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Empower Children and Communities (EC2): Through media, content marketing, and education

October 10 – 11th OECD Headquarters, Paris, FRANCE

Strategic Cooperation: Trendsetters and Technology


“When you start to see effects you begin to work together - it is clear that all social integration of IT must have as part of its core, child and youth focused measures and considerations.� Bruno SCHRODER, Technical Director at Microsoft

Letter from Our Signatories Today, the transformative approach in technology, creativity, and education allows us to walk away from what’s been done and pursue lofty ambitions – and there is no loftier ambition than creating societal cues, social norms, and cultural pursuits that foster talent, health, and safety among young people and ourselves. In a time where 39% of companies use social media as their primary tool to reach consumers, 73% of fortune 500 companies use twitter, and global communications firms expect more than half of their earning to come from digital revenue – we are encouraged by the number of organizations who are driven to use this powerful reach as a means to seize business, economic, and social opportunities. Current research provides us with several examination points such as: 1) many more 12-15 year olds use smart phones than adults, 2) advertisers and internet providers are complying with regulatory codes and good practice but young people “find a way” despite these efforts, and because 3) the rules of the virtual and real world often become blurred, we have seen behaviors along a continuum from sexualization to sexual exploitation and bullying to premature death. We must engage beyond causation and correlation and freedom of speech vs. privacy. Understanding success over the toughest challenges is built from more than one vision and requires an active conversation that includes many visions. We are honored to be a part of a win-win dialogue with leaders who don’t typically enter into our normal work routine. Together, during and after the Forum, we will initiate our lofty ambition to harness the power of communication through the use of media, content marketing, and education to create an empowered and robust environment where children and communities can thrive.

Chantal JOUANNO Senator FRANCE

Xavier ROMATET CEO, Conde Nast France

Kimberly ADAMS Managing Partner Flying Bridges

Reg BAILEY J Excecutive Director The Mother’s Union


Bernard MARQUET MP MONACO (former)

Johan Fredrik EDSTRÕM Publisher Groupe Marie Claire


Diane LEVIN Professor, Chilhood Development Wheelock College, Boston, USA


Where the powerful ideas of tomorrow become a realitynd Tlo

Our Leadership

EC2 Forum Chairwoman Her Royal Highness Princess of Hanover

EC2 Forum Host Ángel GURRÌA Secretary General OECD

EC2 Forum Master of Ceremony Philip THOMAS CEO Lions Festivals

Key Thinkers The EC2 Forum benefits from the commitment and support of our key cross-sector voices: Nazir AFZAL, OBE, Crown Chief Prosecuter, UK Reg BAILEY, The Mother’s Union, UK Rosarita CUCCOLI, CEO, Stadio Novo, France Fredrik EDSTRÖM, Publisher, Marie Claire, France Dr. Oliver GRAY, Director General, European Advertising Standards Alliance, EU Tamara GRUNEBAUM, Director of Development, Pixelis, France Chantal JOUANNO, Senator, France Agnieszka KOZLOWSKA -RAJEWICZ, Minister of Gender Equality, Poland Joanna KRYDLEWSKA, European Parliament, Poland Jacquie KUBIN, Managing Editor, Communities Digital News, Washington Times, USA Guy PARKER, Chairman EASA, Chief Executive Advertising Standards Authority, UK Alexandre PASCALIDOU, Journalist, Television Hostess, Sweden Xavier ROMATET, CEO, Conde Nast, France Caroline RUSH, Executive Director, The British Fashion Council, UK Manu SAREEN, Minister of Gender Equality, Denmark Bruno SCHRODER, Technical Director, Microsoft, Belgium Bo SMITH, Creative Director, Bohaus studio, UK Holly SMITH, Survivor, Author and Advocate, USA Her Excellency, Sophie THEVENOUX, The Ambassador of Monaco Iris VAN DER VEKEN, Chair, UN Global Compact, Belgium

Next Generation Leadership Exchange


Exchange 2013: Empower Children and Communities (EC2) Forum

The theme of the EC2 Forum: “Strategic cooperation: trendsetters and technology” – reflects our belief that the impactful nature of media, content marketing, and education can empower the societal cues, social norms, and cultural practices that influence the fulfillment of today’s pressing issues. Believing that many of today’s business and economic opportunities are tied to the talent and well-being of the next generation, EC2 Forum gathers key influencers from the world of fashion, sports, politics, technology, and communications to make shifts. Shifts that need to happen before we can fully nurture talent; invigorate opportunties for young people to aspire to; and keep them safe in a fast paced digitized world – shifts that give staying power to the economic and business efforts of today.

The Exchange 2013: Learning from Leaders

Presided over by Chairwoman Her Royal Highness The Princess of Hanover, Master of Ceremony Philip THOMAS, CEO of Lions Festivals, and host Ángel GURRÌA, Secretary General of OECD, EC2 Forum gathers a small select group of influential voices who have the merit, experience, and commitment to information share, engage in open dialogue, and focus the best way forward. The Exchange 2013 is made up of three separate but complimentary components: 1) forums, 2) grassroots partnerships, and 3) corporate good practice notes (to be submitted to the UN Global Compact for endorsement by the UN High Commission on Human Rights).

200 Delegates will participate in content programming • • • • •

Plenary Sessions: Emerging research and practices frame the issues and prepare delegates for active engagement. Governance Exchanges: Open dialogue and debate among cross-sector leaders and industry experts to define a common language and win-win position. In-Focus Roundtables: Insight into key industry challenges and sharing of related best practice to streamline solutions within and across sectors and industries. Technical Working Groups: Select industry leaders align cross-sector action by identifying reserch topics to be addressed in a set of good practice notes (to be submitted to the UN Global Compact). Interviews: Up close and personal with key influencers of our time.

The intimate setting and program is designed to support a top down, bottom up approach to be executed through strategic cooperation.

A Snapshot: Opportunities for strategic cooperation • • • • • •

Policy Development: How does new technology and content marketing fit into national education, latest regulations, and public service priorities? Why Now?: Attention to sexualization, gender stereotypes, and self-confidence - why small changes can have large effects. Fashion: While fashion evolves can these key influencers increase their value proposition by providing a counterbalance that will empower children and communities. Sports: What does this have to do with boys and reading, role models, and the definition of beauty? The Do’s of Data Collection: Marketing and advertising segmentation with value and purpose. Digitization and Youth: What are the key singular and cross-sector issues and partnerships that can support today and the next generation of leaders?

Next Generation Leadership Exchange



Day 1 Thursday, 10 Octoberechnology

8.00 - 12.30

11.00 - 11.30

8.00 - 9.00

11.30 - 13.00

Security screening, badge pick-up, and registration. Morning refreshments served in the “Power of Communication” Good Practice Exhibition.

This session open to the press.


Registration and Morning Refreshments

9.00 - 9.30

Opening Session

9.30 - 11.00

Plenary Session – Knowledge Building This session open to the press.

Why Now? Empowering Children and Communities EC2: trends and technology.

Coffee Break

Plenary Session - Media/Technology/ Grassroots Why Now? Giving the People What They Want. Grabbing Attention: reaching the increasingly segmented, online, socially conscious consumer. Focus areas: • The Norm of Instagram: youth sharing what they see and do. • Digitally-Mediated: brand building through “advice” and “ad-education”. • What’s Trending Now and Next: reaching teens virtually.

The Future Citizen: How are scholars, advocates, business associations, public officials, and investors connecting media practices and products with social issues; long term economic growth and business sustainability?

13.00 - 14.30

Focus areas: • The Brain: what science is telling us about how children and teens process what they see and hear. • Making Connections: technology, media, and youth – opportunities and challenges. • Girls Become Women, Boys Become Men: will sexualization and gender stereotypes influence economic and social progress?

This session closed to the press.

VIP Lunch (for invited guests only): Château de la Muette Delegate Lunch: Le Restaurant des Nations

OECD Headquarters, Paris N.B.

Subject to change

Next Generation Leadership Exchange



Day 1 Thursday, 10 Octoberechnology

14.30 - 16.00

16.00 - 16.30

This session open to the press.

16.30 - 18.00

Governance Exchange – Education/ Government/Strategic Cooperation Public Domain and Strategic Cooperation: investing in confidence, intellect, and talent for tech savvy youth. Exploring Education: Should educational focus be transformed to utilize the skill set and interests of today’s youth? Focus areas: • Tools of Technology: opportunities to build upon online “knowledge” during classroom instruction. • Demystifying Power: can media literacy solve the media content debate? • Building Engagement: using skills developed through online activities to enhance team building, talent, and leadership skills. • The Business Case: is business sustainability dependent upon educational priorities?

Coffee Break

In-Focus Roundtables – Advancing Solutions This session open to the press.

Why Now? Helping Youth Understand the Experiences that Surround Them. 1. Education/Media Track: Balancing the scales - media messages and images. Redirecting unintended consequences: redo or counteract? 2. Technology Track: Should we focus data rules on use not collection? Can we create a responsible data marketplace for segmented use or does technology need to catch up? 3. Technology/Education Track: Child Protection and Law Enforcement Priorities. Understanding organized crime and child protection: online education law enforcement officials want and need.

OECD Headquarters, Paris N.B.

Subject to change

Next Generation Leadership Exchange


“I join the EC2 Forum because its long term programs obviously have concrete goals. Through the series of discussions and directed outcomes it will define for the field of media a series of good practices that meet the needs of society.� French Senator, Chantal JOUANNO


Day 2: Friday, 11 October

8.30 - 9.00

Morning Refreshments

9.00 - 10.30

Governance Exchange – Establishing Boundaries/Facilitating Cooperation This session open to the press.

Because We Like Clarity: corporate management meets political science. Governance Dialogue: What marketing and advertising practices are being targeted for government intervention. How can business best streamline self-regulation across brands and markets to meet the expectations of consumers, advocates, and government? Focus areas: • The Halls of Justice: creating a business vision by analyzing threats to media practices and products posed by public policy and laws. • Self-regulation: opportunities and challenges for corporate advertising to keep up with expectations. • Universal definitions: does the global reach of advertising and marketing call for universally accepted guideline definitions? And if so, who should define them?

10.30 - 11.00 Coffee Break

11.00 - 12.30

Plenary Session - Leadership Opportunities This session open to the press.

Trendsetters as Champions: fashion, luxury, beauty, and progress. Shaping Inspiration: how are the luxury, fashion, and beauty industries embracing advantages of aligning business and social responsibility? Focus areas: • From the Studio to the Closet: how are young designers engaging with society? • For the Love of Sport: will transforming sports media affect youth participation in sports? • Influencers: fashion’s health initiative, empowering girls and women, redefining beauty. Next Generation Leadership Exchange

12.30 - 14.00

Working Lunch – Technical Development/ Knowledge Building GPN Direction: pre-selected technical teams will debate and draft possible concepts and voluntary practice for “6000 foot” level EC2 Good Practice Notes to be submitted to the UN Global Compact. • Data collection for segmentation. • Common value across brands. • Online education.

14.00 - 14.30 Coffee Break

14.30 - 16.00

In-Focus Roundtables – Advancing Solutions This session open to the press.

Why Now? Holistic, Incremental Steps Influencing The Way Forward. 1. Education Track: Next generation empowerment through sports and reading? Girls in sports and boys in reading: leadership, team building, skills, confidence. 2. Media Track: How to photograph children, tweens, and teens. On the same page: using children in advertising and marketing. 3. Education/Media Track: New freedoms in social messaging. Use of brand stories and social awareness campaigns: reinforcing government and civil society efforts through online platforms.

16.00 - 17.00

Closing Plenary - Pulling It All Together This session open to the press.

It’s A Wrap: Closing Cocktail at Château de la Muette


“We must invest in what holds our society together: confidence, trust, solidarity, and equal opportunities!” Ángel GURRÌA EC2 Host and Secretary General of the OECD


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Next Generation Leadership Exchange


Next Generation Leadership Exchange A Flying Bridges Initiative

Nextgenexchange EC2 program  

You'll find all the information you need here fo r event occuring the 10th and 11th of october.

Nextgenexchange EC2 program  

You'll find all the information you need here fo r event occuring the 10th and 11th of october.