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The place to be INCLUDED SERVICES All of our guests can enjoy the included services listed below, which come complimentary as part of every MotoGP VIP Village package, whether you are visiting our Lounge or whether you are in an individual Corporate Area.

Stylish Venues - Unique business environments

MotoGP VIP Village marquees and suites are equipped with fitted carpet, elegant furniture and air-conditioning. The interior of each marquee or suite can be tailored to meet your specific corporate need, when booking a Corporate Area.

Exclusive parking

Excellent views

Comprehensive television coverage


Your MotoGP VIP Village Pass grants you access inside the circuit. By simply following the signs you will arrive at the reserved Parking Area, which is always located close to the MotoGP VIP Village. Whether on the Pit Lane Roof Terrace ; Suites or in the Infield, all locations for the MotoGP VIP Village guarantee unbeatable views. Our in-house television system means that you can follow the leading riders at all times. Adapted to meet local tastes, a large selection of croissants, a bakery station, cereals, cured meats, cheese, various egg dishes, coffee, tea and fruit juices are served in buffet style. Guests arriving later can enjoy our inviting tapas bar until lunch-time.

Pit Lane Walk

Provided exclusively for our guests, this service offers an opportunity to take a closer look at the Pit Lane action and enter an area otherwise reserved for official MotoGP personnel only. This is a unique tour for all the guests from the MotoGP VIP Village, which takes place on Saturday and Sunday in between racing activity.

Paddock Tour

Service Road Tour

Gourmet lunch

Afternoon petit fours

Official programme

Cocktail and coffee bar

Legends bar

VIP Village Game

VIP Village guests are given the opportunity to take a 30 minute walk through the Paddock to see what is going on behind the scenes. Entering the Paddock you will experience what the life of the riders, teams and sponsors entails at the circuit. MotoGP VIP Village guests are given the unique opportunity to ride along the service road, parallel to the track, in a top of the range BMW X5. This provides the chance to see the bikes and riders close-up during the race or practice. The MotoGP VIP Village excels at providing food of the finest fare in the most elegant manner. Our fine cuisine, always caringly selected and freshly prepared, aims to satisfy the most sophisticated palates by combining local and international flavours. Fresh fruit, cakes, petit fours and a wide selection of cheese will be served in the afternoon to satisfy your tea-time appetite. In the MotoGP VIP Village on Sunday you will find a complementary copy of the MotoGP Official Programme on your seat. An all day complimentary bar will be offered in the MotoGP VIP Lounge and in all Corporate Areas. This open bar features at several Grands Prix, where all guests are invited to enjoy the communal atmosphere – providing the perfect networking opportunity. Upon arrival at the MotoGP VIP Village all guests will be given a lottery voucher for the VIP Village game by one of our welcoming hostesses, and you may be the lucky winner of one of the exclusive MotoGP-related gifts (Guests are advised to check their vouchers on arrival to see if they have won and if so proceed to the prize collection area).

The place to be MotoGP VIP VILLAGE PACKAGES Giving you access to the very heart of the action, our MotoGP VIP Village packages feature an extensive list of services to enhance your enjoyment of the Grand Prix in relaxed, stylish and exclusive surroundings. Whether you are looking for the ultimate in World-class hospitality for your clients or you are an individual MotoGP fan, our VIP packages can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. We offer two packages so that you can enjoy the Grand Prix weekend as you wish: GOLD Gold Pass grants access solely on Sunday (race day) GOLD & SILVER Gold & Silver Pass grants access on Saturday (qualifying) and Sunday (race day).


With an unrivalled heritage dating back to 1949 and an eight-month season comprising eighteen Grands Prix, in fourteen different countries, spanning four continents and disputed by an elite group of riders from across the globe, MotoGP is the world’s premier motorcycling championship. The sport is spectacular show, featuring technologically advanced high-speed racing machinery from the world’s leading motorcycle manufacturers, being ridden by the most daring and talented riders on the planet. There are three individual races at each Grand Prix, one for each of MotoGP’s three categories (MotoGP, 250cc, 125cc).

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