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Going Forward With

January 2014


Going Forward with K.A.A.W

January, 2014 Volume 1, Number 1

288 E. Kroll Harper, TX 78631

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Any dummy can increase the profitability of a company if they own it, or they are the Chief Executive Office, simply by slashing payroll to the bone by sending your jobs to the cheapest country. But, a real leader can find a way to make their company more profitable, and their products better by hiring the right people and finding a way to do right by their community, and their company. If you are such a leader, we want you to tell the world how you did it here.


All of us, from our well established, to our homeless people, need, and want a home. If you have an idea on how to make that happen, please tell your story here.


Whether it is to heat your home in the winter, or cool your home in the summer, we all want to know how we can do it better and cheaper. If you have ideas, show them to us.


How do we fill our pantry with less? Do you have ideas? Show them to us.


All of us are trying to find ways to make our older vehicles last longer and longer. If you have an idea on how we can do that with the sophisticated electronics on board, show it to us.


Things are getting more and more technical. Show us how to use it, how to fix it, how to maintain it. In terms that we will understand.

Welcome Please understand that this is Volume 1, Number 1 of Going Forward. It is NOT perfect—it isn’t even anywhere as good as I’d like it to be. But, all things considered, a major miracle has been worked and this magazine is coming together.

Feedback We both have a vested interest in Going Forward being as interesting as possible. You can help me keep my finger on your pulse by sending a email every month listing the articles in the order of your interest. I will publish results of this monthly survey as an encouragement to the authors. The top author each month will get, in addition to the compliment, a check from us for 50% of his original payment. Thus your vote each month will serve to help me in the selection of future articles and will encourage good writers both with plaudits and some extra cash.

Writing for Going Forward There must be a lot of you with interesting ideas to communicate. Naturally we prefer how-to and construction articles, but if it is interesting we’ll probably shell out.

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Going Forward with K.A.A.W.  

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