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BURLADA, MY HOMETOWN I was born in Pamplona, but now I'm living in Burlada. Burlada is between Pamplona and Villava, in the centre of Navarre and in the North of Spain. I like it a lot because almost all my friends live there. Burlada is a quite big city with approximately 18500 inhabitants. It isn't famous for anything. I have been living here for ten years.

My father and my mother, when they were younger and I didn't exist, also lived in Burlada. Now, of my family, are living here my aunt, my uncle, my grandmother, my parents, my brother and me. Burlada has a 7-day Festival in August, it starts on the 14th, it's in summer so is wonderful to come!! There are a lot of people dancing in the streets, also there are attractions, "txoznas", etc. I think the best time to come to Burlada is in summer because the swimming pool is open and it's perfect! It is the best swimming pool! There are a lot of slides, grass, space... There's also a golf track.

In Burlada there are some schools, private and public, in Spanish and in Basque; some institutes also in Basque and in Spanish. Burlada has some restaurants, banks, shops, pubs, blocks of flats, supermarkets, etc. It has two churches too, where old people go. One of the things that I like best is the library, it's fantastic! In the same building there are two parts, a library for children, and other for adults. I always go to the second because is better to study and have silence. A lot of people go there to read a book, do the homework, study or relax. It has lots of very interesting books and films. There are computers too. In Burlada there is a very important park for people who live there: Uranga Park. It's very special because are some animals like rabbits, ducks, peacocks, hens, birds, etc. People can visit them and also feed them. Uranga Park is quite pretty, has a lot of grass and people like a lot going there! There are swings and slides for the children. It's a great place to go for a walk. Near it is the swimming pool, so in summer is even better!! Near the swimming pool too, there's the Nogalera, another park with many trees. It's a great place too to run, go for a walk, etc. Now we are constructing the new City Hall in front of my flat and it'll be so attractive. To sum up, Burlada for me is very special, I like it a lot, I like staying here with my friends and although it could be better, I like a lot how it is. But I think that I'd never change anything!! I hope to hear from you soon!! Bye-bye!! Ariadna SOTERAS IRIBARREN


I live in Burlada, in the centre of Navarra and in the north of Spain, but the place I like most is Garralda where my second home is. Garralda is in the north of Navarra, 45 kilometres far from Burlada. My mother was born in Garralda and my grandparents still live there. I travel there every weekend and on holidays, that’s why I’m going to talk about it. It is a small village in the mountains. There is plenty of woods all around the village, the houses are very big because in the past the families were very big and the stables were on the ground floor. The houses are very old too, made of stones with red roofs and vegetable gardens.

activities: music, dinner with friends (very, very enjoyable for me), children’s games… The best time to come to Garralda, I think, is in autumn because the leaves of the trees in the wood turn brown, red, yellow, orange… and the view is very, very nice. A hundred years ago the village burnt down. It was summer time and all attics were full of straw and one of the attics was stroken by lightining and was set on fire. The fire started in one house and then all the houses were burnt down.

The most important economical activity of my village is to breed cows, sheep, horses and pigs. There are also a hotel and two pubs. To the school of Garralda go children from three to sixteen from the villages in the area. There are people from the village who work in it. The population of Garralda is around 200 people during the year but during the weekend and in summer the population increases a lot. The best thing about my hometown is… everything!!!: the mountains, the feast days. It is the place where I meet my friends, where some of my cousins live… My village has not changed a lot in the last few years, the only thing we can notice is that some young people from the village are building new houses for them. These new houses are built according to the traditional architecture of the place. The festival of my village is the first weekend in September. I think it is wonderful. The feast lasts four days, every day is full of enjoyable

Finally I’m going to describe my house: It is very big and has three floors. —On the ground floor there is a kitchen, a dinning room, a bathroom, and a big room where in the past my grandfather used to keep the cows. Now we use it to keep the bicycles and the cars. —On the first floor we have got a kitchen, a dinning room, a bath room, a ladder and seven bedrooms. —On the second there is an open space where we keep old things that we don’t use. And this is more-less everything about my village and my house…


My hometown has changed since I was a kid, but not much. Now there are three detached houses. I don’t like them very much because the now residents are old and the houses are built above, in a place very important for me. I don’t speak very much with them.

MY HOMETOWN: REDIN I’m going to tell you about my house, my village…

There are three historical parts: the church, the “fronton”, and the ruins of a canteen. Redin was property of D. Tiburcio de Redin, his biography is very interesting. I’m not sure, but I think that is on the internet. The best season in my town is autumn, because the fields are green, but it’s very cold. In winter is very, very cold (when snows we play with the sledge) and the summer is very hot. It rains very much during the year.

I live in Spain, in the north of Navarra, in a small town called Redin since 2003. That is between the mountains and countries. It is the town of my father. It is a village “derelict”, almost abandoned

My town doesn’t have any festival, and here I haven’t got friends. In Redin, you can play tennis, football etc..., go cycling, and walk.

Here are eight habitable houses, the homes of my grandfather, my uncle, and some residents, also are ruins and gardens.

Redin lies between Urroz and Lizoain and is near Burlada and Pamplona.

My home has there floors: On the first floor are one bathroom, one pantry, and a big sitting room with a kitchen. The garage, and the stairs (there is one enormous window and four plants in them).

After I graduate I don’t want to live here, I want to live in Pamplona.

On the second floor are four bedrooms, two bathrooms, the sitting room and the kitchen. More over there is a big terrace. On the third floor, the last floor, is one big room. We use it as a lair for us, the children. I love it. The places of my town that I like very much are: one field were I can see the sunrises and the sunsets very well, there are some pear trees (I usually go here to relax and draw), the bank of the river (that is the limit of my town) and the ruins of three houses.

Don Tiburcio de Redín Titulo: Don Tiburcio de Redín (hacia 1635) Autor: Juan Ricci Museo: Museo del Prado Caracteristicas: Oleo sobre lienzo 203 x 124 cm.


I like Redin for the weekend but not for every day because there is very much calm, and I’m bored, and alone. I’m from another town, I love it very much: it is the village of my grandparents. It is in Spain, in La Rioja, a community near Navarra. The name of the village is Ortigosa de Cameros, it is famous for its caves. It’s opposite to Redin, it is a big village, with many people, friends, shops…I go there in summer. In winter snows very much, and it is also very cold. Paula Iribarren Toni.

moment there is a rocket called “chupinazo”, and it means the beginning of the festival) and at night there is dance. On Saturday is very similar, at midday there is a big lunch in the square for all the people of Olagüe and visitors, after that there are more things and at night dance again. On Sunday is a little different, in the morning is the pelota match, at midday there is lunch, in the afternoon are the rural games and the games for the children and at 22:00 the festival is finished.

My Hometown

In my town I never get bored, in summer I ride on bicycle with my friends, we go to the mountains, we play football in the big fronton (because it has goals), we play pelota in the small fronton and a lot of things more. I like very much to live in Olagüe, is the best place in the world Ibai Altunal

I’m from Olagüe, a small town 20 km from Pamplona (the city of the Sanfermines), I like it very much because is very calm and is very nice.

My Hometown (Angie, from Poland) Hello,

My hometown is very small, it has 60 houses more or less. Most of the houses are on the right hand of the road, after this, the houses spread as far as a small hill on the East side. On the other hand of the road are fewer houses, but on this side is the square and once there was a bar called “El Maño”. On this side are the pharmacy and the bakery too. Olagüe is the capital of Anue (the valley where

I come from Warsaw, but I live in Jablonna. This village is situated near Warsaw in the centre of Poland. Here there are more or less 5 thousand people. My hometown isn't famous, but it is a really nice and quiet place. We don't have any historical buildings. I like our trees, forests and fields. We have got a beautiful, green park with a white palace. Oh, I'm so stupid. Palace! This is our historical building. The best thing in my hometown is our Supermarket - Kaufland; We have a lot of jokes about it. This year we had a festival called "The Days of Jablonna", I was there first time. Everything was so colourful and brilliant. People could eat, dance, watch performances and fireworks too! People were glad and they had a great time.

Olagüe is). The population is a hundred persons more or less. It has two pelota courts: the smaller is in the square and the bigger is near the council.

I'm glad I live in Jablonna although I was born in Warsaw and I like Warsaw more. But Jablonna is important for me too. Maybe this place hasn't got many attractions but still you will enjoy visiting my hometown. You can find there what you can't find in the big city -

The festival of my town is two days long: 22nd-23rd of June. The festival lasts a weekend. It starts at 20:00 on Friday (in this 4

nice atmosphere, and seclusion. Jablonna is a really nice place.

My Hometown (Hubert, from Poland)

Angie (More about Jablonna) Hi, I’m Ola and I live in a small village in the centre of Poland, near Warsaw. It is called Jabłonna. Living in Jabłonna has a lot of advantages and disadvantages, so sometimes I like spending time here, but sometimes I really hate it. I’ve lived there for 7 years, but my grandparents have lived here for over forty years. My mother spent her childhood in this village.

Dear Spanish colleague! I’m from Poland. The name of my hometown is Chotomów. It is situated near Warsaw, which is our capital. I don’t like it very much because there is not too much things to do. My hometown looks like an old little town where we can still see the effects of communistic influence in Poland. I have lived here for 6 years. I moved to Chotomów from Warsaw.

When I was younger, Jabłonna was really ugly. Today it is much nicer. There are new pavements, bus stops, shops, and new, big road is being built. I think that in short period of time, Jabłonna will be beautiful, because it is still developing.

Population is about 5000-6000 but it is still increasing. I think someday it could be famous for any of the young people here. We have very talented youth especially in sports. Chotomów usually wins ping-pong, chess, and football tournaments.

I had only one friend in Jabłonna when I was a child. It was my cousin, Tomek, and we are friends to this day. He still lives here and we are also in the same class at school. Every year in Jabłonna takes place a festival. It is usually in September. On this festival, dancing and singing groups present their program. In the evening usually sings as a special guest a Polish band or vocalist. After their performance, festival ends with fireworks.

We have festivals but I don’t know them too much to write about them. You would enjoy it in summer especially in June. Temperature is about 25-35oC. Then you can go to the forests and collect mushrooms. You should take your bike and have a trip or just walk. Chotomów in summer is really beautiful.

Jabłonna isn’t a boring place. There is a forest with very good bicycle paths, there is a fantastic palace with a park, and there are lot of monuments. The best thing about my hometown is that it is near the Capital City and it is quiet and calm at the same time. The worst thing is that it may be boring for someone who likes modern places.

The worst thing about my hometown are our roads. Our roads are not good quality and they are still patched up but we don’t see any changes. Chotomów is flat region without any mountains and beaches. There are not too many attractions here but it is near Warsaw so, if we want to have a good time, you have to go to Warsaw. I’m sure that after graduate I will live in Chotomów because my family home is here so I won’t change it. Chotomów is still growing. There are new shops and housing estates. I think that, after 20 years Chotomów will be great metropolis. We have only one restaurant ‘’Samba’’ Hubert

I’m not sure if I like Jabłonna or not, because it depends on my mood. I would rather live in London or Paris when I grow up, but I can go to Jabłonna on holidays, because I think there is really on Spring/Summer time. Ola Kowalska


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