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Human beings are on the top level of the animal kingdom. We are the only one who can, by far, claim and use the power of mind. We have almost all our basic being drawn out from animals except for the fact that we can use our brains. Using our brains, although, they are initially ignited by our animalistic desires, can be controlled or willed by our minds to think of situations and happenings as something else other than what it seemed to be on first note. But what is this that they say about "mind over matter. For example, in one of those reality shows where you might be challenged to eat rodents. Rodents are not the usual mouth-watering delicacy. Munching on it raw is not an item included in your agenda for living this life but you are faced with it at the moment. Placing yourself in a position determined to bag a million, you rule out the pre-determined reaction of your whole self to the situation. If that will make you throw out the moment you touch the rodent, you think of a substitute to lull yourself into believing it is not what it is. Parapsychology, however, has a different view on mind over matter. For this school of knowledge, mind over matter is moving an object (matter) using only your mind and no other forces from your physical body but just your mind. Commonly called, telekinesis or psychokinesis, it claims that the power of mind can move an object. It is cool when you try to visualize it. Who would not want to be able to not move a limb's muscle to, say, turn off your room's lights when you are about to sleep? The movie Matrix showed one sample of the popular thoughts in psychokinesis - bending spoon. One of the secrets involving the mind over matter, as some suggests, is to open your third eye. Another is that you would need to meditate. Meditating and concentrating involves clearing out your mind up to zero destruction. There are exercises that you can practice with until you get the hang of it. There were studies also that being under hypnosis helps. Other scientists (or claiming scientists) claim to have the best formula or secret in getting the power of mind to work for you in moving the objects around you. Though using only the brain, it appears to demand the whole relaxation of your body. Hence, part of the tips would be to get enough sleep so that you will not have a hard time concentrating. Controlling your emotions will also help. So, draining yourself of any other things that will trigger any form or manifestation of emotional stress - positive or negative - should be done.

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