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―The Circle of Life‖ By Venus Joy (Spec Script) Pg 1-25

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FADE IN: EXT. CLIFF - DAY An adult panther along with a young panther, sit atop a cliff, the sunrise painted behind them. She sits tall and proud as he lies nestled between her two front paws. She licks his back fur to clean him. QUEEN SICILY So you see son, not everyone in our family has the same intentions as you and I. They may appear to be on the same path in life, but in the end, you find out that it was just the opposite, right from the beginning. She cleans his ears. DAMIANO (drowsy eyed) You mean like grandpa? QUEEN SICILY Yea, like grandpa. She flips him over and cleans his belly. He giggles. QUEEN SICILY I thought because he was my father he would want what‘s best for me, but it turns out, he only wanted what was best for him. She goes off into a daze. FLASHBACK – Ext. KING‘S CASTLE -Day A shiny, muscular panther with a crown on his head, talks with a sinister looking panther. Sicily overlooks from the nearby bushes, a look of sadness and betrayal on her face.

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BACK TO PRESENT DAY Sicily stares off into the sunset, the young panther still on his back, between her paws. QUEEN SICILY (teary eyed) I really wanted him to like your father and to see him like I did. She smiles brightly, sniffles then wipes her tears away. Her tail begins waving happily behind her. It brushes across the ground like a slithering snake. The young panther has curiously taken notice of it. He positions himself in the pouncing position, watching it sway from side to side, eagerly awaiting his moment to pounce. QUEEN SICILY He was really brave, ya know? QUEEN SICILY And smart..and handsome..and nice. Fit for a king! DAMIANO And what about me? Am I brave Like him? QUEEN SICILY are. Damiano pounces, attempting to catch the wagging tail with his little paws. He misses. He goes back into a crouch, watching and waiting for the perfect pounce. DAMIANO Do I look like him? QUEEN SICILY Yes, you do. DAMIANO (concentrating on her tail) Am I smart? Damiano pounces.

He catches her tail in his mouth. Sicily

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squints in pain. She looks back at him and gently pushes him away. Her tail continues to sway as she goes back into her daze. The little cub positions himself back in the crouching position, watching her tail. QUEEN SICILY Yes, you are. DAMIANO Are you proud of me too? He follows the tail from side to side attempting to catch it. After a few attempts he finally catches the tail in his mouth. Sicily squints again, and then grabs him up. They roll around on the ground as she tickles his fat belly. He laughs hysterically. QUEEN SICILY (laughs) Yes, I am! DAMIANO Even if you have more cubs? QUEEN SICILY (continues tickling his belly). Even if I have more cubs. DAMIANO And what if it‘s another boy? QUEEN SICILY (smiles). Then, we‘ll just have to send him back. DAMIANO No, don‘t send him back... then I won‘t have anybody to play with. She laughs as she grabs him up. QUEEN SICILY (with admiration). You‘re going to make a wonderful ruler some day.

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Just then, a rather large, beautiful, albino boa constrictor slithers down the tree. BOA Your majesty, I've news from below. She continues rolling around and playing with Damiano. QUEEN SICILY (barely taking her eyes off her son). What is it? BOA The humans are coming. She halts wrestling with Damiano to stare at Boa. Damiano continues to play. She squints as moves her head about, avoiding his tickles and wrestling moves. QUEEN SICILY (agitated) What for this time? BOA I suppose to build. BOA They have bulldozers and plow trucks. She sits up. Damiano continues to play with her but she gently pushes him away. QUEEN SICILY Well, how far away are they? BOA They‘re about a couple of days away. Damiano begins shadow boxing with his shadow. QUEEN SICILY That gives us time to prepare. How many are there?

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BOA It‘s a small bunch, about 20 to 30. Damiano throws a few jabs at his shadow. His shadow falls back from his hit. QUEEN SICLY Good. so, they don‘t anticipate our attack. BOA It doesn‘t appear they do. The shadow gets up and lands a jab square on Damiano‘s jaw. Damiano shoots a dazed look at his mom and Boa to see if they have witnessed it. They haven‘t. QUEEN SICILY We‘ll assemble on the outskirts of the jungle and be ready for them when they come. BOA Sounds good to me. Damiano, aggressively goes back to boxing his shadow, this time landing consecutively landing jabs until he knocks his shadow to the ground. He raises his paws in the air and does a victory dance. QUEEN SICILY Commander Lup‘a! A white and sandy colored wolf comes running to her beckoning call. He salutes her when he arrives. She salutes back. LUP‘A I came as fast as I could. QUEEN SICILY There‘s trouble approaching. I need you to assemble your army for battle. And post some men on the outskirts of the jungle, that way we can head em off before they get in too deep.

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LUP‘A Yes ma‘am. Right away. He salutes then runs off. A small baby chimp, surrounded by a group of other baby animals, come running to the queen. The baby chimp looks nauseous as she holds her belly. ANIMAL BABIES Queen Sicily, Queen Sicily, Lola ate poison berries! We told her not to eat them, but she did anyway! BABYGIRL CHIMP Joey double dared me to. He said if I did, he‘d give me his bananas for a whole month! Queen Sicily smiles with familiarity as Joey, another small chimp, peeks his head out from behind the crowd. QUEEN SICILY It‘s okay, my child. She grabs her up in her mouth and walks her to a nearby plant. She sets Lola down while she picks a few leaves from the plant with her teeth. She feeds them to Lola. QUEEN SICILY Here you are Sweetie. Eat up! Lola eats the leaves as the crowd looks on. Minutes later, she begins to vomit a clear waterfall of fluid. As she vomits a large fart is heard. The crowd bursts into laughter, some of the babies fall to the ground laughing. QUEEN SICILY (laughs). Whoa, something wanted out bad. She holds Lola‘s hair back away from her face as she finishes. LOLA I want my mommy.

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QUEEN SICILY I know sweetie, it‘s okay. QUEEN SICILY Children, please go get her mother. Tell her that Lola accidently ate some bad meat, but she‘ll be okay. Lola smiles. The children run off. QUEEN SICILY (to Lola) You feeling better? LOLA Uh huh. QUEEN SICILY Good. You know you could have died today? Lola shakes her head in embarrassment. QUEEN SICILY Do you know the pain that would‘ve caused your mother and father and all your friends? Lola shakes nods her head as a tear rolls down her face. Queen Sicily hugs the child in her paws and licks her on top of her head. QUEEN SICILY I want you to make me a promise that you‘ll never do that again. LOLA I promise. QUEEN SICLY And the next time Joey dares you to do something, you double dare him to eat poopie. That‘ll put an end to all of that.

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They laugh. QUEEN SICILY And eating poison berries for bananas is not a good deal if you won‘t be around to enjoy them. Lola ponders. QUEEN SICILY When I was a little cub, Jimmie the snake double dared me to run across the street just as a car was approaching. LOLA Did you do it? QUEEN SICILY (laughs) Yes. He promised me he would teach me how to strangle my prey, but when I saw that 10 ton car coming at me full speed, and heard the screech of the tires, that was enough to scare me out of ever taking another dare again. They laugh. LOLA I was scared too. QUEEN SICILY I know you were. Lola‘s mother comes rushing to her. She scoops her up in her arms, cuddling her close. Lola snuggles in her mother‘s arms and begins sucking her thumb. LOLA‘S MOM Oh my baby girl. Are you okay? Lola nods, still sucking her thumb as she eyes the crowd. QUEEN SICILY She‘s gonna be okay. I think it

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scared her more than anything. Take her home and put her to bed. She‘ll need plenty of rest. Will you please, take Damiano with you, I have an important matter to take care of. QUEEN SICILY And keep a close eye on the children, there‗s trouble approaching. Tell the others to watch their children carefully and be prepared for evacuation in case we have to retreat to safety. The mother nods in compliance. Lola‘s mother smiles at Damiano as she picks him up in the other arm. LOLA‘S MOM Come children. Have you all had lunch yet? We can bother the bees for honey and make bananas with honey on a stick! THE CHILDREN IN UNISON Hm! They all scurry after her. As Lola‘s mother turns to leave, she looks back at Sicily with a look of concern on her face. Sicily smiles at her. QUEEN SICILY (mouths to Lola‘s mom) Thank you. Lola‘s mother smiles and nods at Sicily, then turns and walks away. LOLA‘S MOM (to the children) Who wants to race! The chatter of children‘s laughter is heard as they all dash off running through the woods. Sicily smiles as she watches them disappear off into the distance. Queen Sicily lets out a huge roar. A few minutes later, a very plump, groundhog with glasses appears.

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MUMFREY You rang? Yes, be a some come

QUEEN SICILY hello Mumfrey. This is gonna night. Please bring bread and drink and come and and keep me company.

He leaves. She lies back on a cool rock, staring up at the black, starry sky. A full moon castes out from behind the moving clouds. QUEEN SICILY Hm. That must be my father‘s way of telling me something. Perhaps that even through the smoldering clouds, I still shine as a ruler. Mumfrey returns with a silver serving tray stacked full of delectable goodies, a pitcher of rich red juice and two silver goblets. He sets the tray in between them and lies on the rock with her. They both stare up at the sky. QUEEN SICILY Hm. A full moon...I guess that explains all the strange oddities going on right now. MUMFREY You know what they say.. He sings the hook to Whoodini‘s song. MUMFREY ―the freaks come out at night, the freaks come out at night..oh ..oh..oh..‖ He gets up to dance as he continues to sing. QUEEN SICILY Mumfrey, I‘m serious. MUMFREY Oh.

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He lies back down next to Sicily and looks up at the sky. QUEEN SICILY (she points to a clump of stars) And there..there‘s the star constellation Of aquarius… QUEEN SICILY (she points to the stars) oh..and look there‘s the picies constellation.. QUEEN SICILY (she points to the sky) And there, far off into the sky. there‘s the North star. A star shines bold and brightly in the sky. MUMFREY (he points to the sky) Oh and look, there‘s dancing with the stars.. He laughs. She shoots him a serious look. MUMFREY Oh. Sorry. QUEEN SICILY It is said that as long as you know the position of the stars, you can never get lost. QUEEN SICILY You know, I found my way back to my father, using the stars? QUEEN SICILY I waited til dusk then found the North star and followed it North until I hit my father‘s village. MUMFREY You think I could use the North star to find my way to

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a ham and cheese on rye? He rubs his stomach. MUMFREY I‘m starving. This cheese and grape juice ain‘t getting it. QUEEN SICILY‘ll thank me one day when you‘re lost. A beetle bug goes flying by. Sicily reaches over and punches Mumfrey‘s arm. QUEEN SICILY Punch buggy. MUMFREY Hey, no fair. see --

I didn‘t

She punches his arm again. QUEEN SICILY Punch buggy, there‘s another one. A swarm of beetles go flying buy. Sicily gets up and runs away, Mumfrey chasing after her. QUEEN SICILY (laughs) You‘ll never catch me. He swings at her. MUMFREY Punch -He misses. She laughs. QUEEN SICILY I told you. MUMFREY

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(chasing after her) Will you be still –She laughs hysterically as she dodges him from left to right. He continues after her. QUEEN SICILY You know, I could do this all night. MUMFREY (he jabs) Punch-He misses again. She laughs. QUEEN SICILY Why Mumfrey, it seems you could use some practice. It looks like you‘ve gotten quite slow these days. She laughs as he continues to chase her. The swarm of beetles flies away, disappearing off into the woods. MUMFREY (frustrated) Oh now you‘ve gone and let them get away. He sits down, out of breath. Sicily sits down beside him. QUEEN SICILY (sighs) Oh how I miss the days as a kid, running around laughing and playing like that, all day. MUMFREY Yea and even then you were always hard to catch. She laughs. QUEEN SICILY That‘s because I was always afraid of being getting tagged

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and having to be the one to take the dare. They laugh. QUEEN SICILY You know Mumfrey, your family‘s been my family‘s confidants for many, many years. I would like you to promise me something. QUEEN SICILY When it is my son‘s turn to rule, you will bring him out here everyday and teach him about nature, the universe and it‗s laws. QUEEN SICILY It is very important that he learns to respect the laws of nature, for without them he will be a ruler of doom and destruction. QUEEN SICILY And make sure he keeps his youthful, playful ways. For without them, he will surely wither away. QUEEN SICILY That‘s if, you can keep up with him. Judging by tonight, I‘m not so sure. They laugh. MUMFREY You have my word, your majesty. She smiles. QUEEN SICILY You know you don‘t have to call me that. MUMFREY I know. I want too. She smiles and touches his hand.

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QUEEN SICILY Ya know, my mother was a servant. MUMFREY (surprised) Really? QUEEN SICILY Yep. My father was in love with her. QUEEN SICILY A few hours after my mother had given birth to me, there was an attack on our land so my father had me shipped away to safety. QUEEN SICILY I never got to see her, only a drawing one of the servants who worked with her drew and put in my crib. I imagine she died in battle. QUEEN SICILY She was the most beautiful Black Panther I‘ve ever seen in my life. She stood tall, proud, and full of integrity...and her eyes.... QUEEN SICILY They were of a rare color… To stare into them was to get lost in a whole other world. QUEEN SICILY I only hope I possess at least half of her beauty, integrity and grace. MUMFREY So how did you become ruler? QUEEN SICILY Well, when they shipped me off, this family of wolves took me in and trained me for the wild. When I was old enough to travel on my own, I sought my father. Luckily, he was

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more than happy to take me in. QUEEN SICILY My father and I barely got the chance to know each other when, one day there was another invasion on our land and well—QUEEN SICILY He didn‘t make it. With no one else around to lead, the responsibility sort of fell in my lap. MUMFREY Wow… QUEEN SICILY Wow hell!....I did everything I could to run away from that responsibility. QUEEN SICILY I cried and fought and struggled and ran and kicked and screamed...I did everything I could to resist being a ruler but they wouldn‘t leave me alone! QUEEN SICILY Where ever I ran, they found me. Until eventually, I had no choice but to accept my fate and face it like the real, queen that I am. MUMFREY Wow, you‘re lucky. QUEEN SICILY It‘s a lot of responsibility for one person but luckily I still hear my father‘s voice guiding me. MUMFREY Why don‘t you have a king? QUEEN SICILY

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I dunno. I mean, he was taken away. QUEEN SICILY He would‘ve made a great king! FLASHBACK. EXT. JUNGLE-DAY Sicily excitedly walks through the forest, picking flowers and tasting berries when out of nowhere, a appears. She pauses in her tracks as the two stare other. After a few seconds, she takes off running, full tow, behind her.

and smelling huge grizzly at each the bear in

She dashes and swerves through the bushes, trying to lose the bear but he continues to follow suit. She‘s running at full speed when all of a sudden, she runs dead smack into another panther with a grizzly on his tail, as well. They both shake themselves off and get back up. Cornered, by the bears, they both stand on their hind legs and begin swinging their long clawed paws at the bears. A few hits from their paws land on various parts of the bears bodies, causing long paw scratches. Clearly defeated, the bears run off. Sicily and Vino continue their walk together, through the forest. VINO Way to go champ. QUEEN SICILY (laughs) You weren‘t too bad, yourself. VINO I‘ve never saw bears run so Fast before in my life. They both laugh. QUEEN SICILY Yea, unless they‘re chasing you. They both laugh.

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VINO Hello. My name is Vino. QUEEN SICILY Hi, I‘m Sicily. They shake paws. VINO It‘s a pleasure to meet you Sicily. Where‘d you learn to fight like that? QUEEN SICILY I think anybody could learn how to fight when they have a bear after them! They laugh. QUEEN SICILY When I was about 2, my father taught me Judo. He said he wanted me to be able to protect myself. VINO From what, an army?! They laugh. QUEEN SICILY Apparently, a 7 foot tall, hungry grizzly! They laugh. QUEEN SICILY Although one day, I will have to be able to take down an army. He looks confused. QUEEN SICILY So..what are you doing out here? You lost? VINO (He turns away, embarrassed).

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No, I‘m not lost.

QUEEN SICILY Where are you headed? VINO To Cincyville. QUEEN SICILY (excited) You‘re kidding. Me too! Vino smiles. SICILY you know someone there? VINO Our village burned down last night and we have nowhere to go. So I was hoping to talk to the king to see if he could help. QUEEN SICILY I‘m sure he will. VINO So, what about you? Why are you headed to Cincyville? QUEEN SICILY I‘m going there to find my father. He sent me away when I was just a little girl. VINO That must‘ve been hard for you. What kind of father sends his beautiful daughter away?! QUEEN SICILY (blushes) My father‘s the king. VINO (stutters).

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Uh..well I…I didn‘t -She smiles. VINO I‘m sorry. She grabs a hold of his tail with hers, like holding hands. QUEEN SICILY It‘s okay. You were just trying to protect me. He blushes. VINO So you‘re really a princess? I‘ve never met a princess before. QUEEN SICILY Yea, well I‘ve never met a Biffy the Bearpire Slayer before. They laugh. VINO No seriously, what‘s it like? QUEEN SICILY It has its ups and downs, like being separated from your father when you‘re just a little girl, because of war. VINO Are you excited about seeing him again? QUEEN SICILY (face lights up) Yea, I miss how much fun we used to have when I was little. How we‘d play and laugh all day. And he‘d teach me how to be a ruler. VINO Wow, he sounds like a really great dad.

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QUEEN SICILY He is. He‘s the greatest guy I know, next to you. Vino blushes. They walk past a running stream. VINO Wait. He stops at the stream to wash his face. As he does, he splashes water on Sicily. Her fluffy, pink bowed hair droops. She resembles a skinny wet kitten. She sits dazed for a while, then splashes water back on him. They have a water fight, both laughing hysterically. Later that night, they rest in a cave. keeps watch.

Sicily asleep as Vino

Ext. Day - Village. They get to the village and are immediately stopped by the king‘s men, two large apes. ADONIS Who dares to trespass on this land? ADONIS And for what reason? Sicily steps forward and bows. SICILY I have to come to see the King, at once. ADONIS And who shall we tell him dares to approach? SICILY (smiles with the confidence) Princess Sicily. Bewildered, the men look at each other. APOLLO

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Princess? They laugh. APOLLO You‘re the king‘s daughter? SICILY (still bowed). Just tell him....he will know. Adonis leaves to get the father. The other remains watching the two strangers. Apollo looks at Vino‘s frail body. APOLLO (to Vino). And lemme guess… you‘re the prince. He laughs. SICILY I wouldn‘t laugh so hard if I were you.... he may very well be your next ruler. The guard laughs again. APOLLO Right....him...a puny little ruler. Everyone in all the lands will surely fear him. He laughs. SICILY (turns to Vino) When it is our turn to reign, I shall have his job. VINO It shall be done, your majesty. They smile at each other.

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The other guard returns with the king, out of breath behind him. KING TORRO (in disbelief) Sicily, my it really you.... The two guards look at each other with regret in their faces. The king runs and grabs Sicily. flamboyant, black panther.

He is a very large, shiny,

QUEEN SICILY Father! She runs to him. She hugs him. She looks over his shoulder and she sticks her tongue out at the two guards. With the look of regret, still on their faces, the guards immediately bow down to her. She smiles. KING TORRO‘ve grown up to be such a beautiful Woman! KING TORRO Just like your mother. Sicily flashes a huge, bright smile. SICILY Oh really..father? KING TORRO Really. He hugs her again. KING TORRO It‘s so great to see you. I -He notices Vino. KING TORRO And who is this young gentleman with you? I shall be sure to reward him for protecting you on your long journey.

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SICILY Well, he didn‘t just come along to protect me... KING TORRO (examining Vino) Oh...? SICILY He‘s... (she blushes) He‘s my boyfriend. KING TORRO (disapprovingly) We shall discuss this matter later. Come, you must be famished. KING TORRO Apollo... APOLLO Yes, sir. KING TORRO Run along at once..and alert the servants that we have guests. See to it they prepare a feast! APOLLO Yes, sir. KING TORRO And be sure to alert everyone of the princess's presence...for I will have anyone‘s hide who dares to disappoint her. KING TORRO Come. They follow him into his lavish kingdom. Copyright Venus Joy.

Circle of Life  

An animation screenplay.

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