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Fire Prevention Week October 5 - 11, 2014 Wallace District Fire Department reminds all residents to ‘Test your Smoke Alarms’

Brad Yochim Fire Chief Fire Inspector 34 years of service Level 2 Fire Fighting

The theme this year for Fire Prevention Week is Working Smoke Alarms Save Lives. Be sure to test your smoke alarm every month. Working smoke alarms save many lives every year in Canada. We have responded to many residential fires where the smoke alarm has notified residents of a fire and they were able to escape unharmed. Working smoke alarms means it has a good battery or power source and it is tested monthly. Hard wired smoke alarms should have a battery backup in the event of a power failure. Smoke alarms have a ten year life expectancy so it will have to be replaced if older than ten years. The

date of manufacture is on the back of every smoke alarm. There needs to be at least one smoke alarm per floor level in the home. It is recommended to have one in every sleeping room and outside the bedroom in the hallway. The best protection is to have interconnected alarms so when one sounds they all sound. If you require assistance about smoke alarms, which one to buy or where to install them you can contact the fire department. Another important life saving device you may need in your home is a carbon monoxide detector. If you have any kind of fuel burning appliance like a gas furnace, hot water heat-

er, range, fireplace, wood burning stove or fireplace then you need a CO detector. Also if you have an attached garage to the house then you need a CO detector to tell if the exhaust fumes are getting into the home. Again there needs to be one CO detector on each floor of the home. The Wallace District Fire Department has had an average year for emergency calls. We operate out of fi re stations in Virden and Elkhorn with a total of 40 firefighters and 8 trucks. We respond to an average of 120 emergency calls per year. The majority of those calls are motor vehicle collisions, vehicle fires, grass fires and false alarms. There have been very few structure fires over the past

few years which is a sign that people are practicing fire safety. Training continues to be a priority for us so that we are prepared for that next call. Wallace District firefighters receive the emergency call on pagers as well as their cell phones. The firefighters respond to the station in their personal vehicle with a fl ashing red light so keep an eye on your rear view mirror for them. If you see a fi refi ghter responding please pull to the right and stop for them. They should be given the right of way just like a fire truck, ambulance or police car. The sooner they arrive at the station the faster they can get to your emergency.

Some content in this issue has been reproduced from NFPA’s Fire Prevention Week website, www.firepreventionweek.org. ©2013 NFPA.

Thanks, firefighters for your hard work and dedication.


Virden 204-748-3811 • Toll free 1-866-770-3811 • E-mail: info@virdenmainline.com • Birtle 204-842-3301

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Virden Empire-Advance, October 3, 2014

Wallace District Fire Department - Station No. 1

Front row (l-r): Assistant Chief John Davidson, Fire Chief Brad Yochim, Deputy Chief Gary Mahoney. Back row (l-r): Ky Tough, Brad Elliott, Dugan Anderson, Chuck Heaman, Austin McKee, Cam Huff, Jason Morton, Curtis Smith, Brent MacDonald, Ben McLean, Dave Ternier, Corey Nixon, Brad Nixon, Darla Palmer, Bruce Brading, Todd Delaurier and Dustin Jackson. Missing: Rick Mailhiot, Scott Simpson, Mike Sanders, Tyson Van Eaton, Kyle Kowal and Curtis Campbell.

The Firefighters...

Gary Mahoney Deputy Chief

31 years of service - Virden 5 years of service - Birtle Level 2 Fire Fighting Instructor

John Davidson Assistant Chief

24 years of service - Virden 12 years of service Minnedosa Level 2 Fire Fighting Instructor

Brad Nixon Captain

15 years of service Level 2 Fire Fighting

Chuck Heaman Captain 23 years of service Level 2 Fire Fighting

Brent MacDonald Captain

13 years of service - Virden 2 years of service - Shilo Level 2 Fire Fighting Instructor

Thank you firefighters!

Please practice fire safety always! D.W. FRIDD TRUCKING LTD. TRUC

346 King St. • 748-3331

Virden, MB • 748.7925



Thank you ÂżreÂżghters!


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FIRE Prevention Week October 6 - 12

We would like to express our sincere appreciation for the dedication of our local fire department.

Thank you for the dedication and service that you provide to our communities. A job well done!

Seventh Avenue N., Virden (204) 748-6262

Hwy 1 and Wellington St. E. Virden • (204) 748-1244

We are proud to support

our Firefighters!

Luc’s Style Hair & Glass Studio

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Check your Âżre extinguishers annually. Make sure you have one on each level of your home.

It could save your life.


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Flower Attic & Gifts 261 Seventh Ave. • Virden (204) 748-1869

Please practice fire safety at work and home.

Store matches and lighters in a safe place away from children’s reach.


9 years of service - Virden 8 years of service - Roblin Level 2 Fire Fighting Instructor

FIRE SAFETY Starts With You!

Stay alert! Stay safe! Fire safety starts rts with h you!


Todd Delaurier Lieutenant

FireďŹ ghters Virden • 204.748.5546



Virden Empire-Advance, October 3, 2014

The Firefighters...

Ben McLean Lieutenant

Ky Tough Lieutenant

Cory Nixon Lieutenant

Curtis Smith Firefighter

Rick Mailhiot Firefighter

Jason Morton Firefighter

7 years of service Level 2 Fire Fighting Paramedic Instructor

10 years of service Level 2 Fire Fighting Paramedic Instructor

12 years of service Level 2 Fire Fighting

10 years of service - Virden 24 years of service - Killarney Level 1 Fire Fighting Instructor

29 years of service Level 2 Fire Fighting

8 years of service Level 1 Fire Fighting

Darla Palmer Firefighter

2 year of service Previous years in Souris Level 1 Fire Fighting Paramedic

Dave Ternier Firefighter

6 years of service Level 1 Fire Fighting

Dugan Anderson Firefighter 5 years of service Level 2 Fire Fighting

Scott Simpson Firefighter

3 years of service Level 1 Fire Fighting

Dustin Jackson Firefighter 2 year of service Level 2 Fire Fighting

Mike Sanders Firefighter

3 years of service Level 1 Fire Fighting

Austin McKee Firefighter

Tyson Van Eaton Firefighter

Kyle Kowal Firefighter

Curtis Campbell Firefighter

Bruce Brading Firefighter

Brad Elliott Firefighter

2 years of service

New Recruit

New Recruit

New Recruit

New Recruit

It’s time to replace smoke alarm batteries!

wear out and should be replaced at least every ten years!


Hauling & Acidizing Ltd.

1150 Anderson St., Virden 204.748.1958


Integra Tire

t Oc

THANK YOU to our many dedicated

ob er

01 4

We salute our ¿re¿ghters!

Smoke Alarms

5 - 11,


Thank you firefighters for the hard work and dedication!


(204) 748-2894

Keep up the great work!

Alex Renard B. Comm (Honors) (204) 748-6823 461 Seventh Avenue, Virden


We appreciate all the work you do for our community.

We salute our


24-hour emergency service Danny Pierrard, Owner 337 King Street, Virden

New Recruit

462 Seventh Avenue South Virden, MB (204) 748-2393

thank you firefighters for your dedication

227 3rd Avenue South • Box 669 Virden, R0M 2C0 P: 748-3553 • F: 748-3610

568 Sixth Avenue S.


Don’t play with re. Discuss and practice an escape plan with your family in case there is a ¿re in your home.

Fire Prevention Week

October 5 - 11


PLUMBING, HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING P: (204)748-2108 C: (204) 748-7272 526 Seventh Ave. S., Virden

Thank you to all firefighters for their hard work and dedication.

Trans-Canada Highway Virden, MB Virden 748-2991 • Cromer 556-2254


204.748.6959 558 Frame St., Virden

#1 Highway W., Virden (204) 748-2008

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Virden Empire-Advance, October 3, 2014

Virden Empire-Advance, October 3, 2014


Fire Prevention Week

THANK YOU The firefighters featured in this issue wish to thank all their employers for allowing them the time to dedicate their services to the department. The members ask that you support the businesses in their communities. Their generosity is the reason you can be protected in case of fire.



Virden Empire-Advance, October 3, 2014

Wallace District Fire Department, Station No. 2

Front row (l-r): Cindy McGrath, Fire Chief - Brad Yochim, Assistant Chief - Blaine Rhodes. Back row (l-r): Brad McGrath, Gareth Lewis, Jack Lewis, Jonathan Kleiver, Aaron Lewis and Andrew Lachapelle. Missing: Travis McColl, Willy Malcolm, Shawn Chapman and Ted Stremmel.

The Firefighters...

Travis McColl Deputy Fire Chief Level 2 Fire Fighting Instructor

Brad McGrath Firefighter 8 years of service

Blaine Roads Assistant Fire Chief 11 years of service Level 2 Fire Fighting

Shawn Chapman Firefighter 5 years of service

Willie Malcolm Captain

Ted Stremmel Firefighter

21+ years of service Level 2 Fire Fighting

21+ years of service Level 1 Fire Fighting

Gareth Lewis Firefighter

Jack Lewis Firefighter

5 years of service Level 1 Fire Fighting

1 year of service

Andrew Lachapelle Firefighter 9 years of service Level 2 Fire Fighting

3 years of service

Jonathan Kliever Firefighter

Cindy McGrath Secretary

New Recruit


...we salute you

Thank you to all our everyday HEROES!

RT Jebb Electric Ltd. 641 Cavendish St. S. Elkhorn, MB • 845-2315


202 Richhill Avenue•Elkhorn, MB

102 Richhill Avenue Elkhorn • 204-845-2530

Thank you

• General Insurance • Life Insurance • Auto Insurance • Financial Services Thank you to our brave firefighters for all your hard work.

for your service! Help fight fire. Plan for the unexpected.

Thank you firefighters.


Toll Free 1-800-799-8010

Aaron Lewis Firefighter

523 Ninth Ave. S. • 748-2692

McColl’s Skid Steer Elkhorn, MB • 204.748.7168


Virden Empire-Advance, October 3, 2014

Oak Lake/Sifton Fire Department

Back Row: Justin Decroliere, Chris Masson, John Johnston, David Houston, Cody Denbow, Ryan Johnston. Front Row: Rick Chorney, Derek Johnston, Riley Johnston, Wade Harvey. Missing: Melanie Schmidt, Jared Buckley, Albert Logeot

Fast facts about fire • Smoking is a leading cause of civilian home fire deaths. • Most fatal fires kill one or two people. In 2012, 8 home fires killed five or more people resulting in a total of 44 deaths. ESCAPE PLANNING • According to an NFPA survey, only one-third of Americans have both developed and practiced a home fire escape plan. • Almost three-quarters of Americans do have an escape plan; however, more than half never practiced it. • One-third (32%) of respondents who made an estimate thought they would have at least 6 minutes before a fire in their

home would become life threatening. The time available is often less. Only 8% said their first thought on hearing a smoke alarm would be to get out! COOKING • Two of every five home fires started in the kitchen. • Unattended cooking was a factor in 34% of reported home cooking fires. • Two-thirds of home cooking fires started with ignition of food or other cooking materials. • Ranges accounted for the 57% of home cooking fire incidents. Ovens accounted for 16%. • Children under five face a higher risk of non-fire burns associated with cooking and hot food and drinks than being burned in a cooking fire.


• Microwave ovens are one of the leading home products associated with scald burn injuries not related to fires. According to the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System, two out of five of the microwave oven injuries seen at emergency rooms in 2011 were scald burns. • Clothing was the item first ignited in less than 1% of home cooking fires, but these incidents accounted for 15% of the cooking fire deaths. HEATING • The leading factor contributing to heating equipment fires was failure to clean, principally creosote from solid fueled heating equipment, primarily chimneys.

FIREFIGHTERS ...you have our gratitude

Thank you to all the fire volunteers! Valleyview Consumers Co-op Ltd.


Roger Branum Construction

235 Vyner Avenue Oak Lake â&#x20AC;˘ 204-855-2450

Six locations to serve you in Virden, Oak Lake, Reston and Pierson www.valleyview.coop

â&#x20AC;˘ Possible alcohol impairment was a factor in one in five (18%) of home smoking fire deaths. â&#x20AC;˘ In recent years, Canada and the United States have required that all cigarettes sold must be â&#x20AC;&#x153;fire safe,â&#x20AC;? that is have reduced ignition strength and less likely to start fires. CANDLES â&#x20AC;˘ During 2007-2011 candles caused 3% of home fires, 4% of home fire deaths, 7% of home fire injuries and 6% of direct property damage from home fires. â&#x20AC;˘ On average, there are 32 home candle fires reported per day. â&#x20AC;˘ More than one-third of these fires (36%) started in the bedroom; however, the candle industry found that only 13% of candle users burn candles in the bedroom most often.


for your service in Kenton, Miniota and Oak Lake.

Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re at home here. â&#x20AC;˘ Your Community Builder â&#x20AC;˘ Personalized Service â&#x20AC;˘ Equity and Cash Back â&#x20AC;˘ Quality Co-op Label Products

We salute our FIREFIGHTERS for all their hard work and dedication.

4 - 585 Seventh Ave., Virden 204.748.3931

â&#x20AC;˘ Portable or fixed space heaters, including wood stoves, were involved in one-third (33%) of home heating fires and four out of five (81%) home heating deaths. â&#x20AC;˘ Half of home heating fire deaths resulted from fires caused by heating equipment too close to things that can burn, such as upholstered furniture, clothing, mattresses or bedding. â&#x20AC;˘ In most years, heating equipment is the second leading cause of home fires, fire deaths, and fire injuries. â&#x20AC;˘ Fixed or portable space heaters are involved in about 4 out of 5 heating fire deaths. SMOKING MATERIALS â&#x20AC;˘ Sleep was a factor in 31% of the home smoking material fire deaths.



thank you

for all you do!

RM of Sifton Town of Oak Lake vanguardcu.mb.ca

293 Second Avenue West Oak Lake â&#x20AC;˘ 204-855-2423


Virden Empire-Advance, October 3, 2014

Miniota Fire Department

Miniota Fire Department has a total of 22 members including 11 EMTs, as they are also a medical first response agency. Top row (l-r): Curtis Gardham,Trevor Clark,Jody Evans, Ross Priestley,Sheldon Doole, Luke Lelond. Middle row (l-r): Chief Nick Young,Darcy Oliver,Ryan Brown,Brian Oliver, Wayne Poppel, Linda Mitchell,Shelley Gardham,April McKenzie. Bottom row (l-r): Brian Greaves, David Howard,Rodney Gardham


thank you for your time and dedication to our community.

Fire Prevention Week


October 6 - 12

we thank you!

THANK YOU to all our ¿re¿ghters!


Thank a ¿re¿ghter!

Virden Footwear

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383 Seventh Avenue South Virden • 204-748-2883


Thank you to the ¿re¿ghters for all their hard work and dedication.

We are proud to support our ÀreÀghters!

220 Nelson Street West Virden • 204-748-2382

THANK YOU FIREFIGHTERS. We appreciate your dedication.


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206 Woodworth Ave., Kenton•204-838-2240

Store matches and lighters out of children’s reach and sight, preferably in a locked cabinet.

For all your Machining and Welding Needs Retailer of Bearings, Belts, Bolts, Steel and Welding Supplies

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No. 1 Hwy. and King St. Virden • 204-748-2354

173 King St. E., Virden 204-748-1775

We are proud to have such dedicated firefighters. Keep up the good work! 333 Seventh Ave. • Virden (204) 748-1666

If you must escape through smoke, get low and go under the smoke to safety!

210 Frontage Rd. • Virden


Saluting our everyday heroes...

We salute our FIREFIGHTERS!

During Fire Prevention Week

October 6 - 12 is Fire Prevention Week. Remember to test your fire alarms. We salute our firefighters. 640 Frontage Rd W. Virden, MB (204) 748-3619

River Valley Road N., Virden

(204) 748-2454


Working smoke alarms and a well practiced home escape plan increase your chance of surviving a fire.

•October 6-12•


TS&M SUPPLY 490 Frontage Rd. W. 204-748-2094

Your dedication to the Wallace District Fire Department is very much appreciated.

526 Seventh Ave. S. • Virden


295 Third Avenue,Virden 204.748.3095

383 Wellington St. • Virden 204-748-1876

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Virden Fire Prevention Week  

Virden Fire Prevention Week

Virden Fire Prevention Week  

Virden Fire Prevention Week