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IOM Constructs RiskMitigating Infrastructure in Vulnerable Communities

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IOM Hosts JointMonitoring with Government in JRF Target Districts

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Disaster Risk Reduction Mainstreaming: IOM, Beneficiaries and Partners Go "On Air"

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Market Access Beneficiaries Hit New Record Sales, 13th Inacraft Exhibition 2011

Inside IOM Yogyakarta ISSUE 8

Welcome Message Johan Grundberg Head of Office IOM Yogyakarta It is my pleasure to present to you the 8th edition of the Inside IOM Yogya Newsletter, which details important project activities during the months of March and April 2011. It was another eventful period, as the IOM team continued to implement capacity-building activities for victims of the May 2006 earthquake, while preparations were finalized for a major project closing event planned in Jakarta on 11 May, on the theme of 'Partnerships for Sustainability'. This initiative will promote network ing, par tnerships and growth opportunities for Micro- and Small Enterprise (MSE) beneficiaries of the Java Reconstruction Fund (JRF) that will enhance the sustainability of businesses and communities, after this JRFfunded project reaches its closing date in June 2011. The October-November 2010 volcano eruptions in Yogyakarta and Central Java, and the more recent earthquake and tsunami in north-eastern Japan, are a sobering reminder of the need to increase such sustainability. As this newsletter went to press, and as a manifestation of its commitment to the Hyogo Framework for Action, IOM and Members of the Indonesia Delegation were preparing to depart to Geneva, Switzerland, to attend the 'Third Session of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction' on 8-13 May 2011. Given the recent events, this session comes at an important time. It is expected that the actions and priorities agreed in this global meeting of experts will set the future course of action for sustainable development activities in Indonesia both in the context of the JRF and as IOM prepares for new projects and programmes in the region.

March - April


IOM Constructs Risk-Mitigating Infrastructure in Vulnerable Communities IOM completed construction of several small-scale risk-mitigating infrastructure (RMI) facilities in disaster-vulnerable villages. These villages continuously face a range of threats to lives and livelihoods, including earthquakes, landslides, droughts and floods. Local communities took the lead in the RMI process, from identifying initial needs to the planning and construction of infrastruc ture. This construc tion programme marks the final component of IOM's Community-Based Disaster Risk Management (CBDRM) intervention which is focussing on 10 JRF villages. In all villages, communities pledged to undertake required future maintenance for the infrastructure provided. Examples of RMI provided included evacuation

routes & signage, retaining walls and water supply systems. IOM consulted and obtained needed permission from relevant government partners prior to commencement of construction, including the Department of Public Works and BAPPEDA, the regional development planning agency.

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Watch us on youtube Search for our latest short videos on YouTube 'Ice cream cup from ? Krikilan & Jotangan villages / Cuncung dari desa Krikilan & desa Jotangan’ Uploaded May 10, 2011, running time 3min 28sec ? 'IOM Buyers Forum

Yogyakarta (Mahoni's Hidden Treasure: Revealing the Javanese Culture)' Uploaded March 4, 2011, running time 3min 46sec ? 'Toko Produk Kerajinan /

Craft Stores – IOM Yogyakarta’ Uploaded September 24, 2010, running time 1min 26sec

'NIKIMON' Beneficiaries Selected to Represent Yogya Province at National-Level Competition The Terong-based snack products store, Nikimon, was chosen as the most successful grass-roots enterprise at the Farmers' Groups Competition in Bantul, Yogyakarta, in April. Nikimon will now represent the Yogyakarta province in the national level competition. Since the Nikimon store launched its operation in June 2010, its snack products have gained significant popularity in villages throughout Bantul district, Yo g y a k a r t a p r o v i n c e . N i k i m o n i s a n abbreviation of the Javanese expression 'niki mawon' or just pick this product. “The entrepreneurial spirit of the women in Terong village is incredibly strong. We are very pleased with their accomplishments, which were made possible with help of the IOM-JRF Livelihood Project. Nevertheless, the Nikimon

concept would not have been feasible without the strong support of the governments at the village, sub-district and district levels which have all played a key role in product promotion and certification,” said Haryati Zulkarnaini, IOM Yogyakarta's community organizer and government coordination focal point. Sukamdan, the Terong village producer group leader, said that the IOM-JRF's support for food-processing equipment and business development training had helped develop their farming produce, and new initiatives were in the pipeline “Nikimon will begin accepting bulk orders for cakes made using local farming group's products” Sukamdan said.

Preparing for Exit: IOM Attends 'Musrenbang' in Bantul and Klaten Districts IOM attended the Planning Meeting for Regional Development, or Musrenbang, in the districts of Bantul, Yogyakarta, and Klaten, Central Java, in the last week of March 2011. This grass-roots governmentled consultation process promotes broadbased budgeting and development planning for the upcoming year, with attendance of district-level government, civil society and communities.

the inclusion of activities in the district government work plans for 2012 in support of the IOM-JRF beneficiaries. Such activities included exhibitions, promotion support, packaging training and product certification to be provided by the Industry and Trade Department (Disperindagkop), while seed provision and livestock extension services, or Poskeswan, were to be provided by the Agriculture Department.

Signifying an important project achievement, IOM participation resulted in

In parallel, IOM hosted separate Exit Strategy Review workshops in Yogyakarta

and Central Java, inviting relevant district and provincial government officials. Further to small adjustments, IOM's Exit Strategy document was officially approved by both p ro v i n c e s. Pro v i n c i a l a n d d i s t r i c t governments demonstrated impressive and commendable commitment to taking forward IOM and JRF project initiatives in line with their available resources and assessed needs of the project's micro- and small enterprise (MSE) beneficiaries.

IOM Hosts Joint-Monitoring with Government in JRF Target Districts In the framework of preparing for project exit, IOM conducted joint monitoring activities in all seven project districts during March and April. These activities will be followed up by provincial-level joint monitoring before project closure in June. The aim of these field visits is to enhance government insight into the successes of ongoing IOM-JRF project activities, as well as to pinpoint areas where additional support is required for better sustainability. Participants engaged in group discussions and observed production activities of the MSE. Representatives of the project beneficiary groups presented their action plans going forward and discussed possible opportunities for government collaboration. Page 2

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Disaster Risk Reduction Mainstreaming: IOM, Beneficiaries and Partners Go "On Air"

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On March 29, 2011, IOM hosted a television programme in collaboration with the Central Java Disaster Risk Reduction Forum on the theme "Disaster Risk Reduction in Central Java: Perspectives of Government, Non-Government and Communities". This one-hour programme was broadcast live on the Televisi Republik Indonesia (TVRI) station, based in Central Java.


The programme featured three key resource persons: Priyantono Djarot Nugroho, the Head of the Central Java Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD), Naibul Umam Eko Sakti, a representative from the Central Java DRR Forum and Rudatin Ruktiningsih, Head of the Centre for Eco-Settlement, Soegijapranata Catholic University of Semarang. Good response from both the studio audience and callers reflects an increased awareness and sense of urgency regarding the need for increased government and community investment in disaster risk reduction.

For information about IOM Yogyakarta and other IOM programmes in Indonesia, visit: For information about the Java Reconstruction Fund, donor of the IOM-JRF Livelihoods Project, visit: www.javareconstructionfund. org/about

IOM also commenced weekly radio talk shows on two popular radio stations in Yogyakarta, Trijaya 97.0 FM and Sonora 97.4 FM, featuring discussions on market access issues and DRR. IOM-JRF beneficiaries, project staff, partners and local government all participate in the talk shows. The theme of market access is explored each Friday at 8 am on Trijaya FM, featuring topics such as "What is a Market-Friendly Product' (15/4), "Competitive Price or Reasonable Price?" (29/4), "'Market Driven' or Lack of Innovation?" (6/5), "Healthy LifestyleViewed from Consumption Patterns" (13/5), and "Affordable Meat Prices: Profit or Loss for Breeders?" (20/5). Talk shows broadcasted on Sonora FM every Tuesday at 11 am concern DRR and feature topics such as "The Importance of Village-Level Disaster Preparedness�(13/4), "The Role ofYogyakarta and Central Java DRR Forums in Strengthening Village-Level Disaster Preparedness" (19/4), "Village-Level Disaster Response Team and Contingency Plan" (26/4), and "Strengthening the Government Role in Village-Level Disaster Preparedness" (10/5). Tune in every Tuesday and Friday to find out more!




W W W. I O M . I N T

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Local Media Visits IOM-JRF Project Villages 16 journalists from local and national media outlets joined an IOMsponsored Media Tour on 11 April, 2011, visiting the JRF assisted villages of Kebon, Banyuripan and Krikilan, Klaten district, Central Java. These villages were chosen to showcase their economic growth potential and promote MSE products. The first visit took place in Batik Banyuripan's showroom, where the Village Promotion Team leader explained the batik-making process to the journalists. After witnessing Banyuripan's tie-dye batik demonstration, the journalists visited Batik Tulis Kebon Indah's showroom in the neighbouring Kebon village. The Kebon Indah group is one of the project's most successful industry cluster in terms of achieving a significant increase in both product quality and sales. The next stop was a visit to the food-processing MSE in Krikilan village, where locally-produced ice cream was waiting for the journalists. While enjoying the ice cream, made by the mainly female-run MSE in Krikilan and Jotangan communities, the journalists observed the ice cream cone production process. The MSE also demonstrated the production of cuncung, a type of ice cream cup made from recycled paper. “I got the chance to see new things on this tour, especially the craftsmen and craftswomen in

action making the products in Klaten,” said Fira Nurfiani, a journalist from KR Jogja. Diana Setiawati, media focal point at IOM Yogyakarta said, “IOM conveys its sincere appreciation to the media partners that have provided excellent support in promoting the JRF project and its beneficiaries over the last two years. We hope this Media Tour has been effective in demonstrating the real impacts felt by beneficiaries as a result of this JRF-funded project.”


Market Access Beneficiaries Hit New Record Sales, 13th Inacraft Exhibition 2011


JRF project beneficiaries from the handicrafts sector attended the 13th Inacraft exhibition in Jakarta, a key annual event promoting Indonesian handicrafts to domestic and foreign markets. This five-day exhibition resulted in IOM-JRF beneficiary sales exceeding IDR 100 million (approximately USD 11,000), a record high for IOM-JRF beneficiaries in a single exhibition.

Jl. HOS Cokroaminoto 109, Yogyakarta - Indonesia Email : Ph : +62 274 619 055/+62 274 619 056 Fax : +62 274 619 012

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Batik Indah Kebon in particular performed extremely well. IOM, with the help of the Klaten Regional Development Planning Agency (BAPPEDA), the Yogyakarta Association of Exporters and Producers of Indonesian Handicraft (ASEPHI DIY) and the Central Java government, had secured three booths for this event. The exhibition also opened up other exciting opportunities. IOM-supported handicraft MSE, Lurik Tegalsari, was invited by the Museum of Textile Indonesia to attend an eco-friendly product exhibition on 25 April, 2011. IOM facilitated Lurik Tegalsari to join this event to further promote their products.

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Newsletter - Inside IOM Yogyakarta (March 2011)  
Newsletter - Inside IOM Yogyakarta (March 2011)