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story by Doug Smith

Steak at our house is reserved for special occasions. When it comes to preparing a fabulous dinner for friends or just the two of us, steak is the prime choice. Steak can get expensive so when we decide to have it every once in a while, we look for the best deal we can find. Preparing the perfect steak comes down to two simple steps – the cut and cooking. First, let’s look at the cut. We love a good ribeye, but there are multiple cuts to choose from that are easy to grill and deliver great taste. Ribeye, New York strip, t-bone, tenderloin, and the list goes on and on. After you have decided on your favorite cut, it’s time to look for the perfect steak. All steaks are not created equal. There are three primary grades of beef that you will find in the store; USDA Select (good), USDA Choice (better), USDA Prime (best). When looking for a good steak, I always recommend USDA Choice. This will deliver a tender juicy steak that has good marbling (fat is flavor) at a modest cost. Look closely at the label. If it’s not identified as Choice, rest assured it’s not.  Moving on to the second “C”, cooking. This is more of a step by step process than it is a recipe. 

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February 2021

1 What time do you plan to eat? One hour before you’re planning to enjoy your perfectly grilled steak dinner, take them out of the fridge and lightly season with sea salt and black pepper. Cover and let sit at room temp for 30 minutes.

2 It’s time to heat the grill. I start with high heat for about five minutes per side. You only want to turn the steak once. This helps sear in the flavor. Then reduce the heat (gas) or move the steaks to the side of the grill (charcoal) to finish to the desired doneness. This would be rare, another five minutes would be mediumrare, another five minutes would be medium…you get the picture. Cook it low and cook it slow once each side is seared.

3 When they are ready and cooked just like you like them, there is one more step that is often overlooked but trust me it’s worth the wait. Let the steaks rest for six or seven minutes before plating. Don’t let the juice go to waste. Pour the juice over the top of the steaks like an artist doing his final touch on a masterpiece. Then add a dollop of butter and allow it to melt over your steak. Cooking on a grill outside or on the stovetop in a heavy pan both deliver mouth-watering flavor. Just follow the same steps. 

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February 2021  

February 2021  

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