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New Speciesof Animal.

Thursday 28, 2010

V.I.P Times only for V.I.P A new animal discovered or just a crazy mutation?

Last week scientists made a campsite to discover a new creature. They have set up a campsite on ASIJproperty.

For the last 3 months teachers have told reporters crazy tales of creatures 4 feet or taller, terrorizing the hallways of ASIJ.The beasts have trampled too many 5th graders. Kai Weiss’s comment is, “It’s TERRIBLE! They have trampled on my foot ENOUGH!!” John told us, “ Shut UP 4th GRADERS !!!” Tai Hirayama says, “I THINK THEY AREBAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BOYSAND I THINK the girls are EEEEVVVVVVVIILLLLLLL!” Chris and Lexi say, “I hate all of them except my brother/and my friends sibling!!” Noah, and Mudtha say, “I love it when we humiliate them in the class!” Ava says, “They should replace their mouths with zippers.” The teachers have invented a great way to stop them from shouting in the hallway; by getting them in the class grade 5 students say things like, “You guys/girls were talking about girl/boyfriends…?’’ Or “You were chasing your LOVE.” Will this plague ever stop?

a new type of animal or not  
a new type of animal or not  

kids terning in to animals