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Gene Jones


Gene T. Jones ll 4647 3rd St. S., Arlington, VA

EDUCATION Bachelor of Science | The University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA August 2016 - Present Major: Architecture, GPA 3.2 571-218-5590

OBJECTIVE To obtain a summer internship that will allow me the opportunity to gain general knowledge and technical skills in architecture, while exposing me to architecture in a real-world setting. I believe that the skills that I do learn on the job will be valuable to me as a student in undergrad and

Related coursework: Lessons in Making Foundation Studio I, II, III Research Studio I Intro to Urban & Environ. Planning History of Architecture I, II Lessons of the Lawn World Contemporary Architecture 20th Century History of Ideas CAAD 3D Geom. Modeling & Visualization Intro to Structural Design Intro to Parametric Structural Design

graduate school. Advanced Diploma | Washington-Lee High School, Arlington, VA August 2012 - June 2016

SKILLS Microsoft Office Applictions


Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign






Laser cutting



American Institute of Architecture Students member

Internship at Little Diversified Architectural Consulting June - August 2017

WXTJ Radio Show Host

Collect project data from project members and enter it into a database

Student Hip-Hop Organization UVA Intramural Flag Football UVA Intramural Basketball

Weekly progress updates with other interns and team leaders YMCA Summer Camp Counselor May - August 2015, 2016, 2018

Washington-Lee High School Varsity Football (2013 – 2016)

Develop/organize activities for campers

Washington-Lee High School Basketball (2012 – 2016; Captain 2015 – 2016)

Supervise large and small groups of campers, providing them with entertaining, educational activities Conflict resolution of campers, assessing their problems and advising them on solutions

HONORS & AWARDS Member of The National Society of Collegiate Scholars NAACP, Arlington Chapter, Scholarship Recipient 2016 Jewel Scholarship Recipient 2016 Northern Virginia Urban League Scholarship Recipient 2016 National Honor Society First Team, All-Conference Wide Receiver Arlington County 2015 season

Communicate with YMCA leadership and parents about questions or issues regarding campers










E M B R AC E A Mixed Use Project for Downtown Charlottesville

Our site was located on a large lot adjacent to the downtown mall of Charlottesville, Virginia. Every Saturday morning there is a farmer’s market with dozens of market stalls that fill the space, so part of the challenge was creating a design that was able to accommodate this preexisting condition which included plenty of space 1. Divide Programs

for pedestrian movement. My partner and I designed two buildings together, each one located at opposite ends of the site, holding the edge of the block and creating an open plaza in the residual space. My mixed use building features three levels of apartment units with commercial space on the ground level, and parking beneath.

2. Extrude Site Block

3. Open Central Square

Residential Commercial/cores Parking 4. Public Access

5. Urban Backyards

6. Isolate Cores


Site Section


Typical Upper Floor Plan

Longitudinal Section



F O U R CO R N E R S A Housing Project in Northwest Washington, D.C.

Four Corners is an apartment in the Columbia Heights neighborhood of NW Washington, D.C. The positioning of the four towers creates gaps connecting the site to the three bounding streets–Euclid street to the north, 11th street to the east, and Fairmont street to the south–as well as to the adjacent half block of row houses which create a U-Shape. A connection is made between the semiprivate space of those row houses and the more public, but still semi-private space created by the organization of the apartments. The ground floor of the towers are each open to the exterior creating a link between the path that goes around the perimeter of the site, and allows for an uninterrupted flow of the public domain. Each tower contains a core which serves five units on each floor. The cores are large and open to the exterior to allow for cross ventilation and the passage of sunlight through those spaces.

Total number of units: 70

Site Plan A: 500 SF, 28 Units

Total land used: 2 acres Density: 35 units/acre

B: 1200 SF, 14 Units

Unit types: 4 Total area of housing: 68,600 SF Footprint: 19,600 SF

C: 1200 SF, 28 Units

Footprint percentage of site area: 45% D: 1500 SF, 14 Units

Rotation of L evels

Public and Private


Site Section


Typical Upper Floor Plan

Section Perspective


Unit D

Unit C

Unit B

Unit A


E A S T V I L L AG E C U LT U R A L C E N T E R A Civic Building for Manhattan’s East Village

The objective of this project was to create a guildhall for the community. One of the main focuses of my project was focusing on the pre-existing conditions of the city. The criteria included the guild, office and workshop space, and lodging. The craft learned at my guildhall is gardening. This idea came from an earlier exercise in which we were asked to make collages combining pictures and drawings of manhattan before, during and after colonialism as well as images of models we made in previous exercises. Through this exercise I became attached to this idea of representing the city’s pre-existing conditions through the design of my building. The collaging exercise also prompted me to consider the lives and experience of the native americans that lived in the region prior to the arrival of the Dutch colonists. This is where the idea behind including a museum space came from. From the ground up to the third floor is a history museum dedicated to the native americans, which includes a ramp that leads to the lodging space office space, and the garden on the roof. Lastly, the building includes a library on the east-facing facade which provides another moment of vertical continuity.

Vegetation/green space Ukranian Museum Cooper Union Library Corner Dining

Ramp Library Stairs Water Flow Fire Stairs


Longitudinal Section


Ground Level


Second Level

Roof Garden

Transverse Section


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