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Style Guide Bag Guide Is That a Louie ?



3-4 Editors Note & Team V.S. 10 Love is a Grave Mental Disease Since guys & gals are confused nowadays 6 Slim Limbs and running around like headless chickIt’s everywhere in today’s fashion, Emo’s, hipsters, creatives, and...what? The hardcore…yes even them, slim is in, and it’s about damn time.

12 Fashion...Recycled

New is overrated, buying second-hand can be just as rewarding and give you a unique and fresh look.

7 Style Guide 8 Is that a Louie?

For the second time since 2001, Louis Vuitton have again teamed up with the late fashion genius of Stephen Sprouse

9 Bag Guide

ens, let me fill you in....

The Ultimate Bag guide for the Spring.

13 On The Come-Up

9 14 Riffy’s Corner

Trying to decipher a complex mind is pointless, She beats to her own drum and could care less if you listen... But if you do, take what she gives you and trust her judgement, you won’t be sorry.

15 Rounds On Me !

What causes a hangover? How to avoid it? What are the best mixed drinks? V.S. has you covered for those depressing Friday nights, or those wild Sunday mornings.

These unique individuals are THE underground of the art and music scene that deserve your attention. Pick their minds and I’m sure they’re all thinking the same thing: Today..New York, Tomorrow...The World!!!



15 Rounds On Me !

Fashion...Recycled On The Come Up





Editors Note


YouTube “Man Law (pilot episode)”

Picture taken during the filming of Man Law (pilot episode)

Welcome to Viral Status, Through the sophisticated lens of the fashion adept youth of New York City, each issue takes an in-depth look at the influential worlds of style, music, film, fashion, sports, business and art/design. V.S. IS your complete guide to fashion and lifestyle. I came to the realization last year that I’m clearly running out of time. I always aspired to walk on my own and make my own tracks in this world, but reflecting back at the past 2 years, I have done nothing but fall into the same state of mind many seem to fall in....Go to school, get a diploma, and get a job; All of that seems rather safe and secure, but with each passing day we are wasting opportunities, time, and chances. Working to put money in someone else’s pocket does not sit well in my head so here I present to you the product of my wildest hopes and dreams... I appreciate all of your support, and even if you haven’t shown any ... just reading down to the end of this note is enough for me.

- Thanks







“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.� Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Staff Writers

Castro Desroches


Dominique Germain

Alexander Smith

Crystal Beckford

Carl H. Joseph-Black



Sherifa Gayle

Nadine Charles



Edwidge Mucius









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Castro Desroches



Sherifa Gayle


Massiel Franco


Alexander Smith


Crystal Beckford


Dominique Germain


Nadine Charles


Carl H. Joseph-Black carl@viralstatus.com






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The 511 jean from Levis. Low rise and slim fit for the leanest take on the classic five-pocket style.

SLIM LIMBS It’s everywhere in today’s fashion. Emo’s, hipsters, creatives, and …what? The hardcore…yes even them, slim is in, and it’s about damn time.

Article by Alexander Smith alex@viralstatus.com


Slim Limbs In society more people of different backgrounds are now pro-slim fit wear. Levis 511 slim fit jeans and many others are as popular as ever in the urban and middle class areas. Not only do 511’s come in various sizes, washes, and colors but you can pretty much wear them with any style of shoes or sneakers. For the sneaker crowd they provide just enough slack so they’re not too tight at the ankles, and they provide just the right amount of length to sag just enough. Slim fit doesn’t just focus on denim either, but other materials like corduroys, khakis, and chinos (chino pants are a style similar to khakis, but dressier in style). The slim fit style has also been integrated into different clothing wear such as shirts, jackets, and even ties. Skinny ties are gaining popularity as they provide a more casual look when out and about. One of the reasons for this trend shift is the fact that slim fit clothes offer a more sleek and sophisticated look (something lacking from our baggy past).



Essential Elements

Cardigans, boat shoes, v-necks and dress vests just to name a few are all staples that play a big part in fashion today. Although these components are very basic, They have been known to make an outfit really stand out, and with the right execution you’ll surely be the one to notice no matter where you go. - ALEXANDER SMITH

Highlight Koto Chambray Vest

Scotch & Soda Cardigan

Sperry Top-Sider Vanishing Elephant V-neck

Watching Your Wallet.... Being that our nations economic crisis is upon us, we now more than ever need to tighten up our budget and think long and hard before reaching into that wallet. Now some might say because of this harsh reality that we live in today our options are limited, but in retrospect its much more the opposite. This is where a true test of fashion sense sets in; Make an outfit on the fly, for cheap, and make it work for you. It’s not easy, but we’re here to help:

Uniqlo - SoHo, NY (546 Broadway) Prices are on the cheap side, and the selection is wide and classic. They also do on-site alterations at NO extra charge. Save a buck and get that perfect fit...can’t top that.

INA - SoHo, NY (21 Prince St.) Brands like Gucci, Hermes, and a Prada are within your reach. Prices are fairly discounted and they do special sales too. (hint: sign up for the Ina mailing list).






Is that a Louie? Louis Vuitton has released yet another collaboration. For the second time since 2001 they have again teamed up with the late fashion genius Stephen Sprouse (1953 - 2004). The Louis Vuitton x Stephen Sprouse Collection consists of many different pieces from handbags, scarves, tights, and shoes. The collection brings in an urban graffiti mix to Louis Vuitton’s high-class brand that drastically contrasts from their traditional lines. This departure from the norm brings a fresh look among the classic flower and checkerboard pattern Louis Vuitton usually produces. The almost marker like strokes looks as if your tried-and-true Louie bag was vandalized by a child with a highlighter; But oddly enough it still works, and it’s visual appeal is undeniable. Public outlook on the line remains very divided, either you love it or hate it. What do you think? What is the price for the collection? Well Louis Vuitton has been known to be a little high in price and this collaboration proves no different. There are Stephen Sprouse scarves in different color ways and designs starting at $150, as well as handbags and totes for women ranging from $500 to almost $3000.

Article by Carl H. Joseph-Black carl@viralstatus.com

Summer Satchels


Like clothes, jewelry, shoes and make-up, a handbag will always play an important part in woman’s fashion. Did you Know: Number of handbags the average woman owns


“Redding” Large Tote $428, michaelkors.com Freshen up your shopping style with the spacious “Redding” tote from Michael Kors, featuring bold oversized double buckles, contrast stitching and rich color.

Backpacks are cool, But Man Bags are running the streets these days


Kimchi Blue Chain Metal Bag $68, Urbanoutfitters.com Oversized duffle bag with a canvas shell and link chain detailing at the side. Perfect for school and work and easy on the wallet.

Duffle-Bag Boy


‘Key & Shell - China C’ Satchel $350, juicycouture.com A goldtone shell and key dangle next to a tassel and mini coin purse on a boxy satchel, pleated at the front and back. A removable shoulder strap adds a convenient on-the-go touch.

Urban Dictionary Look-Up: “Man Bag”

A bag, purse, or large duffel bag with one strap worn by metrosexual or homosexual males.

Highlight The Weekender Duffle $228, Gap.com Grab and go. Show the weekend what you’ve got with this impeccably crafted leather duffel bag. The fully lined packing compartment includes two full-length zipper pockets and plenty of packing space for overnight trips or weekends away.

Venezia duffle $299.00 $299, flotoimports.com Venezia Duffle is hand made in Tuscany using Italian polished calf-skin leather and old world craft methods. The result is a rugged yet supple leather duffle bag with unquestionable quality and durability not found in mass produced luggage. VIRALSTATUS.COM

Contrast Barrel Bag $75, fredperry.com The fully lined packing compartments includes two full-length zipper pockets and plenty of packing space for overnight trips or weekends away. Bottom line: you’ll be ready to roll no matter which destination you choose. - CRYSTAL BECKFORD SPRING 2009


Article by Edwidge Mucius edwidge@viralstatus.com

- Plato 10

Since guys & gals are confused nowadays and running around like headless chickens, lemme fill you in.... Dating is so overrated. You have to leave the house, listen to someone ramble on about nothing, and have that uncomfortable should we kiss or hug moment at the end of the date. Relationships are tough. Period. We dread any arguments, disappointments, and heartbreak. That’s why many people these days opt to avoid the entire process and just live the single life with one or two “key” contacts for some action. But at the same time we want companionship, intimacy, and to feel loved.



But seriously speaking, the cure to this dilemna is HONESTY. This goes both ways. If men and women started being honest with themselves first, then their partners, alot of the B.S. would not exist. The infamous “I can’t read your mind” line would go down the drain right along with it. Determining what is TMI is one of the hardest parts when you 1st meet someone. But for sure-tell the other person what you want from the relationship. Be 100% honest, which means if you want a marriage

“And women-you are not off the hook, you all have become stalkers. Are you really that desperate?” I’m starting to notice how much men and women have created a double edge sword in dating. Two heads are better than one,yes, but men...why do you choose the smaller of the two? And women-you are not off the hook-you all have become stalkers. Are you really that desperate? People, get it together!!!!

with a white picket fence, SAY SO!!! If you just want a hook-up, SAY SO!!!! For those of you greedy cake grabbing and eating sons of bitches, if you want both the marriage and the side hook-ups too SAY SO!!! Let’s stop wasting each other’s time and stop settling. I don’t know who Simon is, but Obama says it’s time for change. - EDWIDGE MUCIUS







New is overrated, buying second-hand can be just as rewarding and give you a unique and fresh look. What goes around comes back around again, for real, especially when it comes to fashion. You have to be a total square if you haven’t noticed all the 70s and 80s trends re-emerging on the runways. Harem hammer pants, high waists, denim jackets, acid wash, funky shades, spandex, bandage dresses, lumber jack flannels are all hot and fashionable once again, but this time we’re too broke to keep up...so for those of you who are trying to go easy on your pockets but still want to be up on the latest styles, I have the perfect solution for you: Vintage. Thrifting and shopping at consignment shops saves a bundle and you find

hotter, one of a kind items, that aren’t in regular stores (where 50 other people have the option to get the same exact thing as you). A consignment shop is a store that buys your clothes from you and gives you either cash or store credit for it. It’s a win/win even if you don’t find anything you like at least you might leave a bit richer than you came in, life is sweet. Bring your retired clothes to Beacon’s Closet or Buffalo Exchange and see how things turn out. I must warn they only take clean, undamaged, trendy or vintage items, so don’t bring a sack of crap for them to sift through because

Vintage Shops:

Out with the old and in with the new (new to you that is)

Used & Abused

Beacon’s Closet

you will get your feelings hurt, but don’t take it personal, just take it to the Salvation Army. The next time you pass a Goodwill or a thrift store don’t be scurred, take a peek inside and see what they’re working with, I understand that might be too much for some...but take baby steps. You can expect to see my online vintage clothing boutique, The Black Boxx Vintage Collective, coming soon, we have hot shit. Period. - DOMINIQUE GERMAIN

Did You Know:

The word vintage is copied from its use in wine terminology, as a more elegant-seeming euphemism for “old” clothes.



Featured Store


88th N. 11th St. Brooklyn, ny 1121

718.486.0816 Park Slope

92 5th avenue Brooklyn, ny 11217

- Beacon’s closet is a clothing exchange store. Beacon’s closet specializes in both ultramodern and vintage attire.

Trunk Show

YOU DON’T NEED A REASON TO GLAM!! - Used & Abused, a Brooklyn based vintage clothing company, whose vision is to supply HOT, FUNKY, one of a kind pieces that fits into today’s lifestyle.

718.230.1630 12



Sunday May 17th John Masters Organics 77 Sullivan St. between Spring and Broome. 12pm-6pm

On The Come Up...


Deciding to work for yourself is always an easy decision, but actually living that dream is another story. These unique individuals are THE underground of the art and music scene that deserve your attention. Pick their minds and I’m sure they’re all thinking the same thing: Today..New York, Tomorrow...The World!!!

Squad: Broken Society

dad is def one of them because he owned and started his own clothing store from scratch. I’ve always been slightly infatuated by the drug dealers way of life; Minus the selling drugs, I like to watch old docs on Nicky Barns, Frank, Freddy Myers, and all the big time drug kingpins. I get motivated from them and just their hustlers ambition to get seen and heard. I take that from the streets and flip it into what I’m into.

Who/What are some of your inspirations/influences? Well my

Do you have any press or recognition yet? Well I’m pretty known in


Name: D-Ferg Hometown: I’m from Sugarhilll well known as Harlem NYC. Craft: Ima all around artist. But fashion is my shit. How long have you been designing/making art? I’ve been drawing since I was 5 or 6 and I started designing around 13. Training: H.S. of Art and Design


Fly Lady Di


What’s one interesting thing you’d like people to know about you? I go by the motto, sleep is forbidden and when its bed time I will be in a black suit with hard bottoms on...I just sleep enough to dream up new ideas! Contact/works/info: Myspace.com/dferghnv

Name: Daren Chambers

Craft: Artist/Dancer

Craft: Fine Artist/Teacher

Hometown: Ontario, Canada

Hometown: Bronx, NY

Closer Look: She does just about everything and she’s dope as hell so if you haven’t heard of her check her out.

Experience: Painting since the age

Contact/Info/Works: Myspace.com/flyladydi Facebook: Diana Reyes, Flyladydi.blogspot.com, flyladydi.com

Genre: Pop/ Conscious Rap Hometown: Brooklyn native, Providence representer! Influences: Adversity is what influences me to create my music. Favorites/ Inspirations? : Qtip, Lupe, Hov, T.I., Sade & Anita baker for those mellow nights.

Suzi Analogue

Harlem for my work and creativity. As of now I’m focused on getting out there to that Soho crowd with the whole art and fashion scene.

Name: Fly Lady Di

Name: Lahjik also known as Lah



If you could work with any artist who would it be?: Will.I.Am What is something interesting you would like people to know about yourself?: Im 100% left handed Name: Suzi Analogue Hometown: Baltimore Genre: Indie, Alternative Label: Dopeness Galore Influences: Ex-boyfriends, future boyfriends, imaginary husbands, HipHop, people on the subway, crime, choir practice on Saturdays when I was 10, and you, and you, and you. Contact/info/music: myspace.com/effuimpretty Facebook: Suzi Analogue http://www.last.fm/music/ Suzi+Analogue

of 6 Training: H.S. of Art and Design, Mount St. Michael Academy, School of Visual Arts Contact/info/art: myspace.com/jazzformula facebook: daren chambers http://www.jazzformulanyc.com

Daren Chambers

but I can play the guitar with my right hand. Describe yourself with one word: Logic Closer Look: Lahjik, better known as Lah is a 22 year old Brooklyn Native Hailing from the city of Providence, R.I. and a current resident of Harlem, NYC. He is the headlining hip hop recording artist of Silky Don Entertainment and the founder of Brilliant Guy Music Group. Lahjik defines his genre of hiphop music as Pop-Conscious. Those familiar with Lah’s music will agree that not

only does he display lyrical variety with a charming sense of what the Ladies like but his music content offers a vision with insight thought to be beyond his years. Lah has major plans for 2009, as he continues his path to prove himself to be a great prospect in this hiphop industry with a promising future. More info/Contact/ Listen: voiceoflahjik.wordpress.com myspace.com/thisislah

Name: C-San Hometown: Los Angelas, California Genre: Hip Hop


Influences: WILL SMITH!!, Kanye West, Pharohe monch, Joe Budden, Dr. Dre, Wu-Tang, Ghostface, Lupe Fiasco, Royce Da 59. And anyone who follows and completes their dreams. Contact/info/music: myspace.com/csanmusic Check out his hit song “L.A. Life”





Riffy’s Corner

Trying to decipher a complex mind is pointless, She beats to her own drum and could care less if you listen... But if you do, take what she gives you and trust her judgement, you won’t be sorry.


Riffy Tech:

Mp3 Player and Credit Card All In One, By Paul Cooper What you see is what you get, this is just a concept for now but let us all just close our eyes and dream. You may come back to reality now. Yes, a credit card and a Mp3 player. It has an OLED display, 3.5mm headphone jack and touch sensitive buttons! There isn’t a drop date or anything available at this time but keep an eye out.

Riffy’s Toys: Are their any graffiti heads reading this? Being that I’m one myself, I think I’ve found the perfect toy for us. It’s only a few ounces and it allows you to tag up all over New York City landmarks without jail time or a beat down by the man in blue. It’s called The Walls Notebook. It is sold at a variety of retail shops or at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, and Borders. Oh and by the way that yellow truck sells the best waffles in the City!

Riffy’s Summer Essentials:


These are needed for summer, no if, ands, or buts about it.


Kanye Kicks Have Finally Landed After much speculation the Air Yeezy’s were dropped 04/04/09. These kicks have been on the minds of sneaker heads since Kanye rocked them at the 2008 Grammys. They retail for $215 and are practically sold out everywhere as of right now. The first color way to be released was the Zen Grey, next up will be the black/black on 05/02/2009. Good luck trying to cop these kicks, people waited two days on a line! We can now say Kanye is a brand himself or for lack of better words, a creative monster! -SHERIFA GAYLE 14




Rounds On Me!


What causes a hangover? How to avoid it? What are the best mixed drinks? V.S. has you covered for those depressing friday nights, or those wild sunday mornings.

Drinks to Make... Couch Surfer

- 2 oz Malibu® coconut rum - 1/2 oz amaretto almond - 4 oz pineapple juice - 1 splash grenadine syrup Pour ingredients into a highball glass over ice. Garnish with a lime wheel.



Green On Main - 1 oz Le Tourment Vert - 1 oz sweet and sour mix - 1 oz simple syrup - 1 lemon wedge Shake well and strain into chilled cocktail glass Garnish with lemon twist.

Generally whatever has the most % of alcohol will get you drunk faster; But speed also depends on how much you eat as well as your body mass. Be responsible when you drink and make sure you are with close friends to avoid “next morning regret”. You should eat a big meal before you start drinking and plenty of water. If you didn’t know... hangovers are caused by dehydration after you go to sleep. Make sure you drink lots of water during and after you drink. Have plenty of water the next day too.

Drinks to Order...

“Manly men” I’m sure, you’ve never ordered a mixed drink before, and don’t actually know what drinks are safe to order without risking penile deflation. Worry not my friend, follow our guidelines and we’ll show you what you can order to drink, and still be a manly man.


Time for Shots!! Agua


- 1/3 oz Malibu coconut rum - 1/3 oz Blue Curacao - 1/3 oz Bailey’s Irish cream Pour ingredients together in similar proportions making sure you finish with the Bailey’s - which should sink to the bottom then swirl through the blue.


Absolutly Screwed


- 1/2 oz Absolut Mandrin - 1/2 oz Orange Juice Mix OJ and Mandrin then enjoy!





Highlight Did You Know:

Most people don’t have a problem with alcoholism but there are an estimated 10 to 15 million alcoholics or problem drinkers in the United States, with more than 100,000 deaths each year attributed to alcohol.

Irish Car Bomb Even the name sounds manly. This

drink is a shot glass filled with Irish Whiskey (preferably Jameson) with Baileys Irish Cream floated on top. The shot is then dropped into a glass of Guinness and downed. All Irish, contains both whiskey and stout beer. Definitely a man’s drink.




Alcohol Drinks Spirits Intoxicant Grog Fire Water Rotgut The Hard Stuff The Bottle Hooch Moonshine Juice The Sauce

In the words of Alan Jackson, “Pour me something tall and strong, make it a Hurricane, before I go insane.” A man needs a damn stiff one. A Hurricane is a great answer. it’s made with light rum, dark rum, passionfruit syrup, and lime juice. Plus, it’s the manliest tropical drink you can get.


Article by Nadine Charles Nadine@viralstatus.com




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Profile for Castro Desroches

Viral Status magazine: Issue #1 (Spring 09')  

Viral Status magazine and Viral Status online was founded in Spring 2009 by Castro Desroches. Through the sophisticated lens of the fashion...

Viral Status magazine: Issue #1 (Spring 09')  

Viral Status magazine and Viral Status online was founded in Spring 2009 by Castro Desroches. Through the sophisticated lens of the fashion...