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June 2018


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Davontae Harris NFL Draft Party Wichita Grand Opera An Evening in Paris Austism Care Walk Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce Honors Night Music Theatre of Wichita Jester Awards Midwest Winefest Old Town Walkabout Kapaun Mt. Carmel 130th Anniversary American Cancer Society Appreciation Night Wine About Cancer YMCA Golf Classic Wichita State University College of Fine Arts Hall of Fame Gala Casting Nets Admiral’s Dinner Passport to Nature Fundamental Learning Center Garden Party


ICT Art Scene: Wade Hampton Wichita Wears VIP Professional: Jack Kellogg VIP Profile: Matt Amos #WichitaFlag

18 6 • June 2018

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the cover Models and Images model Whitney Miller at the Sedgwick County Zoo Photographed by Aaron Patton




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June 2018 • 7

VIP Calendar of Events June 2018 Monday








Wichita RiverFest



Wichita RiverFest


Wichita RiverFest


Wichita RiverFest





Wichita RiverFest


Frank Lloyd Wright Garden Party Allen House 5:30 p.m. Wichita RiverFest





Wichita RiverFest


9 Polo on the Plains Fairfield Polo Club 2:30 p.m.

Wichita RiverFest


Wichita Women Tunes +Tallgrass Artist Exhibit Wichita Art Museum Derby Public Library 6:30 p.m. 6:30 p.m.




Wichita RiverFest

16 Tanganyika Twilight Tour Tanganyika 4 p.m.



Cocktails for a Cure ICT Native Gala Cameron & Herrman Mid-America 5 p.m. All-Indian Center 7 p.m.

Buddy Guy The Cotillion 6:30 p.m.








Celebrate America Cowtown 10 a.m. Final Friday

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VIP • The Douglas

Renaire Palmer, Davontae Harris, Marquis Bradley, Camille Bradley

Kristy Baker, Devin Baker, Jayla Baker, Antonio Baker

Davontae Harris NFL Draft Party

Story & Photography by Lisa-Marie A. Pulley

Jaidan Bell, Julius Bell

Dakota Greathouse, Kyle Adams

Amber Glasper, Andre Allen

Kayli Gonzales, Jakil Lewis


ormer NFL player and Wichita entrepreneur, Kamerion Wimbley, held a NFL draft party for Davontae Harris on April 28 on the rooftop of The Douglas in downtown Wichita. Harris, a Wichita South high school graduate and cornerback at Illinois State, was drafted in the fifth round by the Cincinnati Bengals. Look for photos at

Steven Hamersky, Alex Keiswetter, Zach Keiswetter

10 • June 2018

Jamila Love, Akil Love, Sharifa Love

Carter Dickman, Cody Dickman, Lucas Dickman, Latisha Dickman

Davontae Harris NFL Draft Party

Marcus Tuggle, Joyea Marshall, Melody Munsell, Jeanaya Burns, Jheria Montgomery

Sarah Aye, Soniel Estime

Maggie Gehring, Geno Granger

Ray Taylor, Arthur Brown, Dreamius Smith, Zach Franklin, Jack Miller

Brandon Gentz, Marcus Houghton

Genevieve Hake, Syrena Ehlert

• Personal & Professional Development • Local & National Representation • Summer Sessions Forming Now!

June 2018 • 11

VIP • Mark Arts

Tom Brown, Kathy Brown, Bob Benson, Noreen Carrocci, Edward Lada

Mamuka Gomarteli, Irma Gomarteli, Nina Kalandadze, Alex Mdzinrishvili

Wichita Grand Opera

An Evening in Paris Story & Photography by Amy Geiszler-Jones

Margaret Ann Pent, Parvan Bakardiev

Dr. Mouna Todorov, Dr. Ned Todorov


he Wichita Grand Opera held its 16th annual opera ball on May 12 at Mark Arts. The theme of the evening was “An Evening in Paris.” The annual opera ball is the WGO’s premier social event of its season and is a fundraiser to help support its mission of providing educational opportunities for regional young and resident singers to work with some of the opera world’s finest singers, conductors and stars. Look for photos at

Kristy Tung, George Tung, Lindsey Lane, Michael Lane

Lily Ashcom, Dan Grace, Karen Grace

12 • June 2018

Sierra Scott, Natalie Davis

Galina Younger, London Younger, Mzia Gibson

Wichita Grand Opera An Evening in Paris

Bernard Knowles, Rhea Knowles, Greg Cole, Carol Cole, Midge Dempsey, Billy Dempsey

Aidan Edgar, Kelly Urschell, Alex Wakim

Steve Laughlin, Winnie Laughlin, Brenda Golden, Tristan du Pont

Nancy Michaelis, Dr. Lana Hattar, Mzia Gibson, Irma Gomarteli, Galina Younger, Stella Galichia

Sofia Soto, Carlisle Williams, Addison Buck

Business and pleasure come together seamlessly in the Greatroom lobby at the Wichita Marriott. A space as expansive as your imagination, with an array of flexible areas that work for impromptu meetings and social gatherings.

RELAX, THINK, CREATE AND MEET 9100 Corporate Hills Drive Wichita, KS 67207 316-651-0333

WICHITA MARRIOTT @WICHITAMARRIOTT Operated by Corporate Hills LLC under license from Marriott International, Inc. or one of its affiliates.

June 2018 • 13


Art Scene Wade Hampton

By Amy Geiszler-Jones - Photography by Aaron Patton


bunny a day keeps artist Wade Hampton in play. Known as one of the founders of a Wichita artists collective and for eschewing gallery shows in favor of home shows, Hampton’s artistic endeavors these days are focused on drawing bunnies, making films and creating graphics that can be printed on demand on different items. His bunny-drawing endeavor – ranging from innocuous ones to cursing ones – started more than a year ago, with a new image posted on his social media accounts every day for a year. His drawabunnydaily Instagram account has been renamed drawabunnywhenever to reflect that after a year of daily drawings he now creates a new drawing when it strikes him. He’s done more than 400 postings, and will likely stop when he hits 500, he said. The bunnies have also been joined by cats. Using print-on-demand vendors, followers of Hampton’s work can order pieces like clothing or die-cut vinyl featuring select designs of his bunny drawings and other pieces. Having a full-time position as director of Spectrum Promotional’s award-winning art department allows Hampton to be as irreverent, edgy, creative, innovative or whatever adjective one wants to ascribe to his work when it comes to the art he creates in his personal time. “I have the luxury of having a job so I don’t worry about money,” he said. “I’m a big believer that the best art is embraced by some and ostracized by others.” At work, he creates designs for clients such as high schools and Wichita State, while at home he can draw, paint and film movies with what he describes as “bizarre characters and bizarre story lines” in the basement studio of his College Hill home. “I’m a big David Lynch fan so that gives people an idea of where my head is,” he said. Hampton, like Lynch, likes to leave the interpretation of his films for his audience. “I allow them to come to their own conclusions, and sometimes they’re much better than mine,” he said. After a stint of doing music videos, including for Gooding, an American rock band now based in Nashville that got its start in Wichita, Hampton started focusing on making short films under his label, Art Brut Film, which he founded a decade ago. The films he produces are solely his vision, he said, as he writes, directs and edits the movies. A core group of other artists – in the roles of actors to special effects – join him on his movie-making ventures during which Hampton often tells them, “no one will see this,” “we’re just having fun” or “it’s experimental.” Some of his movies, along with his other works, can be seen on his website, Growing up in the small town of Clearwater, Kansas, Hampton got encouragement from his parents to pursue his art. His dad, a former Wichita Eagle sales rep, suggested he show his portfolio to local Wichita artist who Continued on Page 61

VIP • Wichita WaterWalk

Sarah Christenson, Kim Palkowitsh, Kristin Haimowitz, Shannon Clayton

Tiffany Garner, Lynette Garner, Aiden Rau, Kendyll Garner, Christina Rau

Autism Care Walk Story & Photography by Lisa-Marie A. Pulley

Natalie Davis, Scott Evans

Lynn Acosta, Marie Price


eartspring held their annual Autism Care Walk on April 28 at the Wichita WaterWalk. The walk brought together the Wichita community and autism advocates who bring awareness for individuals impacted by autism. Proceeds from the walk benefit Heartspring’s Autism Services program, which provides services and therapies to local children impacted by autism and their families. Look for photos at

Lincoln Dearing, Kali Roberson, Sherri Penka, Aimee Penka, Bella Penka

David Levi Stupay, David Stupay, Vanessa Stupay

16 • June 2018

Olivia Riedmiller, Alexia Gonzalez, Chelsea Linker

Justin Rau, Cheyenne Rau, Cindy Rau

Autism Care Walk

Andrew Herd, Chaz Holt, Thomas Sullivan, Allen North

Thomas Grey Interiors is a full service interior design firm that offers services for residential and commercial projects.

Nafiza Akbar, Aleah Hamwi, Amanda Wirtz

Thomas Grey Interiors concerns itself with more than just the visual or ambient enhancement of an interior space. We all deserve dignified design. It is our mission to ensure the comfort, safety, and dignity of our end user.


Cole Hollinger, Rodney Hollinger III, Rodney Hollinger Jr.

Start a

New Project! Thomas Grey Interiors, 200 N. Broadway, #400 Megan Berry, Mayor Jeff Longwell, Dustin Suffield

June 2018 • 17

VIP • Textron Aviation Activity Center

Dakoda Nichols, Andrew Nichols, Sherry Nichols, Lynn Nichols, Zach Theademan, Lynnsey Theademan

Deb Voth, Renee Walker, Angela Kessler

Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce

Honors Night Story & Photography by Lisa-Marie A. Pulley

Kim Doze-Lohmann, Taylor Stevenson

Mary Moon, Charlie Moon

Tonya Sudduth, Shane Sudduth

Jonathan Long, Brandon Johnson


he Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce held its annual Honors Night on April 26 at the Textron Aviation Activity Center. Several honorees were recognized. Clark Bastian of Fidelity Bank and Clay Bastian of Fidelity Financial Corporation were given the Uncommon Citizen award. JR Custom Metal Products Inc. was recognized with the Spirit of Wichita award. Wichita Community Foundation and Yingling Aviation were honored with the Over the Years award. CrossFirst Bank was recognized with the Keeper of the Plains award. Christina Long of CML Collective was honored with the Exceptional Young Leader award. Look for photos at

Chris Kliewer, Cara Kliewer, Vera Bothner, Jim Bothner

18 • June 2018

Kim Bookhout, Kendra Quigley, Julie White, Beth Fatkin

Wichita Chamber Honors Night

Laura Graham, Becky Elder, Philip Elder, Cindy Baldwin


Kelley Williams, Brie Boulanger, Amy Bragg Carey


HALF PRICE DAYCARE ON WEDNESDAY, JUNE 6 AND JUNE 20 Connie Porazka, Brandy Willett, Tyler Paul, Scott Schwindaman

11024 E 28th St., North Wichita, KS 67226 P. (316) 928-2400 | F. (316) 425-7055 Tom McGrath, Susan Downey, Lora Barry, John Meyer

June 2018 • 19

Picking Paint Colors: It’s All in the Details


hoosing a paint color seems to be the most distressing part of design for many people. When a client asks for help in picking a paint color we ask several questions: 1

What hard finishes are staying? Floors, countertop, cabinet color, and wood furniture.

2 What fabrics are staying? Sofa, chairs, drapes, rug, and pillows. 3

What colors attract you and which colors do you dislike?

You want to keep all the details in mind when searching for a great paint color. Let’s look at our client’s new living room mood boards. In this design we had total freedom except for the new area rug with tones of blue, orange, grey and cream. With this many colors in the rug, we were able to present two completely different looks. The first look is bright and bold with textured and patterned neutrals. The sofa is a textured two-toned cream, the chairs are grey and white herringbone, and we accented with orange in the pillows and artwork. The gold and silver metals add interest and introduce both warm and cool tones. For the paint color we chose a warm grey-beige to compliment the bold colors. Another option would be an accent wall in orange but that works best in a room without a lot of natural light so it doesn’t overwhelm the room. The second look is set off with cooler colors in beige, grey, and cream. The sofa is a rich navy velvet, the pillows are navy and cream leopard print, and the ottoman is a fun snake print leather. The accessories are in silver and mottled gold, allowing warm and cool colors to work together. For the paint colors we picked navy to pick up the blue and pull the look together.

Either plan works beautifully and proves it’s all in the details! Interior Design • Furniture • Accessories Art • Hunter Douglas • Custom Window Treatments 8340 E 21st St • Shops at Tallgrass | (316) 613-3450 We cooperate with designers.

Wichita Wears Summer Swimwear


hether you’re a serious swimmer, a sun bather, or someone who enjoys a little splash in the pool to cool off, there’s a swimsuit to suit you. With so many floral prints ready-to-wear, it’s not surprising to see tropical prints and plenty of blooming prints in swimwear. On one end of the swim fashion spectrum is the barely there bikini, but on the other end is the tankini that can be worn with swim shorts. And yes, swim skirts also are available. One-piece swimsuits continue to make a comeback with an abundance of details, including woven trim, side openings and ruching and ruffles. Being able to buy swim separates make it much easier to get a great fit with a variety of tops and bottoms in a print or solid color you like. Find a suit you’re comfortable in and one that makes you feel good. It will quickly become your favorite. And don’t forget the sunscreen. - Bonnie Bing

Photography by Aaron Patton

Muted green one-piece features woven sides, of nylon and spandex, by Xhilaration, $30. Cotton cover-up, by Universal Thread Goods Co., $23. Both at Target. Previous page: Solid green bikini, of nylon and spandex, by BECCA, $96. Sheer, multicolor cover-up, of polyester, by Kenneth Cole, $95. Both at Dillard’s.

Hawaiian inspired floral bikini has a woven feature, of nylon and spandex, by Xhilaration. Top is $15, bottom, $14. At Target.

Guys will find a large selection of swimwear this summer with a choice of leg lengths, solids, stripes and prints. Swimsuit, polyester and spandex, by Good Fellow Co., $25. At Target.

Halter style turquoise one-piece, of nylon and spandex, by Tommy Bahama, $134. Turquoise print polyester paero, by Tommy Bahama, $76. Both at Dillard’s.

Black is still the choice of many when it comes to swimwear. Two-piece, of polyester, spandex and nylon, by Mossimo. Top is $25, bottom, $18. Ivory coverup, of polyester, by Universal Thread Goods Co., $25. Wide-brim hat, of polyester and paper, $15. All at Target.

Striped one-piece has a keyhole neckline, of nylon and spandex, by Anne Cole, $98. At Dillard’s.

Just add sun and water to this tropical print bikini in cool shades of green, of nylon and spandex, by Shade & Shore. Top is $30, bottom, $18. At Target. Fashion Director Bonnie Bing Editor Scott Elpers Fashion Assistant Sara Hobson Models Whitney Miller, Sydney O’Donnell, Christina Patton, Devin Roberts and Jennifer Siviseth of Models and Images. Location Sedgwick County Zoo 5555 W. Zoo Blvd Wichita, KS, 67212

6-14-37 Flag Day


GRADUATES HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED TO THE FOLLOWING COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES: ALLEGHENY COLLEGE • Arizona State University • AUBURN UNIVERSITY • Australian National University • Babson College Barton County Community College • BAYLOR UNIVERSITY • Belmont University • Bethany College • Bethel College-KS Boston University • BOWDOIN COLLEGE • Butler Community College • California State University, Long Beach Case Western Reserve University Chapman University • Clemson University • College of William and Mary Colorado Christian University • Colorado School of Mines • Colorado State University • Creighton University Denison University • DRAKE UNIVERSITY • Durham University • Eckerd College • ELON UNIVERSITY EMORY UNIVERSITY • EMPORIA STATE UNIVERSITY • Fashion Institute of Technology • Florida State University Fordham University • Friends University • Georgia Institute of Technology • GRAND CANYON UNIVERSITY Indiana University at Bloomington • KANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY • Lindenwood University LOYOLA MARYMOUNT UNIVERSITY • Maryville University • Michigan State University • Middlebury College New York University • NEWMAN UNIVERSITY • North Carolina State University • NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY Oklahoma Baptist University • Oklahoma City University • OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY • Pepperdine University • Purdue University • SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY Samford University • SAN DIEGO STATE UNIVERSITY • San Francisco State University • Santa Clara University SAVANNAH COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN • Seton Hill University • Smith College • SOUTHERN METHODIST UNIVERSITY Syracuse University • TEXAS CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY • The George Washington University • The King’s College The Ohio State University • THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA • The University of Edinburgh • The University of Melbourne THE UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA • The University of Tampa • The University of Texas, Austin • The University of Texas, Dallas Trinity University • UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS • University of California, Berkeley • University of California, Davis University of California, Irvine • University of California, Los Angeles • UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SAN DIEGO University of California, Santa Barbara • University of California, Santa Cruz • University of Cambridge UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL MISSOURI • University of Central Oklahoma • University of Colorado at Boulder University of Colorado Colorado Springs • University of Denver • University of Georgia University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign • UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS • University of Leeds • UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI University of Michigan • University of Mississippi • University of Missouri Columbia • University of Missouri Kansas City UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA, LAS VEGAS • UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA • University of Redlands University of Richmond • UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA • UNIVERSITY OF ST ANDREWS, SCOTLAND University of Sydney • University of Tulsa • University of Utah • University of Washington UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN, MADISON • Valparaiso University • Virginia Tech • Wake Forest University Waseda University • Washburn University of Topeka • WEBB INSTITUTE • WICHITA STATE UNIVERSITY


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“Collegiate is a school I woke up excited to go to every day.” – Jack Bendell, WCS Class of 2018, University of Pennsylvania Class of 2022

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y for what comes next.

Spartans love school. What does it mean to be a Collegiate Spartan? Beyond our educational mission and collegepreparatory academic program, we strive to teach our students to be lifelong learners who are committed to positively impacting their community and the world. At WCS, students are immersed

in a subject – lessons are as real-world as possible and use all the senses to learn and engage. Our students are encouraged to ask hard questions, make mistakes, and use their own experiences to develop original ideas.

Spartans today... leaders tomorrow. Collegiate is a diverse community of families with the common value of prioritizing excellence in education. We invite you to visit our campus to appreciate what makes Collegiate different.

Don’t wait for an open house; call to arrange a tour or shadow day for your student anytime! 9115 East 13th Street | Wichita, Kansas 67206 (316) 634.0433 | (316) 634.0598 fax |

AB Trust Creates Tax Liability The Will or revocable Trust you However, with the changes to the signed to minimize estate taxes may federal estate tax law since 2013, actually increase the tax burden on the traditional formula division is no longer recommended, and may actually your family after your death. increase your overall tax liability. There have been significant changes This is because the old formula design to the federal estate tax system since prevents your family from receiving 2013, including the doubling of a step-up in income tax basis at each the federal estate tax exemption to spouse’s death. At some point in time, $11.18 million as part of the 2017 inherited assets will be sold. Changing tax act. Before 2013, estate planners the tax provisions in your Will or Trust commonly used a formula to divide will lessen the income tax burden on assets between a “Family Trust” and a your family in the future. “Marital Trust,” at the death of the first If your Will or Trust contains the spouse. This design gave the surviving language below, references a Trust spouse full use and benefit of all assets, A and Trust B, or a Family Trust and without losing the estate tax exemption Marital Trust, you probably need to update your estate plan: available to the deceased spouse.

“The Family Trust shall consist of assets with a value equal to the lesser of (i) the federal estate tax applicable exemption amount, or (ii) the state estate tax exemption amount available to my estate at the time of my death. . .” “The Marital Trust shall be funded with that amount of assets necessary to reduce the federal and state estate tax payable at my death to zero. . .” Having trouble deciphering the legalese of your Will or Trust? Call the Estate Planning Group at Hinkle Law Firm LLC at 316.631.3131 to help make sense of your estate plan.

For questions on this new law or estate planning, contact Hinkle Law (316) 267-2000 •

VIP • Century II

Belden Mills, Anna Mills, Monte Vines, Angela Cassette

Emily Annan-Noonoo, Kylee Eidson, Cassie Hurt-McLarty, Gabe Anderson

Music Theatre Wichita Jester Awards


usic Theatre Wichita’s annual Jester Awards, which honors excellence in high school musical theater, took place May 6 at Century II. The program, which was launched in 2002, has won praise for successfully increasing awareness and pride in the achievements of local young artists. The Jester Awards recognized the amount of work, creativity and dedication faculty and students pour into their high school theatrical productions. Recognition was given to casts and crews, directors and designers – all who work to stage these works of musical theater. Look for photos at

Paige Zamecnik, Tanner Eiland, Ivy Walker

36 • June 2018

Rebecca Irby, Miriam Climenhaga

Raymond Avelar, Kayleigh Franco

Steve Hitchcock, Katie Pohlman

Payton Belair, Jessica Baker

Lauren Beugelsdyk, Noah Gorges, McKenna Fisher

Cooper Galyon, Debi Schwidt, Brett Riffel

Music Theatre Wichita Jester Awards

Lora Barry, Nelson Warren

Karin Skiles, Lori Goebel

Emma King, Brady Hasting

Andrea Powers, Meredith Alcorn

Rick Huguerin, Julie Baldwin

Kelly Boylan, Kelly Boylan

Jorah Wilson, Tanner Hale

Paul Witte, Michelle Witte

Experience Knowledge Integrity Attention-to-Detail...

The Key to Your Move!


JP Weigand & Sons - #1 Residential Agent (Non-Team) 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

June 2018 • 37

VIP Professional

Jack Kellogg By MeLinda Schnyder - Photography by Aaron Patton


t’s hard to believe that some locals have yet to meet Jack Kellogg. He’s a fifth generation Sedgwick Countian, a fixture of the Historic Delano District since 1980 and he’s been making and selling hats for 45 years in Wichita, including 42 as proprietor of Hatman Jack’s. Visitors from around the world have stopped into Hatman Jack’s while in Wichita. Hat aficionados from throughout the region make trips here just to buy a hat from Jack. Famous musicians have ordered custom headgear. Even movie and television show crews have called in for hats to meet their wardrobe needs. The press he’s received for making hats for the likes of Charlie Daniels, Merle Haggard, Alan Jackson, B.B. King, Mickey Mantle, Luciano Pavarotti and the title character of “Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman” might have given some people the misconception that Kellogg only offers bespoke hats that will be too pricey for the average person. Stop in the store at 601 W. Douglas, on the corner in front of the clock tower, and you’ll find displays with hundreds of hats for men and women from more than 50 brands, ranging in style and price from the least expensive to the finest brands. Hatman Jack’s is the thirdlargest brick-and-mortar hat store in the country. They also sell wallets, scarves, gloves, handbags and more. The majority of sales are off-the-rack hats tailored to the buyer’s specifications. That could be shaping a hat to fit the customer, adding bands, feathers or other accessories, or making a new hat look worn. The retail business is so busy that Kellogg said he doesn’t promise as many hand-built hats as he once could, even with six additional hatters on the Hatman Jack’s team. “I added it up the other day and we have hatters with a combined 75 years of experience in this business, and that’s without my 45 years.” Kellogg said. “Everyone who works here is very passionate about preserving what is becoming a lost trade and craft. There are dozens of hat shops in the country and lots of custom hatters, too, but not many that offer the custom fitting and the old-world craft of the business that we’re most proud of.”

While how he sells hats has changed with modernization of point of sales systems and marketing through social media, “in terms of the real craft of the operation, we use tools that date back to 1890 and even before. We wouldn’t have it any other way.” Whether a buyer is looking for sun protection or a fashion piece, the hatters at Hatman Jack’s consider face shape, coloring and physical size in helping the customer choose a hat. Kellogg got into the business as a 15-year-old, inspired by actors like Humphrey Bogart and Roy Rogers incorporating hats into the personas they portrayed on the big screen. While in high school, he bought hatter’s equipment from a man who owned a dry-cleaning business, then studied under an elderly Greek hatter near Hutchinson. He formally launched Hatman Jack’s in 1976. With very little capital, he often worked night jobs to support himself while he learned. Fortunately, two movies sparked interest in hats and boosted business: “Urban Cowboy” in 1980, then “Raiders of the Lost Ark” in 1981, along with subsequent movies in the Indiana Jones franchise. He moved his business to Delano in 1980, proud to set up shop in the area where his grandfather had opened Kellogg Bros. Feed Store in 1921. He was part of the group of business owners who helped rebrand River West to Delano in the 1980s, capturing the colorful history of one of Wichita’s oldest neighborhoods. That history, he said, dovetailed nicely with the historical element of hat-making and his own personal interest in local history. He’s as proud as anyone at the recent growth of the eclectic shopping and entertainment district. He praises newer businesses – many with young, energetic owners – and he hopes that as development continues, city leaders will be careful to protect the aesthetics that create the strong sense of place along the river and down Douglas into the heart of Delano. “Wichita’s City Council has an incredible opportunity to create something that their kids and grandkids can be proud of,” Kellogg said. “I’m a huge cheerleader for this town and I want the best for our community.”

Jack Kellogg, Owner, Hatman Jack’s

VIP • Old Town

Al Ceynar, Derek Keller, Adrienne Starlin, Jonathan Starlin

John Paladino, Jane Nelson, Mike Dold, Sharon Dold

Midwest Winefest Old Town Walkabout Story & Photography by Amy Geiszler-Jones


he Old Town Walkabout April 26 kicked off three days of events of Midwest Winefest, which benefits Guadalupe Health Foundation. During the popular event, participants visit 18 Old Town venues – ranging from bars to restaurants to three media organizations – to sample two wines at each stop and enjoy appetizers. A new addition to the event was a VIP venue at Distillery 244, where signature cocktails, premium wines and Greystone Steak & Seafood appetizers were served. The Guadalupe Health Foundation supports the operation of Guadalupe Health Clinic, a donation-based clinic that provides low-cost health care to uninsured patients. Look for photos at

Gina Dixon, Kelly Goodson, Amy Tillison

40 • June 2018

Davon Anderson, Heather Martinez

Kim Hackett, Charlotte Hackett

Angie Coady, Joyce Bartosewcz

Nelson Padgett, April Padgett

Shareika Fisher, Michelle Webster, Janelle Fox

Chelsea Beckman, Danielle Miller, Kristin Palmer

Midwest Winefest Old Town Walkabout

June is

Birthday Sale Month

Jim Jury, Don Siedhoff, Sharon Jury


Jon Peck, Jamie Peck, Olivia Williams, Lisa Gorges, Nick Gorges

Sale Items

Debbie Williams, Tina Cox, Kathy Larson, Kim Bell, Linda Bell

50% OFF Thurs., June 14th thru Sat., June 16th during store hours

Designer Jewelry 302 N. Rock Road • Wichita, KS Distinctive Tableware ph. 316-683-1364 • Mon-Sat, 10-5 Complete Wedding Registry Special Accessories and Gifts Fine Antiques from the French and English Countryside

Kim Loney, Tracy Taton, Amber Tracy, Tristin Loney

302 N. Rock Road • Wichita, KS 67206

June 2018 • 41

VIP • Kapaun Mt. Carmel

Juan Rebolledo, Shannon Rebolledo, Curtis Richardson, Kelley Richardson

Marcos Montemayor, Katy Montemayor, Abby Reichenberger, Adam Burrus

Kapaun Mt. Carmel 130th Anniversary Gala

Story & Photography by Amy Geiszler-Jones

Father Pat York, Bishop Carl Kemme

Kathy Burrus, Mike Burrus

Sounida Truong, Huyen Truong

Tim Hamblin, Kathleen Hamblin


apaun Mt. Carmel Catholic High School, which began as an all girls academy in downtown Wichita in the late 19th century, celebrated its 130th anniversary with an adults-only gala April 26. During the gala, Class of 1973 alumni Mike and Kathy Burrus received special recognition as the school’s newest hall of fame inductees. Look for photos at

Amy Marshall, Pam Simonitsch, Jane Truman

42 • June 2018

Jeff Hotze, Robi Taylor, Helen Galloway, Nick Taylor, Kathy Knorr

Emily Hamilton, Kellie Kerschen, Erin Fulghum

Kapaun Mt. Carmel 130th Anniversary Gala

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Forever Young BBL Forever Young BBL uses BroadBand light therapy for targeting the signs of aging. FOREVER YOUNG BBL • Age Spots • Freckles • Redness and Rosacea • Broken Blood Vessels • Skin Texture • Acne

Get Started Today Losing Those Unwanted Pounds! Father Gabe Greer, Rob Knapp

Lucy Cunningham, Linda McMaster



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10523 E. 21st. (Just West of Greenwich on 21st) | (316) 425-7980 June 2018 • 43

VIP • Abode

Sarah Oenning, Chad Oenning

Smokey, Michele Longabaugh, Gari Vanes

Denning Gerig, Megan Looper

American Cancer Society

Appreciation Night Laura Griffith, Brenda Muller

Krista Sadowske, Adrienne Rea

Cecil Brown, Lisa Brown

Arethia Cowden, Robert Cowden

Photography by Madison Ham


he American Cancer Society hosted its annual appreciation night at Abode on April 26. The evening honored the organization’s dedicated donors and volunteers, as well as celebrated cancer survivors. Look for photos at

Ruth Johnson, Jennifer Strong

44 • June 2018

Madison Goerend, Raymond Dodson

Karen Blucher, Margie Belluom

American Cancer Society Appreciation Night

Sierra Scott, Jerry Siever, Anne Bowman, Phil May, Maureen Youngmeyer

Matt Martinek Maureen Youngmeyer, Steve Nossaman, Sarah Vincze

2018 ICT Native Gala Saturday, June 23, 2018 Mid America All Indian Center 650 N. Seneca 7:00PM - 10:00PM (Parking Across the Street)

Enjoy dinner & open bar Entertainment: “Fashion inspired by Native American Culture” Fashion by Hazel Stabler Cultural Presentations by Terry Tsotigh and Wichita War Dancer

Robert Vincze, Matt Martinek

Austyn Hill, Bethany Hill

Silent Auction showcasing Native American Jewelry & Art

Ticket $45 seat Ticket Purchase: More information visit our Facebook Page at 2018 ICT Native Gala Benefiting the Mid America All Indian Center & food bank located at Mescalero, NM

June 2018 • 45

VIP • Exploration Place

Alyssa Scott, Megan Larsen, Reagan Thorpe

T.D. O’Connell, Amy Miller, Lynn Marshall, Gregg Marshall, Reena Crisler

Wine About Cancer Story & Photography by Lisa-Marie A. Pulley

Nichole Hanson, Craig Hanson

Felicia Blasdel, Ryan Blasdel

Jennifer Weinberg, Ashley Moore

Chris Tincher, Shea Tincher


ore than 400 guests attended the third annual Wine About Cancer, a benefit for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society on May 10 at Exploration Place. Attendees enjoyed more 30 types of wine, live music from DJ Carbon, cigar deck and food from local restaurants. Look for photos at

Janet Cervantes-Hageman, Kelli Elmore, Chris Elmore, Adam Mott, Mike Keller

46 • June 2018

Melissa Welty, Mahdi Bakri, Tori Deatherage


Wine About Cancer      

Employment and Due Process Harassment/Discrimination Investigation Religious Issues FERPA Board Policy Development KOMA/KORA

     

Student Discipline Suspension/Expulsion Contracts Special Education Litigation Defense Labor and Negotiations Acquisition/Sale of Real and Personal Property

SERVING KANSANS SINCE 1886 Seth Duncan, Naomi Duncan, Lea Frevert, T.J. Frevert

Ryan Meyer

Calvin Rider

Brooks Severson

Dave Seely

Bill Tretbar

Fleeson, Gooing, Coulson & Kitch, L.L.C. 1900 Epic Center 301 N. Main St. Wichita, Kansas 67202 316.267.7361

Crystal Torres, Danielle Dillon

Jamie Swanson, Charles Swanson

Jon Lewis, Erin Lewis, Rachel Schultz, Bob Schultz

Nestled in the heart of the historic Delano District, sits

Eclectic goods for bath, body & home. Owner Kelsey Metzinger wanted to bring the feeling of boutiques she’d visited in New Yo rk and Chicago to Wichita. The shop features imported beauty items, eclectic décor & gifts, as well as a large amount of locally made products, many of which are made in house. Since opening in 2006, the shop has sold a small range of men’s products, including beard oils & shaving accessories. This August marks the shop’s 12th year and Metzinger plans to celebrate with a newly expanded line of men’s goods. Stop by & see why this little shop has been a “go to” destination for so many years.


613 B West Douglas Avenue Wichita, KS 67213

Katie Coykendall, Nicole Sinfellow

Phone 316.440.4846


Matthew McClure, Courtney McClure

June 2018 • 47

By MeLinda Schnyder Photography by Aaron Patton


VIP Profile Matt Amos

att Amos remembers laying is a hospital bed at the Naval Medical Center San Diego recovering from a traumatic amputation of parts of both legs and not wondering how he would walk again but how he would get back to hunting. “Being from Kansas, being outdoors was a big part of my life,” the Andale native said. “I love hunting, fishing, anything outdoors.” The answer for the Marine Corps Sergeant came nine months after a June 2011 improvised explosive device blast in Afghanistan that led to a below the knee amputation of his left leg and above the knee amputation of his right. Volunteers with Wounded Warrior Outdoors invited Amos to a bear hunt in British Columbia. When he went on the trip in spring 2012, he was still working through physical therapy and having a tough time transitioning from using a wheelchair to using prosthetic legs. He had both with him on the trip, but the legs were uncomfortable and he wasn’t confident using them. Sometimes on a bear hunt, Amos said, you’ll see only one animal on the entire trip so chances can’t be wasted. When the first bear appeared in a field, the volunteer guides hauled out Amos’ wheelchair and he tried to navigate the rocky terrain. The noise scared off the bear. A few days later, Amos saw a second bear. With encouragement from the volunteers, he forced himself to stay on his legs while crossing rocks and grass to set up at a boulder and take down his first bear. “That was when the light bulb clicked on for me,” Amos said. “I could do it. They pushed me to the limit and showed me what I was capable of.” He came home with a different mindset. If he could succeed on mountainous and uneven terrain, he could succeed at home on sidewalks and even terrain. And, importantly, he could still do the things that made him happy before the injury. It wasn’t easy, though. Despite staying in shape and working hard during two years of physical therapy, he struggled with using the legs for the first three years and mostly walked using canes. Amos had returned to the Wichita area after a 10-year career and medical retirement from the Marines in 2013. In 2014, he met Steve Peeples, an orthotist and prosthetist who owns Peeples Prosthetics in Wichita. Because Peeples makes its sockets in house, they were able to refine Amos’ until he could walk comfortably on his prosthetic legs. “I was amazed at what I was able to do with Peeples’ help, and I know so many people in my situation,” Amos said. He believed so strongly in what Peeples was doing to help amputees live with their injuries that he joined the company in 2015 in a newly created position of director of patient relations. He also has become one of the lead volunteers with Wounded Warrior Outdoors, the non-profit organization that sparked his return to hunting. He helps organize about 10 therapeutic outdoor adventures across North America each year for six to eight wounded servicemen and women at a time. The group is run completely by volunteers and through donations, and he said he plans to remain actively involved to ensure the group succeeds for years to come. He launched an offshoot of the organization, Adventures Enabled, an online series that shows the stories of those who take Wounded Warrior Outdoors trips. The purpose is two-fold he said: he wants to motivate and inspire wounded warriors who are staying at home instead of being out living their lives and he wants insurgents to see that American troops are succeeding and doing great things even with physical challenges. Amos has produced three episodes that can be viewed at and has another three in production. He’s looking for more sponsors to keep the project going. In addition to his volunteer work and his full-time job at Peeples, Amos is feeding his entrepreneurial side with two business ventures. As his first job as a civilian, he launched a beard oil company in 2014 out of necessity. Finally out from under the military guidelines, he’d grown out a beard and couldn’t find an oil that wasn’t too harsh on his skin. He developed his own recipes using just the right ratio of all-natural essential and base oils and started selling a line called Admiral’s Pennant. The name is inspired by a descriptive term for an impressive beard used by U.S. Navy sailor in Herman Melville’s book “White Jacket.” The names of each oil are based on significant dates in American history. For example, 1783 is a blend of sandalwood, cedar and tea tree that commemorates the end of the American Revolution. Amos and his wife, Audrie, make the oils out of their home. Amos also has developed a formula for a handmade soap using Kansas wheat beer, and he’s still working on perfecting the texture for a balm he’d like to add to the line. The oils and soaps can be purchased at as well as many barber shops across the state. They are also sold in other states, often in barber shops owned by fellow veterans. Continued on Page 61

VIP • Crestview Country Club

Tracy Anderson, Mallory Walden, Michelle Welch, Janelle Wilson

Joe Rothwell, Rolf Gunderson, Dan Engel, David Urban


Golf Classic Noah Morford, Stacey Richards

Jessi Coleman, Rebekah Herzog

Jarin McGovern, Tyler Norris

Jason Reardon, Drew Turner

Story & Photography by Amy Geiszler-Jones


he Greater Wichita YMCA’s 10th annual Golf Classic was held May 4 at the Crestview Country Club. Proceeds from the event benefited the Y’s free and assisted services for its programs, which are geared to help young people reach their potential and all ages lead healthier lifestyles. Look for photos at

Leander Greene, Lane Greene, Autumn Greene, Galen Greene

50 • June 2018

Scott Schaffer, Jeannine Schaffer, Ann Foley, T.J. Foley


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Jackie & Bill’s Drapery & Interiors 3135 W Douglas Ave Wichita, KS

M-F: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Sat: 9:30 am - 12:30 pm Sun: Closed



Design Matters Without great design, the spaces in our homes lack meaning and inspiration. The perfect combination of color, texture and pattern not only adds beauty, but has the power to invigorate and rejuvenate.

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VIP • Wichita State University

Richard Overby, Mat Buckingham, Liz Workman, Bob Workman

Rodney Miller, Wendy Hanes, Shoko Kato Sevart, Bob Workman

Wichita State University College of Fine Arts

Hall of Fame Gala Story & Photography by Lisa-Marie A. Pulley

Bill Mathis, Ricki Emery

Marla Zerener, Hal Davis

Pat Reinhold, Lois Friesen

Kevin Wedan, Cheyla Chandler


ight Shockers were honored at the fourth annual Wichita State University College of Fine Arts Hall of Fame Gala on May 12 at the Marcus Welcome Center on WSU’s campus. Honorees were Hal Davis, Broadway performer; Barbara Honn, opera singer and voice teacher; Malcom Myers, international award-winning painter and printmaker; Ray Wills, Broadway and television performer; Stev Overstreet and Shoko Sevart, both award-winning patrons of the arts; William Mathis, mentor and nationally recognized music educator and administrator; and Clayton Staples, patron, painter and art professor. Look for photos at

Michael Hanawalt, DeDe Juhnke, Jerry Juhnke

52 • June 2018

Bill Mathis, Russ Widener, Marcy Matheson

Mary Klocke, Delmar Klocke, Patricia McDonnell

WSU Hall of Fame Gala

Julie Bees, Bill Mathis, Wendy Hanes


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David Stone, Ed Baker

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Michaela Marioni, Justin Rorabaugh

Tim Witsman, Delmar Klocke

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Wayne Bryan, Belden Mills, Shoko Kato Sevart, Anna Mills

June 2018 • 53

VIP • Botanica

Monica Riggs, Jen Meyers

Kama Bedient, Cindy Ojeda, Kristi Meyer

Corri Roberts, Kerri Baalmann

Casting Nets Admiral’s Dinner

Story & Photography by Lisa-Marie A. Pulley

Tony Ojeda, Cindy Ojeda

Jaren Glaser, Ryan Biedron

James Jirak, Al Jirak

Jerry Meyer, Kristi Meyer


“Night at the Races” was the theme for this year’s Admiral’s Dinner, a benefit for Casting Nets Ministries. Attendees sampled delicious fare and sipped on mint juleps while wearing their derby best at the benefit fundraiser, which was held at Botanica on April 28. Casting Nets Ministries is comprised of a team of professional Catholic speakers and evangelists. They conduct missions, retreats and evangelization training for parishes, schools and dioceses. Look for photos at

Maria Stewart, Monica Jirak, Sandra Jirak

54 • June 2018

Meg Beckman, Uki Molina, Hector Molina

Jessica Weir, Riz Husami, Stephanie Stewart

Fashions for Memorable Occasions Day or Evening

10096 E 13th St. Suite 112 Wichita, KS


VIP • Great Plains Nature Center

Lyndzee Rhine, Deb Williams, Emily Dutton

Jeff Bronleewe, Courtney Balzer, Cassie Balzer

Passport to Nature


he third annual Passport to Nature attracted a crowd of about 175 people on April 26 to the Great Plains Nature Center. The event celebrated the past, present and future of the center’s educational work. The evening featured musical entertainment, food and beverages, wine pull and both a silent and live auction. The auction items reflect the center’s aim to provide memorable experiences with unique “bucket list” adventures. Look for photos at

Sheryl Corrigan, Ada Sutherland

56 • June 2018

Eric Ortiz, Maggie Ortiz

Don Setchell, Cindy Setchell

Mike Watkins, Jaci Katz

Bob Gress, Marc Murrell

Anne Lewis, Todd Lewis

Dustin Holladay, Amy Cline

Passport to Nature How do OUR CUSTOMERS describe

Wichita’s premier events venue?


Marc Murrell, Susan Bowers, Todd Lewis









Michael Taylor, Will Marsh

Tonya Bronleewe, Jessica Mounts -AARON



clean and classy - LISA

Cassie Standley, Amanda Alessi, Kathy Frieze, Lori Jones

W W W.O M N I B I Z LO U N G E .C O M Paula Rudiger, Lorrie Beck, Tom Hein

June 2018 • 57

June 2018

Everything Woman Bio

Sarah McNay has been the Walk Manager for the Alzheimer’s Association of Central & Western Kansas since 2016, working with community businesses and individuals to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s care, support, and research. Headquartered in Chicago with the Central & Western Kansas chapter located at 1820 E. Douglas in Wichita, the Alzheimer’s Association is the world’s leading voluntary health organization that works on a global, national, and local level to enhance care and support for all those affected by Alzheimer’s and related dementias. The Central & Western Kansas office serves 68-county area in Kansas, and more than 200,000 Kansans caring for or affected by these diseases. Sarah’s father was diagnosed with Behavior Variant Frontotemperal Dementia (bvFTD) in January 2016 at age 65. Prior to this diagnosis, Sarah moved back to Wichita in 2011 from Portland, OR to help her mother, Dr. Athalene McNay, manage the growing symptoms that frustrated the entire family. They felt helpless, confused, Sarah McNay truly is an Everything Woman! angered, and saddened as they watched a formerly brilliant, outgoing, and loving Dad lose his memories, forget words, have hallucinations and delusions, and generally morph into a reclusive, apathetic, and lethargic shell of his former self. The stress of her father’s degeneration caused Sarah’s mother to have a severe right-brain stroke in December 2015; as a result, Dr. Atha passed away on March 27, 2016. Sarah has served as a volunteer for Rotary in Milwaukie, OR; President of the now-defunct Wichita Leads Group; on various committees for the Wichita Area Chamber; and as a Board Member for the American Diabetes Association. She is grateful for these opportunities to work within and help grow her local communities, as well as to meet and love individuals from all walks of life. June is Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month (ABAM). The Alzheimer’s Association of Central & Western Kansas needs 200 people throughout the Wichita area to develop teams for the 2018 Wichita Walk to End Alzheimer’s (October 13, 2018, 8:30 am, Intrust Bank Arena). Please help Sarah to celebrate ABAM by learning more about funding a cure for Alzheimer’s at or 316.267.7333.

VIP • Botanica

Katherine Wurzer, Jeanine Phillips, Ursula Weilert, Stanley Weilert

Kim Adams, Rachel Packebush, Kim Packebush, Debi Davis

Fundamental Learning Center

Garden Party Story & Photography by Amy Geiszler-Jones

Creath Pollak, Sharon Pullins

Mary Schurman, Erin Kice


he Fundamental Learning Center held its garden party at Botanica on May 4, where it unveiled plans to build a new facility. The evening included dinner and music. Silent and live auctions included puppies and sales of flowers and plants grown by children who receive services at the center. An accredited dyslexia center, the Fundamental Learning Center has helped more than 100,000 children with the disability in its 17-year history. It also has a school for children with dyslexia and other reading difficulties. Look for photos at

Tom Dondlinger, Colleen Dondlinger, Cindy Schwan, Barry Schwan

Jessica Good, Darrin Wortman, April Wortman

60 • June 2018

Jodi Noah, Robin Meyen, Renee Cassil

Jillian Ambrose, Ari Chandler, Eric Shumaker


Art Scene

Wade Hampton Continued from Page 14

told Hampton he needed to attend art school if he really wanted to be any good. In his 20s, his mom told him that he had turned into a very good artist. He attended but never finished art school at Wichita State University, where he made some important connections. He still visits the personal studio of Clark Britton, a now-retired WSU professor who has a similar “bonker artist’s brain,” Hampton said. Britton shares eclectic artistic endeavors, from puppet-making to film-making, as well. In the early 1990s, Hampton helped found the Famous Dead Artists collective, which held its early shows in Commerce Street, before its transformation as a cool, artistic place to be. He developed a following for his work, and in 2011 had a piece of his art featured on “The Colbert Report.” In recent years, Hampton would hold home shows of his work, allowing followers to purchase his artwork directly from him. He gave those up when the number of visitors outgrew his home. The fact that his astrological sign is a Gemini, he said, may explain why he signs his art with two different names: Wade Hate for his more edgy works and Wade Hampton for other pieces. The walls of his home reflect his own support and love of local artists, with works by Mary Werner, Dustin Parker, Hannah Scott, Tabitha Oblinger, Curt Clonts and others. Even before the current local pride trend, Hampton was a big proponent of Wichita and of Kansas. “I’ve always been publicly pro and started putting ‘Made in Wichita, Kansas,’ on my work,” he said. One of his current POD designs features a halo and a skull and the words “Kansas Till I Die.” “Our politics can be what they are, but I disconnect from the politics and say don’t hate the state because of a few people,” Hampton said. “I’m not going anywhere so it’s Kansas till I die.”

VIP Profile Matt Amos Continued from Page 48 One of the shops he sold to locally came up for sale in 2015 so he and friend John Jenkins purchased it. Weiss Barber Supply has been in business since 1952 and is the only dedicated men’s grooming and barber supply store in Wichita. It offers local barbers professional pricing on supplies and also sells high-end grooming products to the general public from its storefront at 1018 W. Maple. It’s also the only place in Wichita that offers shear sharpening and clipper repair services, Amos said. The key to all of his “jobs” is that they afford flexibility for his frequent travel with Wounded Warrior Outdoors, the project that got him back on his feet, literally. He sees Wichita becoming a hub, of sorts, for helping wounded warriors – from the work Peeples Prosthetics is doing for patients around the country to including snippets of Wichita in the shows he produces for Adventures Enabled. When asked how he has time for all of his ventures he said, “I’m blessed to be alive. There are many of my brothers who didn’t make it home. It’s my duty to honor their sacrifice by waking up and doing the best I can do every single day.”



June 2018 • 61

#WichitaFlag Is your man obsessed with the flag? If not, why not? Time to get on the bandwagon and take the lead from these fine fellows and embrace one of the best city flags in the country. Follow @WichitaFlag on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, then post your own flag photos using #WichitaFlag. The @WichitaFlag accounts are managed by the Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce.

All the ladies love a man that reps the flag. Photo from @savvyclothingcompany on Instagram.

While visiting our hometown, Kencell wrote, “I found peace in this city.” Photo from @kencellynix7 on Instagram.

62 • June 2018

Making clothes look good, one flag patch at a time. Photo from @timotheus_cpb on Instagram.

These four little men are developing their love of Wichita. Photo from @four_myheart on Instagram.

No summer float trip is complete without your hometown’s flag. Photo from @villatime on Instagram.

Taking Wichita pride to new heights during a trek in New Mexico. Photo from @trout_bum_torline on Instagram.

34 th nnual

A e l a S y a d h t r Bi


June 14th, 15th, 16th during store hours

Designer Jewelry • Distinctive Tableware Complete Wedding Registry • Special Accessories and Gifts Fine Antiques from the French and English Countryside

302 N. Rock Road • Wichita, KS ph. 316-683-1364 • Mon-Sat, 10-5

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