VIP Clarksville Magazine | October 2017

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VIP EVENT | The Eclipse at Casey Jones Distillery Story + Photography by Tony Centonze Hundreds of campers had already taken up residence at Casey Jones Distillery in Hopkinsville, Kentucky two days before the Great American Eclipse Visitors came from all over the country for the once-in-a- lifetime total solar eclipse experience and a chance to try copper-stilled spirits made in the tradition of Golden Pond’s legendary moonshine maker, Casey Jones. In addition to live music by the Ridgetop Ramblers and North Carolina’s 9 Day Trip, tours & tastings and a variety of food trucks, some guests enjoyed tethered hot air balloon rides throughout the eclipse weekend.

Jolene, Hudson & Harrison Stockburger & Denise Tatum

Ryan, Reece & Jennifer Lawrence & Mackenzie Whiteside & Holly Troy

Stephen King & Jeff Hardwick

Brian, Nancy & Abbey Yount

Toby & Nicole LItten

Cherie & Hattie Cansler

James & Carla Mangell

Jennifer & Jacob Jackson

74 • VIP Clarksville Magazine | October 2017

Terry Dowdy & Kathy Travis