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According to statistics, it has been found that the biggest single mistake that most people make with their finances and often their lives is to ignore or forget their most cherished goals. Therefore, managing your money wisely not only promotes good financial decisions but is also the first step towards true happiness in life. The secret ingredient to managing money wisely, is the focus towards identifying goals and dreams. Thus, it helps in chalking out a financial road map for smartly financing those goals and dreams. How we manage out money affects our investment choices as well as spending choices to the things we teach and don't teach our children about money. It is the way we handle our finances that are considered to be a reflection of our beliefs and values in life. Therefore, in order to live fulfilling lives, we must manage our money wisely, whether it is personal finance, corporate behavior or social behavior. Experts say that there are three factors that influence our money managing decisions. These include:

Our perspective towards money, which we developed when we were growing up. The message that the society tells us about money. The message that we tell ourselves about money. Thus mindful money management has many benefits, as it will put you at the top of your expenses. It helps in creating a personal financial plan for life that remains unaffected by the economy. You can also make smart decisions while getting the best deals on your checking account. Hence, it will not only strengthen your credit report but also cut credit costs in half. Taking care of your finances will protect you from the pitfalls of various offers like getting out of debt loan scams and avoiding outrageously high level of bank fees. So, you end up with recession proof stocks and mutual funds and automatically earn top yield on your cash. As we all know, money comes in all forms and sizes, and has many origins and each individual's situation is comprised of its own set of circumstances, personalities and feelings. Here is a list of dos and don'ts that help in mindful management of money. If these universal commandments are followed, you will be less likely to experience any of the financial problems that plague many consumers. Some people may find it confusing and overwhelming, but allowing time for the cloud of confusion to disappear will make you start thinking clearly about what you want to do with your money. Therefore, you will be better prepared to make all kinds of financial decisions. Dos

Do take your time to research the new possibilities and responsibilities of managing money on your own. Do find an expert Financial Advisor for help. Do know your range of possibilities.

Do know which decisions are irreversible before committing to them. Do set short and long term financial goals. Do diversify your portfolio of investments. Do keep a vigilant eye on your tax situation if you have a lot of money. Don'ts

Don't give up direct access to your money. Don't loan out money to friends and relatives frequently. Don't quit your job until and unless you know that you can afford not to work. Don't invest in a business that cannot be liquefied effectively at times of need. Don't sink your wealth in an anew business. Thus, following the universal commandments will not only maximize your wealth but also minimize your stress and confusion about managing money matters. This also aids in creating and executing the best financial plan for life. If you have had a financial windfall, it is important to stay calm and not make any decisions based on emotions. Seeking the aid of experienced and professional advice will also help in managing money wisely. Therefore, you will gain an insight into the world of saving, investing and maintaining a sound credit rating. The Universal commandments will guide in enhancing your savings and cutting costs on credit cards, mortgages, car buying and checking and learning all the money making secrets.

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==== ==== Achieve Success, Confidence And Happiness. ==== ====

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