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In the news 1. Along with the Film Club, a group of dedicated students initiated the Documentary club this month; starting off with one of the most eye-opening and mind-boggling documentaries-- Zeitgest Addendum. A long and fruitful discussion followed that involved ample exchange of thought. 2. The Joy of Giving week (Joyfest) is also being observed at MITID. It is a National event wherein an individual or an institute ties up with an NGO and helps it either by providing service, money/ other resources, or knowledge. Anyone interested can contact: Poulami Mehta (Product Design Sem 5) Gaurav Ogale (CD Sem 3) Nikhita Prabhudesai (Animation UG Sem 5) 3. Quasar is finally ready with its identity-- a combination of two designs by Farid Bawa and Kishore Kumar. Anyone who wants to contribute or help in any way is free to contact them. 4. Ganesh Chaturthi was celebrated in college with Aartis and the Visarjan done in full swing. Controversies followed ;) 5. Btw, a non-violent monkey roams around the classrooms attending Mahendra Patel sir’s classes, fishing through bags of students, and eats from boxes of brownies (as reported by an eye-witnesses). Some peace-loving monkey!!

Illustrate the quote “Coffee is not a drink, it’s a universe.” Stimulate your grey cells and email us your illustration. We messed it up again!! Alok NR, Bharat Singhal, Jitendra Arora, Nikhita Prabhudesai, Prajakta Kulkarni



Another one Manga

by Jahnvi Shah If you are a scary-movie buff then I bet you’ve seen The Grudge and The Ring. Leaving scary movies aside, ever watched Dragon Ball Z as a kid? Nowadays, the anime Shin-Chan has quite a following amongst children and adults alike. How many of you’ll know that all the names above were actually manga to begin with? How many of you’ll even know what is manga?? Manga basically means “whimsical pictures” and is the term commonly used for all Japanese graphic novels. Manga is not to be mistaken with “anime” which is the Japanese term for “animated pictures”. The Japanese animated TV shows are called “anime”. Most anime are based on manga which have gained a lot of popularity. Although, the modern form of manga was created in the post-World War II period, manga has a long history dating back to the early 12th century. In Japan, it is read by all age groups, having separate titles for young girls, boys, teenagers, adults and so on. Unlike the American DC or Marvel comics that are published as thin issues of 50 to 70 pages, manga are usually available in thick volumes of 150-300 pages. Also, the size of these volumes is smaller than the standard American comic issue. Another major difference is that manga are completely black and white and usually the product of a single artist or a small group of 3-4 artists, the mangaka, unlike American comics which go through a series of artists like the penciller, inker, colorist, letterer and so on. In American comics, the panels have a constant stream of text running through, other than the conversations and thoughts, connecting the story in the panels. However, this is not the case in manga. The only text in the panels are the characters’ dialogues and thought processes. Instead a common method used in manga to connect the panels is bleeding of one frame into another. Authentic manga is read right to left. Also, manga is easily recognizable by its stylized, exaggerated human forms. This is an art style worth exploring guys.



Paper Pulp Hello there HIVE reader. We are back with this month’s issue of HIVE. Another interesting month goes by and here we are again to give you a (very) brief sum up of it and a lot more other stuff from our own campus. While working on this issue a question struck us. What do you do with Hive once you are done reading? Well, you would pass it on to people u know who didn’t get a copy and let them enjoy it too, we guess. But, what after that? Does it add on to your table top litter or go straight to the bin? Well, we urge you to find a new creative use for it. Do anything you like with it -- cut, fold, draw, paint; make a collage, an origami swan or simply tear it and stick it together in some new way. It doesn’t matter what you do, but have a go at it before crumpling it and throwing it into the trash. Think of all the things you can do with eight A5 pages of printed paper. If you think you struck something worth sharing, then click a snap and send it to hive. We’ll have it featured! Imagine the possibilities of reused paper!! Big thanks to all who sent in their encouragement, suggestions and ideas on the last issue. Hope we got an inch better with this one. The realization of every issue is a roller coaster ride for us and it’s your feedback and involvement that gives this band- wagon the impetus to move forward. Thanks again guys! Lets keep this Hive buzzing :) --Editors

Think Green! Since the backside of our building doesn’t really look “green”, a group of students have decided to clean up the mess this Sunday. Everyone’s invited to help clean. An initiative is being taken to stop the use of plastic cups in the canteen by providing better alternatives and introducing a security deposit for steel glasses. Please cooperate.

Freechai with some Footstompin’ Music The session organized by Jitendra Sir, George Joseph, Kishore Kumar, Gaurav Ogale and Agniraj Chatterjee was a Freechai first. This time a jam session was conducted with Soumitra Bhat who isn’t only a musician in a well known band-- Para Vayu, but also an Interaction Designer. He had actually come as a visiting faculty, but ended up being part of something that he also loved very much. It was a great experience for everyone-– whether interested in music or not. To break the ice, George asked Soumitra general questions about his life, education, experience at MIT ID and whether he liked the mess food or not! Soumitra then went on to share his work, which included a musical instrument designed for children who are paralyzed on one side of their body. He also shared his experiences with his band. Later he was asked how he balances work with music practice, he replied by saying that the band practices 2-3 times a month, so it doesn’t take that much of his work hours. He enthusiastically answered all other related questions. The best was kept for the last--The Jam. Soumitra started with ‘Hotel California’ by The Eagles and went on to play songs like ‘Another Brick in The Wall’ by Pink Floyd and ‘Wonder Wall’ by OASIS amongst others. Adding to the fun, a few eager listeners also participated and sang during the session-George Joseph, Eshan S, Ravi Popat, Manu Ambady, Mrinalini Kamath, Tanvi Pande, Sneha Anil Kumar, Indrajeet Ghosh, Kshirja Krishnan, Sanjana Iyer, and Anisha Raj. [If I have missed any names, I apologize.] There were some music enthusiasts who continued jamming till dinner! This was really a memorable freechai! --Saniya Saxena P.S. Do contact me, if you want recordings.


Rise and fall of the Goatee by Ravi Popat

Over Scene

Home’s always a place of horrible realizations and contradictions (of a huge order). Not once have my adventures and experiments with my goatee (it ain’t as gross as it sounds) been looked at with anything more than a long glance full of disgust. At home, of course. I’m here in my hostel. I’ve a long goatee and high hopes of growing it longer. Till a point when I have to get it braided. Noble intentions. I prefer not to comb my hair. That’s the way I like it. And no one tells me anything. I wake up in the morning, brush my teeth and rush off to college without actually thinking how I look. Once in two or three weeks do I get to hear a small compliment about my goatee from the ilk of guys who don’t even don a goatee. But I know it looks good. And even if it doesn’t, I like it. It’s all about personal satisfaction, I keep telling people. Being a metal head, I feel like growing my hair long. Till-shoulders long. So I even start growing my hair. I never comb. I’ve never done so after my ninth grade. But then it’s college, I tell myself. But. A day then arrives when I have to board the train which will transport me to Gujarat, my home. It gradually builds up the thought. Of having to hear all the chidings. But I keep my cool. The moment of my welcome is accompanied by exclamations of disgust. Getting to hear nothing but criticism every minute, my determination drops from a very high “I’m so gonna grow this” to a mere “should I cut it off?” Even the mirrors seem to pass acrid remarks at my goatee. On the contrary, I hear praises from the mirrors in my hostel. Honest. But the mirrors at my place suck. Depressed by all the criticism, I succumb to the evil force. Like those stupid white robots that appear out of nowhere when Darth Vader summons them, the scissors and the razor appear out of nowhere and stare at me with an evil smile. Where’s the force that was supposed to be with me? Yoda doesn’t come to the rescue. Clack-clack, and bam! My goatee’s gone. Sob-sob follows. Now all of a sudden I realize I look stupid with long hair without a goatee on my face. And the barber shop suddenly looks visually appealing. Clack-clack and I’m close to looking like an army school drop-out. That’s about it. After all the misadventures, when I return to the college, the hostel mirrors look at me in disgust because they are fond of goatees and I don’t have one anymore. They join the club which the mirrors at my home too are members of. Sad. This continues for a week or so till I get inspired to grow a goatee again and the cycle continues.

Mrinalini: Tanu..cutter.. Tanveer: Use me, I’m sharp! ;) Sudhanshu was eating flowers at the ganpati aarti thinking that it was prasad.

May the force be with me. From now on.




I’m a believer, I trust that the hill I am climbing Is the hill I needed to climb. I trust the rocks That are scratching my knees, And the thorns that are poking my feet. It is for sure a long way up, Or just a ride up hill. But I don’t care for how long I’ll climb, And I don’t care if it breaks my leg. All I care is my precious wings That hang down on my back. Soon I’ll near the peak for me, Rreach the top, dive in the valley, Spread my wings, and fly. Fly until the horizon ends, And breathe the clouds in and out. From the highs and lows fly I will, And smile back at this hill, ’m a believer. --Prajakta Kulkarni

Origins by Alok NR I am sure most of you are familiar with the word juggernaut [pronounced juhg-er-nawt]. It is a term used in the English language to describe a literal or metaphorical force regarded as unstoppable. It is often applied to a large machine or collectively to a team or group of people working together, or a growing political movement led by a charismatic leader, and often bears association with crushing or being physically destructive. Usage : The Indian cricket team overcame the Australian juggernaut in a nail biting finish to clinch the test series. Now did you know that this word owes its origin to the Sanskrit word Jagannath (Lord of the Universe) --one of the many names of Lord Krishna mentioned in the Vedas. The Jagannath Temple in Puri, Orissa, is famous for the ‘rath yatra’ (chariot procession). Every year huge chariots are used to carry the idols of the deities in a procession. A 14th century traveler John Mandeville chronicled in his travelogues that he witnessed many Hindu worshippers who threw themselves beneath the giant wheels and were crushed to death as sacrifice in order to attain salvation. Though scholars are now of the opinion that Mandeville probably witnessed some accident due to the crowd and commotion in the temple, the name stuck on and evolved over the years to its current meaning. [Source: &]

Inter-View Our correspondents found a way and interacted with some design faces at Kyoorius Designyatra 2010. Rodney fitch gave some suggestions to design students:

Quotes from Designyatra “Opera singers, ballet dancers and architects are the vaguest people in the world. Then there is a gap. Then come graphic designers!”

Instinct before advice, Practice before inspiration.

Shopping is the purpose of life.

Innovation and the customer shopping experience are paramount.

Experience expressions

People trust retailers, not manufacturers.

“What is good about chaos is that it has humor. And, I like humor.”

Young Indians are modern but not western.

--Gert Dumbar

Retail design is basically designing consumer experiences that enhance people’s lives at multiple points of interaction.

“Design is the process of creating….I don’t know what! We create what everyone sees.”


--Michael Ian Kaye Alok Nanda shared a few very important tips on making a portfolio for design internships. “If you want the viewer to like your work, present it in that way. Keep in mind that different types of viewers are going to see it. If you do not have work experience, that’s ok, because the company will always be sensitive enough to get what they exactly want. Just package everything well together and they’ll buy it”


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