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Erasmus Policy Statement (Overall Strategy) D. Erasmus Policy Statement (Overall Strategy) The Institution agrees to publish this overall strategy (all three parts) on its website within one month after the signature of the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education by the European Commission. ~ Please describe your institution's international (EU and non-EU) strategy. In your description please explain a) how you choose your partners, b) in which geographical area(s) and e) the most important objectives and target groups of your mobility activities (with regard to staff and students in first, second and third cycles, including study and training, and short cycles). If applicable, also explain how your institution participates in the development of double/multiple/joint degrees. (max. 5000 characters) Oriqinal lanquaoe [EN] - Company agreements: We have chosen companies in the field of Catering, Hospitality and Tourism Industry. We currently have agreements with different hotels in Bruges, Brussels, Copenhagen, different cities in the UK (such as Stratford-uponAvon, Torquay and Bath) and Paris. We also have partners in two restaurants in London and a travel agency in lstanbul, - Bilateral agreements with other Higher Education Institutions: We have one bilateral agreement with LYCÉE DES MÉTIERS DE L'HÓTELLERIE El DU TOURISME ALEXANDRE DUMAS in Strasbourg, France, and COLEG LLANDRILLO CYMRU in North Wales, UK. Our geographical areas tend to cover the requirements of our students, who study both French and English, and that is why we mainly have agreements with companies and institutions in French-speaking countries (e.g. France, Belgium) and in English-speaking countries (e.g. the UK), but we are also cooperating with other LLP countries (e.g. Denmark, Turkey) where we consider our students and staff can practise not only a foreign language but also know other working I internship methods as well as learning a bit of the language where they are carrying out their mobility. Our policy is open to set up agreements with any Higher Education Institution that offers studies in the field of Catering, Hospitality and Tourism Industry and with enterprises in this same field. The main aim of Vocational and Educational training is to qualify future professionals so although we are interested in covering all mobility types, our main attention is focussed on students'mobilities

as we really think they can contribute to

their eventual professional proiection.

If applicable, please describe your institution's strategy for the organisation and implementation of international (EU and non-EU) cooperation projects in teaching and training in relation to projects implemented under the Programme. (max. 2000 characters) Orlolnal lanouace [EN] Our ínstltutlon's strategy for the organisation and implementation of cooperation projects in teaching and training under the Erasmus Programme is based on the following aims: - To make our students, teachers and staff community aware of the importance of the European dimension, having not only the opportunity to receive tuition and training abroad, but also learning other languages. We firmly consider that the more competent we are in commanding foreign languages and their corresponding socio-cultural aspects, the more chances we will have to be successful in future educational and professional projections. - To encourage the exchange, cooperation and mobility between education systems in Europe, breaking the barriers that traditionally surrounded Higher Education Institutions. - To increase the transparency between high-Ievel qualifications and vocational studies, all of them considered Higher Education, supporting the development of syllabi and teaching methods, being innovative and using Information and Communication Technologies. - To pro mote the cooperation with the business community, offering a combination of capacities and competences in the labour market. - To facilitate the development of innovative training in high-Ievel education. - To keep the quality standard acquired after being awarded more than 300 point EFQM excellence stamp in 2012. - To comply with non-discrimination objectives, being in favour of social cohesion, intercultural dialogue and equality between men and women and creating an atmosphere based on human rights, respect and tolerance. - To contribute to make European high-degree education to be more visible and appealing in the world.

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Please explain the expected impact of your participation in the Programme on the modernisation of your institution (for each of the 5 priorities of the Modernisation Agenda*) in terms of the policy objectives you intend to achieve. (max. 3000 characters) Oriainal lanauaae [ENl The expected impact of our participation in the Programme regarding the modernisation of our institution is intended to: 1.- Increase educational and professionallevel

in our students, teachers and staff community, keeping our participation in

international cooperation projects, based on the creation of capacities and competences between higher education institutions. 2 - Improve the quality and relevance of higher education. 3.- Strengthen quality through mobility and international cooperation. 4 - Be a referent for our local community and future students, keeping our agreements with companies within the field of Catering, Tourism and Hospitality Industry and, therefore, establishing a link between higher education and business for excellence and regional development. 5 - Improve governance and funding in order to allow mobility opportunities to all members of our college community. The aforementioned premises contribute to support the internationalization of higher education in order to achieve the Agenda for the Modernisation of Higher Education Systems in Europe and promote cross-curricular cooperation with other educational sectors.

* COM (2011) 567 (

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