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The key to a new India is in your hands

Unlock India's true potential. Become a partner with Future Sharp Skills Limited! A joint venture between Future Group and NSDC.

India has always been deemed a powerhouse of workforce and talent. It is also the reason why even though regarded as a developing country, it remains a power to be reckoned with. As India commences a new leg of advancement, every imaginable luxury offering is taking off whether it is swanky new malls, chic restaurants or sleek cars. The challenge though is quite a peculiar one, because even though new avenues for employment are available, skilled manpower is quite limited. This is a major hurdle that continues to slow down India's economic growth. By 2020, it is estimated that India will need 32 Crores professionally skilled workers. Hence, the needs of the hour are skill building institutions, high quality vocational courses and good trainers in order to enable a skilled workforce. At Future Sharp Skills Limited, we partner with entrepreneurs like you through a path-breaking venture to fulfil these very dreams. We are looking for sincere partners to drive this nationwide cause, so we can together make a difference to the grass roots of our country, by making them skilled, employable and self-sufficient.To begin with, we are looking to skill employees in the vocational fields of retail, hospitality and ITeS. Our goal is to skill 70 Lakh people by 2022, and that's where we need your support. Find out how to become an FSSL Partner by perusing the pages that follow.

The Future Group – NSDC Partnership Future Sharp Skills Limited (FSSL) is a collaborative venture between Future Group, one of India’s largest retail organisations, and National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC). FSSL has been established to help bridge the vast gap between new economic opportunities opening up in the

A joint venture between Future Group and NSDC.

country and the unavailability of a trained workforce to supplement this growth. FSSL’s task is primarily to skill individuals in 19 specific trades. In the next decade or so, this should lead to sustained availability of skilled professionals in these identified sectors. To achieve this ambitious goal, FSSL will employ a rich, innovative blend of teaching methods, where the emphasis will be on practical, hands-on learning, both in the learning centre and at the workplace.

About Future Group A pioneer in Indian retail, Future Group is established in 85 cities and 60 rural locations across the country. With 36,000 employees and over 1200 retail outlets in 85 cities and 60 rural locations, Future Group has a major role to play in powering India’s growth. The group’s larger objective is to become an important player in the country’s economic and social progress. By building high quality work skills and personal values among young adults, Future Group aims to empower local communities and help build a strong, confident nation.

About National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) A Government of India organisation, NSDC aims to promote skill development by funding the establishment of large, high quality vocational institutions. This is done either directly or through partnerships.

Future Sharp Skills Limited – A blueprint

This year, FSSL will focus on building training skills in • ITeS • Retail • Hospitality

The target

The promise

• To establish 100 learning centres across India • To enrol 25,000 students

Placements for more than 70% of the students

• Automotives • Artisans & Handicrafts

Going forward, FSSL will rapidly expand its family of partners Here’s what the future looks like: • 1680 learning centres by 2015 in all districts of the country • 70 Lakh skilled workers over the next 10 years • 69 courses covering 19 trades

About FSSL’s Certification Courses Future Sharp Skills Limited offers a 2-year Advanced Certification course in a variety of subjects to undergraduate students, through the Future Sharp Skills Academy. The key features of the course are: l Certificate approved by the industry body (sector skills council) l Course design gives students a thorough grounding in the subject of their choice,

from the history of the industry to how it functions. l After three months of classroom learning, students are placed in jobs to gain hands-

on experience – a unique, ‘earn-while you learn’ element of the course that builds superior capability, motivation and confidence l On completing the course, students will be ready to work in a supervisory role at

establishments in the retail, hospitality or other industry sectors The Academy’s work-oriented courses impart practical skills that can help schooleducated young adults quickly find employment and build a stable career.

A partnership that grows with the nation Few entrepreneurs have the opportunity to experience the sense of honour and pride that goes with contributing to the country’s progress. By partnering with FSSL, you can be one of the chosen few who will actively chart India’s economic and social growth. As an FSSL Partner, you will be leveraging the brand value of Future Group, thereby adding to your business profitability and credibility.

What you need to become an FSSL Partner: Eligibility



Prior business experience

1800-2000 sq. ft. space

` 13-15 Lakhs

An established business network

One lab for practical classes

Ability to invest in and run the centre

Front office area

Active in business, civic and social organisations

Back office area Library 2 classrooms

How FSSL supports the partnership Sales and Marketing FSSL will actively participate and provide support in local and national marketing campaigns.

Training FSSL provides a comprehensive ‘Train The Trainer’ programme under which trainers recruited by the franchisee will be initiated on the coursework and teaching methodology. The programme will prepare them to leverage the essential skills needed to transfer knowledge and skills to students in a way that is effective, educational, interesting and interactive.

Growing with India India is going places – are you ready to ride the growth curve with it? As an FSSL Partner, you can be a part of this exciting journey!

A joint venture between Future Group and NSDC.

Future Sharp Skills Limited, 4th Floor, Tower C, 247 Park (Hometown Building), LBS Marg, Vikhroli West, Mumbai - 400 083, India.

Futre Sharp Franchise Brochure  

Futre Sharp Franchise Brochure

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