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How to Choose Between Online Masters Degrees The right degree program is crucial to your success and it is important to understand exactly what will be expected of you before you begin. What is a master’s degree? This is awarded after completing a 1-3 year postgraduate course. If you plan to be a full time student, it can be completed in a year; however, if you will be required to write a thesis, this may take longer. The word master comes from the Latin word “magister”. This indicates that the person is an expert in the chosen field, through external research, extensive course work, thesis, scholarly program and a comprehensive exam. Why you should pursue an online masters degree. There are several reasons why people will choose to pursue a masters online, these include; • • • • •

Makes it easier to obtain employment Easier entry to the international job market Preparation for doctoral studies Facilitate a career change Personal development.

How to choose between online masters degrees There are a number of factors you should consider when deciding which of the online masters degree programs is suitable for you. 1.


Value of the degree

How does the program match up to your career, your earning potential, and your learning goals? 1.


What are your career plans

Where or what do you hope to achieve with the degree? Are you hoping to change jobs, or if your intention to be a leader in your chosen field of study? 1.


Career flexibility.

What sort of prospects does the degree offer you? Would you like to be a teacher or is your goal in corporate management? Is the field of study in demand in your area? If not, are you willing to relocate? 1.


What is your interest in specialization?

Are you just looking to have a better understanding of a certain field or do you have an idea which you need some guidance to implement? 1.


Financial capabilities

How capable are you to handle the financial load. Will you require a scholarship? 1.


Financial goal.

What do you hope to earn after completing the degree. Is the cost worth the eventual payoff? 1.


Amount of time you have available.

Can you do the course work on a full time basis, or will it be part time? Online masters programs allow you to move at your own pace. 1.


What are the admission requirements

Do you qualify for the program you intend to join? After you have figured all the above out, it is now time to make your decision, • • •

Review the school/program website to give you an idea of the course schedule, curriculum, goals and objectives of the program Read all material available. If possible, talk to the alumni and present students and find out firsthand what it’s like.

It is important to determine your goals and find out what works for you then go ahead and achieve them.

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A benefit of online masters degrees is you cut down on your educational expenses. Not only is it cheaper to get a masters online, you also g...

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