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TRUST US TO GET YOU HOME “The Ken Adams Team did an outstanding job selling our home in Clarksville, TN. Ken took care of every detail and made the process smooth and painless. He paid particular attention to an extremely high tech approach to displaying the property on the internet. The results were nothing short of spectacular. The HD overhead photos he took of the property using a drone were beautiful! We saved some of them to remember our home by, they were that good. The interior shots that were taken to enable a buyer to remotely have a 3D walkthrough were equally amazing. I feel like the modern real estate consumer is heavily invested in doing their own research via apps such as Zillow and others. Ken and his team will make sure your property is professionally and beautifully displayed to garner thousands of looks. Bottom line is that I highly recommend The Ken Adams Team to anyone who wants a headache free process of marketing their home and wants the job done right.” -DB, Clarksville

Keller Williams Realty | 115 A Excell Rd, Clarksville, TN 37043 | 931-320-9540 Each office is independently owned and operated.

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U S Congressman Mark Green & Charlie Koon

U S Army (Ret) Maj. Gen. Walt Lord & Grace Lord

Robert Huffman & Kyle Johnson

Dan Moore & Captain Kortney Warren

6th Annual OSDTN Heroes Breakfast Story & Photography by Tony Centonze Wes & Sara Golden

Danielle Stack & Una Smith

Operation Stand Down Veterans Services of Clarksville recently held its 6th annual Heroes Breakfast at the Wilma Rudolph Event Center. “It has been more than a year since we were able to hold any kind of fundraiser due to COVID-19,” Danielle Stack said. “Our organization really needs this. They are on the front line, helping Veterans through the process of transitioning to civilian life. We also offer training and assistance with writing resumes, and finding jobs. If they need food or clothing, we have pantries set up for that. We have one of the largest Veteran populations in the country. Many of them don’t know how to access all the benefits that are available to them.”

Michael Licari & Mayor Joe Pitts

Eric & Erin Yow

Mike Rainey & Betty Burchett

Cheryl Lankford & Sam Jones


“Our new location is on South 3rd Street, near Downtown Commons. And, this is the second year that we’ve had Echo Power Engineering, LLC as our title sponsor. So, we want to give special thanks to Joe and Cathi Maynard.”

Keith Jackson & Joe Shakeenab

Joe Smith & Davis Stack

Keith Jackson & Wes Golden

Ryan Millard, Adam McNamara, Gwen Falin & Jeff Truitt

Tommy Bates & Cheryl Moss

Khandra Smalley & Charlie Koon

Eric Lehman & Eric Yow

Ashley Mynatt & Robert Huffman

Gail Fielder & Rose Melton

Mishel Falsetto & Amy Greene

Carson Miller & Justin Aldred

Matt Claffey & Edwin Duarte

Bill Graham & Richard Davis

Ernie & Joan DeWald

Lindsey Sims, Norman Quirion & Bethany Sigler

Chris Buerck & Rich Holladay FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK! • 9

The Clarksville Police Department has earned an elite designation as an accredited agency, sharing this status with only approximately 5% of other police departments nationally. The Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. (CALEA), the gold standard for law enforcement accreditation, was created in 1979 with exceptionally high standards as a measure for accountability and oversight. CALEA is recognized as the leading authority on policies, procedures and conduct by organizations like: National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives, National Sheriffs’ Association, Police Executive Research Forum, and International Association of Chiefs of Police. Earning the CALEA accreditation is 10 • JUNE 2021 | THE MEN’S ISSUE

not a permanent status. In order to maintain accreditation, in-depth review of policies, procedures, and training must be done and certified on a regular basis. Additionally, training is required more frequently, and held to a higher standard. The Clarksville Police Department first earned their accreditation in 2013, and has been recertified on three separate occasions since then. Already in the top 5% of law enforcement agencies nationally, within the department, various units have their own specific training regiments and requirements. The K-9 Services Unit consists of dual-purpose K-9s that assist all divisions of the Clarksville Police Department. These top-notch teams

are trained to find narcotics, locate missing persons, find articles related to burglaries or other crimes and physical apprehension of suspects who represent a danger to the public or officers. All K-9s attend an extensive training course focused on vehicle searches, house searches, tracking and warrant service. Officer Gary Mefford tells VIP, “Having a K-9 that is trained in more than one discipline is an asset. These dogs are capable of picking out a particular piece of trash amongst a large pile of trash as article recovery to finding a lost child or violent suspect. Each discipline has to be maintained individually to ensure the skills remain fine-tuned. There are a minimum of 19 hours per month in which training is conducted in both disciplines.”

CLARKSVILLE’S FINEST | THE K-9 UNIT Officer Joshua Swaffer says, “The dogs are trained on patrol functions such as Article/ Evidence Recovery, Tracking suspects/ missing persons, Suspect apprehension, and Handler Protection. They are also trained in narcotics detection.” Regarding training, Officer Casey Stanton continues, “Obedience is the key thread that flows through all aspects of a properly trained canine. If your dog has the adequate amount of obedience then all tasks that you train your dog to complete will have a positive outcome whether it be patrol related or narcotics detection. Training is split to two 9.5-hour days a month that each dog is required to complete. Each handler will also work with their dog while on duty or off duty on their

own. As long as you care about having a positive outcome on each training exercise and make a happy exercise for the dog, the dog will do any task that you want them to perform.” While all of the dogs are incredibly qualified and capable of preforming any task, Officer Keith Jones tells VIP, “K-9’s are highly trained and fit the build of a top-tier athlete. Like toptier athletes, each K-9 is good at many tasks but they can excel at different tasks. Per example, I spend countless hours working with Drako (Officer Jones’s dog) on tracking which shows with his excitement and performance where other handlers may focus more on narcotics. All of our K-9’s perform well but each excels in a specific area.”

Officer Tyler Weaver tells VIP, “During my time in the K-9 Unit I have trained alongside handlers employed by other law enforcement agencies as well as handlers employed by the United States Military. Training with other handlers allows for a lot of information sharing and leads to growth as a handler.” He goes on to explain, “All of the dogs in the K-9 unit are certified and highly-skilled, dualpurpose dogs. However, most dogs do have tasks that they prefer which is evident in their excitement while performing the task. Usually, the discipline that the handler enjoys most is what the dog will enjoy the most as well.” When asked about the career length for each dog, and how many dogs does each officer FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK! • 11

usually works with during their tenure in the unit, Officer Weaver says, “Most dogs start their careers at around one year old and retire at the age of nine. The number of dogs each handler works with depends on their career path.” VIP asked Officer Weaver what life is like for dogs-off duty. “While off-duty Riggs (Officer Weaver’s dog) enjoys having free rein of the yard, playing with his toys, digging holes, and rolling in the mud. He is always eager to get back to work though.” Sergeant Duke notes, “Each individual officer has his own personality, quirks, and tendencies and their partners are no different. Each patrol service dog has their very own unique personality and it’s interesting to see the teams interact. Each one is fiercely loyal to their handler/partner and in addition to wanting to serve and protect them, they truly love to work.”

Officer Andrew Trescott & Arlo

Officer Tyler Weaver & Riggs

Officer Joshua Swaffer & Joker

Officer Keith Jones & Drako

Officer Casey Stanton & Vader

Officer Gary Mefford & Chase

Though similar in levels of energy and drive, Officer Andrew Trescott and Arlo are the perfect example of Sgt. Duke’s point. Officer Trescott says, “For PSD (Police Service Dog) Arlo, he gets to enjoy life on our mini-farm during his off time. This includes barking at any chicken that gets to close to his pen, finding toys I hide in our hay field for him, and playing in the dirt. He has a nice covered pen he stays in most of the time, but normally on my days off, he’s with me and my wife as we work outside. He takes his role as a supervisor very seriously and will chew on his toy while lying in the shade close by us the whole time.” In some concluding thoughts, Sgt. Duke tells VIP, “I’ve only recently taken over the K-9 section from Sgt. David O’Dell who has spent years shaping this unit into a cohesive, dependable, and high producing team. These officers and their partners are highly motivated and dedicated to working for the police department and serving the citizens of Clarksville.” “I respect these guys so much for the level of commitment it takes to continuously train, work with, and live with these dogs. Their individual relationships are unshakable and it never ceases to amaze me what these teams are capable of. I’ve learned and continue to learn so much from these veteran officers. I’m very proud to be a part of this unit and look forward to being a part of its continued growth.”

12 • JUNE 2021 | THE MEN’S ISSUE

THE K-9 UNIT The Clarksville K-9 Unit Decoys play a crucial roll in training for the entire unit, and can go a long way to improving a dog’s performance. The CPD Decoys suit-up in protective gear, and allow the dogs to have actual human subjects to practice with. Providing realworld scenarios with actual people allows the dog’s training to be as realistic as possible. The more they are able to learn through training with the decoys, the better dogs and their handlers can react to situations in the heat of the moment.


David Davenport, Clay Heinley, Clayton Sheehan, Lauren Wilkinson, Jason Wills & Elizabeth Dennis

David Davenpoirt & Dr. Michael Licari


LIsa Barron & Prentice Chandler

McCartney Johnson & Kirsten Licari

Story & Photography by Tony Centonze It was an unusual sight outside APSU’s Foy Center recently, as the University’s Department Heads willfully sat under a strange contraption while resident ‘Professional Mad Scientist’ Bryan Gaither covered them in green slime.Catherine Haase described the slime as a mixture of apple sauce, pudding, corn starch and food dye. The slime-ing was to celebrate the nearly $500,000 raised in this year’s very successful Govs Give Campaign.

Cathi Gatewood-Keim, Kallina Dunkle & Madeline Giefer

Catherine Haase & Bryan Gaither

Mickey Hepner & Tucker Brown

Barry Jones, Jerica Swiger & Mary Biggers

Brian Dunn

Kris Nakutis & Chad Brooks

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Funeral Services • Burial Services • Memorial Services Funeral Planning • On- Site Crematory • Family Owned

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Clarksville’s Oldest & Only Professional Theatre Tickets, Roxy Merchandise & #isupportthearts Yard Signs 100 Franklin Street, Clarksville, TN

coffee. cicchetti. cocktails.

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Alejandro Jungo & Lisa Ruiz

Brandon Ferguson & Travis Egan

Cheryl & Michael Hood

Greg Speed & Eddie Knight


2021 Membership Drive

Story & Photography by Tony Centonze Clarksville Business Allies, a local networking group, recently hosted a membership drive at officeNOW. Richard Tessier & Brandon Ferguson

“We started the group in May of 2020, so we’re coming up on our anniversary,” Keri Lovato said. “We have a really good, diverse group, and it’s been steadily growing. We have about a dozen members so far.

Jason Bridges & Adam McNamara

“We’re looking to increase our membership as we move forward. We want to be a resource to Clarksville in general. Members of this group are very encouraging of each other. We come to each other for feedback on ideas, etc. We also help each other with referrals and things like that. Lovato is in insurance. “The group also has a financial planner, Mortgage Specialists licensed in Tennessee and Kentucky, a Health Advisor, a Restoration Specialist, and some other great folks. We meet on Tuesday mornings at 8 a.m. here at the Office Now building. You can find us on Facebook.” Noel Bagwell & KayCee Hunter

Mel Kirksey 18 • JUNE 2021 | THE MEN’S ISSUE

Katrina Guerrero & Keri Lovato

Lacita Mason & LIsa Ruiz

Krista Kiepke

Shawnee Bledsoe & Eddie Knight

“It is better to be a warrior in the garden than a gardener during war.” -Sun Tzu 1010 Progress Dr, Clarksville, TN 37040 | 931-216-5829 COMBAT.FIT

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620 Dunlop Lane, Suite 119 Across from Tennova. We are a Veteran Owned & Operated local business. Serving fresh food and the best atmosphere for you and your family.




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Third Party Logistics Warehousing Services Truckload and LTL Small Parcel Air | Expedited Freight Bill Audit Freight Carrier Negotiations Staffing Services Freight Forwarding For staffing information contact Michelle Corkrean | | 931-542-2072 | 20 • JUNE 2021 | THE MEN’S ISSUE

Anthony Seals

Christine Broadhurst

Stephanie Herendeen & Catherine Meeks

Adam Murphy

Annessa Holbrook & Miguel Mariscal

LaToya Showell & Sharee Higgs

Tameeka Vance

Kang Danghun

Daniel Cochran

LG Vaccination Day Story & Photography by Tony Centonze LG recently offered its employees free Covid-19 Vaccinations on site at the plant on Life’s Good Way. Dr. Catherine Meeks, owner of Sango Pharmacy was on hand to administer the shots to dozens of eager recipients. LG’s Miguel Mariscal said, “What the team has put together is a great opportunity for our people. They are here through the week, and it might not be convenient for them to get to a doctor’s office to receive the vaccine.” Adam Murphy is one of LG’s Main Line Section Leaders. “This is great,” Murphy said. “When LG announced free vaccines for us here at the plant, a lot of people were quick to sign up. It’s free. We didn’t have to make an appointment. All we have to do is finish our shift, get the shot and go home. No problem.” The second of the 2-shot protocol is scheduled to take place on site at the end of May.

Hector Feliciano, Nelson Caravallo & Nahila Diaz


Celeste & Phillip Puffenbarger

Dawn & Tony Hensley


Shannon & Melanie Heim

Michele Lapinski & Don Longo

th Annual Running of the Kentucky Derby

Watch Party

Story & Photography by Tony Centonze Oak Grove Gaming, Racing & Hotel was the place to be on the first Saturday of May for this year’s 147th running of The Kentucky Derby. Carol Karl & Cindy Adkins

Hundreds came out to watch and wager throughout the day of racing that was simulcast live from Churchill Down’s.

Rene Meyers & Kenny Mackens

Doors opened early, and guests were entertained throughout the day. In the gaming area Joe Padula provided the music, while guests watched the racing on a giant screen. At noon, he hosted the His and Hers Derby Hat Contest. At 1 p.m. On the veranda overlooking the track, Screaming Eagle Cigars presented a cigar sampling. Throughout the day Mint Juleps and Bourbon Flights were served. Live music played in the Grandstand area, where guests reserved tables in advance. With each reservation guests received a bottle of wine or bucket of beer, and an assortment of snacks.

Edna Masters & Mike Davis

Tammy Drake & Randi Wood 22 • JUNE 2021 | THE MEN’S ISSUE

LaDonna & Macon Marshall

Marianne Swan, Wendy & Rob Moyer, Rene Meyers & Kenny Mackens

Mae & Robert Brodie

24 • JUNE 2021 | THE MEN’S ISSUE


Walt Lord


Walt Lord is the single most genuine, humble person you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. He is approachable, down to earth, and easy to talk to. Greetings are always warm and sincere, usually accompanied by a hug, and a profoundly genuine “How are you?” He embodies everything a leader should strive to be. He is even tempered, patient, listens to others, strong in his convictions, communicates clearly, logistically and logically minded, he intentionally makes people feel seen, is inclusive, the list is quite literally endless. Walt is a retired General, and has led servicemen and women at every level of the army. Enlisting as a 17-year-old, and he was commissioned as an officer in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard two years later. He entered active duty in 1990, and throughout his career as an armored cavalryman, Walt has led at the platoon, company, squadron and coalition headquarters levels. In June 2012, he was put in command of NATO Headquarters Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and he has held other critical army and joint staff positions, including allied coalition positions in the U.S., Germany, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Afghanistan. He has also participated in domestic operations as a member of two dual-status Joint Task Forces with United States Northern Command. In his previous role leading the Pentagon’s Reserve Forces Policy Board (RFPB) staff, Walt and the Chairman of the RFPB provided advice directly to the U.S. Secretary of Defense on policy issues that impact the nation’s seven military Reserve Components. When the time came for Walt to retire, he and his wife Grace got out the map. Though never stationed at Fort Campbell, the Lords came down to check out the area. Both Walt and Grace are Pennsylvania natives, but Clarksville was love at first sight. Immediately feeling at home here, they didn’t even want to entertain

looking elsewhere: beyond a shadow of a doubt, Clarksville was home. Immediately upon moving to Clarksville, they jumped in headfirst, and have made our city a more beautiful, vibrant place simply by being here. At every community event, never missing an Eat, Drink & Be Social, donating time, talents and treasures to local nonprofits, their energy, enthusiasm and devoted dedication are infectious. Recently, Walt joined Austin Peay State University’s senior leadership team as the institution’s second military adviser in residence. In this new role, Walt will advise the APSU leadership team on how the University can better serve and recruit military students, and he will help develop Austin Peay’s new Institute for National Security and Military Studies. Walt attended the Senior Executive Seminar at the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies and the General/Flag Officers and Ambassadors Course at the NATO Defense College. He is a National Security Fellow of the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University. He earned a master’s degree in National Security and Strategic Studies from the Naval War College and a master’s degree in Strategic Studies from the Army War College. Austin Peay is the state’s largest provider of higher education to military-affiliated students, with about 25% of enrolled students having a military connection. This year, APSU opened the Newton Military Family Resource Center to provide seamless support to military-affiliated students, from applying for admission to securing employment after graduation. Obviously, he is supremely qualified for his new role professionally, and personally he brings the intangible qualities that grow and develop people and communities. APSU and Clarksville as a whole are unquestionably better, more dynamic places because of Walt.



Joe Maynard DOD Instructor, and Senior Power Plant Operator. I received many awards but they don’t matter as much as positions, which don’t matter much at all. What led to the founding of ECHO Power Engineering? Frustration with a multibillion-dollar company that changed its policies and limited the growth of me and my organization in terms of opportunities.

Joe and Cathi Maynard are deeply dedicated to investing in and growing the community. We recently had the chance to talk with Joe, and learn more about him, his business, and his journey to Clarksville.


We would love to start off with a little bit of your background. Where are you originally from, and why did you decide to call Clarksville home? I am from Nashville and wound up here so our Grandchildren could live on a “family property” in a small college town. Plus, my older son retired from Fort Campbell (101st Aviation Brigade), older Grandson station at Ft Campbell in 160th, I am retired Army, and Nashville Airport is close. Can you tell us about your career in the military? I retired in 1994 as a Senior NCO from a very small, less than 150 in the Army, and in a highly technical field, Prime Power. I was stationed at Fort Stewart, Fort Belvoir (twice), Fort Bragg, West Point, Berlin, and Panama. Met my Mrs. of 38 years, Cathi, at West Point where she was a MP! My positions included Squad Leader, Platoon Sergeant, Operations NCO, Detachment NCO,

26 • JUNE 2021 | THE MEN’S ISSUE

What do you love most about your industry? Several things. The key ones are unlimited growth potential with great customers, positive impacts on customers and communities, working nationally, and the opportunity to enhance our ECHO folks’ lives. What accomplishment are you most proud of ? The positive impacts on my personal, professional, and community families, and the ability to leave a family legacy in Clarksville all in a Christian manner. A few months ago, you announced plans for an incredible restaurant concept in Downtown. What inspired the concept and location? Cathi’s lifelong dream was to someday own a restaurant, so the property struck us both as the place for something with a Skyline Bar. Realizing that required 2-3 stories, we decided “Two restaurants and a Bar” would be the concept. Fine Italian is something we both enjoy and felt was an underserved cuisine in Clarksville, so Gatte Cucina (Cat’s Kitchen) was an easy decision. The 1st floor (Joe’s Garage) stems from our enjoyment and ownership of very nice muscle cars that we thought would attract folks and generate opportunities for folks to enjoy a varied menu and us to have some carrelated events and specials.

Location was a target of opportunity that seemed unavoidable, especially since the MPEC agreement with APSU was signed a week after we bought the property. It also meets our desire to “invest” in Clarksville! We have purchased other downtown properties as our investment in Clarksville is meant to be ongoing. When are you planning to break ground? Ground started moving a bit in May, and serious work is starting by mid-June. Your prolific community involvement is wonderful, can you tell us about your philanthropic pursuits, including any organizations, boards, or causes you are particularly passionate about? Cathi and I have a desire to help children, vets and homeless. Thus, we are passionate about these charities: • • • • • •

A Soldiers Child Operation Stand Down American Mobility Project The Nashville Rescue Mission YAIPAKS Manna Café

We also believe that supporting APSU Athletics through an endowed Scholarship for Veterans, and a new Fund of Excellence fits into our philanthropic goals as does a successful Clarksville Academy. Our younger Grandson attends CA, and our Granddaughter attends APSU. I am on the Board of Directors of Operation Stand Down and Clarksville Academy, and Cathi and I are the Directors of the APSU Joe and Cathi Maynard Family Fund of Excellence.



Joe Alston is an absolute renaissance man: a veteran, a dedicated husband, family man, a traveler, and the quintessential logistic professional. He moves through life warmly, and authentically, always living to the fullest. Recently VIP had a moment to get to know the man behind it all. How did you come to arrive in Clarksville? Where are you from originally? I was born and raised an 80’s kid in Southern California. Generation X. This is important because it is the greatest decade of music in history! I cut my teeth on the beautiful beaches of Huntington Beach, CA., the 405 Freeway, and In-N-Out Burger. This is also important to note because I can remember vividly the day I arrived in Clarksville. It was January 1990 and I was a fresh new US Army recruit on my way to Fort Campbell. Clarksville Limousine Service (which was basically a shuttle service from the airport) carried me there but when we got off at exit 1 and headed down Tiny Town Rd, I wondered what in the world I had gotten myself into! There were no beaches, no palm trees, no blue water. Clarksville was nothing like home! What is your most proud accomplishment? There is a rich military history in the Alston family. Alston men and women have served in all branches of the military and fought in

Joe Alston

all manner of conflicts, from Desert Storm to Vietnam to WWII, etc. I believe I am most proud that I was fortunate enough to serve our country and add my name to the list of Parents, Grandparents, Great Grandparents, Uncles, Cousins, and other family members that carry the Alston name. I am also very proud to live in a community full of Veterans. A community that treats its Veterans so well. Clarksville IS home for me!

What does an average day look like for you? I often liken my position as an operations manager for FedEx Express to herding cats. There are so many moving parts that you must have an aptitude for planning and then an unsatiable appetite for problem solving. My day starts early by digging through data on our service and performance indices from the day before. I utilize that data to do any reporting up the chain that may be required.

What brings you the most joy? Time changes perspective! At 51 years of age, I am no longer ‘caught up in the race’. I find that the things that bring me the most joy are quite simple. Riding my motorcycle on long trips to nowhere with my best friend holding on tightly behind me. Our dearest friends in the world on a motorcycle alongside. Stopping along the way to lay under a tree or explore a small-town square. While at home, sitting on the back porch watching the Clarksville sky as the day comes to an end. Bentley, our Goldendoodle, sitting beside me begging for a head scratch. These are the things that bring me the most joy!

Then the focus shifts to current day. Planning out the route assignments based upon volume, projected arrival time of that volume and staffing constraints. Once the freight arrives, it is GO TIME! A well-oiled machine sorts through and loads all the freight in the span of about an hour and they hit the road. The rest of my day is spent planning, training, reporting and problem solving. I am the only manager in an operation with 40+ employees and a span of operation from 0400 to 2100, 6 days a week. It keeps me very busy but I try to lead in such a way as to empower employees to critically think and manage their on-road time wisely and safely.

You ride motorcycles, travel the country, taste local cuisines, and adventure on the regular. What does the perfect vacation look like for you? The perfect vacation is 2 weeks long, not 1 week. It involves tropical sunsets, crystal clear water, warm temperatures and amazing food. I believe in hard work and discipline more so than most, but when it is time to relax, I believe in doing it to the fullest. The nickname ‘VIP Joe’ didn’t come about by accident. 5-star all the way. Let’s keep the cold drinks coming, a private pool and a massage perhaps?!!

What are you most excited about for the future? My wife, Jennifer Alston, and I are newly emptynesters. We have raised 5 amazing children, each unique in their own way. We have spent countless hours on the ballfield, at karate lessons, hosting pool parties and doing just about everything else that raising well-rounded kids demands! Jennifer and I have always talked about our future plans after the kids were grown. The thing the I am most excited about for the future is simply this…the future is now! After all the hard work and dedication to our family, we are doing the things that we most enjoy, together! We absolutely enjoy each other’s company and there is not a single person on earth or in heaven that I would rather spend my time with than Jennifer Alston! The future is ours!

So, we know you are King of Logistics, and in charge of a whole lot of moving parts at FedEx, but can you tell us what all you do professionally?



Andrew Kester


Andrew Kester is passionate about what he does. Leading the Veteran Service Office, he and his team have markedly improved the lives of thousands of veterans locally and across the country. Andrew is always seeking ways to advocate for veterans as well as innovate and improve policies and procedures. His office is efficient, and he and his team are completely dedicated to improving the lives of veterans. Andrew and his team have some incredible outreach initiatives on the horizon, and recently VIP got the chance to sit down and discuss happenings at the VSO. How long have you been Director of the Veteran Service Office? Just over 2 years. I joined the MC VSO team February 2019. What is your favorite part about your job? The interaction with the veteran community and their families. The best part of the job is the firm handshake from a World War II veteran, a hand salute from a Vietnam veteran, the heart felt thank you from a Gulf War Veteran and a tearful hug from a veterans surviving spouse.

28 • JUNE 2021 | THE MEN’S ISSUE

Your impact has been immense, and the numbers speak for themselves. What do you hope to accomplish in the future? To continue growing our team and increasing awareness in Montgomery County until ALL our veterans and their families are receiving the full benefits they deserve. Recently VIP learned of your initiative to bring awareness to the 22 veteran suicides that happen every day. How are your bringing awareness, and what are your goals for the initiative? There are veterans who have died by suicide in Montgomery County. That may be a shock to some people who would think this only happens in big cities. But it is happening here. Suicide is not All about losing hope, or is it ALL about PTSD, but it is ALL about losing purpose. A friend of mine said “awareness without action is futile”. I accepted the challenge and beginning 1 June for 2.2 months I started spotlighting 22 nonprofit organizations who provide purpose to veterans in Montgomery County. I am donating $100 to each of them. This will culminate to a purpose event on August 14th in Veterans Plaza. Follow me on LinkedIn to take action and support these organizations.



Rich Holladay has over 30 years of leadership experience, is an active and passionate community member, and has recently been named the new Executive Director for Leadership Clarksville. Could you tell us a little bit about your military service, and how you ended up in Clarksville? I left Appalachian State University and joined the US Army as an Infantryman when Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi Army invaded Kuwait in 1990. After my first two assignments, my wife, Shelly, and I left Korea and arrived at Fort Campbell the latter part of 1993. We were assigned in First Brigade of the 101st Airborne (Air Assault) where I became a noncommissioned officer then continued on to life as a Drill Sergeant in the Infantry Training Brigade and as a Master Fitness Trainer instructor at the US Army Physical Fitness School. In 2001, my family arrived in Alaska where I served as a senior leader with the 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment. After Alaska, we traveled to Fort Polk, Louisiana and Fort Bliss, Texas, where I attended the US Army Sergeants’ Major Academy before reassignment at Fort Campbell with 4th Brigade Combat Team. I retired in this wonderful community due to the atmosphere and environment shared by Soldiers and civilians alike after my final duty as the Command Sergeant Major in the 1st Battalion, 187th Infantry Regiment (Rakkasan). I was proud to serve our nation in Afghanistan and Iraq during this two-decade war. What inspired passion for waterdogs? When my partner, Cecil Stout, and I first began diving and training divers together about the time I was retiring in 2012, we found that the majority of those interested were traveling to dive shops in Nashville. We decided we wanted them to have the same or better opportunity right here in Clarksville. Waterdogs opened its doors on April 1, 2013 and has grown every year, continuing the success of the first. As we continued to draw divers from throughout Middle Tennessee and beyond, we eventually became an Instructor Development Center and gained admission into the Tennessee Higher Education Commission which gave Waterdogs the ability to accept VA Education Benefits for developing veterans and civilians into professional divers employable all over the world.

Rich Holladay Congratulations on being selected as the Leadership Clarksville Executive Director! Being so involved in the community as a Rotarian, Chairman of the Military Affairs Committee, a small business owner, and so many more things, why did you feel called to apply for the Leadership Clarksville Executive Director position? For about the last year, since right before the onset of the pandemic, Cecil and I worked to position Waterdogs to be staff team driven. I did not know what but I had a feeling that something was approaching and sought to make Waterdogs self-sustaining for whatever that was. I attended Leadership Clarksville in 20182019 and I can tell you it is absolutely the most impactful thing I have done, both personally and professionally, since military retirement.

Carole and all the incredible volunteers really impressed me during the program but it never really occurred to me to lead it myself until I saw the announcement earlier this year of Carole’s retirement after 34 years as the Executive Director. When I read the requirements and expectations for the next Executive Director, I had an epiphany and I realized for what we had been preparing our business. I felt called to serve our community through the program, seeking to maintain its legacy while also growing it in a manner both the Board of Trustees and I desired. It was a calling I had not felt during any of my other positions after retirement and the first one I sought for the best reasons. I will always endeavor to uphold Carole’s work as well as that of the founders and the Board through my passion for making a difference amongst the citizens of the entire Clarksville-Montgomery County area.

What are your plans with the program? First and foremost is a smooth transition for my official starting date of July 1st. There are so many nuances and so much institutional knowledge, I will work first to consolidate all the existing records and develop relationships with an incredibly diverse and talented Board of Trustees. I also want to ensure our extremely generous sponsors know how much the program appreciates their continual support over the last 35 years and simultaneously work to ensure the class alumni feel their input and abilities would be a tremendous asset to future classes for the good of everyone in the boundaries of the program’s influence. How do you want it to grow? First off, in cooperation with the Board of Trustees, we desire the Leadership Clarksville program to continue its consistent growth through increased use of digital resources. By using all the various platforms for communication, we can spread our message at today’s fast information pace. It is already a county wide model of diversity, friendship, and cooperation with a common goal of education and collaboration.This program continues to bring all the different voices of Clarksville together for understanding and cooperation. By casting a wider net, we want to increase this already successful initiative’s ability to foster the common vision of representing the best of our great community on a daily basis. As the Clarksville area continues to grow, we will remain relevant in scope as we “scale up” and engage our alumni and new student population to create a cohesive team for the good of everyone in Montgomery County and beyond. What are you looking forward to most? There are so many reasons; it’s hard to name just one. Without a doubt, however, it would have to be bringing together all the people I mentioned before- class members, Sponsors, alumni (those volunteering already and those to come), and all the citizens of our city and county- to forge a cohesive team of teams with a common goal of not just program success but through that success making us all better throughout this community


FOR THE GOOD OF MANY Yow Foundation, Inc. is on a mission to further the cause of Christ through good works done in His name. Our mission comes from the message of the inspired author Paul, where he tells us to do all for the glory of God, not for our own good, but for the good of many (1 Corinthians 10:3133). We have been called, as believers and as an organization, to seek out opportunities to bless the people of our community in the name of the Lord. YFI works daily to show their love for the Lord and compassion toward those in need. Yow Foundation’s Board consists of founders Eric & Erin Yow, Garrett Dickerson, Chris Middleton, Matt Cole, Chelsey Cole, and Jennifer

Yates. Together, with the help of numerous volunteers and charitable donors, they work to help meet the needs of the people in our great community. YFI also collaborates and partners with other charitable organizations to help make Clarksville an even better place to live. With relentless dedication to the Lord, the Yow Foundation endeavors to use their talents, abilities, network, resources, and influence to be a blessing to their community. For more information about how you can support YFI, or to make a tax deductible donation, visit


30 • JUNE 2021 | THE MEN’S ISSUE


Eric Yow


Recently, Eric Yow has announced the start of his campaign for Montgomery County General Sessions and Juvenile Court Judge, Division II, in the 2022 election.

the significant majority of his legal practice in General Sessions, Juvenile, and Circuit Court in Montgomery County.

Eric is a local attorney in Clarksville since 2007 and senior partner at Goble & Yow.

“It will be a tremendous honor to move from the active practice of law into the role of General Sessions and Juvenile Court judge, where I will

“It has been my pleasure to work for the people of Montgomery County in a variety of capacities, in law, business and community partnerships, where I and my family have labored tirelessly to serve the citizens of Clarksville,” Yow said. Licensed to practice law since 2007, Yow is a graduate of the University of Memphis School of Law and winner of four CALI Excellence for the Future Awards. He graduated from FreedHardeman University with a B.S. in Biblical Studies in 2003.

“I am madly in love with my wife Erin, we are celebrating 11 years this upcoming summer. She is my everything and I would not be who I am without her.”

Yow has practiced law in Montgomery County since moving here in 2007 to work with the Kennedy Law Firm. Quickly transitioning to the Goble Law Firm, it was not long before he was named Partner, whereafter the firm was renamed Goble & Yow. Practicing primarily in criminal defense, Yow has spent

work diligently to provide a fair and respectful courtroom for all who walk through its doors,” Yow said.

this upcoming summer. She is my everything and I would not be who I am without her.” He and his wife Erin have two beautiful daughters, 7-year-old Emmalyn, and 5-year-old Elyza. Erin is the Director of Hilldale Christian Childcare Center and Clarksville Christian Preschools, and their strong Christian faith is central to their family mission, and is core to every endeavor they pursue. On the weekends, and in spare time, the Yow family enjoys hiking, four wheeling, hunting and camping. Eric also immensely enjoys watching Formula One racing his corvette around race tracks in Bowling Green, Atlanta, Birmingham, and Memphis. In fact, Eric holds a track record at the National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park in Bowling Green. The Yows attend the Trenton Crossing Church of Christ and both are graduates of Leadership Clarksville.

Eric concludes by telling VIP, “I am madly in love with my wife Erin, we are celebrating 11 years



Kevin Kennedy


Kevin Kennedy was born and raised in Clarksville. He loves our community, and from a young age has been determined to make it a better, brighter place to live. Recently VIP got the chance to get to know one of our favorite dentists, community members, and friends even better. What was your favorite part about growing up in Clarksville? Clarksville has always given me a genuine sense of belonging. I was the fifth generation of my family to be raised on our family horse farm. We have been blessed with a great feeling of multigenerational connection to our community that is really special. What drew you to your profession? Clarksville has a rich history of excellent dentists. I was attracted to dentistry because of their reputations in the community and the impact they had. Many of them were very welcoming to me when I began to show interest in the profession as a high school student. What is your favorite part about the work you do? We get to witness incredible stories of transformation in kids on a regular basis. Through our tongue tie procedure, kids often experience dramatic improvement in their speech development, improvement with swallowing function to eat more foods, and we see moms enjoy the gift of breastfeeding after having various struggles. Our happiest moments are hearing a new mom say breastfeeding is no longer painful or watching an infant climb through the growth charts on the way to thriving. What are you most excited about for the future of Clarksville? I can’t wait to see the vision of the MPEC realized. I’m particularly excited about seeing Austin Peay play basketball and then walk to some of the new restaurants planned. I’m also encouraged by the number and quality of young leaders who are emerging, contributing, and

32 • JUNE 2021 | THE MEN’S ISSUE

adding value to our community. My generation is full of talented, ambitious, and hard-working young people that will build on the successes of Clarksville and continue to make it a great place to live. Who is a Clarksville hero that has inspired you? Dr. Bill Prine practiced Pediatrics in this community for many years and influenced an entire generation of children here. He practiced with such integrity and wisdom that was inspiring to young health professionals like myself. I hope my career can influence our community in a similar way. What are interests you have that people may not know about? I’m a huge Hamilton fan. It’s such a masterpiece of musical and lyrical genius mixed with incredible storytelling of determination, tragedy, success, and the ideals that make America a nation where young people can fulfill their dreams. What’s your perfect weekend in Clarksville look like? My wife and I love Yada on Franklin so we would likely spend Friday night there. Saturday you could find me at Downtown Market, then enjoying the trails and creek at Rotary Park. I would include watching an APSU football game at Fortera Stadium and topping the night with Golly Gs. There’s so many great things to do here! Fun fact about you: I’m 99.9% sure I was the first person in Clarksville to have a Facebook account. Originally, Facebook was created for college students only, and as student government President at APSU, we generated the required petition for Facebook to include the domain in their accepted list of institutions. When our petition was approved, I was able to register as the first user. I wish I had the chance to buy shares of the stock back in 2005!



Wes Golden has dedicated his life to the people of Montgomery County. As a child, Golden volunteered with his father on The Dream Factory and Bikers Who Care, raising over $1 million for local children. Wes has also volunteered for the Montgomery County Veterans Coalition, Kiwanis, Urban Ministries, the Friends of Dunbar Cave, the Montgomery County Soccer Association, and the YMCA, where he is currently the Board Chair. Wes has built a wealth of knowledge and experience in service and leadership, both from his time in the private sector, and his service to the community as a firefighter and licensed Emergency Medical Technician with Clarksville Fire Rescue. In addition to his six years as a first responder, Wes worked in Environmental Health and Safety at Martinrea, where he was placed over Safety for all of Martinrea’s U.S. production facilities. He also worked in Safety and Loss Prevention at the former Dow Corning facility in Clarksville.

Wes Golden Recently, he announced his candidacy for Montgomery County Mayor. He was raised to give back to others, and is committed to the success of his community, Wes lives with his family in Montgomery County and is an active member of LifePoint Church. His beautiful wife Sara is Vice President and Branch Administrator at a local community bank, and she and Wes have three children: Nash, Lydia, and Mia. In an exceptionally eloquent statement, Wes says, “As a person who has always been actively involved in our community, my diverse background has prepared me to serve as Montgomery County Mayor and is something I’ve been called to do. The unprecedented growth that Montgomery County has seen, requires a comprehensive plan of action that addresses both our community’s infrastructure and educational needs. As your next Mayor, I will make this my top priority while ensuring it is implemented in a fiscally and economically responsible manner.”


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David Shelton


David Shelton exudes positivity and authenticity. He tells VIP, “There is not much in my life that is not informed by how much I love Clarksville.” David continues, speaking fondly of the mentors that have poured into his life, and the loving community surrounding him. He tells VIP about his father Judge Shelton, who has sat on the bench for 42 years. He reminisces about his relationship with Pastor Terry telling VIP, “You don’t get to meet salt of the earth people like that very often.” David tells VIP that these gentlemen taught him what it truly means to see people for who they are, where they are at. They taught him the importance of relationships, and most importantly, they showed him what it means to be deeply and meaningfully kind. Those lessons have carried David through his life personally and professionally. David was given the space to be wholly himself. He strives to show compassion, kindness, and build relationships at every turn. Growing up, he was encouraged to be a dreamer. He tells VIP that he lives his life through his favorite quote, “All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their mind wake in the day to find it was vanity. But the dreamers of the day are

dangerous men; for they may act their dream with open eyes to make it possible. This I did.” — TE Lawrence Being called to be a ‘dreamer of the day’ has led David to pursue a full, well-rounded, diverse career path: from preaching to publishing, graphic design, and now owning Made in the Shade (MITS). “I have a hard time thinking small,” David says. Though working in different fields, his various paths intersected at the perfect time to lead him to where he is today. David met the woman who would go on to found MITS when he was a graphic designer working on another project. They hit it off, and when she founded MITS, she asked for his help with the graphics. He created the original logo for MITS as well as the branding and marketing materials. He continued to help in a creative capacity for years, and through the growth of the company, he told the founder that there needed to be a MITS in Clarksville. She told him that the Clarksville market would launch when there was some here locally to launch it. That conversation went back and forth for a few years. Finally, in 2014, it dawned on David. He wanted to be the person to launch the Clarksville market. Over

the years of working with the company, he fell in love with it. Within weeks of starting MITS locally, he was busier than he ever anticipated being. His idea took off, and he jumped into the business fulltime. MITS combines his love of helping people, creativity, expression and design, and in 2020 David moved MITS to its current showroom off of Madison Street. Owning a business comes with a huge set of challenges, but David’s biggest challenge to overcome is one that can’t be seen. He is hard of hearing, and has been for his whole life. He’s never let it slow him down. As a child, he was active playing little league and doing gymnastics. As an adult, he has owned multiple businesses, has regularly had public speaking engagements, is a Leadership Clarksville ‘16 graduate, and is seeking to be actively engaged in the community at every opportunity. Even in business, David conducts himself with a spirit of collaborative kindness. Regarding competition in the market, David says, “We don’t win by beating others. We win by becoming the best we can be.” In closing, David reflectively says, “I want to be known for bringing people together.” FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK! • 35


Robert Huffman


Robert Huffman is an active community member, incredible philanthropist, and deeply dedicated Rotarian. Every room he walks into is instantly brighter. Regarding community service, not only does he talk the talk- he walks the walk. Robert regularly inspires us to be better, more passionate community members. Recently we got the chance to chat about what he has been up to lately. Where are you from, and why did you choose Clarksville? What do you do, professionally? My first military assignment was to Fort Campbell in 1978, I was fortunate enough to spend 15+ years assigned to Fort Campbell. When we elected to retire in 2007, Montgomery County is where we felt most at home. We have built a home on a small parcel of land where we enjoy entertaining friends. You are incredibly involved philanthropically; what organizations are you a part of ? Immediately, after retiring I was serving on a number of boards or associations, my commitment was a mile wide an inch deep. As my involvement in Rotary grew so did the realization that we Rotarians could serve all of these various groups via Rotary’s areas of focus. Slowly, I extricated myself from these other various commitments to focus on getting deeply involved in Rotary. What accomplishment are you most proud of ? 1. Donna and I have been married for almost 37 years. Donna brings so many blessings to our lives, she is the best partner, friend and teammate in life. Donna comes first in all consideration; we are a team in all we do. 2. I’m very proud of having been an Army Aviator, and becoming a Chief Warrant Officer Five but that doesn’t define who I am today. 3. Within Rotary being the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) Chair since 2011

36 • JUNE 2021 | THE MEN’S ISSUE

has reaffirmed my faith in America’s youth. We have this tremendous generation of young adults developing their leadership skills to serve their communities in a selfless manner. As a Rotary Club President, Betty Burchett, Leo Jordan, Jeff Groves and I we able to complete the Heritage Park Rotary Splash Pad and two all-inclusive playgrounds. We partnered with Mark Tummons the City Parks Department and Sarah Swartz from the Montgomery County Community Health Foundation on this project. This all-inclusive playground has become the catalyst for our Rotary Field of Dreams in Civitan Park, Smyrna Rotary Clubs new allinclusive playground in Freedom Park and Brentwood’s two all-inclusive playgrounds. We demonstrated that partnerships with governmental and non-governmental agencies work for the betterment of our communities. You just finished a banner year as District Governor for Rotary, how long have you been a Rotarian? I’ve only been a Rotarian since 2008 when Jeannie Beauchamp extended an invitation to join her Rotary Club. Serving our Rotary District’s 62 Clubs and 3500 Rotarians was truly a tremendous opportunity. That our Rotarians are the only District that earned the Rotary International Presidential Citation of Excellence within our Zone of 31 Districts is a testament to all our District did prior to and in the early months of COVID. Our Million Dollar Dinner was a legacy event for our Rotarians to build an endowment that will serve Middle and Western Tennessee in the years ahead. To think that we planted that seed together is satisfying. Why are you passionate about Rotary? Look around our community and you see a dedicated Rotarian at work making Montgomery County a better place to live, work and thrive. Rotarians are on the cusp of eradicating Polio

from the face of the earth, only the second disease behind Small Pox to be eradicated. We only know of two confirmed cases of the Wild Polio Virus this year, one in Afghanistan and another in Pakistan. Imagine being a part of ensuring that another child isn’t paralyzed by Polio and playing a small role in making this happen. What an amazing accomplishment it will be. Your Mountains to Sea sojourn is simply awe inspiring. What was the catalyst to embarking on this adventure? Boy Scouting introduced me to hiking or trekking. Walking the AT immediately after retirement was something we had discussed, God had other plans for me. What have you learned from your journey? I’m learning that if something doesn’t bring positive value or joy to our lives that it isn’t worth doing. What has been the most challenging part? Having my trail buddy break his foot and reorganizing this as a solo trip. What has been your favorite, most rewarding part thus far? Being unplugged and focused on the beauty around us. Climbing 5000+ foot mountains with a full pack is strenuous, seeing the views are such a reward. If we can raise awareness of Rotary’s Polio Eradication efforts that is an added bonus. What do you think is next for Rotarians to take on? If we Rotarians and our partners can eradicate Polio, what can’t we do next? On a local level, our Rotarians will continue to make Montgomery County a better place to live, work and thrive.

We believe that anything worth doing is worth doing with excellence, and that there could be no more worthy cause than teaching young children to become the best that they can be. We believe that God expects us to give our very best to the next generation.

931-920-3931 | 501 TN-76, Clarksville, TN 37043 WWW.HILLDALECHRISTIAN.ORG


“I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how impressed we are with SERVPRO® of Montgomery County. When I was notified there was a water intrusion in my home and my floors were starting to buckle, I was shocked and really did not know what to do. When I called SERVPRO® I was amazed at the professionalism and level of knowledge they had regarding my situation. I would recommend these guys to anyone who has had a loss to their home. I am one very happy customer!” -Roger, Clarksville





Freddie Montgomery


Clarksville Fire Rescue Chief Freddie Montgomery is an incredible leader who is taking the department to new heights. He has been working tirelessly to propel the department forward, and his unique leadership style has been dynamically efficient and effective. Starting off, Freddie tells VIP a little bit about himself, “I am a proud Army veteran! 48 years young, and married to my beautiful wife Priscilla, she keeps me grounded, for 25 years We have two sons, Calvin & Cameron, and 2 grandchildren, Ava & Caen. I’ve played rugby locally for 16 years, and I am currently playing for Clarksville Headhunters, against my wife’s advice.

where a big change. Coming from a smaller city with less resources I dealt directly with the Finance Director for even small issues. Here there are people and divisions that do different parts of every process. It’s not good or bad but I’m fortunate to have both perspectives, now I just have to quit trying to do everything and let the system work. What inspired you to become a firefighter? My father was a firefighter and I basically grew up in the firehouse. I never dreamed of being a firefighter. I intended to be a lifer in the army

What has been the most rewarding part of your career? Putting on the uniform every day and helping people is reward enough but I would have to say being trusted with the safety of the community is the best reward. I don’t take my position lightly and I try to pay the community back by making sound decisions and offering a level of response and readiness that is second to none.

but as I approached the end of my enlistment, I wanted to get to Ft. Campbell to get closer to my mom to help her out through the death of my sister. I wasn’t able to get the assignment so I decided to get out of the Army and return to Hopkinsville to hopefully land a factory job or mail carrier position at the post office.

Everyone in your department and who comes into contact with your department raves about your leadership, and vision. What would you say your leadership style is? When it comes to leaders I have experienced all kinds, good and bad. I remember the things that gave me angst along my journey and try not to do that to my people. I keep it simple with the Lead, Follow or get out of the way philosophy… AND I tell my people as a leader I am prepared to practice either of the three at any given time. I think it’s important if I am going to develop leaders I need to be prepared to follow them and their ideas and sometimes just get out of the way and let them run. I still love firefighting and don’t mind suiting up and going in with them. My people know I want them to enjoy every second of this job. I don’t want to be the only one having fun. When there is work to be done I expect all hands on deck and I believe 100% in accountability. But when we get a chance to relax they know I’m the MEME KING…. I think they are getting use to my personality and my dad jokes.

While contemplating on what I would do for work, my dad asked me to do him a favor. He said that he loved the fire department and the profession, but unfortunately he made some decisions that ended his career early and lead to his incarceration. He asked that I consider joining the fire department, and ensure that honor was restored to our family name. He asked me to embrace the fire service and leave it better than I found it. Now I’m working on my second career in the fire service, 2 times as a fire chief, and I will be traveling next week to

What are some of your goals for the future? CFR has changed tremendously in the last 2 years. We have restructured and even started a technical rescue division. I hope to take our training to the next level and put an emphasis on professional development and leadership. Those kinds of things ensure we have a great department into the future no matter who is in the Chiefs office. Clarksville is a growing community and we still have some catching up to do but we have the people and the mindset to get it done.

Where are you originally from? I was born and raised in Hopkinsville Kentucky. The son of a firefighter. What is your most proud accomplishment? I feel like I have so many things to be proud of and most would probably be related to my family. I have achieved a few awards, recognitions, and a long list of firsts during my career in the fire service but honestly it’s what I love to do. I would say I’m proud that my mom, grandparents, wife and children are proud of me. They know I have carried myself with integrity, I have honored them and their investment in me and I have carried the torch for my loved ones. I guess I’m just proud that I have been raised right and chosen right even when it was hard. I’m most proud that the things instilled in me can’t be compromised and I’m proving it every day. How long have you been a firefighter? I have been a firefighter for 27 years. I retired from Hopkinsville Fire / EMS after 25 years. I was the Fire Chief and EMS director for the last 5 years. I have been the Fire Chief of Clarksville Fire Rescue for almost 2 years now. Coming from Hopkinsville to Clarksville, what has the biggest adjustment been? The biggest adjustment would be terminology, rules and regulations as it relates to city and state. It’s hard to believe that growing up just a few minutes from here, some things would be so different. Budget terminology and processes

Georgetown Kentucky to pin a firefighter badge on my youngest son who will be sworn in as a Georgetown career firefighter!






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Darold Londo

Darold Londo is the President and General Manager of Oak Grove Racing, Gaming & Hotel, located across the street from Gates 4-6 at Ft. Campbell in Oak Grove, KY. As a recognized leader in the military, law, finance, gaming hospitality, and development, he was a clear choice to lead the establishment of such a regionally innovative and transformative venture. Darold was a captain and helicopter pilot in the U.S. Army during Dessert Storm. He earned his Bachelor of Science at West Point in ‘86, his Master of Business Administration from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in ‘90, and his Juris Doctorate from the UW-Madison School of Law in ‘94. Darold discovered his love for the gaming industry after his career as a practicing attorney. When he discovered his passion for the gaming industry, Darold jumped in headfirst in Atlantic City. Since then, he has worked all over the country with Caesars/Harrah’s Entertainment, and with San Manuel Indian Casino in the L.A. area. Darold has also regularly overseen development projects ranging from $5 million - $650 million dollar projects. Having worked his way through the ranks at each turn in his career, Darold knows and appreciates the insight his team members bring to the table. He is passionate about building the strongest, most dynamic team possible and says, “I seek individuals responsible for producing and

sustaining value in a growth-oriented company by creating and growing income streams, improving efficiencies in operations, developing talent and teams, and building on the value proposition for guests.” His participative and interaction style is hallmarked by his servant leader philosophy. Austin Miller, CDI senior vice president of gaming operations, shared, “I couldn’t be happier that Darold is joining our team at Oak Grove. The combination of his experience opening gaming properties and management of destination resort casinos fits perfectly with a property of this grand scale. This new development will create jobs and entertainment options the likes of which the area has never seen.” Oak Grove Racing, Gaming & Hotel is a whollyowned subsidiary of Churchill Downs Inc., has 128 luxury rooms and suites, over 1,200 games, top of the line racing and equine facilities, 900 fixed seat outdoor amphitheater, multiple large party venues, multiple bars and restaurants, to include the Garrison Oak Steakhouse, and constant new additions to the facility. Darold has 3 grown children: a 2 Michelin Star chef son in California, 1LT FA officer daughter in Georgia, and infantry ranger cadet son at West Point. He also has 1 grandson, and lives in Clarksville. Additionally, Darold is involved in multiple boards and groups in Christian and Montgomery Counties.



Joe Smith


Joe Smith is a veteran, native Clarksvilian, current Montgomery County Commissioner, and a local business owner. VIP recently got the chance to sit with Joe and chat about Clarksville, community, business, and what the future holds. What was it like to grow up in Clarksville? What are some of your fondest memories? Clarksville is unique in my opinion, I grew up on a farm, but we still had quite a bit of things to do in the city. For example, after working in tobacco all day out at the farm, we could go into town in the evening to go skating, bowling, or to see a movie. my fondest memories would be spending time on the farm, while it was hard work most of the time, it taught me work ethic and how to use my mind to solve problems. What accomplishment are you most proud of ? That’s a tough one, I would say when I left home at 17 years old and earned the title of United States Marine, that would have to be my proudest accomplishment. But I will say becoming a City of Clarksville Fire Fighter and becoming an Elected Official are right up there with it as well. Through your work as a firefighter, a County Commissioner, and active community member, you are always building ClarksvilleMontgomery County up. What aspect of our community are you most passionate about? I really love Clarksville and want to make sure we maintain that unique small-town charm,

42 • JUNE 2021 | THE MEN’S ISSUE

while it grows into a city that provides plenty of activities and family events for our youth. How long has Jodi’s Cabinets been in business? My mother started Jodi’s Cabinet Sales back in 2002 out of her garage, although my grandfather had started our family in the cabinet industry back in the mid-70’s. After he retired, she decided it was time to start her own business, so she would go measure a house first thing in the morning, then go deliver the cabinets to another house and install the cabinets that afternoon. She built the business from scratch, due to hard work and determination. It’s heartwarming to see generational businesses thrive. How was the transition for you? We talked about it initially when I decided to come back into the family business about 10 years ago. We discussed how we would build a business we could pass down to the next generations and we started planning for her to be able to retire within 10-15 years. She taught me everything I know about the cabinet part of the business, so I hope she feels that she has put it into good hands. I implemented what I knew about business structure and management to help the business become more sustainable. What does your day-to-day look like? My day typically starts around 5:30AM with sending out daily assignments to installers and delivery teams, then most of the morning is spent either measuring or checking on

installers to ensure they have everything they need on site. Then the later part of the days are spent doing paperwork and office work. We are processing about 40-50 kitchens per week, so the paperwork side can be time consuming. What has been the biggest challenge you have had to overcome? Our biggest challenge of the last year has been material availability, we had a shortage due to the government shutting down factories last year. This put us behind schedule on over 300 kitchens. It took quite a bit of time and patience to get caught up and back on schedule. We are still dealing with delays on some brands even now. What is your favorite part of the job? My favorite part of the job is the transformation. It does not matter how big or small the job was, but to see a space go from old and bleak, to new and beautiful is my favorite part. We even get hand written notes from many of our clients who are very satisfied with how their project turned out. What are your goals for the future? Our future goal is to open a new location, and that location will have our showroom, office, and warehouse space all in one location. We plan to be ready to serve Clarksville residents for many years to come. I am hoping one of my 5 children will be wanting to come back home and take over the business someday, after they have had plenty of time to travel and live a little.



Mark Holleman Mark Holleman is a fourth-generation real estate agent, and he is passionate about truly growing the Clarksville community. Throughout his career, Mark has found joy and purpose in going through the journey with his clients as they find the perfect home, or just the right property to start their business in.


What was your favorite part about growing up in Clarksville? It is the people in the community. We have so many dedicated and committed individuals who are loving, caring and would do anything to help a stranger. We are a big city, with small-town values. It’s what makes Clarksville a place I love to be a part of. Being a native of Clarksville, I loved watching all the positive changes within the community. When I am out showing new out of town clients; driving down the road, if we pass someone, I will wave to them. - my clients ask, “Do you know them?” I reply “No.” “Why did you wave then?” “It’s just what we do here in Clarksville.” What accomplishment are you most proud of ? I am proud of my involvement in the redevelopment of the Riverfront, while sitting on the City Council years back, I watched

44 • JUNE 2021 | THE MEN’S ISSUE

the Riverfront start from a blighted piece of property to an icon of Downtown. Also being a part of the Greenways development and continuing to work on the project today. The goal of the Greenway is to start at Fort Campbell through Downtown to Ashland City. My goal as a citizen of Clarksville is to do my part to make Clarksville a better place to live. It is all about quality of life and making it where our kids grow up and love our community and want to make it a home for their family and not move away. What inspired you to pursue a career in real estate? Because I love helping people and wanting to continue my dad’s legacy with Coldwell Banker Conroy, Marable and Holleman. My dad inspired me to always do the right thing, to give back to the community and to always do your best. I am excited to share my experience with my brother and nephew. What do you love most about your industry? Coldwell Banker Conroy, Marable & Holleman is a 4th generation family-owned business. I love working and being around my agents every day. I am inspired by the loyalty of my agents, to

me and our company. My agents are the heart and soul of Coldwell Banker Conroy, Marable & Holleman. They are the best of the best, in my book. Real estate is inherently all about community, you are quite literally helping Clarksville grow every day. What part of our community are you most passionate about? I am passionate about the community as a whole and everything we have to offer to our citizens. I tell my agents, “Selling a home is only half the equation; the other half is getting the families to love the community as much as we do.” That’s why I feel Money Magazine voted Clarksville best place to live. Your photography is incredible, and you have taken some of our favorite pictures of Clarksville. Where do you draw your inspiration? Pictures are inspired from the incredible sceneries and architectural features Clarksville has to offer. If you go into any of our three offices, you will see that the pictures are of and about Clarksville’s present and past. It tells a story of who we are.

Clarksville TN, Montgomery Co.

Montgomery County Court House

When its time to buy or sell your home, come see us. With three locations to serve you . 1300 Fort Campbell Blvd Clarksville, TN 37042

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We work from the



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KN OW WH E R E AL Z H E I M E R’ S AN D ALL D E M E N T IA HIDE . New problems with words or speaking is a warning sign of Alzheimer’s. Learn more at

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Centurion Stone of Clarksville 1263 Paradise Hill Road, Clarksville • 931-221-0120


Russell Lovelace


Sergeant Russell Lovelace is the President of Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers (BOSS) at Fort Campbell. He starts by telling VIP, “I am from Lynchburg Virginia, and lived there most of my life. It’s almost the perfect suburban area. I am originally a 13B otherwise known as a Cannon Crewmember where I went to Fort Sill, Oklahoma for basic and advanced individual training. I was stationed in Fort Wainwright, Alaska for 2 years before going to Japan and Korea for a little less then a year. Then, I was stationed in Rose Barracks, Germany where I traveled the world as much as I could. After that I became stationed here at Fort Campbell, but my job took a weird turn: I became a Professional Gamer for United States Army Esports team. Otherwise known as USAE, I was a top member and then coach of the Super Smash Bros Ultimate team. I helped with BOSS as much as a could while I had this job, and now I’m the BOSS President of Fort Campbell. What is Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers? Better Opportunities for Singles Soldiers is otherwise known as the BOSS program. Our mission is to enhance the morale and welfare of single soldiers. We do everything from hosting events such as Skydiving to prepare them for Airborne School, to something a bit more relaxing like our Sip and Paint event, or maybe just having some friendly competition against friends in Call-of-Duty Tournaments.

All these events may seem small, but to a soldier that just has come out a basic and the first time away from home these bonds and experiences will last a life time. How did you become involved with BOSS? I reached out to BOSS when I first became a part of the USAE, and I wanted to help them. So, I started to host Super Smash Bros Ultimate tournaments for the BOSS program so they could catch up on work they had to do or even give them a break. Before I knew it, they offered me a job as the President. Why are you passionate about it? When I first joined the Army I was in Alaska, 6 thousand miles away from home. I heard about a video game event for free at the warrior zone which was not even two minutes away, I went there and made friends I still have to this day. These bonds we make with other soldiers are what makes the BOSS program so great. Because the friends you make will last a lifetime. Do you have any initiatives you are currently working on? Currently, I am making a Esports team for Fort Campbell soldiers as well as veterans in the area. Making those connections are huge for soldiers and the local community as a whole. We are passionate about giving soldiers an outlet for healthy competition while instilling teamwork and having fun.

Russell Lovelace & His Esports Team


David Thomack

Nathan & Heather Manese

Devin Kinney

Tim Ehrhard

BIG BREW DAY Story & Photography by Tony Centonze Clarksville’s Grog Homebrew Supply Shop and the Clarksville Carboys Homebrew Club recently teamed up to host an event in celebration of National Big Brew Day. Great weather had the brewers set up outside the shop, each working on their own special batch. The Grog’s Nathan Manese was excited about the event. “We’re glad to have the Clarksville Carboys here today. Everyone is out here brewing, and we have Gray Smoke Barbecue about to open and serve up some great food.”

James Visger, Heather & Nathan Manese

Every year since the American Homebrewers Association went before Congress in 1988, National Homebrew Day has been officially observed on the first Saturday of May. “Clubs all across the country, and Homebrew shops love to get together and celebrate this event,” Manese said. “Last year was challenging, COVID-19 did shut us down for a short time, but we were able to get reopened quickly. A lot of people used the time to get into home-brewing. It gave them a hobby while they were at home with the kids. Business has been really good.” Jerry Wood & Allen Duvall

Jackie Jones, Scott Klaasen & Jerry Wood 48 • JUNE 2021 | THE MEN’S ISSUE

Meet Heather!

Local, Experienced VA Lender.

Thank You For Voting Us BEST NEW CAR DEALERSHIP 2655 Trenton Rd, Clarksville, TN 37040 |




What Heather’s Homebuyers Have to Say: "Heather has made the homebuying process exceptionally smooth for the second time. She is so professional and timely with everything involved in the closing process." – Scott C. "Heather's knowledge and professionalism was outstanding. She made us feel like we were not just another loan to close."

– Micheal R

"From our first conversation, she explained each available option, and I never felt pressured into any decision."

– Kenny G

With 25 years in the real estate and mortgage industries, Production Manager Heather Damer (NMLS 12449) leads our team of Loan Originators with a focus on excellence in customer service. A long time member of the Clarksville and Ft. Campbell community, Heather is proud to serve those who served our nation.


(931) 920-2252 | VA approved lender; Not a gov’t agency. NMLS # 1907 ( Equal Opportunity Lender. 107 Center Pointe Dr, Clarksville, TN 37040. (931) 920-2252


Anna Cherry

Reggie Claud & Ken Hampton

Regina Hampton

Ryan & Rowan Sample

Hog Roast Hootenanny Story & Photography by Tony Centonze Michael & Regina Hampton of Food Initiative recently hosted their annual Hog Roast Hootenanny, a day of music, fun and great food.

Judy & Rebel Joffe

Jonah & Grant Brashears

“I can’t remember if this is our 5th or 6th Hootenanny,” Regina Hampton said. “Since yesterday morning we’ve been roasting a whole hog, that was pasture raised here on the farm. It’s going to be accompanied by all your favorite barbecue sides, mac and cheese, baked beans, and banana pudding. We also have an awesome band, The Deltaz, playing for us, and lots of games for folks to enjoy. We just wanted to create a space for community, where people can hang out and have a good time.” This was the first time the event was completely sold out in advance. Last year’s pandemic forced the Hamptons to make changes to their summer program.

Kelly. Leo, Kaiden, Oliver & Sam Powers

Margaret Hampton & Carolyn Levering 50 • JUNE 2021 | THE MEN’S ISSUE

Candace Sample & Barbara Ciavarella

Bethany & Zach Johnson

“We took on fewer students last year, and were continuing with that,” Hampton said. “We’re hiring just five high school students to work with us this summer. We’re also doing a pilot program for younger kids called Think, Do and Eat. Topics of study can range from taking care of land and animals, to things we grow, or things you put in your body. We’ll also focus on mental health so yoga for kids. It’s important to get the kids out here and let them dig in the dirt, like we used to.”

Micaela, Casandra & Casandra Cannon

Miranda, Joey & joey Jr. Mendoza

Meet Jennifer!

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What Jennifer’s Homebuyers Have to Say:

quality orthodontic care for all ages!

"This was my first time buying a home. Jennifer was patient with my million-and-one questions. I would recommend her to anyone buying a house."

– Thalia C

"Jennifer continued to press through the road blocks along the way to get my family into the property we desired."

– Joshua S

"Jennifer was fantastic. She worked diligently to get me approved for my cash out refinance. I would highly recommend her." –Windy F

Loan Officer Jennifer Candler (NMLS 710607) is dedicated to helping local Veterans become homeowners. With more than 20 years of experience, she aims to minimize your stress on the homebuying journey.


(931) 216-1047 | VA approved lender; Not a government agency. NMLS # 1907 ( Equal Opportunity Lender. 107 Center Pointe Dr, Clarksville, TN 37040. (931) 920-2252


Brad Moser & Wes Golden

Chad Taflinger & Wesley Irvin

Chris Travis & Lance Carpenter

Chris & Savannah Beck

14th Annual Centurion Invitational Golf Scramble Story & Photography by Tony Centonze Clarksville Christian School recently hosted its 14th Annual Centurion Invitational Golf Scramble at Clarksville Country Club. Georgie Stimson & Kristin Dickerson

CCS President, Dr. Brad Moser expressed his appreciation for all who have supported CCS throughout the years.

Chris Beck & David Brown

“This is our 14th annual golf scramble,” Moser said. “We have an incredible group of supporters who have come out to participate in this year’s event, and it’s all for the benefit of our CCS students. Some of these people haven’t missed this event since its inception. “We work hard to make our school what it is, but today we’re here to have fun. We’re playing golf on a beautiful day, and it’s all for a good cause. The school now has approximately 400 students Pre K – 12. And, we’re already on pace for another record enrollment year in 21/22. We’re delighted to be here, and contribute to this great community.” Elyza, Erin & Emmalyn Yow

Dave L’herault 52 • JUNE 2021 | THE MEN’S ISSUE

Charlie Blunt & James Register

Stanley Adams & Kenny Bain

Gary & Wyatt Stonesifer

Craig Saft & Jason Garza

Meet Nathan!

Local, Experienced VA Lender.

Julie Tarrents & Wes Golden

Zack Hooper & Mike Farmer

What Nathan’s Homebuyers Have to Say: "Nathan is timely, professional, and very helpful, especially for a first-time homebuyer."

– Patrick F.

"The team, specifically Nathan, educated us, supported us, and helped us make the best decision for our family!" – Brittney E Cole Harper & Charlie Collins

Larry Pitts & Brad Moser

"Nathan was an absolute joy to work with. He was organized, easy to communicate with, and most importantly, got us the best rate by far!"

– Sarah

Wesley Irvin & Luke Sayle

Stephanie Travis & Michelle Roberts

Loan Officer Nathan Bryant (NMLS 1362262) is a lifelong resident of the Clarksville area. With more than ten years in the mortgage industry, he takes pride in providing his borrowers VA, FHA, USDA and conventional loan options.

(931) 320-5584 | Frank Tate & Mark Muiznieks

David Aebischer

VA approved lender; Not a government agency. NMLS # 1907 ( Equal Opportunity Lender. 107 Center Pointe Dr, Clarksville, TN 37040. (931) 920-2252


Mike Evans & Roger Maness

Charles Hand, Joe Filippo, Brian McCarty & Jimmy Dunn

Mark Thornburg, COO of Drake’s

DRAKE’S RIBBON CUTTING Story & Photography by Tony Centonze The Clarksville Area Chamber of Commerce recently hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony at the much-anticipated opening of Drake’s, which specializes in Beer, Burgers & Sushi.

Julie Parks & Jessica Todd

“We want that ‘Cheers’ atmosphere,” Drake’s COO Mark Thornburg said. “People will get to know so many people here, and they’ll see friends they haven’t seen for a while. This concept is about atmosphere and fun. 95% of our food is made from scratch, our beef and chicken are fresh, never frozen, and that’s important to us. We have the best wings in the world. Our Sriracha dry rub wings aren’t like the Buffalo style that everyone else has. We want to be different. Our menu reflects that, especially in the way we prepare our items.”

Michelle Corkrean & Tish Orocio

Drake’s has been around for 12 years as of May. The Clarksville location is the 17th to be opened. “We’re ecstatic to be in Clarksville,” Thornburg said. “This is a military town, and it’s vibrant, with lots of new things happening. This is the type of town that we love. People can come here, have great food and drinks, put aside their worries, and just have a great time.” Calan McManus & Nikki Baker

Frank Lott & Richard Swift 54 • JUNE 2021 | THE MEN’S ISSUE

Doug Weiland & Phil Harpel

Tyler Mayes, Tish Orocio, Alexis Goines & Amanda Wilson

Melinda Shepard & Jennifer Gardner

Meet Nick!


Local, Experienced VA Lender.


What Nick’s Homebuyers Have to Say: "Friendly, confident and very knowledgeable. Nick helped make this process quick and stress-free." – Lionel V

Steve Martin | Sales Representative | 931-206-7459 | 2655 Trenton Road, Clarksville TN 37040

Get your Tennessee concealed carry permit online!

"Nick explained everything in detail to make sure I knew exactly what was going to happen. Very helpful and pleasant to communicate with." – Johnny C "I felt confident that Nick would respond to my needs and communicate exactly what I needed to do on my end. I never felt alone." – Ryan S

Loan Officer Nick Laws (NMLS 1500974) understands buying a home is one of the biggest decisions you will make. His experience will make your experience as stress-free and simple as possible.

(931) 395-8758


VA approved lender; Not a government agency. NMLS # 1907 ( Equal Opportunity Lender. 107 Center Pointe Dr, Clarksville, TN 37040. (931) 920-2252






Key Largo Information Sourced from Monroe County Tourist Development Council Key Largo has had a long history of marine conservation. beginning in 1960 with the creation of the nation’s first undersea preserve, John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, and then with the designation of the Key Largo National Marine Sanctuary in 1975, Key Largo has been protected from spearfishing and coral collection for four decades. Now, as an integral portion of the 2,900-squarenautical-mile Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, Key Largo features six unique Sanctuary Preservation Areas (SPA’s) where even hook and line fishing is prohibited. Nowhere on earth has more friendly fish than Key Largo, creating an absolute paradise for underwater photographers! Some of the most iconic dive and snorkel sites off Key Largo include: Statue of Christ of the Abyss This famed bronze statue rises so close to the water’s surface that it can be easily viewed by snorkelers as well as divers. The statue is nestled

between the coral formations of Key Largo Dry Rocks reef in just 25 feet of water. Spiegel Grove This 510-foot Navy transport ship was sunk in June 2002 as the latest addition to the Key Largo area’s impressive shipwreck portfolio. Molasses Reef High profile coral heads and massive congregates of tropical marine life define this popular reef. Benwood Wreck — A casualty of World War II, this shipwreck is now home to huge schools of grunt and porkfish. The Elbow This reef offers several historic shipwrecks, as well as the thrill of face-to-face encounters with friendly moray eels and barracuda. Bibb and Duane These twin 327-foot US Coast Guard cutters were sunk intentionally as dive attractions in 1987 and now are virtually cloaked in colorful coral and gorgonian.

“Key Largo is one of my favorite keys to visit. Imagine the beautiful beaches of Florida with a wide range of good food and fun, like Key West, but with less traffic and a slower atmosphere. The Florida Keys also sit on a large marine sanctuary that includes the Florida Reef, the only barrier reef in North America. This means that a lot of the marine life is protected and therefore plentiful.” -Hannah Stout



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Cindy & Sammy Stuard

Chris Junghans & Jordan Harmon

Charles Hand & Larry Atema

Brittany Young & Clarksville Mayor Joe Pitts

PREDATORS ANNOUNCE F&M NAMING RIGHTS TO MPEC Story & Photography by Tony Centonze The Franklin Room at F & M Bank was the site of a major announcement regarding naming rights for Clarksville’s new Multi-Purpose Event Center, which involved leadership from the City and County, the Nashville Predators, Austin Peay State University Athletics, and F & M Bank itself.

Chris Junghans, Jack Burk

Danny Butler & Josh Wolf

Predator’s President and CEO Sean Henry said, “We look forward to building an iconic brand together, and working together for decades.” Mayors Jim Durrett and Joe Pitts, both took their turns at the podium, expressing their excitement about this project and what’s to come. “This is an exciting day for Clarksville-Montgomery County, our community, and F & M Bank, but really it’s an exciting day for APSU Athletics,” APSU Athletics Director Gerald Harrison said. “Having an opportunity to move into the best basketball venue in the country means so much. That building will be a lighthouse for college athletics.” F & M Bank President/CEO Sammy Stuard shared his thoughts as well. “This certainly is an exciting day for us. We’ve been in this community for more than 30 years, and we’ve been able to watch our bank grow alongside Clarksville-Montgomery County. This has become one of the best places to live in the U.S.”

DeWayne Olive, Clarksville Mayor Joe PItts, Sammy Stuard

Emily Polanowicz & Mitchell Jordan 62 • JUNE 2021 | THE MEN’S ISSUE

Jack Burk & Britt Kincheloe

“We love being here and being part of it, and we like to be called on in order to help. When this project was announced and they started digging at the site, we talked about it, and said, it has to have one name on top of it - F&M Bank.”

John Peck & Jack Turner

John Smith & Kolin Cheatham


Jason & Kourtney Terry

Nathan Jones & Denver Persing

Funda Pradke

May the 4th be with you TRIVIA Story & Photography by Tony Centonze James and Funda Pradke of Gladiator Brewing Co. sent out an invitation recently to join them for a special edition of Trivia Night. The theme ‘May the 4th Be with You’ was all about Star Wars, and the emcee affectionately known as the Bearded Wonder had the place packed with Star Wars enthusiasts ready to show off their knowledge of the beloved franchise.

Hunter & Chelsea Dean

The Tiny Town Road brewery features some of the most unique craft brews to be found anywhere, as James Pradke’s specialty is to recreate historic and even ancient recipes as accurately as possible. In a short time, the location has already built a strong following, and while it has ‘brewing’ in the name, it is very much a family-oriented establishment. The barbecue focused menu is definitely worth trying as well. The Pradke’s encourage everyone to follow them on Facebook. There is always something going on, whether it’s trivia night, live music, or just great beer and food.

Drew Moore & Caitlyn Cornelius

Elsa Briley

Phillip Knoecklein & Lora Lee Childers

Cody & Kim Zick

64 • JUNE 2021 | THE MEN’S ISSUE

Angel & Travis Hoover

Amanda & Anthony Ecomonos


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what are the zoomies? Zoomies are a sudden release of energy in dogs. It’s a super common behavior, especially in young dogs, and simply a way for dogs to release excess energy. Any dog can get the zoomies, but they’re most commonly seen after a bath, during play, and late at night. The scientific term for that sudden burst of energy is frenetic random activity periods (FRAPS). If you’ve ever seen your dog run around the house after a bath like a maniac that’s the zoomies. If your young puppy gets sudden bursts of energy late at night that’s the zoomies, too.

The Young & the Zoomie

If you have a young dog the zoomies probably happen pretty frequently and are nothing to be concerned about. Zoomies are a quick way for our dogs to release extra energy. Although they’re more common in young dogs, dogs of any age can feel the sudden urge to get all their wiggles out – especially when engaging in play. As dogs mature those sudden bursts of energy sometimes happen a little less frequently. If your perfect pooch is getting unruly with the zoomies, take them out for a few minutes of

66 • JUNE 2021 | THE MEN’S ISSUE

extra play. Often giving them some more mental & physical exercise does the trick. Just adding a few quick mentally stimulating games to their daily routine can have a huge impact. For some dogs, a 5-minute nose work game such as ‘find the treats’ is just as tiring as a 30-minute walk. They’ll have fun running wild, and when its time to settle down, they’ll turn right back into the family’s furry couch potato.

Zoomies After a Bath

The mysterious post bath time rush dogs get when they run around the house, jump up on furniture, zip from room to room are zoomies too. Experts believe dogs get the zoomies after a bath because it’s a quick way to get rid of nervous energy that’s been pent up. Zoomies after a bath is their way of showing relief that bath time is finally over. If your dog gets the zoomies frequently, don’t stress. Sit back, have a laugh, take out your camera and get ready for those hilarious, picture perfect moments!


Fast Glass Photography

Mandy Chadwick Photography

2300 Gunn Road Adams, TN | 931-320-0002 |

SWIM DEEPER | DIVE IN | DISCOVER MORE WATERDOGS SCUBA and SAFETY LLC was established in 2013 with the aim of providing high quality service to the SCUBA diving community within Middle Tennessee and Kentucky. As a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Center, WATERDOGS SCUBA and SAFETY LLC has gained not only the respect from the local community, but now has an outstanding reputation worldwide. As Clarksville’s premier SCUBA diving facility, we offer quality service for the recreational, technical and public safety diving community. 931-389-3483 | WWW.WATERDOGS-SCUBA.COM | INFO@WATERDOGS-SCUBA.COM FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK! • 67

#1 in Customer Satisfaction with Assisted Living | Memory Care Communities

Including: ✓ #1 in Community Staff ✓ #1 in Resident Activities ✓ #1 in Resident Apartment | Living Unit ✓ #1 in Community Buildings and Grounds

Tied in 2020. For J.D. Power 2020 award information, visit

Stacy Knight & Marie Eppes

Shonda Rowe, Stacey Moore, Cindy Hancock & Jennifer Jester

Simone McGrath & Suzanne Hogan

Cinco de Mayo At Brookdale Story & Photography by Tony Centonze Marie Eppes and her team at Brookdale were excited to host a Mexicanthemed lunch and networking event on Cinco De Mayo. Brookdale Senior Living, which specializes in Alzheimer’s and dementia care, is also very active in promoting a healthy and helpful relationship among all senior care facilities and providers in Clarksville-Montgomery County. Cindy Hancock & Stacey Moore

Shonda Rowe & Jennifer Jester

“This is an opportunity for all our senior care providers to come together,” Brookdale’s Marie Eppes said. “Prior to the pandemic we were very active in hosting networking events that would bring all these people together, so when elderly people need help, we know who to send them to. “There are people here today from assisted living, hospice, home health, sitter companies, even those who represent home medical products. To be able to be outdoors where it’s safe, and where we can properly socially distance, is a good feeling. And, I think pretty much all of us have been vaccinated.” About fifteen people attended the outdoor luncheon. Food was provided by Moe’s Southwest Grill, and there was also a photo booth to provide a little fun.

MIchele Tucker & Alison Hurt

Marie Eppes & Dawn Sawyer

Rachel Brown & Jordan Gilboy

Jennifer Jester & Shonda Rowe

Kelley Young & Karen Hay FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK! • 69

Chris Crow

Clarksville Mayor Joe Pitts & Montgomery County Mayor Jim Durrett

Kenny & Vicki York

Congressman Mark Green

G r i t s & G r av y Story & Photography by Tony Centonze Manna Village was the site of the recent Grits & Gravy, an annual breakfast event that marks the anniversary of the first meal Kenny and Vicki York ever served in Clarksville. Clarksville Mayor Joe Pitts & Rob Selkow

Kenny York was emotional as he addressed a packed room from the stage. An event that was attended by Mayor Joe Pitts, Mayor Jim Durrett, Congressman Mark Green and many other local leaders and dignitaries.

Dan & Michelle Dickerson

“At this morning’s Grits & Gravy, we’re celebrating the 11th anniversary of serving our first meal in Clarksville,” York said. “It’s amazing, unreal. We went from working out of a little house to four buildings and a culinary program. This community requires a huge amount of resources, and I never thought we would be able to do all this. “The pandemic created even more need, so we broadened what we were doing. Our food box program numbers went down because there were so many other resources out there. There were additional food stamps, and stimulus checks, so we were able to give more food than usual to our clients who are still in need. “ Vanessa & Gabriel Espinosa

Brandon Bridges, Bari Owens & Britany Robinson 70 • JUNE 2021 | THE MEN’S ISSUE

Sara Miller & Christy Crosby

Charlene Thomason, Ellen Tolley & Sabina Cunningham

Get a mortgage you can rave about. Connie Gillum Branch Manager & Loan Originator Licensed in Tennessee & Kentucky NMLS # 41857 Office: 931-201-5530 Cell: 931-980-2380 Tish Orocio Loan Officer Licensed in Tennessee & Kentucky NMLS # 1881010 Office: 931-492-9377 Cell: 931-614-8120

101 Hatcher Lane Suites A-B, Clarksville, TN 37043 | 931-492-9377| | Branch NMLS # 1974330 NMLS #2229, NMLS Consumer Access website: Union Home Mortgage Corp. is an Equal Housing Lender. Loans are available on a fair and equal basis regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, handicap, marital status, familial status (having children under the age of 18), age (if old enough to enter a contract), because income is from public assistance, or because a right was exercised under the Consumer Credit Protection Act.


1935 Tiny Town Road | 1992 Madison Street | 2159 Fort Campbell Blvd. | 370 Warfield Blvd.




The Kennedy Law Firm Attorneys and Support Staff

The state-of-the-art Creation Museum allows you to venture through biblical history, stunning exhibits, botanical gardens, planetarium, zoo, zip line adventure course, and much more. This Biblically chronological 75,000-square-foot facility has welcomed millions of guests since opening in Petersburg, Kentucky. Since long before the 2007 opening, the Creation Museum has been part of a greater plan to bring a broader understanding of Christianity. Today, the Creation Museum is growing exponentially, and with more interest than ever. Sitting on 70 acres of lush, picturesque landscape, the Creation Museum offers an abundance of family activities from a 200-seat special effects theater, a state-of-the-art planetarium, a petting zoo, nature trails, and lots more.


Museum Maps Visualize the museum grounds area with the botanical gardens and Eden Zoo and petting zoo area, or see what’s inside with a downloadable interior map.


2800 Bullittsburg Church Rd. Petersburg, KY 41080 | Sunday: 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday to Saturday: 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Lisa Klasen

Jan Holleman & Amber Malone

Michelle Mullins & Marie Eppes

Alison Hurt & Susan Reynolds

The Villages at the River Club Happy Hour Story & Photography by Tony Centonze The Villages at the River Club recently hosted a Happy Hour social for friends and residents. Nosh, nibbles, and delightful drinks were had by all. The ambient music, bubbling atmosphere, and smiles on the faces of all who came made it a truly ‘Happy Hour’ indeed. Charles Becher & Stacy Knight

Carol Ballard

Lucy Townsend & Sheila Leverett

Barbara Corley & Angel Moore

MIsty Carlock & Jordan Gilboy

Barbara Burton & Anne Crutcher

74 • JUNE 2021 | THE MEN’S ISSUE

Wheeler Pryor, Mary & Evelyn Turner, Judy Pryor

Syd Ramirez

Johnnie Friddle

Come live the “Good Life” at The Villages at the River Club! Good health, great neighbors, a safe and secure environment, fabulous food and lots of love!

The Villages offers

•Independent Living Apartments (55+) •Villa Homes with garages •A variety of floor plans • Maintenance Free Living •Free Golf at the River Club Golf Course Call Lisa or Lucy today to schedule your visit!

931.552.7455 931.552.7455 | VILLAGESRIVERCLUB.COM | 1176 WARFIELD BLVD, CLARKSVILLE, TN 37043

Marty& Michelle Martin

Jake, Steve & Joey Slater,Hannah Skuljan

MIller Hyams & Brent Hyams

1st Cindy Slater

Memorial Golf Tournament Story & Photography by Tony Centonze There was a huge turnout for the Inaugural Cindy Slater Memorial Golf Tournament at Swan Lake Golf Course. Jessica Icenhour & Sandra Walker

“We lost my wife Cindy to cancer,” Steve Slater said. “She was selfless, and that’s what this is about. She would be humbled by this for sure. Cindy was the type of person who would give someone the shirt off her back. So, the money raised at this event will be directed toward folks that may need it a little more than we do. “

Jenny Alston & Norman Quirion

Slater says all the funds raised will be given to various charities in her name. “And Jake plans to help people, like the person at Walmart who needs to pay off a layaway, or the person at the gas pump who is putting $2 worth in their tank because that’s all they have,” Steve Slater said. “My son, Dr. Jake Slater made all this happen. He is all about giving back to his community.”

Hailey Kemmerer & Hannah Skuljan

Adam York & Brent Hyams 76 • JUNE 2021 | THE MEN’S ISSUE

Jake Slater was moved by the tremendous show of support from the community. He had this to say, “from the bottom or our hearts, my family, my office, we thank everyone, the volunteers, the players and sponsors, everyone who showed up to support us at this event.”

Alecia & Michael Sparks

Davis & Danielle Stack

Daniel Martinez & Greg Speed

Divone & Dani Price

931-444-3410 Member FDIC

we specialize in you PMG Primary Care Physicians

At PMG, we see more than your symptoms. We treat you as the unique person you are. With a trusted doctor who actually knows you and your medical history, you’ll always experience personalized, quality care.

Seven days a week

Dr. Bukky Ajagunna is our newest Pediatrician. Her young patients and their parents give her rave reviews. New patients welcome!

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hometown happenings APSU RAISES MORE THAN $450,000 DURING FIFTH ANNUAL GOVS GIVE ONLINE GIVING CAMPAIGN Austin Peay State University recently raised $456,077 during the University’s fifth annual Govs Give campaign, making this the most successful year for the online giving event. This total is double the amount raised during Govs Give 2019. Over the past five years of Govs Give, the University has raised more than $1 million for student success. This year, APSU alumni and friends made gifts from 10 a.m. on April 20 to 7:27 p.m. on April 21. The time period of 1 day, 9 hours and 27 minutes honors Austin Peay’s founding year, 1927. The theme for Govs Give 2021 was “What If,” in honor of the “What If ” Comprehensive Campaign for Austin Peay, the most ambitious fundraising effort in the University’s history. “I am impressed with the generosity that our alumni and friends have shown during Govs Give 2021,” APSU President Mike Licari said. “Austin Peay is fortunate to have the faithful support of so many caring individuals.” Funds collected during Govs Give will benefit the APSU colleges’ Funds of Excellence, athletics and Student Affairs. These innovation funds will allow deans and directors in academic and student areas to provide students with scholarships, updated facilities and hands-on learning opportunities.

PATRIOT AWARDS | CLARKSVILLE POLICE DEPARTMENT Mr. Stephen Baird with the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) was at C.P.D. headquarters recently to present Patriot Awards to Sgt. Vince Duke and Sgt. Ray Carroll for their continued support for the Guard and Reserve. The Patriot Award that they received is based upon nomination by a Guard or Reserve employee. It is in recognition of their strong support of their respective employee’s military service. Employers/supervisors are critical allies in maintaining the readiness of our Reserve Forces, which supports the National Defense Strategy. Each sergeant had a team member that was recently deployed.

NEW DRONE PACKAGE ENHANCES CAPABILITIES FOR COUNTY’S EMERGENCY SERVICES A GIFT FROM WOODMENLIFE INSURANCE ASSISTS IN EMA OPERATIONS Montgomery County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) recently acquired a drone package to enhance the capabilities in missing person searches, damage assessment and other search and rescue responses thanks to a $20,000 donation from WoodmenLife Insurance. Chuck Phillips, local member and president of WoodmenLife Chapter 1069, reached out to WoodmenLife Member and Montgomery County Emergency Services Director Jimmie Edwards to discuss the need for a drone package. “I was inspired by a story about a drone used by the Murfreesboro EMS to quickly locate a lost child. I couldn’t stop thinking about it so I brought the idea of purchasing a drone for Montgomery County EMA to our members who unanimously agreed to make the purchase. We feel like if it saves one life, it’s worth every penny,” stated Phillips. Rodney Grimsley, assistant director of Montgomery County EMA said, “Chief Edwards tasked me with overseeing the project so I reached out to Austin Peay State University’s GIS Project Manager Doug Catellier for his expertise in selecting the specifications. The GIS Center has been instrumental in supporting EMA through weather events and search operations. We are grateful for this asset which will definitely be put to good use for the community.” 78 • JUNE 2021 | THE MEN’S ISSUE

MOVIES IN THE PARK TO RETURN Clarksville Parks & Recreation has announced the return of Movies in the Park, presented by Kyrstin Frate of Keller Williams Realty. The popular event series is set to feature a movie each month at dusk from May through September. Last year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, each event was held at Liberty Park. This year, the event will include Heritage Park once again in its lineup. Kali Mayes, Event Planning Specialist with Clarksville Parks & Recreation, said this season is primed to be one of the best. “Movies in the Park was one of the events we were able to offer safely in 2020,” Mayes said. “We’re excited this year the event will return to multiple locations and even more normalcy with pre-show activities, food trucks, and more. We encourage everyone to follow our Facebook event page for the most up to date information about Movies in the Park.” The first three events will be held on the following Saturdays at Heritage Park: • May 22 - “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” • June 12 - “Sing!” • July 24 - “Frozen 2” The final two movies will be held on the following Saturdays at Liberty Park: • August 7 - “Remember the Titans” • September 25 - “Hocus Pocus” Pre-show activities include live music, performances, giveaways, and more. Food trucks will also be on site for each event date. Additional sponsors of Movies in the Park are Altra Federal Credit Union, Union Home Mortgage, Youth Villages, Allstate, and Premier Medical Group. For more, visit

JOHN PECK JOINS F&M BANK John Peck has recently accepted a position of Executive Vice President with F&M Bank. “John’s vast experience in commercial and retail lending, strong leadership skills and exceptional knowledge of the communities we serve, make him a perfect addition to our leadership team.” said Sammy Stuard, President/CEO. Peck has an impressive resume of banking experience spanning over a thirty-year career. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and is a graduate of LSU School of Banking. With an extraordinary background in financial services, organizational management and strategic planning, Peck stated, “I am proud to join the progressive team at F&M Bank. I look forward to working with everyone to continue the bank’s success in existing markets, while looking for opportunities to expand the institution’s footprint.”


Erin Yow & Julie Tarrants

Julie Tarrents, Khandra Smalley & Leanne Lannan

Sara Golden & Danielle Stack

Women in Business

Story & Photography by Tony Centonze Nancy Keil, President & CEO of Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee was Guest Speaker at the recent Women in Business luncheon at Tanglewood House. Keil talked about the pandemic’s effects on the food bank’s ongoing efforts to eradicate food insecurity. Here are a few points from her eye-opening presentation. Alexis Goines & Tish Orocio

Dr. Emily Lean & Dr. Gloria Miller

“A lot has changed for us this past year,” Keil said. “The pandemic has reversed a decades-long improvement in food insecurity numbers. There are currently more than 400,000 individuals, adults, children, seniors that are food insecure. That’s an increase of about 50% since the pandemic began. “We’re also seeing record unemployment. So many families have found themselves needing assistance. They’re having to decide between paying the rent, electric bills or medical bills, or putting food on the table to feed their family. Nobody should have to make a decision like that, in pandemic times or normal times, but it is happening in our community.”

Jennifer Gardner & Jordan Burns

Gail Fileder & Emily Medvecky

Jessica Taylor & Cheryl Dufrane

Joy Kraeske & Sharde Curry

80 • JUNE 2021 | THE MEN’S ISSUE

“The number of volunteers during this past year has dropped dramatically, donations dropped by 35%, and our entire distribution model had to be changed to make sure our staff and volunteers, and the people being served, were able to interact in a safe way. Everything had to change. So, we started home deliveries, with a small number of volunteers, then Amazon stepped in and we were able to deliver to 1,000 homes a day.”

Dr. Gloria Miller, Dr. Emily Lean, Dr. Elis Demiral, Stephanie Bilderback & Vikkie McCarthy

Thank You For Voting Us Best Womens Clothing! We are an online Women's Boutique, where Sweet Southern Hospitality meets Style and Affordability. We offer women's fashion for all ages, shapes and sizes! | scan here to shop!

Thank You For Voting Us Best Financial Advisor / Wealth Management Team 931-919-0947 | 1202 MADISON ST, CLARKSVILLE, TN 37040 | RAYMONDJAMES.COM/LADONNADOWDY Investment advisory services offered through Raymond James Financial Services Advisors, Inc. Securities are offered through Raymond James Financial Services Advisors, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC. Dowdy Financial Group is not a registered broker/dealer and is independent of Raymond James Financial Services.

Eden Day Spa & Salon opened its doors in June of 1997. Locally owned and operated, the vision of Eden began in 1995 with dreams of being a retreat for women and men to relax, refresh and rejuvenate.

931-552-2313 |

150 Hillcrest Dr. Clarskville TN 37043 |


APSU President, Dr. Michael Licari & Major Cameron Townsend

U.S. Army (Ret.) Brig. Gen. Scott Brower & Eric Norman

U.S. Army (Ret.) Maj. Gen. Walt Lord & Grace Lord

Shakeen & Shamon Nettles

APSU ARMY ROTC COMMISSIONING CEREMONY Story & Photography by Tony Centonze APSU ROTC’s Commissioning Ceremony at the Dunn Center celebrated the largest class in the program’s 50-year history.

Heather, Sadie, Caleb & Shelley Roth

The University was unable to hold its 2020 Commissioning Ceremony in person due to the COVID-19 pandemic, making this year’s celebration, and the record number of graduates, even more special.

Laiat Spencer & Miriam Llorens

Family members and friends joined in the celebration as thirty-three ROTC graduates marked their entry into the U.S. Army officer corps. ROTC Professor of Military Science Lt. Col. Mark Barton says he is beyond thankful to honor the graduates and their accomplishments this May. “It is a great honor to get to teach, coach, mentor and train future second lieutenants and pass on lessons learned and best practices to them,” Barton said. “It gives me great joy that we will be able to commission them in May and have an event that family and friends can attend. “The cadets who will commission in May are competent, committed, confident, creative, adaptable, professional leaders of character, team players and problem-solvers. They are also comfortable with collaborative planning and decentralized execution in an ever-changing environment.” Elizabeth & Jessica Manzer

Justin & Richard Hinkle 82 • JUNE 2021 | THE MEN’S ISSUE

Clint Kasperski & Marshall Newman

Clint Kasperski, Marshall Newman, Justin & Richard Hinkle

Jim & James King










The Star Spangled Brewing Co.


tar Spangled Brewing Co is an entire vibe. The warm lighting, open space, bubbling brew, and friendly faces are the perfect combination for an amazing night, every night. The warehouse space is both functional, and completely cool. Sitting at one of the big wooden spool tables, with the big garage bay doors open, sipping on a seasonal fave is the best way to spend a summer evening. Star Spangled Brewing Co. has taken over the Clarksville scene, and is expanding even further. We recently got the chance to catch up with owner, Joshua Romaker. First, could you tell us a little bit about you, your background, and your career in the military? Finishing up my career in the 5th Special Forces Group, Ft. Campbell Ky. I had given 22 years of service, 13 of which were in Special Forces as a Green Beret, including 7 combat deployments and countless other foreign travel. I decided to go all in financially on a brewery, using my own money and cashing in everything I had to purchase a small 3-barrel system (93 gallons), ordering and coordinating delivery of the equipment through limited connectivity while deployed overseas. Retiring from Active duty, I had already created The Star Spangled Brewing Co. a family oriented, unapologetically patriotic, upscale microbrewery. My sense of family, community and my passion for brewing had brought me into creating great American Made Craft Beer, leaving the military and bringing my carefully crafted beer to Clarksville and the State of Tennessee.

84 • JUNE 2021 | THE MEN’S ISSUE

How did you get into brewing? I actually began my career brewing as a Distiller. I would make different distilled spirits at my house, Then I was given a Mister Beer all extract brewing kit for my birthday. I made it the next day and a few weeks later I tasted it, it was horrible. I bought another and it was a little better. I then switched to all grain brewing and that’s when my creative side took off. I was creating recipes and learning the grains and yeasts and how they paired with each other. Ya see, I have a personality fault where I want to be the best at whatever I do, and brewing beer has limitless possibilities. This naturally keeps me intrigued and wanting to constantly learn more from whoever I can. All of this to try to be the best brewer I can. Needless to say, I

began purchasing bigger and better equipment as I went. I remember thinking how awesome it was when I purchased my first stainless steel kettle! No more brewing in plastic Home Depot buckets for this guy! Over several years I had pieced together a 1bbl brew system in my garage which is 31 gallons. I would brew once or twice a week to fill my fermenters which were kept in a temperaturecontrolled room that I had created in my garage by using a window A/C unit and a piece of equipment called a Coolbot which allows you to hack and override the internal thermostat on A/C units and let you run them down to 34 degrees if you wanted. This was ideal for my fermentation room.

You’re probably thinking, what’d you do with all of that beer? Well, I taught myself how to keg and how to carbonate my own beer and how different styles of beer react to carbonation at different temperatures. Pretty soon I had made so much beer that I started attending local craft beer events, giving out my free samples to anyone who would stop by my little tent and tell my story of being ready to retire from the Army after 22 years to pursue my passion of brewing beer. The reaction was overwhelming! I was getting calls and Facebook messages asking where they could get more and what I was going to brew next so I came up with a plan to begin showing up in the parking lot of my local grocery store on the weekends with a pickup truck full of kegs and growlers. I would post online where I was going to be and they would come to refill or grab a growler, they also began donating cash in exchange for the beer. Over several months I had enough money saved up to put a down payment on a commercial brew system. This was huge for me! From that point on, I knew what I was going to spend the rest of my life doing. Learning, brewing, and trying my best to put smiles on the faces of everyone who walks through my doors. The Brewery has taken off in Clarksville, and is a local favorite. Your expansion into Downtown Clarksville is going to be amazing, and even more recently, you announced a location on Broadway in Nashville! What’s the story behind your expansion and partnership with Leatherwood Distillery and your unapologetically patriotic social club? It makes me feel good to hear that The Star Spangled Brewing Co. is a favorite with families. Everything we do and plan on doing revolves around the community and families that come out to the brewery. If we get ideas for future events, musicians, or causes to support we always make sure that they will be family friendly and support the local community in some way. We like to see everyone benefit. We have a very unique board within our taproom called “Beer it Forward” this is a place where the community comes in to pre-purchase pints of beer for others. There’s around 540 free pints on the board now, each one has been purchased for a person, Military Unit, First Responder, Police officer, Firefighter, Nurse or you name it! It’s a complete honor system. We trust ya. If you feel like you need a pint, come on in and take one from the board or buy one for someone else. It makes you feel good to do something for someone or to know that others whom you may not know have bought you a pint!

Our expansion into downtown Clarksville was a huge but, needed step for us. we were running at full capacity with our first brew system because it was a small 3 Barrel system. We were doing everything we could to keep the beer flowing and not run out by the weekend. I had to upgrade to a larger building and a larger brew system. Our new brewery is Downtown on Spring St. We are not open to the public yet but we are brewing there now to facilitate and meet the demand. We have begun canning now and have limited distribution around town. I still personally service those accounts, it’s important for the local businesses who carry our products to know how much we appreciate them and will go the extra mile for them when needed. We did just come to an agreement with a person in Nashville who loves the Patriotic feel of the brewery and my friend Andy Lang’s distillery, Leatherwood which is located in Pleasant View, TN. We both retired at the same time from 5th Special Forces Group and will now be the only two Green Berets to run an unapologetically patriotic place in downtown Nashville. It’s called The Freedom Social. We will only be serving Star Spangled brews and Leatherwoods spirits. This place was created, by design, to give back to patriotic causes and nonprofits who serve America. We will support a new cause each month, giving one dollar from each drink sold to the chosen organization at the end of each month. You can go through a LOT of drinks down there in a month and we are happy to start giving back! We plan on having a rotating wall of fame featuring local heroes and first responders with their story and items associated with them on display for everyone to see and recognize their efforts and personal sacrifice for the country. We are very excited for this opportunity to continue to grow The Freedom Social and The Star Spangled Brewing Co. in Nashville and possibly other cities too! What are you most looking forward to in the upcoming months? I have a lot coming at me in the upcoming months and I’m looking forward to every bit of it! I think I’m most excited to continue to learn and grow as a brewery and as an entrepreneur. With every new opportunity comes a group of lessons and a firehose of knowledge that cannot be taught in any school or read in any book. It all comes with stress, worry, sleepless nights and headaches but what worth having doesn’t? Growing a business and new ventures are very uncomfortable to be honest but, I think that I’ve become very good at being uncomfortable and do my best work with the pressure.

The Veteran Owned Chamber of Commerce Business Spotlight is sponsored by Waterdogs Scuba & Safety, LLC


Alison Hayes & Natalie Walker

Oaklie & Becca Macpherson

Beverly Sheppard & Esther Waddy

Sherry Nicholson

a day of giving Story & Photography by Tony Centonze YaiPaks Outreach and Mother to Mother recently combined their resources and set up on the grounds of Oak Grove Racing, Gaming & Hotel for A Day of Giving.

Chris Bright & Debbie Zanot

Debbie & Callie Mendoza

YaiPaks’ Sherry Nicholson said, “we are beyond thrilled to be here today with Mother to Mother, and to be serving our military community. Our military families are dear to our heart, obviously, for so many reasons. Just being able to specifically love on these mamas who are in need, has been wonderful.” “And to have an opportunity to partner with the Oak Grove Gaming folks has been a blessing. We’ve come to learn that their heart for wanting to serve this community is tremendous. They gave us this space, and have been phenomenal in helping us make this day of giving happen.” Originally, items were available for E1 and E2 families, but Nicholson said they had actually announced that Day of Giving had been upgraded to include all military families in need. Formula, diapers, clothing, maternity wear, toys, and lots of really great items were available and free to help those “new mamas” just starting out.

Hadley & Sam Morgan

Sherry Nicholson & Misty Norris

Kathryn Walker

Bridget Childs & Beth Racine

86 • JUNE 2021 | THE MEN’S ISSUE

Kameka Word, Shalania McCrady, Kelly Rowland & Limaris Perez

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Katina Thornton & Sherry Bowman

Rich Anderson & Shannon Wilford

Nikki Clark & Heather Koster

Amy & Emma Gilbert

TAILS OF THE FORGOTTEN KELLER WILLIAMS RED DAY Story & Photography by Tony Centonze Tails of The Forgotten was the theme of this year’s Keller William Red Day at Heritage Park, a pet adoption, education and fundraising event to benefit local pet rescues. Karen Conder & Lora Lee Childers

The folks at Keller Williams Realty invited all animal rescuers, and petrelated business owners in the Clarksville – Fort Campbell – Hopkinsville area to participate in the community event.

Carla, Naomi, Addy Mae & Levi Sell

“Every year, Keller Williams Realty puts on Red Day, it’s our annual day of service, and it’s all about helping out in the community,” Kim Weyrauch said. “This year, we have selected to help with animal adoption and education, and all the donations collected will go to the rescue organizations that are here.” “We have several great pet related businesses, Cats Are Us, Humane Society of Clarksville, Christian County Humane Society, ParaPooper Scooper, and others. We also have eight food trucks on site including Official Wings, Firelime Offshore Grill, and Island Breeze Hibachi.” Cash Carter. Sandra Kildow & Erica Mitchell

Malcolm Miles & Cody Kildow

Kim Weyrauch & Brittany Benson 90 • JUNE 2021 | THE MEN’S ISSUE

Kim Weyrauch, Venus Owens, Nikki Morrison, Erica Mitchell & Jennifer James

Chris & Crystal Fadely



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Almost entirely objectively speaking, Sarah McLachlan making the world cry with Angel is the best ASPCA ever created. It has been over 13 years since the launch of that campaign, and we’ve come a long way, but there are still animals who need saving. Magic Mutts is taking a different approach, with the same goal- raise money to save animals. All in the name of charity, local hometown hunks are invited to audition for Clarksville’s first ever Magic Mutts Calendar. The Magic Mutts Calendar is a fundraiser for local animal rescues and nonprofits. So, how does it work? Starting in June 2021, there is an open model call for the Magic Mutts Calendar. Entrants must submit themselves for consideration. To enter, submit 3 of your fave (family friendly) photos and a small bio to VIP on either Facebook or Instagram. Don’t worry about the rescue animals or anything else. You bring you, and we have got the rest. Out of all of the Magic Mutt hopefuls, 12 Magic Mutt models will be selected. 12 Magic Mutts is a perfect one model per month. With 92 • JUNE 2021 | THE MEN’S ISSUE

12 participating animal rescues and nonprofits, during each month of the Magic Mutt calendar, a different rescue or nonprofit will be highlighted. Organizations will be able to fundraise by preselling calendars! 100% of the proceeds will go to each organization. Proceeds from general calendar sales will be evenly distributed to the participating organizations. It’s for the animals, and at the end of the day, that’s what truly matters. Let’s talk timeline. JUNE – Announcement & Model Call JULY – Magic Mutt Models are selected. *top secret* AUGUST – Magic Mutt Photoshoot SEPTEMBER – Meet the Magic Mutts & countdown until calendar drop. OCTOBER – Magic Mutts Calendar presales begin. NOVEMBER – The Original Clarksville Magic Mutts Calendar is officially released!

We all have a connection to a veteran. Do you know where to find the resources they need?

We Do. (931) 624-7371 3320 Old Ashland City Road | Chat online, or send a text message to 838255 to receive confidential support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.






Jerry Gilliam & DeeAnna Sova

Shayna Young, Harley Nittler, Chasidy Terry, Elle Hancock, Megan Marsh & Shaneka Green

Drew Howes & Jackie Willis

Sip into Spring Wine Tasting Story & Photography by Tony Centonze The Hopkinsville-Christian County Imagination Library partnered with The Mixer Restaurant in downtown Hopkinsville to host Sip into Spring, an evening of great food and drinks in a lovely al fresco setting.

Guy & Debbie Howie

“Sip into Spring is a simple and fun idea,” Imagination Library Coordinator, Megan Marsh said. “Guests bought a $65 ticket, which gets them a 4-course meal, each course paired with a specific wine. Graham and Heather at The Mixer worked really had to pick the perfect pairings for tonight. So, we get to try different foods and wines, and have a good time with our friends, all while supporting Imagination Library.”

Hal & Elizabeth McCoy

Fifty-six tickets were sold, which was the limit, based on social-distancing requirements. The Mixer’s Sip into Spring cocktail was created using MB Roland’s St. Elmo’s Fire as its base. $1 from the purchase of each drink was donated to Imagination Library. Guests also participated in a raffle, and certainly enjoyed the perfect outdoor dining weather. “We’ve been very fortunate,” Marsh said. “Imagination Library fell a little behind during the pandemic, but not as much as we had feared. We serve around 3,600 kids, which costs about $90,000 a year. We are fortunate to have a really great community that loves to help this program.” Elle Hancock & Debbie Hancock

Anne & Rick Paxton 94 • JUNE 2021 | THE MEN’S ISSUE

Elizabeth Marshall & Lewis Lazare

Brandy Mason & Paige Parker

Jacob & Shayna Young


■ Coverage you can customize to meet your needs ■ Contact me for a free coverage review

■ Coverage you can customize to meet your needs ■ Contact me for a free coverage review


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Wedding Belles | 931-919-4737 | 123 Franklin St, Clarksville, TN 37040 | 96 • JUNE 2021 | THE MEN’S ISSUE

Allison Graham & Keri Lovato

Rachael Garcia, Angelica Richmond & Beth Jones

Becca Macpherson & Callie Foster

Art, Healing + Happiness Story & Photography by Tony Centonze A small group, led by Keri Lovato, gathered recently at officeNow for an afternoon session of Art, Healing & Happiness, and the chance to raise a little money for Arts for Hearts of Clarksville.

Lana Rutledge & Tabatha Akins

“We started Female Guides of Clarksville and Middle Tennessee because we wanted a space for women in leadership roles, a safe place for them to seek out counseling and support,” Keri Lovato said. “We also want to be able to extend that support to the community, and our local nonprofits. So, we’ll be holding events like this to benefit organizations like Arts for Hearts.”

Barbara Kane

“Tonight is our first event, and we’re really excited. This is a quiet little social for the ladies. We’ll have some art journals, table top games, and a selection of sweets provided by Callie Foster. We’ll just gather and chitchat, and all the proceeds from today’s event will benefit Arts for Hearts.” Barbara Kale from Arts for Hearts put together a special project for the ladies in attendance. At the end of the evening, the group’s watercolor creation was to be matted and presented to Keri Lovato, in appreciation of her efforts. Sarah McKenny

Lauren Kovaleski

Tabatha Akins

Victoria Shoulders

Callie Foster (1)

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Eric Norman & John Johnson

Valerie Guzman & Clarksville Mayor Joe PItts

Darla Knight & Alicia Brewer

Allen Moser

UNITED We Dine Story & Photography by Tony Centonze

United We Dine is a fun way to help our local United Way. All you have to do is have lunch at one of Clarksville’s favorite participating restaurants, and a portion of the bill is automatically donated to the organization.

Sam Isaacs

Mayor Joe Pitts was doing his part, simply by enjoying the Pastrami at Fanelli’s Deli & Market on Franklin St. “First of all, our United Way is awesome,” Pitts said. “They’re doing some important work, especially during the pandemic. Secondly, we’re grateful for places like Fanelli’s that are participating in United We Dine. So many restaurants around our city have stepped up to contribute with this great event today.”

Sissy Fisher

Valerie Guzman is CEO of United Way of the Greater Clarksville Region. “I’m excited to be here, this is my first stop for the day. The menu looks amazing, and the people here are so friendly and helpful. I am so thankful to Fanelli’s, this business is new to our community, but they’ve already decided to step up and take part in United We Dine. That, to me, is amazing. “This is the 8th year for this annual event. We weren’t able to do this last year because of the pandemic, so we’re happy to start getting back to a little bit of normal. This might not make as much today as it has in years past, but at least we’re able to get people to get out and shop local.” Anissa Polega

Haley Carr & Jaymin Burr 98 • JUNE 2021 | THE MEN’S ISSUE

Crystal Myers & Rick Glass

Joseph & Kristina Johnson

Patrick Moore

Heidi Rostampour & Valerie Guzman


931-919-2546 | 2400 MADISON ST STE 10, CLARKSVILLE, TN 37043 | DREAMWINGZ.NET

Mesha Averitt & Kim Priddy

Robert Angel & Brodin Kramer

Noah Ehrhard

Chris Youngblut & Linnea Kramer

2nd Annual Youth Sporting Clays Open Story & Photography by Tony Centonze Cross Creek Clays in Palymra was recently the site of a youth shoot led by the folks at Farm Bureau Insurance of Tennessee. Tennessee Farm Bureau’s Associate Director of Membership, Mark Turner talked about the people involved and the purpose of the shoot. Bryan & Regina Wright

Kyle & Mason Hanna

“We have four partners TN Farm Bureau Federation, Farm Credit MidAmerica, Rural 1st, and TN Farmers Co-op,” Turner said. “This is to raise awareness. We do three big shoots across the state, called Shooting Hunger, in East, West, and Middle Tennessee. “We wanted something philanthropic that production agriculture could do to help those in need, and nothing better fit that mold than feeding the hungry. We’ve been able to raise over 2 million meals to feed hungry Tennesseans so far.

Kaity & Dale Priddy

Madison Bennett & Kennedy Ross

Charlene Baggett

Julie & Connor Webb

100 • JUNE 2021 | THE MEN’S ISSUE

“This teaches kids about the situation that exists with hunger in our state. Hungry folks may not be just the homeless guy you see, it may be the kid sitting next to you in the classroom whose parent lost a job, and now has to choose between keeping the lights on or buying food. These events really raise awareness.”

Joshua Townsend & Ryan Tuten

Ethan Tabor & Brody Lowe

Brook Proctor, Stephen Averitt & Lucas Davis

Jonathan & Riley Oman

Tyler & Steven Huff

Tim, Stephanie & Madelyn Foust

Dana Lowe & Sheryl Webb

Kevin Zimmerman & Lee Angel

Shancy & Chad Bumpus

Pierson Hudgins & Max Bumpus

ADVENTURE OUT | DOWNTOWN The sculptures and statues found in downtown are snapshots in time that contribute to the rich tapestry of our community’s history. There are statues and monuments throughout our city. This feature is limited to easily accessible, walkable downtown art. Visit Clarksville says, “Along Clarksville’s historic streets, you’ll find statues, murals, fountains and sculptures. What makes Clarksville’s art different from many other cities is that most all of the pieces you’ll see were created by local artists! Don’t forget to take and share plenty of selfies as you enjoy these incredible works.” Just like the mural below, we are “bursting with pride” to be part of Clarksville.

102 • JUNE 2021 | THE MEN’S ISSUE

The Day After – Bronze statue of a seated man reading a January 23, 1999 edition of The Leaf-Chronicle, the day after an F-4 tornado destroyed much of downtown, including the courthouse and Leaf Chronicle buildings.

Lenora ‘Nora’ Witzel & Nettie Life-size bronze statue of local pioneer female photographer, and her dog. To most Clarksvillians, if they thought of her at all, Miss Nora was an eccentric, an oddly dressed, “mannish” woman doing a man’s business.

The Millennium Fountain – 16-foot bronze fountain installed with reconstruction of the area after a 1999 tornado.

Frank Sutton – Life-size bronze sculpture of the Clarksville native who portrayed “Sgt. Carter” on the CBS sitcom, “Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.”

CLARKSVILLE STATUE SEARCH Tennessee Triumph – Clarksville celebrated the centennial of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, granting women the right to vote, on August 15, 2020. Tennessee Triumph is a 1.25-times life-sized statue that represents all Clarksville women who worked for suffrage and voted in that first election.

John Montgomery – Bronze statue of Clarksville’s first settler.

American Veterans of World War II, Korea & Vietnam – Honoring all of our service men and women who fought in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam.

Children’s Fountain – 20’ x 15’ marble and bronze fountain with 18 bronze statues of children

Pillar of Cloud, Pillar of Fire –

Windows to the World – As part of a collaborative effort between Charlie Foust of Clarksville Foundry, a local institution for more than 150 years, and nationally recognized sculptor Vaughn Randall, an 8foot diameter cast iron sculpture, Windows to the World, is the first piece of art to be installed at Clarksville’s Downtown Commons.

30-foot tall steel pillar dedicated to all military personnel.


Dave & Mary Chapman

James Cline & Valerie Keesee

Ivan Adames & Denise Dudley

Gene & Karen Goodwin

50+ Games Closing Ceremony Dinner & Dance Story & Photography by Tony Centonze Clarksville’s annual 50 Plus Senior Games, a 6-day event open to men and women ages 50 and up, concluded its 2021 competition with a dinner and awards ceremony at the Wilma Rudolph Event Center. Don & Rachel Arnett

Jeff & Sherri Sykes

The Villages at The River Club was this year’s main sponsor. “We’re happy to do it, The Villages Lucy Townsend said. “This is a great event for Clarksville. It keeps our seniors healthy, and excited about being out there, and being competitive.” Among other consideration, The Villages donated swag bags for this year’s competitors. “We started on Monday and wrapped it up today,” Clarksville Parks & Rec’s Athletics Superintendent, Tina Boysha said. “We had almost fifty competitors this year, taking part in more than twenty different events. Tonight we’re here to celebrate everyone’s hard work, and recognize this week’s great performances.”

Liz Ledbetter & Janet Ramser

Lenora Solomon & Eric Turner

Pedro Rodriguez & Sam Smith

Marilyn Cherry & Terry Griffy

104 • JUNE 2021 | THE MEN’S ISSUE

Lucy Townsend & Lisa Klasen

Debbie Zanot

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106 • JUNE 2021 | THE MEN’S ISSUE

Jim Hutchens & Bob Merrill

Wayne Richardson & Betty Wood

Zachary Eldridge & Chalan Sanders

Geneva & Phillip King

Memory Lane Cruisers Car Show

Story & Photography by Tony Centonze Lisa Klasen, Director of Community Relations for The Villages at The River Club held an event of a different kind recently, a car show, put on by Memory Lane Cruisers. Jack & Dixie Gibson

“They have brought some wonderful cars and trucks for our guests and residents to enjoy today,” Klasen said. “We have great weather, we thought it might rain, but it didn’t. I think we have close to twenty beautiful and historic vehicles on site.”

Mike Proctor & Marty Pryor

Many of the residents were outside for the Spring car show, and Klasen and her team, as always, were making it a fun day for everyone. There were even some door prizes being given away. Jim Hutchens handles Cruise-In’s for the club. “We host a couple of cruise-ins and a meeting each month,” Hutchens said. “We put on special events at places like this one, by request.” Bob Merrill explained, “if a facility reaches out to us we’re happy to try to work their event into our calendar. We have big events at the mall each year, and now at Oak Grove Gaming as well.” Grace & Ben Turner

Ted Elsner

Barbara Burton & Meagan Nay

Ondrea Plambeck & Darlene Starck

Miks & Allen Seagle

Debra & Stewart Young FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK! • 107

Elizabeth & Morgan Quinton

Jan Holleman & Jessica Catlett

Lauren Hermes & Carla Phillips

Hayden & Hayley Deason

BUSINESS AFTER HOURS AT ALTRA FEDERAL CREDIT UNION Altra Federal Credit Union hosted the Clarksville Area Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours for May at their Madison Street location. Great weather, and the recently expired mask-mandate, inspired a huge crowd to come out for the event. A large tent provided a shaded seating area for guests. Also under the tent were multiple serving stations where guests were able to try a variety of foods, as well as wine and beverage options. Brian Selph & Cheryl Dutton

Crystal Hambrock & Megan Simpson

Jo-Ann & David Thomack 108 • JUNE 2021 | THE MEN’S ISSUE

The monthly Chamber event is an opportunity for local businesses to host existing and potential clients, as well as provide a friendly environment for local leaders and business owners to network with others.

Lee Erwin & Jordan Burns

Ashley Mynatt, Sherry Pickering & Art Conn

Altra Team

Eric & Erin Yow

Brandon Bridges & Wes Golden

Christy Pace & Stephanie Kohr 2

Experience the difference. When you choose Concord Title, you choose more than just a title company; you choose a partner in real estate whose sincere desire is to help you succeed. Buying, selling or refinancing real estate is one of the most important financial transactions one will undertake in life. Because the stakes are high, and you only have one chance to get it right, it is essential to choose a title company that safeguards your interests and personally invests in your real estate success.


Keathon Malone & Steve Robinson

Bart Lynn & Cliff Sites

Jule Pace, Joe Pappalardo, Bryan McCann & Chris Kappas

FCA Golf Tournament Story & Photography by Tony Centonze Clarksville Country Club was recently the site of the 21st Fellowship of Christian Athletes Golf Challenge Fundraiser.

Michael Long & Abby Williams

Jeanette Kramer, Andrea Gobel

Gary Rankhorn is the Area Director of FCA for Northwest Middle Tennessee. “We have thirty teams playing here today,” Rankhorn said. “The money we raise here in the greater Clarksville area funds FCA’s work with coaches, teams, campuses and athletes, and hopefully that work allows us to create a positive influence in their lives. “We work with coaches and athletes. We stand beside them and let them know we really care about what’s going on in their lives. This fundraiser supports those efforts. All the funds go to the FCA Ministry, which provides lots of opportunities for that money to be invested. The bottom line is, this fundraiser allows us to get out there and connect with these student athletes. It also allows us to send kids and coaches to camp. “We want these young athletes to see the bigger picture, sports as so much more than just ‘sports’. Our goal is to reach the hearts and minds of the athletes and coaches. And teach them that it’s not just about physical performance.”

Randall Miller, Mark Totten & Bret Pickering

Joe Pappalardo & Chris Kappas 110 • JUNE 2021 | THE MEN’S ISSUE

Jimmy Bagwell & Steve Kemmer

Jeremy Corley & David Goodin

Jaymie & Gary Rankhorn


Electrical Panel Upgrades Residential and Commercial Service Work Troubleshooting Electrical Failures Generators Pools and Hot Tubs Lighting Upgrades - Flood Lights, Car Lights & more! Commercial and Industrial Projects Running Power to Sheds and Barns Love on Clarksville & Fort Campbell!!





Andrea & Ken Goble

Chelsea & Jeff Bryant

Walt Lord & Neil Stauffer

Sara & Wes Golden

Lincoln Reagan Day Dinner Story & Photography by Tony Centonze The Wilma Rudolph Event Center was the site of one of the biggest events that has been held since the pandemic began, as approximately 400 guests came out for this year’s Lincoln Reagan Dinner, hosted by the Montgomery County Republican Party.

Chris & Stephanie Travis

Erin & Eric Yow

Brenda Graham said, “This is our biggest annual fundraiser, and this year’s event has been huge, Graham said. “We’ve sold right at 400 tickets for tonight’s event. I think everyone was ready to get back out into the real world, see their friends, and start working toward getting us back to where we want to be.” The night was filled with messages from Republican leaders. Senator Marsha Blackburn, Congressman Mark Green and several state office holders took their turn at the podium. The night’s Featured Speaker was Tennessee Governor Bill Lee.

Ernie & Joan DeWald

Fran Powers & Senator Bill Powers

Jeff & Rachel Henley

Helen & John Nicholas

112 • JUNE 2021 | THE MEN’S ISSUE

“It was wonderful having them all here tonight,” Graham said. “Governor Lee has been here before. Tonight’s his first time since being elected Governor. His message tonight is that we’re going to survive, and that we’ll be working hard to get back to where we need to be. Governor Lee says he is proud that Tennessee is not in debt. And, he expressed his appreciation for our police officers and first responders, and the work they do.”

Hannah & Divon Price

Misty & Robert Nash

Bill Harpel & Rick Longton

Kevin & Rebecca Britt

Joy Perkins, Cami Green & Tom Perkins

Adrienne Fry & Sharon Grimes

Amy & Milas Groves

Ann Marie & Mark Moore

Braden Stover & John Clement

Joey & Heather Smith

Gail Longton & Brenda Graham

Gina & Sean Castleberry

Emily & Joel Wallace

Una & Joe Smith

Lindsey Sims, Ashley Mynatt & Bethany Sigler

Allen Duvall & Rick Vien

Kyong & John Dawson


Congressman Mark Green & Adrienne Fry

Jemina & Chris Clinard

Robert & Gloria Stiegler

Ron & Kelly Jackson

Representative Jay Reedy, Kimberly & Wayne Miller

Joe Smith, Michael Rios & Jimmy Terry

Chris Williams, Dana & Trent Knott

Mark Lentz, Sara & Wes Golden

Eric & Kimberly Lehman 114 • JUNE 2021 | THE MEN’S ISSUE

Nathan & Marcia Clark

Norman Quirion & Darold Londo

Reid & McClure Poland

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116 • JUNE 2021 | THE MEN’S ISSUE