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dear sirs We would to like introduce you to Olmedo Qatar, a branch of one of the leading Spanish companies in the ´Facilities Management Sector´. Our main attributes are: # Speed # Flexibility # Commitment # Attention to Detail Our competitive advantages have identified us as one of the leading companies in the sector, providing our clients with: ¬ Coverage and experience in the undertaking of National and Intenational projects. ¬ An independent company with over 1,400 employees. ¬ Branches in Spain: Madrid, Catalonia, Castilla Leon, Castilla La Mancha, Valencia, Extremadura, Galicia, Andalusia and Ceuta. ¬ Branches Abroad: Morroco, Oman, Iraq and Qatar. ¬ Project management and International establishment. ¬ 5000 m2 of installations ¬ Own assembly teams. ¬ A business philosophy and culture oriented at providing our clients with our service and advice. yours sincerely the Management


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Gardening Why choose Olmedo Qatar gardening? · Our services · How can Olmedo Qatar gardening help you?

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CleaninG A clean, well maintained, healthy environment is not only the prerequisite for a functional environment but also establishes the foundation for productivity and the well being of employees. Olmedo, provides a customized cleaning solution in which the scope, standard and combination of services are adapted to suit each client’s needs. Our constant pursuance over quality control, guarantees the consistency of clients’ expectations to be met. Olmedo Qatar has a solution for every type of cleaning need, from office cleaning to personalised solutions for the health sector, business and entertainment sector, food industry, etc. Olmedo is a company with over 35 years experience, during which time new methods, techniques and materials have been developed, improving facilities management as well as our employees working conditions and at the same time, minimising any negative impact on the environment.

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Technical Cleaning

Daily office cleaning

__Technical – cleaning of food handling and storing facilities __Technical cleaning for health sector: sterile rooms, etc. __Technical cleaning for industrial sector: automotive, factories, laboratories, etc.

__Permanent workforce: full time or part time __Employees trained in cleaning and services.

Maintenance Cleaning Facade and Glass Cleaning

__Daily cleaning schedule without disturbance of the client´s workplace. __Personal contact with the end users. __Improved client satisfaction and quality of service.

__Indoor and outdoor cleaning __Cleaning of workable glass and glass surfaces of greater difficulty: exterior windows, Venetian blinds, etc. __Inspection and damage detection.

Periodic Cleaning __In depth cleaning __Specialised cleaning: Ceramics, marble, rugs, carpets, upholstery, polishing, etc.


our services technical services

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Pest Control OLMEDO QATAR is a specialist with regard to the controlling of pests which pose - threats to health, contamination of food or damage goods and/or property. To fight the pests actively, we implement measures and techniques with the intention of causing minimal impact to the environment and maximum care for people´s health. OLMEDO QATAR implements a specific control and monitoring programme based on the problems and characteristics of pests, adapting to each client, with the objective of prevention and correction if necessary. Rodent control Insect control Bird control Disinfectant Wood treatment Special fumigations Special Treatment

OLMEDO QATAR offers efficient, high quality control of pests with the utmost intention of meeting our client’s expectations.

Olmedo Qatar provides a unique service solution which covers the different maintenance requirements that a building may need. The different services Olmedo Qatar provides can be combined, planned and managed as a unique solution, according to the different needs of each client, contributing to optimization and efficiency.

Rodent control OLMEDO QATAR is a specialist in the prevention, surveillance and control of rodents. Our goal is to eliminate any activity originating from rodents even before it appears.

From technical maintenance to the routine jobs such as cleaning stairways and cutting grass, Olmedo can provide a wide range of services which contribute to optimise each company’s workplace maintenance budget.

Prior to initiating the treatment, OLMEDO QATAR thoroughly examines every aspect, taking into consideration the location, affected area, risk and other factors. This allows for a specific monitoring and control programme to be executed, adapting to the clients problem and characteristics.

OLMEDO QATAR Technical Services provides the solution to complete and comprehensive maintenance of a building, eliminating the problems of a combination of different companies undertaking a variety of tasks without an overall vision, resulting in wasted time and efforts. OLMEDO QATAR offers integrated management of the necessary tasks for optimum maintenance adhering to the fundamental parameter of labour coordination and logistics. OLMEDO QATAR optimises the integrated management of pest control, environmental hygiene, landscape gardening and general maintenance of its client’s property.

In order to choose the most appropriate treatment for each client´s problem, OLMEDO QATAR monitors very carefully the choice of bait, the replacement and positioning. OLMEDO QATAR adheres to Intergrated Pest Control prioritising prevention tasks and implementing the most adequate procedures by means of the self controlled programme (Minimal Environmental Impact Control Procedure). The programme consists of studying the environment and factors which could favour the proliferation of a pest species; an analysis of the pest´s characteristics (biological cycle, behaviour, etc) and the application of the most adequate measures and techniques to control it; always adhering to the requirements of the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points).

__Pest Control __Environmental hygiene __Gardening __Maintenance


our services technical services

insect control OLMEDO QATAR controls any type of pest originating from insects, simultaneously protecting problem areas against future infestation. All our applied methods and techniques adhere to health and safety standards and are aimed at guaranteeing an ideal working environment. Prior to beginning the treatment process, OLMEDO QATAR studies each case taking into account the settlement area of the pest, the type of insect, habits and sensitivity. The most appropriate insecticide is used, regularly changing to avoid resistance. In addition, OLMEDO QATAR always considers the possible risks that the use of insecticide can cause on the human population, animals and the Environment.

Bird control The proliferation of certain birds, for example pigeons, are a nuisance which causes certain problems to the client’s premises, businesses and institutions, i.e. drainage blockage, window and patio fouling or deterioration of stone. As a result of having studied the previously mentioned cases, OLMEDO QATAR prepares a diagnosis and offers the most suitable solution, concentrating on measures based on exclusion techniques, consequently preventing birds from nesting or perching on facades or rooftops by means of bars, nets, wire, anti-perching devices, etc.



prepares a complete report on the type of infestation, indicating the most appropriate treatment and damage evaluation. Once the diagnosis is completed OLMEDO QATAR applies the most appropriate treatment according to each case:

OLMEDO QATAR specialises in any problem caused by pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungus, etc), preventing the settling in and being dispersed from areas which are particularly sensitive to such activity.

Impregnation: Wood protection, objective to prevent and cure. Gases: Curing technique, taking place in specialised sealed chambers. Bait: Control and extermination of termite colonies through bait consumption. Toxic Barriers: The persistent use of a particular insecticide on key termite access areas into a building.

For the disinfection programmes OLMEDO QATAR uses specially designed machinery in order for the disinfectant to homogeneously reach all the affected areas. OLMEDO QATAR sets up programmes on biological control which allow for greater knowledge and understanding, thereby guaranteeing the results of disinfection treatment.

Specialised fumigation Wood treatment OLMEDO QATAR develops, for specific situations and locations, specific programmes based on the use of fumigant gases to fight the pests. OLMEDO QATAR uses highly efficient products with for the purpose of guaranteeing the total elimination of the pests. This particular treatment requires special licenses and the application must be performed by a qualified professional.

OLMEDO QATAR controls any type of pest due to insects at the same time protecting the affected areas against future attacks. Insects that damage wood, practically affect the entirety of structures and buildings. They travel through the structures, consuming wood in their path, causing serious structural damage to the installation and building. The affected wood generally fails to show any visible signs on the outside, as the insects leave a thin film which remains intact, hindering its detection.

Specialised treatment OLMEDO QATAR applies specific methods for the control of species (reptiles, crustaceans, molluscs, etc) which due to legal status or overabundance require unique action.

OLMEDO QATAR carries out an initial Analysis and Diagnosis without any obligation. It identifies the species, and then


our services technical services

enVironMental HyGiene The hygiene of an installation is mainly based on air and water quality. For this reason OLMEDO QATAR carries out a wide range of tests and analyses to prevent and eliminate health and legionnaire´s disease risks originating from the water supply or the lack of air. The strict procedure method allows the company to offer the best service and highest efficiency to its clients.

Prevention of legionnaire´s disease and water treatment Legionnaire´s disease is a mutating illness which has detrimental effects for health institutions, clearly raising its impact to a state-wide level. The increase has caused deep concerns for the Management of institutions and buildings, who are responsible for the health and well being of their residents. Such institutions are aware of the public concern and the adverse, negative effects that the press releases cause. Methods of treatment and control are:

shock disinfection against legionnaire´s disease Throughout the years, the disinfection of installations has been carried out in many different ways. The use of chlorine has been very common in our society. Nevertheless, the use of chlorine has had profoundly negative effects on the installations. If the anticorrosives are not used adequately the chlorine attacks the installation possibly causing corrosion to the different circuits, inevitably reducing their life span.

Shock disinfection for Legionnaire´s disease Water treatment HVAC system hygienization Chemical installation cleaning Improvement of refrigeration units and evaporative condensers. Interior atmospheric quality

OLMEDO QATAR has, over the years, developed disinfection protocols which have been adapted to current regulations for the prevention of Legionnaire´s disease at high risk installations. Cooling towers, evaporative condensers, sanitary heated water, water tanks, hydration trays, air coolers, etc, which have to undergo strict monitoring including shock disinfection in order to completely cover the installation. During these processes, OLMEDO QATAR uses anticorrosives, bio-dispersants and antifoaming agents to protect the installation.

For your peace of mind, at OLMEDO QATAR we use a method based on the prevention and elimination of the risks derived from the presence of Legionnaire´s disease in the water system, always guaranteeing the correct compliance with Laws and Regulations. For this reason we apply the method recommended by the Department of Health, HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points). The prevention, elimination and total confidentiality are the corner stones of the complete service offered by OLMEDO QATAR.


Various protocols for the process of disinfecting have been developed, as a consequence of successive outbreaks of Legionnaire´s disease in the different Autonomous Regions of Spain. Regulations have come into effect in the Autonomous Regions which legislated on this problem (i.e. Madrid, Catalonia, Valencia Community Galicia and Extremadura). All of the regulations, for instance UNE 10030:2005 (Provisions for the prevention of Legionnaire´s disease at installations) have been the foundation for the publication of the Royal Decree 865/2003 of the 4 July, 2003, from the Health Ministry and has brought together these regulations plus other elements such as hazard recognition and prevention.


our services technical services

Water treatment Cooling towers OLMEDO QATAR´s experience stems from the industrial field where the main concern is to avoid production stoppages derived from the soiling of the exchangers due to scurfy, algae, rust and corrosion. The previously mentioned soiling reduces thermal interchange which leads to loss of performance and consequent rise in throughput and undesirable stoppages. The cooling circuits and water recovery towers must therefore have the correct preventive treatment. Evaporative condensers The closed towers and evaporative condensers are low water capacity equipment, with external circulating cooling water flow which has high evaporation. Preventive treatment and an adequate drainage control system are essential. industrial hvac system hygienization

Cooling Units The main problem in the cooling systems, the water temperature being low (6-9 degrees Celsius) is the circuit corrosion, especially if they are made of galvanized or black metal. Effective maintenance of this particular type of installation is important in order to avoid the obstruction of delicate components for instance injection moulds or others.

Evaporators, fan coils, splits, etc.: OLMEDO QATAR carries out specialized cleaning jobs and disinfects evaporators of all sizes in Industrial fridges, distribution centres, abattoirs, canning factories, wineries and the food industry in general. We dismantle all possible parts of the device and disinfect batteries, panels and drip -trays, etc. The benefits are: as well as improving the performance of the machine, micro biotic contamination of individuals and food is avoided, improving the amount of air flow. For this procedure we rely on a very specialized workforce as these devices are located close to where the merchandise is stocked or where people work on a regular basis.

Boiler Treatment The steam boilers used in the food industry, energy production, cellulose and paper, etc; require an anti corrosive and an antiscalant, which avoids damage to the inner pipes as a consequence of the entry of oxygen and avoids build up of scale in the pipes leading to deterioration or elimination of thermal exchange for the creation of steam. Also, the boilers are pieces of equipment that work at a high pressure. For this reason the problem of scurfy build up of severe corrosion could cause serious problems for the installation and individuals. OLMEDO QATAR has a professional and consistent workforce that engineers specific treatment for each application.

Chemical installation cleaning Exchanger/closed circuits: Both an exchanger and the closed circuit could develop scurfy with carbonate and dirt, as well as other types such as slime, algae, rust or mud build up inside. These are chemically and mechanically treated by OLMEDO QATAR specialists. Pipe or heat exchangers and plates, when in cross current must undergo extensive recovery


procedures in order for the installation to work correctly. The chemical products used for the treatment are gathered for removal in special containers by an authorized hazardous waste manager.

waterproofing, porthole installation, etc, are corrective maintenance operations that our operators carry out in order to extend the lifespan and adapt the equipment and conditions to comply with the existing legislation.

The plate heat exchangers tend to cause serious problems due to their tendency to become obstructed caused by substances in suspension and calcareous scurfy. OLMEDO QATAR adecuately chemically cleans each installation minimising circuit damage.

Internal atmospheric quality The quality of air that we breathe is essential for our health and performance in the workplace. The correct maintenance of air-conditioning equipment is a key factor to control environmental hygiene. Temperature and humidity control is not enough, it´s important to guarantee healthiness in our surroundings.

Cooling tower and evaporative condenser improvements Many towers in current use are quite old, therefore it is necessary to adapt the towers to improve their working condition. The replacement of filling, drop separators, distribution arms, replacement of ball bearings, exterior painting, pool


our services technical services

aCtions to iMProVe internal enVironMent hvac system hygienization Acclimatized air duct cleaning by means of extraction with high quality filters and fibre glass duct treatment. shock hvac system hygienization Detailed disinfection treatment on areas of the system to definitely reduce contamination particularly regarding pathogenic or high microbiological contamination. maintenance hygienization OLMEDO QATAR offers preventive measures through the application of specific detergents by means of spraying (ULV) throughout the system. This procedure eliminates the bio film in highest risk areas of microorganism development.

raised oor and roof treatment The preventive hygienization in areas of difficult access improves the environmental quality by avoiding the accumulation of dust and organic residue which stimulates the presence of microorganisms. odour treatment Based on a pre-treatment study, OLMEDO QATAR specialists apply absorbent substances or oxidise the affected area using peroxide or ozone. In addition, shock treatment is used in the case of smells produced of an accidental nature like floods or fire. enVironMental Quality audits - PreVention The environmental quality audits allow us to get to know and assess the air characteristics of a building, including factors that could alter its quality (physical, chemical or organic). OLMEDO QATAR carries out primary environmental hygiene checks, for instance: microbiological checks on the internal surfaces of air-conditioning units and air ducts, impulsion exit grid air quality checks, temperature control, relative humidity, mite presence and a surface analysis of dust quantity on ducts, raised roofs and floors.

Temporary or permanent supply of flower arrangements and decorations for offices and business engagements, where the client wishes.

In addition, OLMEDO QATAR clients can receive a greater understanding of the quality of their installation thanks to secondary checks such as: air renewal index review, CO2 level readings, and a monitoring of total volatile organic compounds, suspended particle reading, CO/Formaldehyde readings and light/sound analysis.

OLMEDO QATAR´s entrepreneurial spirit drives us to discover new techniques in order to get maximum splendour out of your plants, combating at all times against pests and disease on every different type of garden surface. We also apply phytosanitary regulations and the monitoring of environmental criterion.

Gardening Why choose Olmedo Qatar gardening?

Our irrigation methods guarantee optimum water usage, a very valuable resource and in such short supply, consequently allowing us to maintain the garden areas with minimum water consumption and cost efficiency.

Our objective at OLMEDO QATAR is to embellish and turn your professional environment green. Plants are our best allies and we have a deep understanding of their decorative qualities as well as their needs.

Erected plants, arched plants, rosettes, bushes, climbing plants, hanging, rustic, artificial... and an endless list of different varieties is what OLMEDO QATAR offers its clients, together with correct management and advice on the type of gardening that should be applied in each case, prolonging the plants lives and granting a different style to each project.

Our services OLMEDO QATAR offers its clients a comprehensive service in the gardening and environmental field, which guarantees, with its technical and productive structure, maximum quality and service in: Advice on all types of gardening projects. Execution of building and installation of exterior and interior gardening. Comprehensive interior/exterior decoration and maintenance.

In order for the plants to achieve the optimum level of beauty and health, it is necessary to implement strict maintenance. Our highly qualified teams are not only in charge of watering the plants, but also fertilizing, application of the correct phytosanitary treatment, pruning; and in extreme cases quick, efficient and clean replacing of dead, damaged or deteriorated plants due to ageing. At OLMEDO QATAR we offer this service to a wide variety of different companies, from catering to industrial. We offer the service to: the banking sector, automotive sector, oil industry, construction, hospitals, commercial centres, etc. They all trust and require skilled experts to maintain their prized green heritage.

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How can OLMEDO QATAR gardening help you? _Comprehensive conservation and maintenance of interior and exterior green areas. _Expert advice for all types of gardening projects. _Garden design and construction. _Repositioning and fitting of all different types of plants. _Drip and sprinkler irrigation systems for all different types of plants. _Interior floral arrangements. _Pruning. _Park and garden restoration projects.


our services technical services

of regulations in force, enabling them to comply with the regulations and requirements of a security guard, as well as to maintain the skills and training which they have acquired.

seCurity and surVeillanCe OLMEDO QATAR is aware that each client has their own individual needs. As a consequence of our client´s business needs and characteristics, we have prepared ourselves to be able to provide specific solutions on the issue of security.

key register and control service In the event of a client´s alarm being activated, the Key Register and Control Service, consisting of a security guard from our company, will as quickly as possible, investigate the cause of the alarm. Once we have carried out the security service, depending on the importance of the problem we act accordingly, if necessary contacting law enforcement authorities.

Our experience and knowledge on security has given way to a specialization in the following services: Surveillance service Key Register and Control service Security Specialized security service Surveillance service


Our objective is to carry out a customised business assessment adapted to suit the client’s needs. This service is carried out by unarmed security guards, recruited by OLMEDO QATAR, who have undergone rigorous selection tests which enable us to clearly assess their knowledge and to prepare them for the resolution of any contingency.

The variety of security service equipment (CCTV, detection systems, fire warnings, central alarm receiver, electronic systems, etc.) are without doubt of huge value operating on their own, but likewise provide our security company, excellent assistance for surveillance services. specialised security service

unarmed security guards

OLMEDO QATAR has undertaken security services in a wide range of different sectors, but throughout its career has specialized irrefutably in the following areas:

The unarmed security guard service provided by OLMEDO QATAR, adheres to private security regulations legislated to date for all security companies.

Office premises security Business security

We personally manage the security guards, who undergo a continuous training schedule whereby they are made aware


Office premises security

__Access control __Barriers, doors and floodgates __Emergency evacuation __Signs __Fire extinguishing __Explosions __Fire detection __Fire protection __Intrusion detection __Blinds and reinforced doors __Contamination __Personal protection __CCTV surveillance __Security guards __Work place safety services

Security companies should carry out a security protocol in office premises, particularly highlighting and avoiding risks of the following nature: -Fire hazard risk -Theft risk To achieve these objectives, both the occupier of the office premises and the security company must create a comprehensive security programme. Below we present all systems and services taken into consideration to set up the programme: __Central alarm receivers __Access control __Emergency evacuation __Signs __Fire extinguishing __Lighting __Fire detection __Fire protection __Safes __CCTV surveillance (surveillance cameras) __Security guards

In addition to the preceding list, additional vulnerable areas to be considered are the following: __Emergency exits __Rear business area __Maintenance areas (water system, temperature inlet, machines, boilers, etc.) How do we stand out from the rest?

From a generic viewpoint, it must be considered that there could be a need for additional specific precautionary measures according to location, dimension, etc. The vulnerable areas of an office premises are the following:

A client expects from a security company: group integration, commitment, dedication, initiative, professionalism and above all knowing how to react efficiently to any type of adversity that may arise. In order to achieve all of these skills we have put together a formula which combines four requisites:

__ Reception __ Access to the building from outside __ Emergency exits __ Parking __ Flat roof

Personnel recruitment Training The two combined result in an exemplary and efficient security service.

Business Security

Personnel recruitment

Security companies must carry out a security protocol in businesses, taking into consideration not only theft, petty theft, fires and other day to day anomalies. We must consider possible accidents that have occurred in this sector as well the pollution of our ecosystem. We must avoid the following situations:

OLMEDO QATAR relies on responsible personnel who are in charge of carrying out a variety of tests before hiring a possible employee who wishes to become part of our surveillance company. They set up physical and psychological tests, personal interviews and analyse exhaustive references. Training

- Fire hazard risk - Theft risk - Daily routine risk - Pollution risk - Flood risk

In over 20 years experience, we have learnt that the training our security staff is of vital importance. OLMEDO QATAR ‘invests’ rather than ‘spends’ capital on personnel training. Our employees receive regular and continuous training. By adopting this philosophy we are ensuring that in the event of an adversity our personnel are totally qualified and ready to resolve it efficiently, and consequently increase the client´s trust offered from the start.

To achieve these objectives, working together the occupier and the security company must create a comprehensive security programme. Below are listed all systems and services taken into consideration to set up the programme: __Central alarm receivers __Communication system


our services technical services

MaintenanCe OLMEDO QATAR extends its offer of services with the acquisition and integration of companies highly specialised in the running of technically advanced installations. The current teams have more than 35 years experience. At OLMEDO QATAR we are able to attend to a wide range of disciplines and activities related to technical installation maintenance. Concept and methodology Our services Hygiene supplies The concept of maintenance Identification of needs, objectives and the client´s business environment. Monitoring and optimization of the established technical plan or production of a maintenance adapted to a specific scenario. Execution of the jobs according to programme and needs: -Operative flexibility - Installation, project and execution suitability.

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Application of advanced programmes for control, individual management of the different areas of the project, project provision, as well as non predictable aspects. -Direct and complete information to the client on the developments and status of the technical plan.

Methodology At OLMEDO QATAR our priority is to satisfy our clients’ needs in the most favourable way and to minimise the effects of our operations to their workplace and activity. We offer a variety of services such as for example: minor maintenance with machine in operation, a programme which allows the client to monitor exhaustively The Preventive Maintenance Plan, control the quantity of spare parts in the warehouse and to monitor the maintenance procedures, for instance their duration or jobs completed.

Our services Building maintenance services __Air-conditioning and thermal/HVAC installation __Electricity (High, Medium and Low voltage), mains and switch control. __All types of fluid networks, including energy efficiency management Plumbing, Compressed air, etc. __Fire proof system. __Fuel and gas. __Other jobs: metal and woodwork, painting, minor labouring jobs, etc. Industrial maintenance services __Industrial cold storage. -Cold storage rooms for the food distribution and food industry sector. __ Electricity: -High and low voltage. -Low voltage: output and handling. __ Industrial machinery. __ Inspection, regular and implemented __ Compressed air, hydraulic. __ Fuel and gas. Hygiene supplies The OLMEDO QATAR Hygiene Supplies Division combines with OLMEDO QATAR´s knowledge and experience to offer a set of hygiene dispensers and a complete accessory programme. A complete service ´pack´ for lavatories, rest rooms, changing rooms, etc; is provided.

OLMEDO QATAR provides initial assistance with defining the requirements and recommending a solution, overseeing the installation of the equipment and guaranteeing regular supplies. __Personalised service and attention by sanitary hygiene specialists. __Attractive, resistant and hygienic dispensers. __Emulsion, soaps, lotions non harmful to the skin. __Disinfectants, air fresheners and bacteriostatic devices. __Female hygiene bins. __Treated carpets. __Accessories OLMEDO QATAR provides its clients with a range of equipment to suit their needs. OLMEDO QATAR´s Hygiene supplies can be used in offices, public institutions, industry in general, food sector, hospitals and medical institutions. Thanks to experience and economy of scale OLMEDO QATAR´s clients obtain: __A more economic solution, consumption savings. __Constant and notable quality, adapted to every need. __A simplified cost structure, which facilitates the prediction and monitoring of budgets.

our services technical services


5. Response speed: OLMEDO QATAR has at its disposal technical and human resources to give quick and effective solution to any unexpected event.

Why choose OLMEDO QATAR maintenance? 1. Professional qualification: Our technicians have received complete training, in the best training centres. The job title obtained guarantees a technical and practical understanding of the most demanding needs of our clients. Also, our professionals constantly expand their skills thanks to the continuous OLMEDO QATAR training programmes.

6. Technical advice: OLMEDO QATAR´s employees and clients have the backup of a team comprised of a wide range of professionals, providing solutions to the most complex needs. 7. Preventive solutions: We are aware of the real problems we face; therefore we always anticipate effectively ensuring our client’s wellbeing.

2. Quality: We look after the image of your workplace. We guarantee a selection of respectful and responsible employees, who pay attention to detail for your satisfaction.

8. Planning: The development of a project depends on careful and effective planning; our clients always have the execution guarantee of our contract.

3. Flexibility: OLMEDO QATAR carefully utilises client’s resources, adapting tools and machinery to the needs of each workplace without interfering in the daily activity.

9. Attention to detail: Only by tending to every detail can you achieve perfection. For this reason our workforce scrutinises millimetre by millimetre their workspace and image.

4. Communication fluidity: OLMEDO QATAR´s clients have direct contact with our team to facilitate an immediate solution to their needs, from the everyday to the most complex, the management department personally intervenes.

10. Cutting edge tools and machinery: Innovation and development is also part of a well done job, as a result we strive to improve on a daily basis.


our services auxiliary services

All tasks which allow our clients to dedicate themselves exclusively to their professional occupation can be entrusted to OLMEDO QATAR.

There are few companies that possess a clear description of how long and how many resources are needed on a daily basis to meet the requirements of Auxiliary Services. On the other hand, nearly everyone would agree that in a world of constant change and evermore competitive attitudes, no one can afford the luxury of wasting time or resources.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Telephone operators Receptionists Secretarial services Hall management Access control Internal logistics I.T. First Aid Auxiliary nurse


our services catering

collective catering Sectors: Senior citizens Education

We have at our disposal a service capable of offering a comprehensive restoration service, allowing us to cover all parts of the productive, logistical and operational process.

OLMEDO QATAR catering offers: _ Precise and personalised service. _ Competitive and efficient management. _ Continual monitoring of the hired services controlled by our supervision structure. _ Implementing cutting edge technology applicable to food processing and services, distinguishing us from the rest. The strength and vigour of our proposal is based on: _ Knowledge of the sector and the services we provide. _ Detailed selection of the finest raw materials. _ Scrupulous compliance with current hygiene regulations. _ The professionalism of the personnel appointed to the service: dieticians, cooks, assintance, etc.


Senior citizens


Senior citizens: OAP homes; residents food supply.


Education: nurseries, schools, high schools, student residents, colleges, universities and specialist education. We also provide educational solutions and services, monitoring, comprehensive service area planning and kitchen management.

We´re passionate about education! It is clear, that this statement of intent is not enough, therefore allow us to elaborate: Who we are

Senior citizens At Olmedo Qatar catering we are aware of the need for perfection when it involves senior citizens and their professional care workers. The proposal of an elaborate programme provides us with efficient planning and food management resources regarding: __ Menus adapted to individual tastes, textures and nutritional requirements of senior citizens. Including monthly rotation and seasonal products. __ An adequate planning of particular circumstances of the individual (diet and medicinal diets) __ Personnel guidance, management and training: selection, hiring and resignation cover of food service employees. Each and every member of the team of professionals (dieticians, cooks, assistants and supervisors) who form part of Olmedo Qatar Catering work to guarantee a programme best suited to our clients’ workplace.

Following our initial offer of cooking and catering, our daily contact with the world of education allows us to offer an extensive and precise range of comprehensive catering services for the education community. We rely on service resolve and flexibility to provide the answers which are best suited to every situation; and constant innovation is our principal motive. How we work There are a number of objectives and situations which are common to all schools. Nevertheless, we all know that ‘every School is a universe’. This constitutes a very positive factor as it adds richness and creativity to education, allowing each school community to adjust to the needs of its environment. Similarly, the way in which we work is characterised by flexibility and proximity: We constantly improve our service and adjust to the needs of each workplace. We always deal with each educational project taking into consideration the approval of the School Board and Parent Committee. Thus, our ample service offered can be considered a project designed in a personalised manner, adapted to each school. Nevertheless, we share a common methodology: Every school year we draw up a food programme adjusted to each individual school. Every term we consolidate the programme in three-monthly menus. Our kitchen and catering staff work together, sharing the same objectives and common vision. Those in charge of the staff, together with the supervisor, hold regular meetings with the School Board and Parent Association to evaluate the quality of service and find improvements if needed. What we provide Supplies, catering and cooking

our company

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OLMEDO QATAR provides the client:

Olmedo Qatar is a leading company that offers innovative solutions and quality to satisfy each clients´ requirements.

__ National coverage in Spain and execution of international projects __ The ability of being one of the leading businesses in the sector __ Area of national cover: Madrid, Catalonia, Castilla Leon, Castilla la Mancha, Extremadura, Valencia, Andalusia, Ceuta, Galicia and oversees in : Morocco, Oman, Qatar and Iraq. __ 14 different teams of workers. __ OHSA implemented in Health and Safety management. __ 2008 award for ´business career’ by CEOE Cepime (Spanish Confederation for Business Organisations).

- Founded in 1976 - 5000 m2 of installations - International projects in Morocco, Oman, Iraq and in Qatar . - 1,474 employees - 2010 turnover: 9 million Euros - Over 3,500 clients throughout the region - More than 1,800 workplaces throughout the region - Staff trained to implement our 35 years of experience Market segment Cleaning market segment -Premises maintenance cleaning -Initial building project cleaning -Emergency cleaning -Technical cleaning (facades, carpets, etc) -Marble, terrazzo (floors and plastics), etc,

Infrastructure and workforce Area of cover In order to guarantee our clients’ needs, we have commercial offices in Spain: __ Andalusia and Ceuta __ Madrid __ Castilla La Mancha __ Castilla Leon __ Extremadura __ Valencia Community __ Catalonia __ Galicia

Pest control service -Rodent control -insect control -Bird control -Disinfection -Wood treatment. -specialised fumigations -Specialised treatment Catering service

And Branch Offices abroad: __ Morrocco __ Oman __ Qatar __ Iraq

-Nursering school -Junior and senior schools -Senior citizen residences -Senior citizen Centres -Senior citizen areas -Retirement homes

We also possess resources and infrastructure throughout Spain.

Comprehensive Premises Service


our company our organisation


Our Organisation

A fleet of equipped vehicles and qualified personnel are available for the more immediate jobs that could arise. Through ‘the “Tripartita” Foundation´ (Employment Training Foundation) in Spain, permanent training courses are held with the intention of maintaining an optimum level of professionalism, and being able to deal with the daily challenges of changing client needs and requirements and market demand.

In order to maintain a direct and two-way line of communication for our clients, we have a diagrammed organisational chart to show the interaction and relationship between the following departments: _Head Management: As in every company the management has to coordinate and direct, assuming responsibilities and the challenge of permanently being at the forefront.

_Financial: Efficient and comprehensive management is executed by the department´s highly qualified workforce and the use of the most advanced management programmes (in our case: SAP Business One)

_Consultancy: An efficient fiscal, employment and financial team helps the company to be considered at the forefront of all different kinds of current legislation in their different fields.

_Technicians: The development and execution of all services has to originate from an initial direction, planning and balanced execution. We employ a large number of dedicated Specialist Technicians with abundant experience in their field using state-of-the-art technology, machinery and the latest products, always ensuring their correct application.

_Human Resources: The foundation of a company, in the service sector, is a good infrastructure, broad and specialised in Human Resources, to completely concentrate on the hired services. Also important is an available incorporated database to record any type of incident which could occur to an employee (by illness, , accident, holiday, absenteeism etc,.) or a client (floods, minor fires or other damages), immediately resolving the incident, without hindering the normal routine of the workplace.

_Commercial: We have a staff of highly qualified professionals, with verified experience and a strong commercial vocation, able to reach any type of client, presenting them with the most attractive estimate under the quality-price/service relationship for the service required.

Head Management

Head HR


Financial Director

Cleaning Division


Service Division

Sanitary Hygiene

Technical/Aux Services


General Supervisor



Payroll Management

Billing department

Centre network

Centre supervisor


our company background

Background historical background Our organisation began its activity on its own initiative, founded by Mr. Laureano Olmedo Campos in 1974, starting out with 11 employees in the province of Ciudad Real. The company´s intention was to provide cleaning services for the ´Monte de Piedad´and ‘Caja de Ahorros de Ronda’ savings banks, today ‘Unicaja’. The company became known as Olmedo Cleaning LLC in 1986, later changing to Olmedo Cleaning PLC in 1991 and ultimately changing to Olmedo International Cleaning PLC due to legal requirements. The constant steady growth of our clients demands new and innovative services in the sector. Therefore we are constantly studying the market in order to stay at the forefront of facilities management services. On the other hand, our main challenge which we constantly strive for through our services, is quality control. We are continually reviewing staff training programmes, updating the training of our employees for every aspect of our services With the passage of time and the constant growth of clients both in size and number it follows that the number of our employees needed to meet this growth demand too. The number has evolved from 11 initial employees in 1974 to 44 in 1980, 68 in 1986, 144 in 1991 and more then 1,400 at present. Our employees (full time and part time) are proud to provide our services in 1,800 different locations in Spain as well as our branches abroad.

national coverage Spain (Autonomous Regions - from north to south) _ Galicia _ Catalonia _ Madrid _ Extremadura _ The Community of Valencia _ Castilla Leon _ Castilla La Mancha _ Andalusia and Ceuta

International _ Morocco _ Oman _ Qatar _ Iraq

[ Estaci贸n de Sol ]

our company our essence our strategy

[ metrovacesa. Parque empresarial cristalia ]

Our Strategy

Our Essence __Responsible integration, social harmony as thefoundation of our work ethic. __Training, A binder of human groups and generator of initiatives. __Protection for work related injuries, preventive and training measures. __Environmental protection, preventive and training measures. __Dialogue and Communication, initiative, communication channels, suggestions and complaints. __Solidarity, emotional tie between employees and the company. __Measure of balance between family, personal and professional life, our endeavour is for the job to be beneficial for the private and family life of our clients and our staff.

Primarily to persevere in our efforts to secure to the maximum the prevention of work related injuries, quality of service and continual training over time. Growth Whilst achieving our established objectives in terms of quality of service, profit margin and cash flow, OLMEDO QATAR focuses on generating larger growth nationally and internationally based on a firm foundation of highly qualified staff and a secure financial position. Geographic expansion At OLMEDO QATAR we direct our investments on Middle Eastern countries, primarily The Arab Emirates, The GCC and other upcoming markets.

[ Hospital 12 de Octubre ]


our clients

# large company references in alphabetical order # client reference by sectors Food sector · Automotive sector · Construction sector · Education sector · Pharmaceutical sector · Financial sector · Leisure sector · Health sector · Telecommunications sector · Transport sector

our clients

It is well understood that this fortunate expansion, consolidated over time is due to the positive welcome that, through the years has been extended to us by our clients, is as a result of the relationship quality-price/services, which, day by day, we deliver in the different jobs we do; all of which are consolidated in our contracts. We rigorously abide by all stipulations of our contracts as signed by both parties. The company, in its persistent search for innovations to achieve our clients’ satisfaction, is well aware that the future depends on being capable of offering a wide range of ‘complete services’ (including having available on a regular basis a large number of cleaners for occasional jobs). Day by day the changing market is inspected with the sole objective of completely satisfying the most important group of any business, its CLIENTS, to whom as a result we thank for the trust shown over the years. [ estación de sol ]

larGe CoMPany reFerenCes in alPHabetiCal order:

Unicaja Group San Juan Evanagelista school Madrid Social Programme Offices


X Factor Shopping Centre

Senior citizen residences Hermanitas de los Ancianos Desamparados (senior citizen residence)

Dragados Construction LLC

Ferrovial Agroman

Muprespa Fraternity

Fomento FCC

Caja Madrid Group Mapfre Bank Caja Salud Lozoya de Buitrago Training Centre Corporación Financiera Nursery schools Gecesa (Libraries and Language Labs) Social Programme Offices


Félix Soler Winery LLC

Icn y Ashdo Dialysis clinic Mercadona Lidl Supermarkets Sabeco supermarkets Ochoa transport


[ Centro Comercial y de Ocio Plenilunio ]

Client reference by sectors:

Oritz Projects and Construction Eraln Group Peyber Hispánica

Food industry Mercadona Lidl Supermarkets Sabeco Supermarkets Félix Soler Winery Wine producer ‘Virgen de la Viñas’ Wine producer ‘de Tomelloso’ Centro Española Winery

Education San Juan Evangelista School Madrid Santa María del Castillo de Buitrago de Lozoya School Madrid Pharmaceutical Official Pharmeceutical School Madrid Ciudad Real Pharmaceutical Cooperative

Automotive MOT: Tüv Rehinland, Manzanares, Almansa and Motilla del Palancar MOT: Toledo, Tomelloso, Villarobledo, C. Real and Burguillos

Financial Caja Madrid Caja Madrid Business Group Gecesa AGCI Madrileasing Social programme Mapfre Health savings account Finanmadrid Unicaja Unicaja Office Network Cultural social programme Senior citizen Residence Retirement home Junior schools Senior citizen social area

Senior citizen centres Hermanitas Ancianos Desamparados Residence Ntra. Sra. De la Merced Santa Bárbara Residence Los Leones Residence Construction FCC Construction Ferrovial Agroman (Railways) Dragados Acciona Infrastrcutures OHL [43]

our clients

[ unitronics ]

Muprespa Fraternity Clinics: C. Real Almansa Tomelloso Manzanares Cuenca

Entertainment La Dehesa Cinema Cinemancha cinemas Ocio factor X shopping centre Health Dialysis clinics: ICN Moncloa ICN Emodial ICN Los Enebros ICN Torrejón National Dialcentre Amex Internal Sanitary Medical Projects Baviera Alcalá Clinic Baviera C. Real Clinic Vissan ophtalmology Cooperation Centres Santa Hortensia Madrid Mirasierra Madrid Francisco Silvela Madrid Guadalajara

Telecommunications Iberphone teletrainers: Madrid, Barcelona, La Coruña and Santander Cantenet Unitronic Madrid Transport Ochoa Transport Luis Simoes


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In Qatar: P.O. BOX 187-Doha- Qatar Telephone: +9744626111 Fax:+97444622299

In Spain: In Tomelloso (Ciudad Real) Industrial Area ‘El Bombo’ Avda de los Industriales, warehouse 15 13700-Tomelloso (C.Real) Apartado de Correo 301 Contact phone numbers: +34902158574/+34926538011 Fax: +34926538150 CIF: B-13033485 In Madrid: C/Villa de Marin. 30 – 10th 1 28029-Madrid


[ Metrovacesa. Parque Empresarial Cristalia ]

[ Metrovacesa. Parque Empresarial Cristalia ]

[ Estaci贸n de Sol ]


[ Hospital 12 de Octubre ]

[ Centro Comercial y de Ocio Plenilunio]


[ Hospital 12 de Octubre ]

[ C.C.O. Plenilunio ]

[ Coca-Cola Madrid ]


[ Vissum ]



Dossier Olmedo services, company, contac


Dossier Olmedo services, company, contac