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A-060 imprint copper, 1-282 henna copper

1-796 melton wool mustard

1-794 wool viscose gauze taupe

1-796 washed wool linen taupe, 1-656b wool metal taupe, 1-797 wool metal taupe

1-794 ribbed wool black

1-656b wool metal blue, 1-797 wool metal blue

A-060 map fuschia





e A-060 multi-stripe sienna, 1-282 bear darkbrown, 1-796 washed wool linen taupe

1-794  pullover shirt  $295 wool metal taupe wool metal blue ribbed wool black wool viscose gauze taupe

1-656b  frida top  $195 wool metal taupe wool metal blue

1-793  long vest  $415 washed wool linen taupe

1-796  hooded jacket  $495 washed wool linen taupe melton wool mustard

1-797  lola skirt  $235 wool metal taupe wool metal blue

1-798  cropped pant  $235 ribbed wool black

fingerless gloves  $150 oatmeal/rose oatmeal/red oatmeal/jade oatmeal/violet

opposite page, top to bottom:  a 1-793 washed wool linen taupe;  b 1-656b wool metal taupe, 1-797 wool metal taupe;  c A-060 henna black, 1-798 ribbed wool black;  d 1-794 wool metal taupe; e 1-794 wool metal blue, 1-797 wool metal blue.

1-281  chain stitched pouches  100% wool,  11” x 8.5 ”  $98

BEAR  midnight blue,  orange

SNOWSHOE  dark brown,  sea blue

HENNA  sea blue,  wine

TOKYO  wine,  lime

1-282  chain stitched tote bags  100% wool,  leather trim,   22.5” x 19”  $350

BEAR  midnight blue,  dark brown

SNOWSHOE  sea blue,  wine

HENNA  copper,  black

TOKYO  wine,  lime

h-038  chain stitched iphone sleeves  100% wool,  leather interior  $35

CAMEL  dark brown,  beet,  olive

DUCKS  copper,  warm grey,  navy

TURTLES  olive,  aegean blue,  mocha

a-060  lightweight gauze shawls  100% merino wool from Kashmir  $195

BEAR  dark brown,  pool blue,  plum

MULTI-STRIPE  sienna,  grey,  kelly green

HENNA  black,  copper,  tea

IMPRINT  copper,  dark green,  charcoal

MAP  fuschia,  pool blue,  taupe

SNOWSHOE  ink blue,  grey,   wine,  black

showroom  us The Aubrey Company 80 West 40th St, 8th Fl New York, NY  10018 T:  212  302  9399 showroom  canada Boloten Sales 555 Richmond St West, Suite 626 Toronto, ON  M5V 3B1 T:  416  595  6262 studio and head office Virginia Johnson 132 Ossington Ave Toronto, ON  M6J 2Z5 T:  416  516  3366

connect with us blog twitter @virginiajdesign

delivery and cancellation delivery:  August 1-30 cancellation:  September 15

virginia johnson fall 2011 lookbook  

our fall 2011 collection. not all styles and prints are available at every location. available in store and online mid-august.

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