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Viral Status Magazine Issue 2


Issue 2: Fall/Winter 2009


The Highlights: Barbour Jackets




The Cover: The Ladies & Gentlemen


20 The Ladies & The Gentlemen

Your attire should reflect your attitude, and if your anything like this months VS models you’ll look great in the process.

4 The Spread

Stay hot in the cold with this seasons picks. Rugged boots for dudes, and sky-high heels for ladies.

12 The Highlights

Here are VS choices for top brands and shops for the season. Time to stock up.

14 The Update

Be in the Know.

40 The Retropective

Take a look back whilst taking a look forward into the classic American style.

The Highlights: Atmos Sneaker Store

“Trendy looks when it comes to jeans and pants are leaning more on the slim side but you should never sacrifice style over comfort” Richard is the VS Urban Gentleman for this issue. Check him out on pg. 34

44 The Introspective

Taking a look inside of yourself is never an easy task. Coming to grips with who you are will ultimately make you more comfortable and confident no matter where you are.



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Feels good. Seeing progress that is. Seeing your dreams come to fruition, or at least get a taste of what it looks like. We’re not there yet but moves have been made and work is being put in. This issue is everything the first issue should have been…big, bold, and bad (in a good way of course). Which leads me to think this will continually be an evolutionary project, with each issue being a new beast to tackle, a new path to trail. But at the end of the day it’s all worth it, like carrying a baby for months, and seeing it for the first time in your hands, you instantly fall in love. That’s how I feel. In this issue you’ll find a culmination of 4 months of planning, writing, and designing. Aesthetically speaking the mag has went through a major redesign, but it’s still VS you’re looking at...your soon to be (if it isn’t already) #1 source for what’s hot in style and culture.

Stay Tuned. Founder & Editor-In-Chief Contributors

Castro Desroches Edwidge Mucius Dominique Germain Yashelime Moise Carl H. Joseph-Black Sherifa Gayle Alexander Smith


Gabriel Garcia Roman Dominique Germain

Special Thanks

Jenna Adolph Deanna Reve’ Miller Jasstina Featherstone Tiffany Williams Crystal Beckford Bernard Simon Louis Theodore Norgaisse Marcy Duvert Dominic Pierre Chris Romero Atmos (Harlem, NY)


The Spread // All Terrain Boots

AllTerrain Boots Leave your Tims at home and make your way through the rain, sleet, and snow with these worksmen inspired VS picks. Ronnie Fieg x Red Wing $290.oo ( Though Red Wing Shoes is known primarily for their leather boots intended for heavy work, in recent years the company has expanded its line-up to include athleticstyled work shoes and footwear designed for specific job applications (such as slip-resistant shoes designed for the service industry and boots ideal for the mining industry that utilize a metatarsal guard). The company produces oxford, chukka, hiker, and logger styles, as well as 6-inch and 8-inch work boots.

Boot Tip Modern Classics


Fall/Winter 2009

“Modern Classics”: “Workswear items are meant to be mixed and matched, creating a more modern look.” Do you really want to walk out of the house dressed head-to-toe in a laborers outfit?. Don’t do it...


Men’s Chukka by Band of Outsiders $240.oo (

Boot Tip Protecting Suede There are many products you can buy to lengthen the life of those new suede shoes, boots, etc.. Be sure to purchase and use early in the life of your shoe as they are very susceptable to water damage.

In collaboration with Scott Sternberg from Band of Outsiders, Sperry is offering this limited edition style Still providing wavesiped, non-marking outsoles your feet will be fashionable on the boardwalks of the islands and the big city streets.

Clarks Desert Boot $95.oo


An international classic founded in 1825 and inspired by the crepe-soled boots worn by British officers in World War II. This leather boot in Taupe Waxy features a full-grain leather upper, genuine plantation crepe outsole, and a leather covered EVA footbed to keep feet comfortable and dry.

Desert Boots

They go with almost anything... dress it up, or dress it down, and they look even better worn in.

What T DoYour Shoes SayAbout ( you )?

hese say your concervative, but stll not afraid to take chances from time to time. The distressed leather give off a bit of a unpolished and refined look to your overall fit, and this great shade of brown varies in tone and texture which provides just the right amount of roughness to make it seem like your overall look was effortless, and unintentional... just make sure the pieces you attribute to it exude that same feel, otherwise you’ll be a mixed matched time-capsule.


’m different, I’m fashion forward, and I know how to dress. These classic shoes are called wingtips and they offer a bit more in terms of style, character, and history as well. The perforated leather designs bring you back to a time where dressing up was the norm, and shoes were handmade. Wingtip shoes feature a toe cap that comes to a point in the center, and spreads out toward the sides of the shoes, in a shape that somewhat resembles wings.

Fall/Winter 2009



New Heights The Spread // New Heights

How high can you go? That’s the question for this Fall/Winter season, whether your going for a night out in town, or just running a few errands, these boots will keep you warm and keep you looking sexy.

Boutique: Paramount Boot $310.oo ( This flat over the knee boot is a daytime DO. Great for the casual fashion forward look, plus chain and strap engineer style detailing add that extra edge. Stella McCartney: Perforated boots $1,595.oo ( “Peep these McCartney’s cuz stella got her groove back”. If your looking for a splurge... These faux-leather thigh high boots are like a second skin. Must haves for the ultimate fashionista. Get the matching gloves for “ONLY” $350 more.


Fall/Winter 2009


Report Signature: Kane Boot $480.oo (

Leather boots reach new heightts this winter season with uppers going way past the knee and hugging the thigh. To get this ultra sexy, always chic look to Report signature. This sleek thigh boot features studded straps which are optional, to attach to your belt, and also have gun metal spike and zipper details on the outer foot. Available in black suede and leather.

Boot Tip Style Suicide

“Style Suicide”: Don’t dare stuff those new jeans into last years Uggs or you will look stumpy and wide. Throw them in the back of the closet or wear them in a snowstorm.

Dolce Vita Marilyn Boot $366.oo ( These boots are definite head turners. The uppers are constructed from NAPPA and KID suede and wrapped in a ton of leather straps and buckles. With a platform and sky high heels you’ll be sure to grab attention where ever you go.

“The Tuck”: When wearing tall boots with jeans, choose jeans that easily tuck into the boots without creating bulk. Appropriate jeans include skinny and super skinny jeans, which have a tapered cut. Leggings however provide the easiest slickest look. Fall/Winter 2009



The Highlights // Barbour




Fall/Winter 2009

Barbour is more than just clothing. It is a quiet passion for something lasting and truly authentic. It belongs to the landscape, evolved by time and weather.

natural cotton drapes superbly, bringing an extra workability to the tailoring and cut, and more comfort and style to the wearer, while keeping out the wet for the general out-of-doors man and Barbour’s classic range woman. of jackets is based on the original Barbour proofing formula which is called Sylkoil. Soft, flexible and nonsticky, the oil proofs

Utilitarian style army jackets are not meant to be sized down, so by your true size. These variety jackets aren’t meant to look fitted.

Barbour The Military Heritage Jacket

Jacket Tip Sizing

Cowan Commando Jacket by Barbour $419.oo (

Not only was Barbour originally the motorcycle clothing manufacturer that kitted out the British racing team from the 1950s to the 70s, but they also have close liaison with many special military clients.

The Cowan Commando was a piece worn by a covert military operative and saw action in amongst other places The Falklands and The Gulf War. The officer code name Cowan took advantage of the customization facilities


Our favorite British classic, this ready-foranything jacket is still made by the original company that practically invented weatherproof back in 1894. Keeps out the cold, the wind and even the

rain. Medium-weight waxed Sylkoil cotton. Corduroy collar studded for optional hood. Snap-front with hidden-zip closure. Slant pockets, patch pockets. Double back vent with snaps. Fully lined. A Collector’s Item. Made in England.

that Barbour offers (and still does). It has now been retired to the Barbour archives. The cinch waste and fitted, disciplined silhouette make this coat feel both urgent and dynamic. The inner cuff weatherproofing

adds much needed insulation, while the excess pocket selection make the whole thing look very utilitarian.

Fall/Winter 2009



HARLEM atmosHPERE Soho is the go-to for sneakerheads, and hypebeasts alike. They make their runs from store to store with niche boutiques lying just blocks away from each other. But here in the heart of Harlem lies a premier store remaining exclusive in their products as well as their location. They draw crowds from all over the country with their exclusive shoes, and apparel...and stay rooted in arguably New York’s most famous renowned community, ridden with artistic, and musical history. Welcome to ATMOS.

Words by: Castro Desroches Photos by: Dominique Germain

“Here in the heart of Harlem lies a premier store remaining exclusive in their products as well as their location. They draw crowds from all over the country with their exclusive shoes, and apparel�

Welcome to ATMOS


The Highlight // Atmos

Hey, how are you...what’s your name? Chris Romero How long have you worked here? For one year now What sets Atmos apart from all other sneaker stores? Well Atmos, currently resides- it came from Japan, and having one Atmos in New York City is exclusive enough. Located right in the middle of Harlem, you know everyone [notable] comes from Harlem…every rapper; every fashion person….having Atmos in Harlem where everything begins is spectacular. What does Atmos mean? Atmos is actually an abbreviation for atmosphere. So, atmosphere revolves around everybody, everybody picks up a little something from the atmosphere, so that’s what we’re but then we also cater to those all about. people that can’t afford it…. Has the recession affected So you have a lot of collabothe business at all? rations...? I’m going to say yes and no… yes because, we understand [the] A lot of collaborations definitepeople, some of them lost jobs, ly. We collaborated with Nike some of them got cut hours, we with the air max 1, Lacoste as try to work around everybody. mentioned earlier and ReeAs you can see from our store bok… we have different price points, Did you do anything with we do have some exclusive shoes….kicks like Reeboks, At- puma, they often do many mos Reeboks, Atmos Lacoste, collaborations….

We did collaboration with puma as well; we threw a little get together a while back, a year and a half back. You can definitely look that up on the Internet and find some clips of that. What’s hot for this fall/winter season? Winter season we’re coming out with the Atmos varsity jackets…real sweet; it’s in the works right now it should be coming in around 2-3months. In regards to shoes there are

Atmos New Balance. We have one here in the states, in Japan they sold out in minutes…it glows in the dark and everything. (laughs) Any upcoming events? Events…Imma have to say I’ll pass on that one, we’re keeping it under wraps for now you know… Awwww… You’ll definitely hear about it,

H “...we understand [the] people, some of them lost jobs, some of them got cut hours, we try to work around everybody. As you can see from our store we have different price points...”

definitely stay in touch with this It’s the history…. one. Yeah it’s the history about Ok, ok. Is there any particu- Harlem. Located one block… lar reason why the store is set not even one block, on the very in Harlem? same block as the Apollo… c’mon, it’s just the center of It’s just that everybody that New York City for us. visits New York City wants to come to Harlem; it has to be the place to be ”I want to come to Harlem, I want to know what it’s all about”. Some people have some bad thoughts about it but its not [like that any more]

atmos 203 West 125 st. NY , NY 10027 212-666-2242

* Special thanks to the Atmos manager, and employee Chris Romero.

Fall/Winter 2009



The Update // The Rebirth



Written by: Carl H. Joseph Black Castro Desroches



elatively speaking hip-hop is a very new genre of music. It has arguably been around for about 25-30 years and in that time has grown to become the premeir form of music in mainstream american pop culture. It has grown so popular that it even has a

Fall/Winter 2009

strong following at the international level where English isn’t even the primary language, yet American stars perform worldwide with audiences chanting every word. Although most times listeners cannot relate to hip hops content ( which sometimes contains gangbanging, drug trafficking, etc..) the stories these

individuals tell are usually interesting rags to riches stories that are interesting and empowering to some degree. Its no secret that These past few years the music industry has been suffering. Hip hop especially has taken a huge hit econmically and this has forced the climate

to change quite a bit. Instead of making deep lyrical content with substance many new age artists have resorted to making sing-song pop hits that are eaten up and spit out by the mainstream, and because of this the lyrical content and storytelling aspect has disappeared.

However there is also a new breed of artists that are showing signs of hope for the suffering genre. They provide a glimpse of whats to come, and if their current success is any indication of their future, then we have nothing to worry about.

Drake Aubrey “Drake” Graham (born October 24, 1986 in Toronto, Ontario) is a Grammy award nominated Canadian actor, rapper and singer signed to Universal Records. Over the past three years he has released three mixtapes one of which being 2009’s critically acclaimed So Far Gone, which is considered one of the best mixtapes of 2009. He is in the beginning stages of recording his major label debut, tentatively titled “Thank Me Later”, which is projected to be released March 2010.

In 2006, Drake launched and promoted his first mixtape. It provided insight into the mind of a changing man. From the smooth ballads that can be cherished by the softest

off the bat who I am. I used to lie to people to impress them but those times had to cease. It’s like trying to get back together after a break up. You’ve had your time apart, and right away

“ ...I’m telling you right off the bat who I am... I really just want to draw fans into me as a person... “

women, to tales of his family during “the Memphis days” – songs best understood by a genuine hustler. In his words: “I didn’t make Drake has been writing songs since he was ten this album to be judged, or for listeners to tell years old. Since then he’s collaborated with me what I need to alter about my image for The Clipse, Pharrell and Justin Timberlake, the next project. I simply made it because it has 30 registered fan clubs, more than 80,000 felt right. All the songs on here were made on topics on message boards, and a collective at- certain dates due to certain events in my life tendance of over 20,000 fans for mall tours. and nothing was rushed. I’m telling you right

you want to express all your concerns, all your flaws, and let them know exactly what you’ve been through so that there’s little room for error. I really just want to draw the fans into me as a person so that we can communicate better in the future. I need you to understand my concept before you listen. If you’re not willing to do me that favor, we may as well remain split up.” Fall/Winter 2009


J. Cole Raised by his mother in North Carolina, J. Cole’s hometown of Fayetteville would provide much of the sights and experiences that would come to shape his sound. Cole fell into rapping at the age of 12 when his cousin from Louisiana spent the summer in Fayetteville, showing him the basics of rhyming. He was instantly hooked.

and songs that would lay the foundation for what his style has evolved to today. Feeling the need to be heard, J. Cole used college as a tool to chase his dreams. He attended St. John’s University on an academic scholarship, choosing the school so that he

but they rather lock us up and make sure we don’t come back,” he vehemently spits over the cascading keys and triumphant strings of the self produced “Lil’ Ghetto Nigga.” With such a diverse display, J. Cole is poised to wake up a dormant industry and cement his name in this game. But more than that, with his debut studio album currently in production, he hopes to change the tide of current rap music, swaying it in a more insightful, meaningful and passionate direction.”

“ ...{with} his debut studio album currently in production, he hopes to change the tide of current rap music... “ From there he delved deep into the music of hip hop luminaries including Tupac Shakur, Nas and Outkast, taking from them a love for telling stories with an unbridled rigor. Seizing every opportunity to write, at age 15 J. Cole found himself with composition notebooks full of rhymes but no beats of his own to lay them on. Determined to create original songs, he begged his mother for a beat machine so he could produce music solely for himself. She granted his wish and from there, a young Cole spent all his free time creating sounds 16

Fall/Winter 2009

could be in the heart of the music industry: New York City. After polishing his sound and graduating Magna Cum Laude, J. Cole is dropping his debut mixtape, properly titled “The Come Up” hosted by DJ On Point. A mash up of dusty, soul filled sound beds, raw, energetic drums and an endless range of topics everything from the carefree days of college to the seemingly endless plight of those have-nots scrapping for change. The Come Up puts J. Cole’s broad palette of lyrical and production talents on display. “All a nigga wanna do is take his momma from that,

Kid Cudi Hip hop hasn’t evolved drastically in some time, and with all the new comers making catchy and infectious records for a quick ring tone sell, there’s a lack of creativity in hip hop and the focus is more about how many units can be sold. Every generation a few new artist’s come forth with something to set a pace for a whole new sound and vibe–this time around, the midwest delivers another innovative artist to break down barriers and set trends.

Kid Cudi’s music can only be described as the next level of genre defying music in of generation, and for generations to come. Cudi (originally from Cleveland, Ohio, but spent the last 3 years living in Brooklyn) fuses alternative rock, hip hop and occasionally r&b, to form feel good and emotionally conscious records. His content is filled with witty explanations about himself and his lifes journeys, with a twist of story telling scenerios.His first single “Day N Nite” is nothing more than a conscious awareness record about his faults and how he deals with them. “I’m sure everyone has been in at least one or two of the scenerios I mentioned in “Day N Night”. It was a record designed to let the people out there know—hey, we all have issues. But there’s ways to get through and there’s always a brighter day ahead filled with answers to the toughest situations; we all get lonely sometimes, its life.” With every record, especially “Day N Nite”, Cudii vows to put his heart into each record, so after hearing each song you can feel like you actually know him.

“ Kid Cudi’s music can only be described as the next level of genre defying music in of generation “

“People like records they can relate to, even if you can’t relate to something I speak about, you’ll at least understand my mind, I won’t lose anyone. Even if they haven’t walked in my shoes, they’ll feel me for me.”

Fall/Winter 2009



The Update // One Of “US’ In The White House

ONE OF ''US'' IN THE WHITE HOUSE Words by: Sherifa Gayle


hat does it mean to have one of “US’” in the White house? Barack Obamas presidency is a very interesting accomplishment… and quite an amazing one given the history of this country. His term means many a things; It changes the dynamics of race, class systems, and it also reestablishes the United States moniker of being the place where you can start from ground zero and work your way all the way to the top…the freedom to take your own success. Even before a single bill was passed, or any actual meetings, Obama has changed the scope and outlook of an entire nation, and quite possibly the world.

Growing up I would have never thought I’d live to see a black man in the White House, but dreams have now become a reality, and with that, the entire dynamic of what’s attainable and what’s not has shattered. With Obama in office, 18

Fall/Winter 2009


young adults are now able to perceive anything as possible with hard work and a plan.

to begin to dream and those who’ve dreamed already to now pursue those dreams. With history unfolding day by day, Obama continues to indirectly help young black men push pass the barriers set in front of them.

doors and kick pass crossroads. It has taken many generations of labor to live the life we live today, but there is still more to Living in a broken down urban surrounding complete, the work never stops. Obama is often times can limit a child’s thinking. These only one factor; you need to play your part. children won’t reach for their dreams that are Jumping on the bandwagon isn’t enough; set upon the shelf, but will probably settle with On the other hand Obama’s election has caused everyone needs their own ride. what’s at arms reach. This new age generation many young adults to think this is the “end”. of on-demand service, and instant gratificaThey’ve become lazier and not grasp what has tion doesn’t help the cause much at all either, as taken place. Some actually have a mindset that things are attainable, faster, easier, and without since Obama is in office the nation will autorequiring much thought. Hard work is not the matically and perfectly repair its self. Yes having same hard work our parents have lived through. a president that looks like us is a plus in boostwritten by: Sherifa Gayle However with Obama’s election came hope, ing our image, but that is just the beginning of pride, and inspiration. He has inspired many the road. We have to continue to knock down Fall/Winter 2009



The Cover // The Ladies

The L Sherifa Gayle Trying to decipher a complex mind is pointless, She beats to her own drum and could care less if you listen...Sherifa is above else a conscious thinker, and she dresses the way she thinks...consciously. Read her thoughts ...

adies Every lady is a female but not every female is a lady. There is a certain way that a young woman must carry herself in order to be a true lady. That includes a fabulous wardrobe.

Fun, flirty, playful, all describe Sherifas ensemble. Big bold accessories complete her look and make an edgy statement. Fashion has always been a way to tell the world who you are, let your personal style shine and don’t be afraid to showcase your personality in your outfits. This look is appropriate for an artsy event or perfect to hit up a house party with friends.


The Cover // The Ladies

Make Up Deanna’s look is appropriate for evening attire and the club scene. I used L’Oréal True Match color W4 natural beige for her skin. On her eyes I used creme de violet 24 and ego 2, on her lips stila’s pinkle twinkle. For her cheeks I used the palette from starmakeuphaven. com.

- Natalie Nicole

Gabriel Garcia Roman Dominique Germain

Deanna Reve Miller “Deanna Reve’ is an aspiring model and a full-time student at St Johns University majoring in Public Relations. She has big dreams to be at the top and she does not feel that success is far from her reach.”

THE LOOK To begin, the classic black dress is the perfect solution for any occasion, as it exudes sexiness and class. You can add accessories to dress it up or keep it simple to achieve a more casual look, either way your elegance won’t got unnoticed. Deanna wears a vintage black suede mini sweetheart dress, adorned with vintage gold jewelry and black platform high heel pumps. Her look is perfect for a party, or soiree with someone special. She makes a statement without overdoing it. - Dominique Germain

THE MAKEUP ARTIST Vs talks to our go-to makeup artist, Natalie Nicole and gets the scoop on great looks and products for this winter. VS: What do you think is the best makeup trend for this winter? Natalie N: “I think the best makeup trend for the winter is a dark smokey eye. Doesnt neccessarily have to be black as long as its a dark color like dark green, dark blue, etv, with a pale lip, matte or glossy, either or.” VS: What are some recession friendly products girls can use to get this look? Natalie N: “I recommend this website www. for some recession friendly products. The eye shadows are great quality and for $30 you

can get over 40 great shades in shimmer or matte.’’ VS: Some of your favorite products and why. Natalie N: “Some of my favorite products... first off I will say L’Oreal true match liquid foundation!!! Omg I love this stuff the coverage is amazing and it really does mimic your skin tone as promised on TV. It looks natural and not cakey.’’ VS: Do you know any tricks to help makeup last longer? Natalie N: “I will have to say proper application. Moisturize your face with a lightweight cream before applying foundation and try to shop for products saying longwear.’’


The Cover // The Ladies Gabriel Garcia Roman Dominique Germain

The Rundown Sometimes a lady just has to let her inner sex kitten shine. But no question there is a right way and a very wrong way to let this happen. Here are some tips to help avoid the latter. If you decide to go with a sexy bandage look as Fabiola wears, make sure that it is not too tight or too short. Looking uncomfortable or having to constantly pull your dress down is not sexy or ladylike. Also sheerness is not your friend, we shouldn’t be able to see any of your undies. If you decide to go braless (not all females should do this) nipple covers help hide your headlights. Fabiola’s vintage bandage sweater dress is paired with platform pumps, you wont need much jewelry, a dress like this says it all, but if you are an extrovert go head and pile it on, and you’ll be ready to hit the club.

Fabiola Augustin Fabiola Augustin is a model, a student, and an entrepreneur pushing her soon to be released online vintage store, blackboxxvintage. That’s a handful of ventures, but she does it all looking fabulous! No pun intended*

- Dominique Germain

* Maybe a little

Face: Lips:

L’Oréal True Match cocoa C8 light browns from the starmakeup palette. On Fabiola’s lips Stila’s “Cranberry” gloss.

(Opposite page) Dress: Black Boxx Vintage Shoes: Jessica Simpson

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The Cover // The Gentlemen

THE GENTLEMEN Being a gentlemen is not just a trait attributed to character, it’s a way of life. From the way act, react, eat, and look. It should encompass your entire life. But most importantly it shouldn’t be forced, it should be second-nature... Follow their footsteps, and they’ll lead you to the promised land.

Fall/Winter 2009



The Cover // The Classic Gentlemen

The Classic Gentleman


It doesn’t take much to please the classic gentleman. He listens to contemporary music, goes out and enjoys himself from time to time. But he’s about his work, and always looks the part. All the time.

Blazers are an essential addition to an ensemble that can be used in either a casual or formal environment, however, measurements are important before purchasing a one. Men often make the mistake in just purchasing any blazer that comes close to their size. Blazers should be fitted for only the person who wears them. The sleeves of the blazer should not go beyond the wrist. The blazer should fit the gentleman not hang off them.

No matter where he goes he impresses with a gentle smile, soft tone, and engaging conversation. The classic gentleman does not break away from his essentials : Solid oxford, clean tailored blazer, and a discreet yet eye catching tie. Everything else falls into place.

Fit Shirt Pants Belt & Velvet Blazer: Express Tie: H&M Shoes: Prada




Fall/Winter 2009

The classic gentleman does not “ break away from his essentials... ”

About the Model

Brendon McRae Brendon McRae is a 22 year old rapper on the rise. He currently resides in Elmont, NY where he has been perfecting his craft for the past 6 years. With the determination and hopes of seeing himself at the top his upcoming mixtape is sure to be a stepping stone to great success in the future.


ome may say success is based on your taste in fashion and to some extent that statement holds truth. From shirts, jeans, suits, and accessories, guys who want to portray themselves as a successful

gentleman should maintain a certain look to give off that “gentleman” image. Before going out and purchasing items, gentlemen must first know their exact measurements from top to bottom. Some guys buy a nice looking dress shirt only to find out there’s a big gap between the neck

and the shirt. Shirts that fit close (not too tight ) to your neck is a better approach, as well as the arms of the shirt should end at the wrist, not over the hand. The play on colors with shirts isn’t really a problem, refrain from picking out colors that come near to the color of your skin. Bright colors and patterns can really

enhance a gentleman’s style in different environments, as well. Just like a mathematical equation, what’s done with one side must be also done with the other. Whether it’s shorts, jeans, or dress pants, it shouldn’t look as if another body could fit into the pants. Knowing your correct measurements solves half of the problem. There’s a difference between “fitted” and “tight”. Choose a pant size that makes you comfortable. Trendy looks when it comes to jeans and pants are leaning more on the slim side but you should never sacrifice style over comfort, find a middle point between both.

Fall/Winter 2009


C Let Style Speak.


Fall/Winter 2009

Fall/Winter 2009



The Cover // The Urban Gentlemen

The Urban Gentleman


The urban gentlman is not concerned about winning you over with his looks, dress, or credentials. His charm, swag, and conversation says enough about the man beneath the attire. But a wealth of style doesn’t hurt, neither does a fashion sense that puts others his age to shame.

Cardigans are not for grandpa anymore. They haven’t been for a while. If you don’t have at least one make sure your next time out shopping you pick a couple up because their versatily and mix and match options are unmatched. Throw it over a T to get a cool urban casual look, or over an oxford and your ready for business. Yeah, just like that. Ha

You’ll find him at upscale parties, sporting casual clothes, but still never looking out of place.

Fit V-neck Shirt: American Apparel Vest: H&M Jeans: Levis Boots: Zara Limited Edition


Fall/Winter 2009

His charm, swag, and conversation “ say enough about the man

beneath the attire.


About the Model Richard Faison

Richard Faison is an aspiring filmmaker. He currently resides in Brooklyn, NY where he works with a wide range of creative individuals, making connects, spreading his name, and his love for filmaking.

Fall/Winter 2009




Fall/Winter 2009

Let Style Speak.

Fall/Winter Fall/Winter2009 2009



The Cover // The Modern Gentlemen

The Modern Gentleman


Gearing up for the day the modern gentleman throws on a pair of cords, his favorite pair of classic kicks, and whips out some shades in case the sun peeks out from time to time. He doesn’t spend much time in choosing a fit, nor does he spend time making sure everything is in place.

The appeal of shades is something we feel will never go away. There’s a certain amount of confidence and swag that’s instilled in you when you have a nice pair on. You really can’t go wrong with a classic pair of aviators or Rayban wayfarers, anything timeless. But be wary to size them up to your face, a wide face with small frames and vice versa may look a bit off.

For him it’s about rolling up those sleeves, getting to work, and making moves. His drive and confidence amplifies his style, thus complimenting his overall package.

Fit Under Shirt: Calvin Klein Shirt: Diesel Shades: RetroSuperFuture Flat Top Matte Watch: Diesel Wrist Wear: Topman Pants: H&M Corduroy Skinny Sneakers: Visvim Keifer



Fall/Winter 2009

His drive and confidence amplifies his style, “ thus complimenting his overall package ” About the Model

Castro Desroches Castro Desroches is the creator of yours truly VS magazine. He is a jack-of-all trades designer, video editor, web developer etc... If you need something done, and want it to look good. He’s your guy.

Fall/Winter 2009




Fall/Winter 2009

Let Style Speak.


The Retrospective // The American Classic Worksmen




American Classic is back. With hope for change in the U.S. government and improvement of the economy, it seems appropriate that classic American style is seeping it’s way into stores this fall and winter season. The workmen Americana style stems from a certain look rooted in the mid-20th century during and after the Second World War. It seems this trend has stemmed off the seemingly popular hunting inspired apparel that’s been popping up these past couple of years. Now traditional American work wear can be found widely in many popular clothing chains and higher quality more authentic pieces are available in smaller boutiques. sics is that their built for abuse and are made in a way that they are less What encompasses Americana susceptible to damage and stains, wear is a wide array of workwhich was helpful to construction men inspired pieces and useful workers and laborers where this utilitarian clothing. America is was the norm. built upon a foundation of hard laborers and even tougher clothIn recent years a number of ing, which include chambray and tastemakers, many foreign, have western style shirts, raw denim, and dedicated themselves to reviving many more resilient clothes. That’s iconic American clothing for a what’s great about American clas- hip new audience. This look has

built for abuse


Fall/Winter 2009

R “ it’s unintentional imperfections give it a charm like no other”

several similarities with Americana clothing in that the pieces are all made for a specific useful purpose It becomes quite a fascinating trip diving into American staples. Most fits have a rough and haphazard way of forming together almost as if pieces were thrown on without much thought. But that’s the beauty with these times, it’s unintentional imperfections give it a charm like no other, each piece has a purpose and no piece worn has no function. There is absolutely no aesthetic fluff… but pulled off, the function of each pocket, strap, clip, or button lends to an overall look that is timeless and always demands attention, and asserts respect. There’s also another side to classic American style that’s been popping up lately; the reemergence of the dapper



The Retrospective // The American Classic Dapper

American All-Stars

Rayban Redwing Timberland Sperry Topsider Clarks Carhartt

J. Crew Brooks Brothers Polo Ralph Lauren Tommy Hilfiger Nautica Perry Ellis

All-American man. Seersucker clothing, rolled up ankle cuffs, bold striped ties, and many other details comprise this classic look. While the heritage of pieces stem from America’s past, the reinvention of them surprisingly give off Japanese and European influences. The construction and execution seem to be Japanese influenced, as high quality materials and tight manufacturing are discernible. However the sophistication and polish of most pieces brings a hint of European taste into the mix. There’s just a natural, lived-in quality that seems to be the key ingredient in finding that classic look. Slightly worn in, and never really ironed to a crisp, while still looking dapper is key to pulling this look off. Brands with history are also celebrating a big comeback in recent years and interpret their classics in new ways. Especially the Japanese market has always closely watched classic American brands and adopted their styles accordingly. The work wear clothing brands have been very successful as of late to be adopted as fashion brands.




here are many Made in the USA lists throughout the internet, nearly all of them tacky and in poor taste. These awful websites have led me to compile a list of stylish and cool brands that make their goods in America. One of my goals with this is to make it easier to locate and buy domestically produced apparel products. Another motivating factor is my desire for things Made in the USA to be embraced by a younger, more stylish consumer.*

Brands such as Red Wing, Rayban, Levis, and many others have benefited from this reemergence and they’ve adjusted their product lines accordingly. Their range is squarely aimed at a new and growing customer base: the fashion-forward, contemporary market. The difference now is that it’s not just Ralph and Brooks Brothers peddling these looks but all sorts of designers. They’ve managed to transform classic into cool, and they haven’t had to look far to find their customers. The guys who like chinos and oxfords never went away, they’ve always been there, they’re remarkably loyal, just not remarkably vocal; And right now, they don’t need to be. America, when it comes to fashion at least, is back on top.

written by: Castro Desroches

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Fall/Winter 2009

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The Introspective // The New Black

The new black is all about self fullfillment, self appreciation, and self respect.


Fall/Winter 2009



he new black is all about self fullfillment, self appreciation, and self respect. When you wear what you want, and feel good about every stride you take, that kind of comfortablilty and confidence demands respect. It has a prescense like no other and can change the dynamics of any situation. People can feel the aura that exudes from you when you carry yourself the right way, and we all know first immpressions are make or break deals in the professional world. Having a certain knowledge on style, and the ability to put pieces together is a priceless one. It simply makes you aware of detailing .Your outward apprearance tell people that: your a sorts that rely on details, you carry a good sense of professionalism, and you care about how you look. Too many people now a days simply don’t care about what they put on, it says a lot about them, and it effects them achieving what they want to achieve. What you wear plays a great part in the most basic of interactions in everyday life but many look at it more like a bothersome thing to do in the morning. It should be something looked at as fun, granted your going to end up wearing the same look time and time again as with any warddrobe, but the process should not be so painful as many take it. As I lie in bed this morning I think about where

I’m going, who I may meet, and how I want to look to accomodate for all those variables and the choosing begins. Forget trendy designer labels. Jeans, a sweater or a t-shirt worn under a jacket that seems welded to you. When it’s just right, when you don’t see the effort, it’s irresistible. The New black. what we all search for. But to what extent...? losing ourselves in the process, becoming a replica of a mannequin on the shopping room floor, soulless, dull, and colorless. Realize this...the new black will always be genuine self expression through what you wear, how you carry yourself, and standards you set for yourself. The new black is you...being you...and living life to your liking. Stay true. written by: Castro Desroches photograph by: Gariel Garcia Roman

Fall/Winter 2009





I AM AN ADDICT Recovery Guide Y

ou love’em, you love’ em not. You want’em, you want’em…. maybe. You’re not even sure. All you know is for whatever God forsaken reason; you can’t get this person off your mind. You hear, see, and breathe this other person all the time, every time, no matter the time. And why is that?




Do you get butterflies every time he looks at you?


There’s something about the way she looks at you. You just don’t know, it’s like she hypnotizes you.



When he speaks it just sends chills up your spine.


Her voice alone turns me on.



His body is so tight that when you look at him all you can say is “mmm mmm mmm”


And all you can say is: “damn, I can’t believe she’s actually giving me a chance to tear all that up. Yea, I’m gonna tear all that up.”

to take out, an auntie to pick to the infinite up at the airpower. Why are port? And there you letting this you are staring person consume at the ceiling you? Don’t you thinking about have a life to this person, attend to: babies who’s probably to feed, garbage not thinking about you.

Being addicted will make you do some reckless things. Things that make you question your own dignity.

1. Looking at your phone every 5 minutes just be cause this other person said they were going to call or text.

2. Driving by this person’s house on your way home just to see if you might run into them.

3. Adding their friends to your friend list to see how they interact with certain people (opposite sex).

Listen, if you’re guilty of any of the above: SHAME ON YOU!! You need to stop what you’re doing...I know you’re checking your phone while reading this, so put it down, go look in the mirror, and take a good look at yourself. Yea, let some of that buried conceitedness come out. When you can officially walk away from the mirror and say “damn I look good”, you’ve been cured. Time to go out and get some people to cling to you.

Moral of the story is: It’s not cool being addicted unless the other person you’re addicted to, is addicted to you.

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