often despoiled by thieves or unearthed by animals. In contemporary America, our duty to the dead consist more in seeing their unfinished work completed and their memories preserved. This is a good place to discuss the idea of Death, as presented in the Scottish Rite. Brethren sometimes remark that there is a great deal of death imagery in the Degrees, and they are correct. But the death imagery in the Rite is almost always an affirmation of life. It serves two functions. At one level, there is a deep fear of death in most people—an unreasonable fear, in the light of the teachings of religion, but a fear nonetheless. That fear pre-

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The Virginia Light—March 2011

Fifth Degree Perfect Master (Continued from Page 6) Vents many people from truly living. Using the same techniques of confrontation to be found in a modern clinic for the treatment of phobia, the Rite presents the image of death so that the fear can be overcome. More importantly, the Masonic Degrees carry on the tradition of the ancient mysteries that new, richer, and expanded life can come only from death of some sort. Thus in the three Blue Lodge Degrees, we have the death of the ego represented by the entrance of the Entered Apprentice into the Lodge (for one cannot be a Brother if he selfishly places himself first in all things). We have the death of the ego-intellect in the Fellow Craft Degree (for one cannot experience in tuition and insight if one is bound to their pre-conceived ideas and opinions). And in the Master Mason Degree, we have the death of the sense of apartness and individuality which keeps us from experiencing spiritual unity with our Brothers and with the Deity. Later, in the 14th Degree, Pike identifies the lessons of the 5th Degree as “Honesty, Sincerity, and good Faith.” There are two central points the candidate should understand from the 5th Degree. The first is honesty. But, for the Scottish Rite Mason, honesty is more than simply telling the truth. Honesty means that we do not mislead by innuendo nor slant information, truthful in itself, in such a way that people draw false conclusions. Honesty involves fulfilling commitments and doing what we have said we will do. It means looking out for the interests of the other person, not just for “Number 1.” And Pike also reminds us in this Degree of the great importance of work and of doing that work well. As its second point, the Degree teaches it is honorable to leave behind us tasks well and truly accomplished, just as it is shameful to leave nothing. We owe a debt to posterity; it is only in that way we can repay the debt we owe to our predecessors. And we owe a debt to others, to place their interests at least on a level with our own. Reprinted from Vested in Glory by Ill. Jim Tresner, 33°, Grand Cross and pictures by Bro. Robert H. White, 32°

Scheduled Valley Spring Reunions Alexandria Danville Lynchburg Newport News

April 9 and 16 April 16 April 30 April 15, 16 and 17

Norfolk Portsmouth Richmond Roanoke

March 18 and 19 April 30 April 16 April 30

The Virginia Light—March 2011

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The Virginia Light—March 2011

Valley of Alexandria

Valley of Lynchburg

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Masters of the Four Bodies

Masters of the Four Bodies

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Personal Representative of SGIG

Personal Representative of SGIG

Personal Representative of SGIG

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Ill. W.H. ‘Andy’ Anderson, IGH

Ill. Donnie E. Baines, IGH Treasurer

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Ill. Adrian “Pete” Eure, IGH Secretary Ill. Gerald E. Burks, IGH Treasurer Bro. Harold C. Joyner, KCCH Almoner

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Ill. Franklin D. Peters, IGH Almoner

Venerable Master

Masters of the Four Bodies

Masters of the Four Bodies

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Masters of the Four Bodies

Masters of the Four Bodies Ill. Malcolm R. Holley, Jr., IGH

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Editor’s comments: Well, we are in the fifth year of this newsletter and with the SGIG’s permission, we are going to have a contest to see who can design us a better front page banner. The one we are using is nice, but we would like to make it more professional looking and “jazz” this newsletter up a little. Submit your entries to me (email on front page) by the end of April and the winner’s banner will be used on the next issue and our SGIG, Ill. James D. Cole, 33°, will award the winner a copy of the Master Craftsmen Course #1 or #2 (if the winner has already taken #1). If the winner has already taken both courses, it will be given to somebody designated by the winner.

Fraternally, The Editor

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The Virginia Light—March 2011

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