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Welcome from Owner, Tiffany Shank

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Meet the Doulass


HELLO & WELCOME Our agency proudly serves Northern Virginia, Leesburg, Winchester, Warrenton, and the Shenandoah Valley with professional, compassionate support. What a journey ahead, nothing is quite like it. In these early days you are taking steps to ensure that you have the best support for your pregnancy, birth and parenting experiences. We proudly support families from preconception to pregnancy to parenting compassionately, without bias or judgement. We proudly bring the feel of Virginia spirit and comfort to you as you navigate pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting. We proudly offer support that enables you to feel in control, excited, supported, and at ease with our expertise and knowledge of pregnancy and parenting. Our Doulas are exceptionally trained and continue to stay up to date with trainings and certifications that ensure the best care for you, possible. Our agency has values of accountability, commitment, excellence, growth, attentive, and calm support to every family we serve.  Tiffany has spent almost a decade building professional relationships in the Virginia area as a Doula and business owner ensuring that her team brings the best to you and your family. 


"I honestly don't know how I could have gotten through with out them. They were so professional, caring and really listened to our needs and struggles. During labor the support was fantastic and they were very hands on, they even made sure that by birth plan was followed as much as possible. I don't know how I would have made it with out their support!"

Pregnancy and birth have so many unknowns that you have to navigate, but the invaluable support, assurance, guidance and comfort your doula will provide for you and your partner makes your experience unforgettable! Imagine having your questions answered, your needs met, you and your partner comfortable, relaxed and at ease as your baby makes it's grand entrance! The birth of your baby will be life-changing! Be empowered as you make the choices that align with your birth and parenting philosophies, and of course your Doulas will be a source of validation or resources for you. What does a team of two mean? It means, you will never end up with a random back up Doula that you have not spent time building a relationship with. You have two amazing resources to work with.


LABOR SUPPORT INCLUDES: A complimentary consultation to connect with your perfectly matched team 24/7 on-call access to your team from contract signing A prenatal visit around 36 weeks to chat about birth options, staying comfortable in labor and what to do when labor arrives Hands on labor support when you want it in labor until baby arrives Immediate postpartum support to help with breastfeeding and settling in Two postpartum follow up visits with your doulas Nonjudgemental, experienced support every step of the way



POSTPARTUM & NEWBORN CARE There is no one way to do this parenting thing, but there are so many opinions and options out there! We get it- it's overwhelming- but we are here to help you THRIVE through parenting.  The expertise, peace of mind and calm that comes with one of our Postpartum Doula experts by your side is irreplaceable. All of your questions - answered. All of your worries - navigated with someone who will help you decide what will work best for you and your family. Day shifts of five hours give you time to navigate breastfeeding, systems for baby, sleep, planning, preparing to return to work, recovery from birth, and of course newborn care basics. Many of VIFD families desire overnight support so that the whole house can wake rested and ready to navigate the day. Whatever your needs, big or small, we are ready to support you!

ACHIEVE YOUR VISION Our newborn care expertise include: Preparation for baby's arrival Family adjustment Breastfeeding support Breast milk pumping and storage support Bottle feeding support & education Sibling support & adjustment Newborn care education Postpartum emotional support Meal Preparation & light housework Multiples support & high needs support

" Hus bands , if you are que s t ioning whet her you s hould hire Virginia is for Doulas , HIRE THE M. E s pec ially if t his is your firs t c hild, you have no idea what you're in for, and t hes e pe ople have t he knowledge and e xpe rie nc e t o get your family bac k on t rac k ( and get you and t he wife s ome muc h-nee de d res t ) during t hos e firs t c rit ic al we eks .   They have all be en c ons ummat e profes s ionals and I would be happy t o hire t hem again. Bonus :  t hey're inc redibly nic e and s upport ive,  a huge benefit eve n when family is around t o help you, be c aus e t he doulas are your advoc at e only."

PLACENTA ENCAPSULATION Once you determine that working with Virginia is for Doulas for your placenta encapsulation is right for you, you will schedule a call to discuss protocols and what to expect! We will chat about the transportation kit, hospital guidelines for placenta release, handling and care, use and storage and more! You will have all of your questions answered before your baby arrives!

"I recommend placenta encapsulation to everyone I know now. Well, every pregnant woman. I am prone to depression and anxiety, and the baby blues hit me hard after birth. Despite all of that taking a toll on me, I started taking my placenta pills and by the next day I was feeling like my normal self again. No more sadness or numbness and my interest in my baby returned. I can't speak highly enough about Tiffany and her help during this time." We prioritize safety, your blood-borne pathogens certified, skilled placenta specialist will schedule Day 1 of the process at a convenient time for you. We prioritize safety by encapsulating in your home. This allows you to be sure that processing is done with care, professionalism and that it is in fact, your placenta and you are not exposed to bacteria from an outside environment that may interferer with your recovery.

CHILDBIRTH EDUCATION A Take a day to learn and grow with your partner! Walk away ready to deliver your baby feeling in charge, confident, armed with a plan and security. Feel empowered and understood. Feel ready to support your partner through different scenarios and situations. Childbirth Education is the easiest way to prepare for delivery in a way that fits your needs. There is nothing better than a day with our Certified CBE, learning in a comfortable, private environment to allow you and your partner to ask all the questions you have and learn what is relevant to you!   


SIBLING DOULA SUPPORT Sibling Doulas provide personalized support for your older kiddos who you may or may not want to attend the birth of their sibling! Sibling Doulas are compassionate Birth and Postpartum Doulas who help their client (your kiddos) express their feelings, emotions, excitements prior to and during your birth. Your kiddos will have all of their emotional and physical needs met, they will have unique support from someone who understands birth and the transition that happens. You want to be able to focus on laboring while also knowing that your older children are well cared for. You want your partner to be able to focus on you and not feel at ease knowing the kiddos are happy and content. Allow our Sibling Doulas to bring this peace of mind to your birth! Keep in mind that a Sibling Doula does NOT replace the need for a Labor Support Doula during your birth. A Sibling Doula will be on call from contract signing up until 5 hours after the birth of their sibling! Would you like to know more? Contact us to find out more!

SLEEP COACHING You need sleep, your baby needs sleep and no one is getting it. We can help! Imagine waking up refreshed after a full 10-12 hours of rest, your baby slept peacefully through the night. Imagine that your baby knew how to fall asleep on their own, or anyone could put her down to sleep or you could have an evening free to go out, or just relax and digest your day. Imagine achieving that with our help! As is our custom, this service is unlike any other you'll find. It is not reading a book and trying to figure out how to implement it yourself , it is not friends telling you what worked for their baby. This is worlds different. We stay with you, through the process, in your home and help you sleep train your baby in 72 hours or less. After that you still have access to your sleep coach for four weeks after to help you navigate things that come up and ensure you stick to the routine. What you get is peaceful nights, confidence and peace of mind that you and your baby are well rested and ready for the day, every day! What do we do? We consider so many things, like your baby's age, personality, needs, current habits, and your family's life style to help her sleep through the night. We will be there, in the middle of the night during this process, every step of the way. If you would like to learn more, schedule a call with Tiffany to talk about your unique family's needs.   

HOW WE GIVE BACK! The Virginia Birth Expo brings

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resources for expecting and new

opportunities to purchase items,

families in Virginia!

raffle tickets, and services that are invaluable to growing families!

The purpose of this expo is to bring expert resources and

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April 8, 2018, Fishersville, August

times and details at our website:Â

18, 2018, Winchester September

15, 2018.Â


MEET OUR DOULAS Meet the exceptional, qualified, compassionate team that is ready to serve your family!

Our Doulas follow our Standards of Professionalism, our values of accountability, commitment, excellence, growth, attentive, and calm support to every family they serve. Our Doulas come from various training and experience backgrounds and continue to strive towards expanded education to give families the best support!

Why Teams? For many years, many of us practiced solo. We found that calling in a back up, missing births or going to too many births in a row caused us to be exhausted, limited the families we could serve, and created unmet expectations. Virginia is for Doulas is an agency model that allows families to know their entire team, know the doula at their birth, trust that doula. Additionally, our Doulas are able to support families refreshed and with shared knowledge.

"I used the VIFD doulas mainly to get a break from the baby, and for advice/support on various new-baby things (getting on a schedule, diaper rash, soothing, nursing, etc) It was great to have an experienced person to run things by, even though I'm a second-timer." ~SARAH N.

My interest in birth work came to be after attending her friends birth in 2014. After my own empowering hospital birth, I knew my calling was to become a Labor Doula and is passionate about all things baby, and birth! One of my passions is non-judgemental support for all families and births.

Labor Doula Postpartum Doula Childbirth Educator Birth & Newborn Photographer

I am so excited to serve you and your growing family through birth and postpartum support! I am passionate about massage and birth support. I have been working with families for several years and cannot wait to meet you!

Labor Doula Massage Therapist

Hi! With 10 years and over 280 births attended my passion has landed on building the agency and supporting more families than I could have done alone. I focus on  VBAC, Cesarean Birth, and first time parents! I love this work and look forward to the chance to work with you as you prepare and transition.

Labor Doula Postpartum Doula Childbirth Educator Placenta Encapsulator Sleep Coach I have spent much of my life drawn by a calling to help women give birth. My own births influenced me on my journey to becoming a Doula. I want to impart all of my clients with an empowering understanding of their birthing abilities while I support them and their partners in birth. I have been working with families for several year and could not imagine a better career.

Labor Doula Childbirth Educator

Here we are! My name is Jocelyn and I have been supporting pregnant families for almost a decade and it is a passion I was born with. I enjoy supporting all families with many different goals and enjoy supporting VBAC clients.

Labor Doula Placenta Encapsulator

I'm Sarah and I began working with women and families after obtaining my degree in Ministry to Women. I am looking forward to working with you and your partner on your way to parenthood.

Labor Doula


You've received this informational packet to learn a little more about us before your complimentary consultation with your Doula team. After your initial contact, you will have spent time chatting with Tiffany about our needs and ending the call with a scheduled consultation with your doula team! During your consultation you can spend time connecting with your Doula team and talk about your pregnancy, your birth goals, your postpartum plan, infant care and more. Share with them your vision, goals, excitements, and concerns, if you have any. Your team will share with you what it will be like to have them support you and your partner through the birth of your baby, your postpartum transition, and navigating parenting. For Birth Doula Support, your team will be on call for you and support you through delivery. For Postpartum Family Doula Support, you can talk about your initial needs for postpartum, getting your baby to sleep with their support and recovering and thriving as a new family. If you have questions about additional services, ask away! Your team cannot wait to meet you!




PACKAGES & PRICES BIRTH DOULA SUPPORT PACKAGE Before baby's arrival -Labor Doula Support Reliability: continuous, accessible support from your team of doulas 24/7 the rest of your pregnancy. Give them a call or email when you have questions, concerns, when you need to vent, or just need a resource Birth planning that is personalized with your team based on your wishes, involvement of your partner, all in the comfort of your own home during your prenatal visit Guidance: judgement-free guidance that is calm, knowledgeable and tailored to your needs throughout your labor, birth and those immediate postpartum minutes Respectful and collaborative relationships with your provider

After baby's arrival Assurance: support for new parents with systems, confidence building, breastfeeding support Guidance & Support: 2 postpartum follow up visits, one each by your doulas Reliability: unlimited email support between your doula's visits up to 4 weeks postpartum

Investment: $Â 1,350 GOLD PACKAGE You want everything that the Labor Support Package has to offer, but you want to prepare for your birth the way you want and have personal guidance, and support for your birth? Perfect! This package is great for those looking for support that will listen to your wishes and plans and guide you through it all. This package includes a private Childbirth Education Class and Labor Doula Support with your doula team.

Investment: $Â 1,500


BIRTH PHOTOGRAPHY PACKAGE Capture those beautiful moments of your labor, your baby's arrival and the moments that you and your partner welcome your new addition(s). Birth Photography is done by the amazing Kent's Photography who is an amazing part of our team. Birth Photography includes time to talk to the photography team about your specific desires, it includes photography from active labor to 1-2 hours after birth, digital files and edited images.

Investment: $ 2,400

See our solo services below that can be fabulous additions to your Labor Support.

SOLO SERVICES Sibling Doula Support............................................ $850 Childbirth Education Class.................................... $200 (private) Childbirth Education Class.................................... $150 (group) Placenta Encapsulation.......................................... $325 Hourly Postpartum Support................................... $30/hr 0-99 hours Hourly Postpartum Support................................... $25/hr 100+ hours Sleep Coaching........................................................ $1,550 (48 hr) Sleep Coaching........................................................ $2,550 (72 hr) 23

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