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VIPP KITCHEN Island module

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We dream of a world with fewer but better products, favouring staying power over fading trends. We never design for the sake of novelty alone, but to exceed what is already available. This philosophy is taken straight out of our pedal bin from 1939 and is the guideline for everything we do.

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MOTHER AND DAUGHTER Marie with her and Holger’s daughter, Jette, now owner of Vipp

A STORY OF LOVE Marie and Holger in 1939


‘Holger’, said Marie. ‘I need a waste bin for my salon. Can you make me one?’. These words mark the beginning of Vipp. The year is 1939, and Marie has just opened her own salon. Her husband, Holger, runs a modest metal workshop in the Danish town of Randers. Holger does not know the word ‘design’, but as a smith he knows what makes a quality tool. With this in mind, he makes Marie a bin that works and that very few people will ever wear out. FOR PROFESSIONALS ONLY

Originally, the Vipp bin was intended for Marie only. However, many wives of doctors and dentists, who have their hair done at Marie’s salon, fall in love with the bin and find it perfect for their husbands’ clinics. Soon the bin becomes a permanent fixture in clinics all over Denmark and remains a prerogative for the professional market for the next 50 years. IN HER FATHER’S FOOTSTEPS

When Holger Nielsen suddenly dies in 1992, Holger and Marie’s youngest daughter, Jette, cannot not bear to see her father’s work disappear with him. Convinced that the Vipp bin has a fate beyond the professional market, Jette decides to do something her father never did - visit customers. With a bin under her arm, Jette travels Europe, telling the tale of the trash bin. When a fax checks in with an order from The Conran Shop in London, Jette knows she is on the right track. FROM MARIE TO MOMA

In November 2009, the Vipp pedal bin is accepted into the permanent collection at The Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMA) - the only place in the world where the bin is just for decoration.

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THE FIRST OF ITS KIND The first Vipp bin made for Marie’s salon in 1939


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THE FAMILY Jette, Kasper and Sofie

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EXTENDED LEGACY A contemporary Vipp bin carrying Holger’s design


In the late 1990s, Jette moves the company to Northern Copenhagen, bringing her closer to her children, Kasper and Sofie, who quickly become part of Vipp. ‘We have such a love for this bin that my grandfather made in his backyard workshop. It runs in our veins’, says Kasper. FAMILY-FOUNDED, FAMILY-DRIVEN

Today, more than 20 years later, Vipp is still a family-driven company, operated by Jette and her two children, Kasper and Sofie. Kasper acts as the Managing Director for Vipp, and Sofie has moved to New York to build the Vipp brand across the Atlantic. Though Vipp is a growing business in full speed, the spirit and DNA of the company remains as the little company it was in the backyard of Holger’s home.


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HOLGER AND HIS BIN Holger with a variety of Vipp bins in the early 1990s


When Holger Nielsen founded Vipp in 1939, he designed a pedal bin that still looks very much the same today, generations later. Holger Nielsen was not a designer in the traditional sense of the word. He was a craftsman. So the bin was not designed for the purpose of a certain appearance, but got its visual expression as a result of a series of functional criteria: A large foot for stability, a domed steel lid that is easy to clean, and a large rubber ring at the base to protect the floor. Holger’s philosophy of allowing function to dictate form is still the starting point for all new Vipp products.

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OUR STORY OF EVOLUTION Original Vipp bin from 1939 and a current edition


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MORTEN BO JENSEN Chief Designer at Vipp since 2006


When Morten Bo Jensen joined Vipp in 2006, it was a common passion for philosophy-driven design that drew the family behind the company and the young designer together. ‘The heritage of Vipp constituted a huge potential in my eyes. When a product has endured as long as the Vipp bin, it’s definitive proof that the set of values on which it’s based is something worth building upon’, says Morten. ENGINEERED TO THE BONE

‘Functionalism is the root of everything we do, and our in-house team of engineers study every little detail. I like using the word ‘tool’, because that’s what Holger’s original bin was initially conceived as, before people began purchasing it for their homes. Our starting point is always to look at industrial designs, and then reimagine them for everyday use – all centered on creating an impeccable experience’, Morten continues.


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Having taken more than 5 years to perfect, the Vipp lamp series is a testament to Vipp’s dedication to engineered craftsmanship. The growing lamp series for floor, ceiling, wall and table stems from an ambition to introduce a series of lamps that move against the trend of fixed light sources. Instead, Vipp lamps are designed to be timeless in both aesthetic and function, made to be fitted with a replaceable LED light source.

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Collection | Lighting

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Collection | Furniture

MIRROR Vipp911-913


When Holger Nielsen founded Vipp in 1939, he probably never dreamt that the bin he made for his wife’s salon would grow into a full family of products. Over the years, the solid principles of craftsmanship and the designing of tools for everyday life has inspired Vipp to grow across categories. From the small side table and the clean-cut mirror across the dining table and the daybed, the Vipp DNA of solid materials and soft lines lays the foundation of a growing furniture range.

Collection | Furniture

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Collection | Furniture

TABLE Vipp971-972

Collection | Furniture

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COFFEE TABLE Coming soon

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Collection | Furniture

RACK SYSTEM Vipp473-474

Collection | Furniture

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BATH MODULE Vipp981-983



Having grown up in the clinics of Denmark, Vipp naturally extends into the clean environment of the bathroom. Today, the Vipp pedal bin has become a permanent resident in many bathrooms across the world, and has been joined by both small and large family members - from the three-sized bath module and stainless steel bath tap to the practical suction hook and the soap dispenser.

Collection | Bathroom

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Collection | Bathroom


Collection | Bathroom

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Collection | Bathroom


Collection | Bathroom

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Finding inspiration from industrial tools, every Vipp kitchen product is made to be worthy of a chef, whether professional or amateur. GETTING IT RIGHT

Never settling before a product is just right, the Vipp kitchen roll holder exemplifies Vipp’s constant quest for making a product the best it can be. Fifteen different concepts were tried over five years for the kitchen roll holder to be accepted into the family of Vipp products.

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Collection | Kitchen



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Collection | Kitchen


Collection | Kitchen

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Collection | Kitchen

VIPP KITCHEN Island module with gas hobs

Collection | Kitchen

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VIPP KITCHEN Wall module


Since 1939, every new Vipp product has been born from the same dream; to manufacture long-lasting tools for everyday life. Our kitchen is no different. Envisioned to be used every day for a lifetime, the Vipp kitchen is stripped of fading trends and filled with carefully-consired and highly engineered details.

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Collection | Kitchen

VIPP KITCHEN Tall module with oven

Collection | Kitchen

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VIPP SHELTER Check in to a human battery charger wrapped in Vipp DNA from head to toe

ROOM NO. 1 VIPP SHELTER 55m2 of solitude in the Swedish wilderness

ROOM NO. 2 VIPP LOFT A 400m2 urban design-meets-art experience in Copenhagen

ROOM NO. 3 CHIMNEY HOUSE A historic landmark on the Copenhagen waterfront opening in 2018


That is because the Vipp Hotel is not a hotel in the traditional sense. Instead of having many rooms in one location, we offer unique rooms at various destinations. AN UNTRADITIONAL HOTEL

At the Vipp Hotel, we invite you to experience our philosophy of design in places out of the ordinary. The hotel is still small with just two rooms, but more are in the making. Treat yourself to a secluded wilderness getaway in the Vipp Shelter, go for maximised urbanity at the Vipp Loft, or stay tuned for the Chimney House opening in 2018 - a restored landmark in northern Copenhagen. A VIPP KITCHEN IS FOR LIFE, BUT YOU CAN START WITH JUST A WEEKEND

The Vipp Hotel is also an opportunity to try out every Vipp product in a laid-back environment. Take for instance the Vipp kitchen; a new kitchen is a big decision, so why not spend a night with it before you commit? Just like you can test drive a new car, you can take your new Vipp kitchen for a spin at the Vipp Hotel.

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VIPP LOFT Room no. 2, a part of Vipp Hotel


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VIPP1 hook

VIPP2 shower wiper

VIPP3 toilet roll holder

VIPP4 spare roll holder

VIPP5 soap dish

VIPP6 shower shelf

Ø X L: 1.4 X 5.8 CM

H X W: 23.8 X 26.2 CM

L X H X W: 16.8 X 1.8 X 8.4 CM

Ø X W X H: 1.7 X 7 X 19.6 CM

H X L X W: 2.7 X 14.8 X 9.8 CM

L X H X W: 30.1 X 1.8 X 10.5 CM

VIPP7 toothbrush holder

VIPP8 towel bar

VIPP9 soap dispenser

VIPP9W soap dispenser, wall

VIPP10 container

H X L: 11.4 X 9 CM

L X H X W: 60.8 X 1.8 X 6 CM

Ø X H X D: 8.2 X 13.7 X 9.6 CM

Ø X H X D: 8.2 X 13.7 X 10.9 CM

Ø X H: 12 X 7.8 CM

VIPP11 toilet brush

VIPP11W toilet brush, wall

VIPP12 suction hook

VIPP13 pedal bin

VIPP14 pedal bin

VIPP15 pedal bin

Ø X H: 11.9 X 43.5 CM

Ø X H X D: 10 X 43.5 X 10.6 CM

Ø X D: 4.4 X 2.8 CM

Ø X H X D: 24.8 X 30.2 X 30 CM

Ø X H X D: 30 X 37 X 36 CM

Ø X H X D: 30 X 52 X 36 CM

VIPP16 pedal bin

VIPP17 pedal bin

VIPP52 office bin

VIPP109 towel

VIPP121 tea towel

VIPP130 placemat

Ø X H X D: 30 X 62 X 36 CM

Ø X H X D: 30 X 72 X 36 CM

Ø X H: 60 X 30 CM

TOWEL: 50 X 70 CM, BATH TOWEL: 75 X 135 CM

H X W: 80 X 50 CM

L X W: 46.2 X 35.2 CM

VIPP134 placemat, round

VIPP201 espresso cup

VIPP202 coffee cup

VIPP203 tea cup

VIPP205 milk jug

VIPP213 dinner plate

Ø: 31.5 CM

Ø X H: 6.8 X 6.9 CM

Ø X H: 9 X 7.8 CM

Ø X H: 9 X 11.4 CM

Ø X H: 9 X 13.9 CM

Ø: 26 CM

VIPP214 brunch plate

VIPP215 bowl

VIPP218 bowl, large

VIPP240 glass, 15 cl

VIPP242 glass, 33 cl

VIPP263 salt and pepper mill

L X W: 24 X 16 CM

Ø X H: 12.7 X 5.9 CM

Ø X H: 20 X 10.5 CM

Ø X H: 7.5 X 8 CM

Ø X H: 9 X 11 CM

MILL Ø X H: 6.5 X 11.8 CM, BASE L X W: 16.5 X 9 CM

VIPP266 kitchen roll holder

VIPP267 clip

VIPP268 trivet

VIPP270 breadbox

VIPP272 tray

VIPP274 broom and dustpan

Ø X H: 12 X 30.3 CM

L X H X W: 6 X 6.2 X 3.2 CM

Ø: 15.3 CM, 20 CM

L X H X W: 41 X 18 X 22.5 CM

Ø X H: 34 X 2.7 CM

L X W: 33.5 X 23.6 CM

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VIPP280 dishwashing brush

VIPP401 mini table

VIPP421 side table

VIPP441 laundry basket

VIPP461 daybed

H X W: 26.1 X 6 CM

H X W X D: 23.8 X 47.6 X 36.6 CM

Ø X H: 40 X 45 CM

Ø X H: 39 X 69 CM

H X L X W: 31.5 X 200 X 85 CM

VIPP473 rack low

VIPP474 rack low extension

VIPP475 rack tall

VIPP476 rack tall extension

VIPP521 desk lamp

VIPP521 desk lamp w/ insert

H X L X D: 91.8 X 120 X 45 CM

H X L X D: 91.8 X 117 X 45 CM

H X L X D: 200.4 X 120 X 45 CM

H X L X D: 200.4 X 117 X 45 CM

Ø X H X W: 11 X 53 X 53.3 CM

Ø X H X W: 11 X 52 X 55 CM

VIPP522 wall lamp

VIPP524 wall spot

VIPP525 floor reading lamp

VIPP526 pendant

VIPP561 flashlight

VIPP900 kitchen, tall module

Ø X H X W: 11 X 56.2 X 52.9 CM

Ø X H X W: 11 X 19.5 X 18.5 CM

Ø X H X W: 11 X 96.2 X 64.4 CM

Ø X H: 29 X MAX 300 CM

Ø X L: 2.4 X 10.4 CM

H X L X D: 200 X 127 CM X 65 CM

VIPP900 kitchen, wall module

VIPP900 kitchen, island module

VIPP900 kitchen, island module w. seating

H X L X D: 92 X 307 X 65 CM

H X L X D: 92 X 247 X 127 CM

H X L X D: 92 X 247 X 95 CM

VIPP901 kitchen tap

VIPP906 bathroom tap

VIPP911 mirror, small

VIPP912 mirror, medium

VIPP913 mirror, large

H X D: 33 X 22.9 CM

H X D: 24.8 X 17.6 CM

W X H X D: 66.5 X 50 X 3.1 CM

W X H X D: 126 X 50 X 3.1 CM

W X H X D: 186.4 X 50 X 3.1 CM

VIPP921 shelf, small

VIPP922 shelf, large

VIPP971 table, medium

VIPP972 table, large

L X H X W: 50.5 X 23 X 19 CM

L X H X W: 100 X 23 X 19 CM

L X H X W: 200 X 72.5 X 95 CM

L X H X W: 240 X 72.5 X 95

VIPP981 bath module, small

VIPP982 bath module, medium

VIPP983 bath module, large

L X H X D: 67 X 38 X 46 CM

L X H X D: 127 X 38 X 46 CM

L X H X D: 187 X 38 X 46 CM

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