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Cranberry Sauce That Built America story by Doug Smith

Have you ever asked yourself why year after year we go out and buy a can of this red jelly-like sauce? What is it about the Christmas dinner that requires cranberry sauce? As much as I love the whole berry sauce, I enjoy the story even more. Let me tell you why I think this native fruit played a big part in building America. I realize that’s a bold statement but think about this. Cranberries are reported to be one of only four native fruits in North America. Not only does it have great health benefits, but some would also say it’s even a superfood. They are high in vitamin C and fiber, and also in cancer-fighting antioxidants. When the settlers stepped off the Mayflower at Plymouth Rock, they were met by the natives with gifts of cranberries. These berries were often used as an antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory medicine. This little fruit was also used to dye fabric. Cranberry-dyed petticoats were the most sought after garments of the day. Cranberries were even used to pay debts. New Englanders sent ten barrels of cranberries to King Charles to settle a dispute.  With this rich history, it’s hard to imagine how this tiny little crimson fruit has been so overlooked. We only serve whole berry cranberry sauce in our house because we think it is just better. Now you know why the cranberry sauce has earned its spot at the table. Enjoy and Merry Christmas.



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