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Volume 12, Issue 3 March 2009

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Kathy Snyder, RMT, COTT Student of Ortho-Bionomy 4626 - 49 Street, Red Deer, AB Located at Hair Masters


Angel Stardust Journey Dr. Anne Marie Evers Essential Energy and Laser Succeed With Me Hypnosis Sundreems Studio Suzanne Delane The Financial Guides Therapeutic Kneads Watersong Wellness Within The Wave The Studio Holistic Health Centre

CanAm College Cora Rennie Irene Martina JOY Inc. Living Energy Nurturing ‘NerGy Our Healing Power Pamela Shelly Grace Diamond Cathi Toner Vicki Wolfson

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“The b ody c an, a nd w ill, naturally h eal i tself”

JOY Inc.

Juey Ann MacLeod, CTE 403-7 782-2 2559 1-8 888-3 358-8 8789

Natural Healing Practitioner

Nadine Gordon

Suzanne Delane


Distributor for Organic Cleaning and Health Products!

Massage Therapy

Leslieville, AB Dreamwalker Psychic Medium Reiki Master / Teacher Animal Specialist

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Intuitive E nergy W ork

Ivonne Plankey

403-6 619-2 2116

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CALENDAR OF EVENTS MARCH EVENTS REIKI 1 March 10th Spirit Medicine Healing Center Contact Sarah at 780-314-9150 or LAYING OF HANDS March 11th Spirit Medicine Healing Center Contact Sarah at 780-314-9150 or Cost $180.00 INCA MEDICINE WHEEL WEST DIRECTION March 13,14,15 Rundles Mission, Pigeon Lake, AB Contact Sarah at 780-314-9150 or or Cost $525.00 + $200.00 room and board.

Monty & Marie 403-272-8414 1-866-871-0498

APRIL EVENTS INTRODUCTION TO CEREMONY AND SHAMANIC HEALING April 17,18,19 Rundles Mission, Pigeon Lake, AB Contact Sarah at 780-314-9150 or Cost $250.00 + $200.00 room and board. ADVANCED TOOLS FOR SELF-MASTERY April 18th & 19th,Calgary, AB Contact Pamela at 1-866-847-3454 or visit for more details and testimonials CONSCIOUS PARENTING April 23, 24, 25 & 26th, Calgary, AB Contact Pamela at 1-866-847-3454 or visit for more details and testimonials

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Spiritual Readings

Carmen Lacey BEd.

by Mercedes

Regression Therapist Reiki Master/Teacher Certified Reflexologist

Spiritual Psychic Medium

Past - Present - Future Tarots - Palm - Crystal Ball Channelling - Chakra Cleansing Development Classes Home Parties - House Clearing Hex Removal & More

Head to Soul Connections Ph: (403)782-3009 Cell: (403) 358-9128

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Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual Community Experience LADIES WELLNESS DAY Saturday, April 4, 2009 Delburne, AB (30 minutes east of Red Deer)

Lunch, Entertainment and Door Prizes. Tables to browse on the breaks.


For More Information Call Neighborhood Place 749-3380 A Healing Touch 749-3089

Key note speaker on ladies personal safety. A variety of workshops to choose from. March 2009

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S oul S cript By Carol J. Uchytil Welcome to the March issue of The Violet Ray - Natural Health Conscious Living Magazine. We strive to provide a forum that cultivates and nurtures positive growth in Mind, Body and Spirit. We are dedicated to and passionate about sharing information by connecting you to the resources to assist with your healing or spiritual journey. This issue features enlightening articles on health, self-improvement and spiritual awakening. With the Age of Aquarius that was brought in on February 14 it seemed appropriate to include spiritual articles such as The Quickening by Danielle Lee, 3 Steps to Awaken the Healer Within by Joanna Garzilli or Visualization for Cutting the Ethereal Ties by KS Thompson. With respect to this new age "The Age of Aquarius", I would like to share a couple of quotes with you the Telos Worldwide Foundation from the book Revelations of the New Lemuria by Aurelia Louise Jones. For more information on Telos, visit their website at

To return to full consciousness, As divine beings, It is imperative that you now begin To turn the leadership over To the heart, And allow again The heart to rule, Rather than the mind. -Ahnahmar-

Thank you to those who have contacted me either by telephone or e-mail. I truly appreciate your comments, insights, suggestions and feedback. I also express sincere gratitude to the advertisers and contributors that support The Violet Ray Magazine and assist in elevating awareness in matters related to alternative health, and the Mind, Body, Spirit connection. The next issue of The Violet Ray will be our April issue and will be available online in our eco-friendly version. As always, we welcome your contributions for spiritual art and articles for consideration in upcoming issues. I hope you enjoy this issue of The Violet Ray. May we all attract to us the teachers, resources and messengers that will assist us in our light-filled mission on Earth. Until the next issue‌ With Love & Light,

Carol Share your story or wellness journey with our Readers...

Begin to consider your bodies As "magical forms". See them as the most versatile machines That were ever created That can do all you want them to do Without pain or limitation. -AdamaIf you are looking for a product, store, service or advice The Violet Ray is certain to have what you are seeking. Check out our Calendar of Events on page 3 to find a specific event or workshop. Support the Tibetan Dinner Fundraiser that will be in Red Deer on May 8th. For more information on this event see page 9. If you're looking to purchase a Quantum Bio-feedback Device, please be sure to read the listing on page 6 of our Directory for Healthful Living. The Spring Body Soul Spirit Expo's will be on March 27-29 at the Shaw Convention Center in Edmonton, Alberta and from April 17-19 at the Stampede Grounds, Big Four Building in Calgary, Alberta. If you are going to be in the

March 2009

area, please stop by and visit us at Booth #80 in Edmonton and Booth # 88 in Calgary. For more information on the Body Soul Spirit Expo's please see page 24 or visit

Our contributors are passionate about writing and helping others in their journey to wellness. Most of our contributors play an active role in healing our community. This is your opportunity to submit an educational, informative, encouraging or entertaining article.... and through your words...perhaps help a few people along the way. Article Submission Cut-off Date 15th of Each Month Length Restrictions Apply. For article guidelines visit:

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Carol Uchytil

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Soul Script - By Carol Uchytil


Hildegard of Bingen - By Abrah Arneson


Cathi Toner - Practitioner Business Profile By Sharyn LeMasurier


Grace Diamond - Practitioner Business Profile


3 Steps to Awaken the Healer Within - By Joanna Garzilli

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The Butterfly People - By Curran Watts

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Succeed With Me Hypnosis - Carol Cire Practitioner Business Profile - By Sharyn LeMasurier


The Power of Connection - By Juey Ann MacLeod


Visualization for Cutting Ethereal Ties - By Ks Thompson


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Suzanne Delane - Practitioner Business Profile - By Sharyn LeMasurier


Essential Versus Frangrance Oils Part 2: The Hazards of Scents - By Klaus Ferlow

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The A-Team - By Carolyn Hines (Whiteshawl)


The Quickening - By Danielle Lee

Contributors: The Violet Ray welcomes articles by local writers. Tell us about your personal wellness journey or your musings on life. We encourage articles that educate, enlighten and entertain our readers. Contact the editor for article guidelines and submission deadlines.


The Faces of Responsibility - By Janine Leclerc


You Can Steal My Life - By Teri-Tazra Chenoa Sol Sonnenberg



Vicki Wolfson - Practitioner Business Profile - By Sharyn LeMasurier


The Studio Holistic Health Centre - Sharyn LeMasurier Practitioner Business Profile

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March 2009

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Directory For Healthful Living BODY WORK & HEALING




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Therapy - Groups - Lessons Reiki(s) Reflexology Hypnosis Bio Rhythms Shamballa MD Healing Music/Aroma Therapy I Ching and more...

(Mobile Available)(Union Discounts)


Get the benefit of a 1-hour workout in just Assessments include: Minerals, Blood Sugar, Glands, Organs and Much More! 10 minutes! Burn fat; increase muscle strength & bone mass; reduce cellulite; lymphatic stimulation; stretch, tone & firm; aids circulation


Ron Steinke 780-986-6818


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Start your own healthy chocolate business. Visit for more information.

Phone Grandpa Wayne, B.A. Rel., M.H.A., IS2, RMT, RM

(upstairs in the Historic Kent House)

5103 - 49th Street Lacombe, AB T4L 1P1 ~ Traditional Thai Yoga Massage ~ Reflexology ~ Infrared Sauna

Pam Huestis 403-877-4033 (For more info visit Pam’s profile on-line at

ESSENTIAL ENERGY AND LASER CENTRE Lacombe, Alberta ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Laser Hair Removal Detox Therapy Indian Head Massage Raindrop Massage Acupressure Face Massage Reiki Master Teacher Detox Foot Pads Himalayan Sea Salt

Cynthia Sebry 403-391-4117





DR. JOANNE DAY, ND Naturopathic Doctor




Korsh Chiropractic Centre 5265 - 45 Street Lacombe, AB

Wellness consultation providing reliable information on the use of Herbal Medicine. Affordable herbal formulas are compounded unique to your needs. Workshops on herbal medicine and meditation classes are offered. Located just outside Red Deer. Contact or visit her website at

~ Nutrition ~ Supplements ~ Herbal Medicine

~ Acupuncture ~ Homeopathy ~ Stress Management

Phone: 403-352-2820


Janine McCulloch, RMT 403-782-4600

March 2009

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Lari 403-342-1656

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Hildegard of Bingen By Abrah Arneson Hildegard of Bingnen was a poet, a composer, visionary, abbess, herbalist, counsellor and beer maker. Born in 1098, the tenth child of a German free noble family, Hildegard had her first vision at the age of three. She quickly learned most children do not have visions and kept them to herself. At the age of eight, her parents tithed her to the Benedictine church. This gave Hildegard the opportunity to learn to read and write and further explore her spirituality. In her life of 81 years, Hildegard wrote on cosmology, natural history, theology, medical theory and a record of her visions. In one vision, God commanded Hildegard to heal the sick with plants, minerals, gemstones and animals. This led Hildegard to form her own system of herbal medicine and understanding of the body. The popular medical systems of the day, which were based on herbs, combined several plants to form one herbal medicine. Hildegard's medicine was however that simples. Offering plant at a time for a specific ailment is called the art of simpling. Some credit Hildegard for being the founder of today's wise woman tradition of herbal medicine. Frequently in the wise woman tradition herbs are offered one at a time until health is regained. Some of Hildegard's favoured herbs were basil, apples, fennel, myrrh, nettle and thyme. All of these plants play a major role in the herbalist apothecary today. Although Hildegard did not offer herbs in the same manner of many of her contemporary herbalists, she did follow the system of diagnosis at the time. In this system, illness is seen as imbalance of the four temperaments, hot, dry, cold and moist. The four temperaments are still used by many of today's herbalists. For example, inflammation is considered a hot condition. Hildegard's used gemstones in her herbal practice much the same way modern day herbalist use flower or gemstone essences. The gemstone is placed in a crystal bowl filled with water under the moon, or

perhaps in the sun for twelve hours. This imbues the water with energetic healing properties of the gemstone or plant. The water is then used as medicine. For example, Hildegard used water of topaz to wash red, tired eyes. It is important to remember; as a healer, Hildegard was first a mystic. The divinely beautiful music she composed, clearly defines her as a deeply spiritual seeker. She believed all the medicine she used, whether it be plants, gemstones or minerals, was full of the spirit of the God. In this way, the medicine helped the sick rebuild their connection to God. She also felt that to worship only the spirit while not caring or appreciating the body could cause illness. Hildegard wrote, "the soul assists the flesh and the flesh, the soul." As mystical as Hildegard's theory of healing was; her approach was entirely practical. She was a big advocate of brushing teeth with aloe and myrrh. Myrrh is strongly anti-bacterial. Aloe, in turn, is healing to any inflammation or irritation of the gums. She advised people to eat only fresh food and to chew it slowly. She encouraged plenty of rest.

Abrah Arneson is a Clinical Herbal Therapist (CHT). She practices at The Green Clinic: Herbal and Traditional Healing where she offers private consultations and workshops on the use of herbal medicine. For more information, she can be contacted at 403-352-2820 or Please see ad on page 6

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Cathi Toner Reiki Master Calgary, AB

403-463-9541 780-314-9150

Back to Wellness: Cathi Toner, Reiki Master Cathi Toner is not one to let the grass grow under her feet. Her love of learning drives her passion for sharing. Cathi was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 1996. She was prescribed various medications and was told she would be on them for life, however that just didn't suit her independent nature. She began with vigor her search for wellness through altnernative options. She engaged in natural health practices and her interest in whole wellness of body mind and spirit was awakened. Through engaging with the body mind and spirit process, did Cathi not only free herself of the medications and the colitis, she also moved through and healed emotional imbalances and wounds that were direct contributors to the physical illness. With the 'process' now her way of life, Cathi indeed is grateful of the colitis and considers it a true testament of 'In every adversity there is a gift'. In November of 2007, Cathi moved to Sedona, Arizona where she expanded her experience in natural modalities attaining certification in Reiki at the International Centre for Reiki Training at Peace Place. Now a Reiki Master herself, Cathi has established her own Reiki Practice back in Calgary and is committed in assisting others in creating balance and well-being for themselves. She welcomes the opportunity to meet with you to share and enjoy her services.




In Natural Medicine

1 (416) 335-7661

Cut-Off Date for the Go-Green Issues is 15th of Each Month. Cutoff Date for the May Issue (in print) is March 15

Cathi is located at 231-14 Street NW in Calgary. She works days; evenings and weekends to accommodate her clients' works schedules and has distance sessions available as well.

Book Your Advertising by contacting

You can reach Cathi by calling her at 403-463-9541 or as she works by appointment only. Payment options are Visa, MasterCard, Debit, Cheque or Cash.

March 2009

Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners™ (EBNMP™)

Southern Alberta Joette: 403-257-0526

Central Alberta Carol: 403-358-1656

Northern Alberta:


The Violet Ray

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ANNOUNCEMENTS TIBETAN DINNER in Red Deer Friday, May 8, 2009 - 6:00 PM at THE HUB, 4936 Ross Street, Red Deer Sponsored by: The Hub U Weight Loss Clinic Red Deer The Red Deer Food Bank

A traditional Tibetan Dinner will be prepared by members of Calgary's Tibetan Community, in conjunction with Red Deer Volunteers, to Raise funds for the HIMALAYA ORPHANAGE PROJECT The evening will feature: - Traditional Tibetan Dancers - Traditional Tibetan Singers - A Gallery display of photographs taken in the ?60's of Tibetan Refugees in Dharamsala, India. - Silent Auction of unique items - A slide presentation about the orphanage

To reserve tickets at $25.00 each, please contact June Thompson 403-342-6725



Experience the ultimate antioxidant dark chocolate! Brenda Tainsh Independent Distributor (403) 343-0323 March 2009


Health Quest

Karen Hillier Certified Colon Hydrotherapist Health & Wellness Facilitator (Helping you get healthy and stay that way!) Energy Balancing


Superior Cleansing & Fat Burning Systems To Fit Your Goals & Lifestyle CALL FOR A FREE EVALUATION

Teresa Finkbeiner

Deep Tissue Detox Program (Sauna, Massage, Colonic)

(403) 309 - 9955

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111 Piper Drive Red Deer, AB T4P 1L5

403-742-0475 The Violet Ray

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Okotoks, Alberta

587-888-1309 email: Grace Diamond is an ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER 速, certified by Doreen Virtue, as well as an animal communicator and animal reiki specialist. Grace is very clairvoyant and intuitive and can help you get back on your divine life path to enlighten and enrich your soul. She can help you manifest your true heart's desire and bring more joy into your life. Grace is also able to help you with the animals in your life. By coming to her for an animal reiki session, you will be helping your pet decrease pain, reduce stress and increase energy. Grace will balance your companion's energy and chakras to improve your pet's health and way of life. Through her animal communication, Grace can help you connect with your pet through a conversation in real time to get answers on behavioral problems and likes & dislikes. Grace can communicate with your angels to clear away the debris and toxicity from your life. She will work with you to heal your soul so that you may live a life full of purpose, joy and satisfaction. With her reiki training, Grace can use the universal energy around you to reduce your pain, minimize your stress, and increase your energy. Grace also offers introduction classes to angels and fairies where you can learn all about these divine creatures in a supportive and loving environment. To reach Grace for more information, please visit her website at . Her studio is located in Stress Less in Okotoks, Alberta.

Tap into the body's natural ability to heal itself! Experience the Simplicity, Ease and Effectiveness of the BodyTalk System.

Conditions that typically improve with BodyTalk: Allergies Arthritis Back Pain Depression

Digestive Disorders Learning Disorders Endocrine Disorders Pre-Natal Care Headaches / Migraines Stress / Anxiety Insomnia Sports Performance Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Phobias & Emotional Disturbances Recovery after Injuries/ Traumas Viruses & Infections

Call to book a FREE 10 Minute Demonstration

Paige Challoner Certified BodyTalk Practitioner The


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403-507-2772 March 2009

The Violet Ray #6, 5221-46 Street, Olds, Alberta Acupuncture BodyTalk System Bowen Technique CranioSacral Therapy Nutritional Counseling Massage Therapy Raindrop Therapy Spiritual Healing

Herbology Hypnosis Iridology EFT Reflexology Reiki Stone Therapy

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3 Steps to Awaken The Healer Within By Joanna Garzilli "When you are loved, you can do anything in creation. When you are loved, there's no need at all to understand what's happening, because everything happens within you." Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist Life is moving faster and faster. Our society demands instant gratification and quick fixes. Along with this lifestyle, your well-being may suffer.

Take several deep breaths into your body. This will help you to get grounded and centered. Now bring your focus to the top of your head (the crown chakra) and sense your energy. Ask yourself the following questions: If my aura had a color, what color would it be? If my aura had a sound, what sound would it be? Is my aura heavy or light in this part of my body?

Please take a moment to review the questions below: Do you wish you had more hours in your day to get more done? Are you getting adequate rest? Do you get exhausted easily? Are you making time in your schedule to exercise? Has your brain experienced information overloaded? Do you get overwhelmed? Is perfect health a distant memory? By taking the following 3 steps, you may be energized and healthy all the time. Step 1: Scan Your Aura You are constantly bombarded by energy day and night. If you are sleep deprived, run down, eating sporadically, constantly doing, you will suffer. You can only live this way for so long. There are times to push, when you are on deadlines and you don't have the luxury of sitting back and meditating. However, there are times when your body and soul are signaling you need to drop everything and take a time-out. How do you know when to push and when to stop? One very useful technique is to read your energy by scanning your auric field. The aura is an extension of your emotional, mental and spiritual energies that surround your physical body. It is the unseen part of you, however those who are psychic may be able to see your aura clearly. Step 2: How to Scan Your Aura You have to quiet your mind or you will have difficulty attuning to your energy field. Close your eyes. This will shut off the stress of excess external stimulae. March 2009

Now move your awareness down through your body until you reach the soles of your feet (the root chakra) and ask yourself the same questions. Step 3: Review Your Insights It's a good idea to have a journal and pen to hand to write down your answers. Trust your first response. Your intuition is always right, it's your ego that gets in the way. By writing down your answers, you may bring hidden energy patterns from your unconscious mind into your awareness. This means you may turn bad habits into good routines!

Joanna Garzilli is the founder of and author of Unleash The Psychic In You, the most revealing book on the sixth sense of its time on how to overcome past feelings of failure, give yourself permission to step onto the path of your life purpose by trusting your intuition to make fast, successful decisions for visionary entrepreneurs, entertainment professionals and actors in North America. She is a leading and reputable expert on intuition, and the sixth sense for visionary entrepreneurs and coaches clients worldwide to trust their own intuition, to make fast and successful decisions, always. Joanna Garzilli 212 26th St. Ste. 144, Santa Monica, CA 90402 Toll-Free Info & Customer Service: 877-822-5142 Source:

The Violet Ray

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The Butterfly People By Curran Watts Try to find us here, We are rainbows.

The traffic lights switch from bright red to green, Flickering followed easily by movement, Change. But they don't lose their shadows.

Foreign skies descend upon us, To make friends with wings that came from tiny fingers. Freedom. Because seeing is something only from the soul.

The caterpillar knows our struggle, Chained to comfort are we, Stasis. Where color is just another shade of white.

Try to find us here, We are open eyes.

Try to find us here, We are invisible.

The caterpillar knows our struggle.

The gull sets sail on warm air exuding from the asphalt, Flight is a delicate gift to its feathered wings, Freedom. But the ground was never home for him. The caterpillar knows our struggle, White silk blankets to covered eyes, Caught. Where to see is just the mind's imagination.

Stilling shores are brought around our waistlines, Slowly with an effervescent tide. Peace. Because there is a home somewhere amongst the ravenous waves. Try to find us here, We are fearless. The caterpillar knows our struggle.

Try to find us here, We are blinded.

Because we are, The Butterfly People.

The old man rests his head in the bladed grass amidst a patch of sunlight, Sleep is quick to set on stable shores. Peace. But his heart does not breathe our trepidation.

Curran Watts is a local working professional and yoga practitioner who seeks to explore the subtleties of the human spirit actively through his literature and poetry.

The caterpillar knows our struggle, Shedding our soft cocoons brings tumult to these unsullied hearts, Distress. Where calm is trapped between two violent oceans. Try to find us here, We are afraid. But colors flood our eyelids full, Like rivers that pour forth from melting glaciers. Change. Because we are not our shadows. The caterpillar knows our struggle.

March 2009

The Violet Ray

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Succeed With Me Hypnosis Carol Cire Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Sylvan Lake, AB

403-505-1019 So - Just Who Is Carol Cire? There isn't much I love more than meeting at Starbucks for lattes and chatting. I especially like it when I am preparing a profile for a colleague, because just that process alone creates understanding and friendships with people I had never previously met. Such was my meeting with Carol Cire, Owner of Succeed With Me Hypnosis in Sylvan Lake Alberta. The fact that Carol is a hypnotist made it even more fun for me as I employed hypnotic suggestion in my newly released meditation cd's. The first thing that struck me when meeting Carol face to face was her sparkling intelligence, and her curiosity about everything around her. Her engaging smile showed the edge of a sense of humor that became more and more evident as she relaxed into the interview process. Her joy in her work and her love of laughter and positive concepts has created for her a viable lifestyle she loves. Carol has lived in Sylvan Lake for three years with her two sons, and in 2007 she began her studies with Anny Slegten at the Hypnosis Institute of Alberta. Anny is a Reiki Master & Teacher, a, a clinically certified practitioner, Instructor of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy and Director of the esteemed Hypnotism Training Institute of Alberta as well as the Reiki Training Centre of Canada. Six fifty-hour training sessions later, Carol is proud to present her credentials as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. This status is now allowing her to assist others in unlocking the higher potential within them through the power of hypnosis. The Love of the Art of Hypnosis Carol's fascination with hypnosis started when she was a young child and struggled with asthma and allergies. She had built a relationship with her doctor and when he quit his practice to study hypnosis she was curious. However, Carol's parents didn't feel hypnosis was the correct

March 2009

course of treatment for her and she was unable to experience the hypnotic process with her old doctor. Then, she experienced a strange turn of events when she decided as an adult to seek out hypnosis to assist with becoming a non-smoker. Well, instead of releasing the desire for smoking, the process unlocked Carol's allergies to animal dander and nuts and asthma. Since these were life long challenges, Carol was delighted and equally curious that she had the results she did. It was her curiosity that led her to studying at the Hypnotism Institute of Alberta, and in August 2007 acquiring her first credentials so she could help others. Since the hypnosis did not appear to address the smoking, Carol tried another hypnosis technique to address why she smoked. Her recall brought back memories of her father and his buddies standing together outdoors and laughing and joking as they smoked their cigarettes. She has since connected smoking with joy, fun and laughter. This experience brought even more insight into addictions and the different approaches available through hypnosis. It also made her aware of the uniqueness of each individual seeking assistance - his or her hypnosis experience must be designed to meet his or her personal needs. The Proof of the Effect of Hypnosis Another incident Carol shared involved her ten-year-old son who was scheduled for a dental visit. There was going to be a bit of work done that could lay him up for a while and Carol used hypnosis to encourage his body not to react to any pain and to heal quickly after the process was complete. During the hypnosis, he was instructed to release the freezing quickly so he could eat normally as well. The dentist instructed Carol not to allow him to eat for a few hours as the freezing was extensive and wouldn't clear up for several hours. As it turned out - the freezing was already clearing before they left the dentist office, so quickly in fact that his tongue was back to normal as was his speech within an hour. That evening the family ate together with no concerns. Then, Carol shared an amusing aside with me - during the hypnosis process she suggested to her son he would also get 100% on his spelling for a month. As it turns out - that happened too. Have I mentioned she has a very active sense of humor? How to Connect with Carol Succeed With Me Hypnosis is based in Sylvan Lake and all clients are seen by appointment only. The first session generally runs about 2 hours and is when Carol does the assessment to see what your needs are, and then a session. Carol feels that you will see results after the first visit, however, often the session will open more doors and 2 to 3 one-hour visits after that will produce amazing results for her clients. All the sessions are recorded, and she will provide a copy for you should you wish one. I encourage you to meet with this intelligent and amusing lady and allow her to work her hypnotic magic with you. Contact Carol at 403-505-1019 or Carols hours are Monday to Friday and she schedules to accommodate the needs of the clients.

The Violet Ray

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The Power of Connection By Juey Ann MacLeod "Something opens our wings. Something makes boredom and hurt disappear. Something fills the cup in front of us. We taste only sacredness." - Rumi Webster's dictionary describes connection as: 1) to join or unite 2) to establish communication between. The powerful way to describe "connection" in relationship is to remember the feeling of "falling in love" with a partner. I remember feeling aliveness, attraction and excitement. I remember the warmth of his smile and the zing in his glance. My partner remembers feeling peaceful, grounded, centered, safe and trusting. He remembers being with a kindred spirit and a deep level of closeness. Noticing a difference, I decided to ask more people the question: "What does connection to your partner feel like to you?"

2) The degree of happiness you have in your relationship is often equal to the degree of connection you have with your partner. When the degree of connection with your partner increases your lives become fuller and richer. You become closer - feeling more peaceful and comfortable a sense of warmth for yourself and your partner emerges.

A 30 year old male student's reply was: "I feel a strong closeness. When we are connected, we can talk about anything. Often I do not need to talk much because she has an insight into what I am going to say - we finish each other sentences. Connection reduces my worries, makes life less stressful and easier by far." A female friend prefaced her answer with "Remember, I have issues with abandonment! When we are connected, I feel my partner is there for me, supported, safe, and loved. I also feel when the connection is broken and my first reaction is to feel scared. " Isn't it interesting how personal experience creates a unique view of what is the most important feeling of connection? What is yours? At some level - conscious or unconscious - you know when the connection disappears and you miss it. There was a time in my life when I missed "it" but did not even know what the "it" was I was searching for. My journey led me to study the Ancient Tantric texts. I learned how to create and remain connected with an intimate partner on physical, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels. I found out "it" was based on:

Increased connection yields better communication. As communication deepens your hearts open, creating an expansion in the volume and vibration of your energy fields. The evidence is: increased energy, increased attractiveness, increased charisma, and increased libido. Wow! The Law of Attraction responds to the increased energy and pulls even more goodness to you. You feel even more alive, your health improves, and your abundance expands! Now that your heart is open, you are communicating, there is warmth and closeness in your relationship. Your intimacy deepens. She is getting the intimacy that she been looking for; he is getting the closeness he desires. This is connection - - - the conductor of the current of love! This strong connection spills over into many areas, often into the sexual arena. How is the connection with your partner? The Art of Joyful Loving, a couple's weekend workshop, is one of the resources available to you to enhance your connection skills and tools. . . . . . .your current of love! Juey Ann MacLeod is an Advanced Certified Tantric Educator. As the CEO of JOY Inc., she calls herself a "Joy Peddler. She has taught "The Art of Joyful Loving" in the US, BC and Alberta for 7 years. The majority of her classes take place Lacombe. For more information view or call 888-358-8789.

1) Connecting with your partner satisfies a basic human need. March 2009

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Visualization for Cutting the Ethereal Ties By KS Thompson We sometimes stay stuck spiritually because we are connected to people or events in our past that had a negative effect on us. This visualization will help you release the burden of guilt, anger, sadness or pain. Get comfortable. Sit in your favorite chair or on the floor. Lay down with a cushion and a blanket, if that works better for you. Take a moment to ground and center yourself. Above all else, remember to breathe. Picture yourself in a place that is familiar. Maybe it is the last place you saw this person. Maybe it is an old hangout or the school you both attended. You're facing the person. There is a cord between the two of you. It may be a rope, a medical tube, a garden hose or a large cable. It may be made of cardboard or steel. Your mind will create the connection in a way that is relevant to the relationship you have with this person. Keep in mind that there is no "wrong" way to see this connection. It is very personal and will vary not only from person to person but from relationship to relationship. To your right is a pedestal. On it is a pair of scissors. They can be simple or elaborate. They can be small craft scissors or large hedge clippers. Again, there is no "wrong". Pick up the scissors and feel their weight in your hand. Open them. Close them. Open. Close. Open. Close. Get comfortable with them. Take a look at the person in front of you. Really look at them. They are just a person. Just as you are a person. Both of you trying to find your way in the world. They have no power over how you feel, think or act - just as you have no power over how they feel, think or act. It is time to let go so that you can move forward. Take your scissors and begin to cut the tie that binds the two of you together. It may be very difficult to get thru. Do you need another tool? If you want to use wire cutters or a chainsaw or a welding mask and torch, they will appear. Use whatever you feel you need to get the job done. The two of you may have been bound together for a very long time. The emotions that tie you together could be very strong. The situation that created the March 2009

issue between the two of you could have been very challenging. You may be afraid that there will be physical pain as a result of cutting the cord, but there is no pain. The cord is not a part of your physical being. Do not be afraid to cut through it. Take as much time as you need. If you need to bend and twist it to break through, do that. Take your time. See it though. It is for your highest good. There is no right or wrong. You can do this. You are strong. Just keep cutting. Repeat it over and over. Just keep cutting. Just keep cutting. Just keep cutting. Take as long as you need. Once the cord has been cut, you drop it to the ground and see that upon impact, it has turned to dust. The dust is blowing away. The person you are cutting ties with also disappears. Turns and walks away. Fades into the distance. The tie between you is now gone. You look down at your own body and see the other end of the cord still attached. Take it and pull it out. Your first instinct may be that it will cause you physical pain. Remember, this is not a part of your physical body and can't hurt you in any way. There will be no pain, only release. Take your time. Remove it and hold it in your hand. It is insignificant. It has no meaning, no purpose. It is nothing but an inanimate object that you no longer have any use for. Time to let it go. You toss it in the air and it also transforms - bursting into a hundred butterflies. They dance in the air. You watch as they fly away, getting smaller and smaller as they move into the distance. Like the butterflies, you are free! Repeat over and over. I am free. I am free. I am free. Allow yourself the time to reflect on how you now feel. Take a deep breath. In. Out. Take another. In. Out. Keep breathing. In. Out. Let your mind wander and see where it takes you. The Universe has a message for you. One that you may not have been able to receive‌ until now. KS Thompson is known to many as The Faerie Laedie a writer and gifted intuitive. She enjoys doing Oracle Readings and looks forward to meeting new clients. For more information call 403-886-0432

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Suzanne Delane

Suzanne has been actively using her intuition in working with her clients over the years, discerning what type of holistic program would work best for them. She then stylizes one to suit their personal healing needs. She undertook her Reiki Masters training in 2007 enhancing an already strong intuition about the health and wellness of her clients.

Massage Therapy Distributor for Organic Cleaning and Health Products!

Sylvan Lake, AB

403-396-1611 or 403-887-1736 It's Not Nonsense, It's Sue-Sense! In High School, Suzanne heard the phrase, "In a world that couldn't care less, we are to be the people who couldn't care more." Now, at twenty-nine years of age, an active mother of two, with another on the way; Suzanne is living these words. Her desire has always been to reach out and help the world to be a better, safer and healthier place. Through her training and her work in Massage Therapy, Onsen, Reflexology and Reiki she feels she is making a difference. Suzanne has been a holistic health practitioner for the past five years, working out of a well-known Red Deer Clinic. After the arrival of her last child, she decided to start her own home-based business and in October 2007, she became licensed and registered in Sylvan Lake as an independent practitioner. Many past clients continued receiving her services, and as she added new ones; her business is flourishing. Twins Intuition Suzanne is an identical twin that believes the relationship between herself and sister Tracey has strengthened her Intuitive self. She has always felt that the special 'twin' connection they share allowed them to remain more fully open as they matured. Today, she is extremely grateful for that loving connection. A Mothers Love She also believes that she is strongly supported in her desire to do energy work and develop her intuition, being guided by her mother who crossed over three years ago. Suzanne was exploring Reiki and had taken her first level of training. She needed to practice and her skeptical mom agreed to allow energy work to be done on her. Suzanne says that after her mom crossed over, her Reiki practice picked up and became very busy - could it be that this wonderful mother is no longer skeptical but is instead sending support and love to Suzanne?

March 2009

According to Sue Suzanne is passionate about wellness, and when a friend introduced her to Shaklee products, and the business opportunity that went with it she embraced it. With natural healing and health being her focus, it seemed to be the perfect product line to add to her services. Suzanne believes Shaklee products create a healthier and safe environment for the family, the home and the world. She is enthusiastic about the natural products and their compatibility to the environment and her work. Shaklee is about a healthier life for everyone and a better life for anyone. This company carries an extensive line of homecare products, nutrition products, products and plans for weight management. They also have a natural personal care line, which includes body, and face care. Suzanne's Massage on Wheels One of the aspects of the service Suzanne offers is her mobility. For those clients who cannot make it to her for treatment, she will take her business to them. Her mobile service is open to anyone within Red Deer, and surrounding areas. This flexibility allows clients to enjoy her service comfortably in their homes, and is ideal for shut-ins or seniors. For some this is the ideal way too not only receive excellent treatments from Suzanne, but they can also experience a shop-at-home adventure as she will also bring the Shaklee products to them if they wish. Now, with the perfect combination of services, products and using her growing intuition, Suzanne is able to offer complete services for the whole family. Everything from creating healing programs using Massage, Onsen, Reflexology or Reiki - to enhancing environmental wellness through the use of 'green' products from Shaklee. Once Again, it's not Nonsense - It's Sue-Sense! Suzanne's quirky side loves to refer to her business as 'Sue - Sense,' and some of her clients refer to their massages as 'Sue-ssages'. Let's face it; a sense of humor in a practitioner you are receiving care from is always appreciated and welcome. Suzanne arranges to see her clients by appointment only and you can contact her by calling either 403-887-1736 or 403-396-1611. She can also be reached by email at Her schedule is flexible allowing her to accommodate your time and needs. Please feel free to give Suzanne a call to assist you with your wellness needs.

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Essential Versus Fragrance Oils Part 2: The Hazards of Scents By Klaus Ferlow What is a Fragrance Oil?

dangerous place on earth) and nursing homes.

Fragrance oils are combinations of synthetically manufactured chemicals designed to "mimic" the aroma of natural materials. Far from "natural", 95% of the chemicals found in these oils are synthetic compounds derived from petroleum, and include chemicals such as benzene derivatives, aldehydes, and others capable causing cancer, birth defects, central nervous system disorders (CNS) and allergic reactions. Today, fragrances are marketed to an unsuspecting public who think that these scents are "natural." Even unscented and fragrance-free products can contain masking scents to "mask" the smell of other ingredients.

Some fragrance chemicals can alter the skin's surface tension, facilitating the absorption of other chemicals into the skin. Fragrances can lead to allergies, eczema, psoriasis, contact dermatitis and other skin conditions. It is estimated that 1 - 2% of the North America population may have a skin allergy to fragrances as these can easily volatilize. And, as manufacturers use long lasting fragrance chemicals and invent new powerful potent ones, they can linger in the air, settling and sticking to skin, hair, clothes, furnishings, everything!

Despite the widespread and constant exposure to fragrance chemicals in thousands of products, there is minimal government regulation and monitoring on their safety. With 1000 new synthetic chemicals added yearly to the already 80 - 100.000 in use today, most of which have not be tested individually or in combination for their effects on human health, its not surprising that one in five people experience health problems when exposed. Fragrance chemicals do not have to be listed on the product label. Trade secret laws keep toxicity testing and ingredient identification from being accurately disclosed, in an industry which is largely self-regulating! Hormone Disrupting Effects A study by Greenpeace in 2005, discovered that 36 well-known perfume brands contained two toxic, man-made chemicals, phthalate esters and synthetic musk, as in the "old" days the perfumes were derived 100% from botanical plants. Phthalates are known estrogen and testosterone hormone disrupters and effect DNA, male sperm and restricts lung function in men, while synthetic musk can attack living tissues. Phthalates have been associated with thyroid disorders, premature breast development in baby girls, and abnormal sexual development in male fetus and infants. They are also found in the blood of pregnant women, in breast milk, and can cross the placenta. Diethyl phthalate, commonly used in fragrances and other personal care products, damages the DNA of sperm, which can lead to infertility in adult men. Phthalates can change people's mood and behaviour, and as they can disguise unpleasant odours, are often found in cleaning products, in hospitals (seems today one of the most March 2009

Fragranced laundry products provide constant exposure, infants' skin being especially susceptible to absorbing chemicals directly from diapers. Fragrance chemicals can also accumulate in fabrics and are very difficult to remove. Laundry will even absorb fragrances if other people have used fragrance detergents in their wash. Neurological Effects Fragrance chemicals affect brain and the central nervous system, with some effects being immediate and transistory, while others are chronic and long lasting. Fragrances can modify brain blood flow, alter blood pressure, pulse and mood, and trigger migraine headaches. When inhaled, some have potent sedative effects and some like AETT and musk ambrette are neurotoxic. Specially formulated fragrances are used to control public behaviour. Respiratory Effects Fragrance chemicals can induce or worsen respiratory problems, and lower airway irritation occurs in 15% of people. These respiratory irritants, which cause inflammation and increase mucus production, make the airways more susceptible to injury and allergens, as well as trigger and exacerbate such conditions as asthma, allergies, sinus problems and other respiratory disorders. In school aged children, fragrances can trigger asthma, a chronic illness afflicting 9 million American children. Among adults, asthma rates have doubled since 1980, with one in fourteen suffers from asthma, and with 72% of asthmatics citing fragrance as a trigger.

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Essential Versus Fragrance Oils continued...

Environmental Effects Fragrances are volatile compounds. The widespread use (and they are banned already in some clinics, hospitals and other public buildings) and vast numbers of fragranced products used cause extensive indoor and outdoor pollution. Many people find it difficult to enter public buildings, attend public events, stand near people or walk outdoors due to fragrances released in the air. A Norwegian study even found synthetic musk compounds in outdoor air in a remote area. Fragrances are dispensed through ventilation systems in many buildings. They are designed to add a "pleasant" scent to the air (for example, using food smells in shopping malls and floral scents in stores to increase sales). Scents can cover up poor air quality due to odours from cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes, pesticides, mould and chemical off-gassing from furniture, carpet, glues, cleaning products etc. They can also cover up insufficient fresh air ventilation present in many offices, restaurants, hotels, airports etc. An estimated 292 million Americans regularly wash and dry their clothes using fragranced laundry products! Waste water treatment facilities do not remove fragrance chemicals, many of which are persistent and accumulate in the environment. The documented presence of fragrance chemicals in even drinking water, in streams and in lakes could adversely affect the health of people, animal and plant life. For more information on the hazards of synthetic scents, refer to:, A variety of fragrance-free natural products are available in the market place, just make the effort and carefully read all the labels. If you can't pronounce the ingredients, don't buy it!

Medicine, Jozef J. Krop, MD Dispatches, From the war zone of environmental health, Helke Ferrie 100.000.000 Guinea Pigs, Dangers in everyday foods, drugs and cosmetics, Arthur Kallet & F.J. Schlink, first published January 12, 1933!! Klaus Ferlow, traditional herbalist, innovator, lecturer, researcher, writer, founder, President and co-owner of FERLOW BOTANICALS, Div. of Ferlow Brothers Ltd, Vancouver, B.C., manufacturing/distributing organic toxin free medicinal herbal and personal care products to professional health and wellness practitioners and selected stores with holistic practitioners on staff in Canada and parts of USA since 1993. Copyright, all rights reserved. His educational articles have been published in dozens of Health Magazines, Magazines, Newspapers & Newsletters in Canada and numerous websites around the world. Klaus can be reached at or This information is offered for its educational value only and should not be used in the diagnoses, treatment or prevention of disease. Please contact your health care practitioner.

in the depth of my soul ..... there is a wordless song....

Words of Wisdom You cannot cheat nature, however much you may cheat your fellow man. - Galilei (Italian Professor and Natural Scientist, 1564 - 1642) References: (books) Focus on Fragrance and Health, Louise Kosta Our Toxic World, Doris Rapp, MD Acute Toxic Effects of Fragrance Products, Rosalind & Julius Anderson Less Toxic Alternatives, Carolyn Gorman Healing the Planet, A Primer in Environmental March 2009

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Stephanie Monsen Yuen MethodTM Certified Practitioner & Reiki Master

Specializing in Physical Pain and Psychological Work

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The A-Team


By Carolyn Hines (Whiteshawl)

USUI REIKI - Levels 1 & 11 One Weekend - $250.00 USUI REIKI - Level 111 (Master) One Weekend - $350.00 KUNDALINI REIKI - Levels 1, 2, 3 (Master) (includes booster and bonus) Prerequisite: Usui Master Level Three Tuesday Evenings - $300.00 KARUNA REIKI - Levels 1 & 11 Prerequisite: Usui Master Level Three Days - $900.00

On an eve in the quarter of the Great full moon, The Sage,guides the singers, to the Dolphins home to rest.

CHAKRA and AURA HEALING Prerequisite: Experience / Knowledge of Energy Healing One Weekend - $200.00

With neighboring light descended, on walls, wishing well, The Grouses dance unfolded, to the Rain Songs swell.

For More Information Call:

Jerril Gillespie

The Whale held the ancient records, our DNA remembering each Spring, restructuring through vinyl frequency, each heart about to sing.

Reiki Master - Teacher


Total Body Muscle Therapy Ltd.

Aligned here in this hollow, behind deep forest green,, Black Panther devouring our worry, dissolving all fear we have seen. Sister Frog will cleanse, with peace and joy and love a new life based in harmony a gift from up above. Now those who know the Dream Walker, the Horse who battled the Dark, watched as she galloped into light, with this poem, to set the mark. "Now share your gifts my family, each one of you does shine, allow Illuminessence to shift the view, of foe of yours and mine.

5004 - 51 Avenue Wetaskiwin, AB Registered Massage Therapists Located in the Chiropractic Office of Dr. David J. Hewko 30 Minutes South of Edmonton

Reflect the beauty for all to see, show love above all rest, encourage the Joy to stand and shout, I vow to do my best"

Open Monday to Saturday Evening Appointments Available

For More Information Please Phone

780-3 3 52-0 0 200 “Massages C ost L ess I n W etaskiwin T oo” March 2009

Carolyn hosts a weekly radio show, 92.5 F.M., Cable 106.1 at TRU, Thursday at noon, called "The Goddess & Nellie", to do with Native Spirituality & Storytelling. You can connect with Carolyn at the following websites:

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The Quickening By Danielle Lee As the cocoon opens exposing the delicate and fragile wings of the metamorphic butterfly, a new life begins. Full of wonder and exploration, the fluttering pulse of the wings creates a new reality and existence.

believe only with permission may have the most difficulty understanding the truth. Those who cannot accept the new spiritual growth do not see how the society that we live in, wrought with violence and greed, can be the result of the oppression of self awareness and higher consciousness. By suppressing the natural and instinctive curiosity and desire for spiritual growth, the earth that we exist in now is dying.

The shift of mortal consciousness from three dimensional existence to fourth dimensional is a transition of the soul's awareness. Awakening from a deep sleep of earthly realities to a wondrous world of ascension and spiritual cognition. Like the gentle stirrings of a fetus in the protective and nurturing womb, the baby slowly becomes more self aware and accepting of its new surroundings. The very idea of the baby's birth is but a concept that it can neither comprehend nor prepare for. Though the infant's birth is but a mystery to its current awareness, the birth is a natural and instinctive reality. Earth's delicate veil of spiritual secrecy has begun it's transformation of enlightenment. Not unlike the infant, we are approaching the next stage of our gestation. The conception and labour have almost been completed, the birth of our advanced awareness is approaching. The awakening of the matrix of earthly souls has commenced to advance the human race to the next level of evolution. All societies at some stage of development must alter their perceptions to further advance their race. Nature and ethereal interventions gently nudge the souls towards the acceptance of the new realizations. Advancement is necessary to provide the society with spiritual opportunities and education of the soul. Many messengers have been sent to aid in the potentially confusing transition and resistance to new concepts. Gentle souls that have volunteered to act as divine teachers of the new age. They have many names, Indigos, Crystal children and Lightworkers are just some of the labels given to those who are selflessly giving to humanity their knowledge and compassion of the spiritual awakening. To advance to a society that can adopt new realizations such as respect of the earth, abolishment of war and tolerance of one another, we must accept the evolutionary advance. For some, the change may be painless and comforting, for others who have many doubts and mistrusts, it may be very difficult and confusing. Those who have been led astray by man's ideals and traditions may fail to understand and believe new concepts and ideas of peace. People who have been taught to think and March 2009

We live in a society that punishes and restricts those who love the same sex. We exist in a world where the color of another's skin determines them lesser or undesirable. Judgment of another is not only accepted, but promoted. The vast majority of earth truly believes that we live beneath a god that is tyrannical and petty, deciding his children's post mortem destination on how well they lived their lives and how obediently they followed an ancient memoir. The quickening is the spiritual pulse of the divine that reverberates throughout the network of souls in the universe. When the time arrives for our infant society to awaken and be born into the next realm of enlightenment, the messengers of our new destiny will stir with intent to lead all earthly souls out of the dark womb of the old awareness, into the awakening of the new consciousness. Danielle is a natural psychic medium and paranormal investigator, has an avid and instinctive curiosity for the strange and unknown. She and a group of ghost enthusiasts investigate homes and locations for suspected paranormal activities and try to obtain proof of the afterlife. She is currently working on a book pertaining to her ghostly and psychic experiences. Danielle’s articles have appeared in online sites such as UFO Digest, Paranormal News, The Anomalist, The Debris Field and many others. Recently her Ghost Hunting Etiquette 101 article has been published by Sci-Fi channel's Ghost Hunters TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) Paramagazine. In between chasing her kids and cleaning, she has been known to do many psychic readings for others in need of spiritual guidance. Her abilities include clairvoyance, clairsentience, medical intuition and empathic intuition. Read more of Danielle's work at

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The Faces of Responsibility By Janince Leclerc Throughout my life the word responsibility has taken different shapes and colors. The first meaning associated with this word was: chore to accomplish. As a child growing up on a farm, there seemed to be plenty of them. Whether they were related to the care and needs of the animals, housework or field work they represented actions to do of a physical nature. I call this color of responsibility red because it had to do with basic elements to survive in a farming family environment. Even though these actions could be very demanding physically, they left the mind and spirit free to wonder, dream and imagine. It left plenty of space to play, admire a sunset or rejoice in family activities. Somewhere in adolescence, the term responsibility took on another shade. It expanded to include interaction with other people. I call this color orange because it relates to the roles we consciously or unconsciously agree to play within society. Now being responsible meant adopting certain behaviors that were deemed acceptable within the family or school settings. It meant holding up your part of the bargain if you entered into a contract with somebody for work reasons, marriage or in a parenting situation. Being responsible was not limited to physical actions anymore, the mental aspect was called in and freedom suddenly felt reduced. At a point in life, responsibility skipped to another level. Becoming aware that my words and actions could influence the moods, actions and choices that people around me made brought other colors to the term responsibility. I call one of them yellow because of the the power it gives someone and I also call it pink because it opens the heart. All of a sudden, I felt responsible for how people could feel when I said or did something. I had to weigh the words I was using, contemplate whether it was appropriate to share the thought, evaluate the impact of my deeds. However this also meant that the way I felt was depending on other people. In that phase of responsibility, everybody operates through an intricate web of behaviors and expectations. I also call it the " sinking phase ". It puts an unbearable weight on everybody's shoulders and one becomes totally immersed physically, mentally and emotionally in his colossal role. Quite an energetic drain! Gratefully I was eventually introduced to another color of responsibility: we are not accountable for other people's feelings and reactions. It does not matter how much love and caring intention we put into selecting our words and choosing our actions we cannot be assured of the reception at the other end. The personal and highly unpredictable reactions cannot reflect our March 2009

intent. They can only reflect or mirror the state that the person receiving is experiencing through his stories, his pains, his dramas or his serenity, his joy. What a relief! On that faithful day, a ton of bricks slid off my shoulders. I call this shade the light blue because this new found freedom finally gave me permission to fully explore, live and express my own truth. Conversely, now that I had released myself from this type of responsibility for others, I had to assume full accountability for my own feelings and reactions. I call this phase indigo because it urged me to see myself in a different light, to identify my anguish behind the feeling, to search for the truth behind my reaction. Rather than blame, I thanked each person, each event I met during the day. They were an opportunity to know myself more intimately. This shade of responsibility is extremely empowering. Recognizing the part that is mine, now I have the possibility to heal it. I have the possibility to become more peaceful and joyful in my everyday life, regardless of what is happening outside of me. Bravo! Then another hue of responsibility surfaced. It is related to how our thoughts, words and actions affect the whole world. This is different from taking responsibility for someone else's behaviors. It is becoming aware of what we contribute to the energetic pool that surrounds and bathes the planet and all its inhabitants. Do we add heaviness to it by constantly wading into our turmoil or do we choose to emit radiant bright energy into that system by remaining in our loving, peaceful and joyful center? I call this shade violet because it is the most uplifting color of responsibility. And it is a win-win situation. I just love these situations. We contribute positively to the well-being of humanity simply by being well in ourselves. Isn't this grand? This last phase of responsibility came alive when I was introduced to the spiritual teachings found in the Telos books series written by Aurelia Louise Jones. It helped me end the struggle I was still facing in the earlier colors. Not only did it motivate me to continue on my journey but it gave me the tools and the inspiration I needed to pursue the exploration of the infinite possibilities on my life path. I am forever grateful to this loving universe for always supporting me and opening each door as I am ready to pass through them. Janine is a volunteer with the Telos Worldwide Foundation. The mission of the foundation is to awaken humanity to Christ Consciousness. For more information on Telos please vist the website at

The Violet Ray

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You Can Steal My Life By Teri-Tazra Chenoa Sol Sonnenberg I chose to create a teepee for so many reasons, and I chose the mediums I used for just about as many. I consider myself an amateur artist. I have no formal training but have been drawing animals since I was a child and have been interested in Indigineous cultures and spirituality for just about as many. I had actually bought this very large piece of canvass, on credit, in Campbell River, BC for another artist, one who was actually trained and supposedly well thought of, but it was never used. I was still paying for it when a First Nations elder visited my home to give a blessing to my home. My son and I were blessed and named as well. The elder mentioned the canvass and I was sure he suggested I turn into a teepee, but I could be wrong. At the time I was also protesting logging of the Kananaskis Valley and the more I thought of it the more the idea appealed to me, regardless of the fact that I really was only an amateur. In addition to being an activist I am also a strong supporter of alternatives to oil, gas, and logging, destruction of Mother Earth, and organics. I also had lived with and studied with a medicine man who lived in the rainforests of one of BC's coastal islands and had learned some things about myself and the earth that held great meaning for me. This man was taught by a Haida man, as well as adopted into a Rastafarian family whom he lived with in Africa for four years. This gave him a very unique perspective on life. One of the items that was sacred to this man was hemp and with it being such an versatile product I decided to use it to sew my teepee. I painted my teepee with organic henna - yellow and red, but it all turned out green and browm, which was good and earthy. I chose animal drawing from two books and from my own freehand, all of which had meaning to me in my life and had influenced me in one way or another. For poles I chose deadfall (which is the only wood this medicine man would use for firewood, furniture, and home building as he would not cut down a living tree) which I cut with an ax or a saw from Kananaskis Valley or with my hands because this man had also taught me (fifteen years prior to building the teepee, and not without my own failings in between) that chainsaws scared away the animals and unnecessary, ecspecially since we did not need to take anymore than we needed and anything we needed March 2009

could be gotten as we lived in harmony with the earth. I chose willow because I had smoked it once while with him, and it became a big success story for someone else. I needed to reclaim even a piece of it for me. I also chose two bambo poles. Bamboo grows high within one year. It can be used for hardwood, clothing, food, reducing carbon dioxide emmissions, can be grown in BC, for paper, for furniture, can also be grown in all those clearcut spaces and used in mills instead of old gro\wth trees and still require farmers and loggers and save a lot of trees. I know, I'm a dreamer. Holistically, to me my teepee is another way for me to connect to Mother Earth, a tangible reminder of a part of my life that was very sacred to me, and a spirit story about myself, my children, and some incredible animal stories that are woven into my six months and nine feet of play. Mytaki Owasin (All My Relations). Ho! (Amen or So it is!). Tei Sonnenberg (or Teri-Tazra Chenoa Sol Sonnenberg, or Sacred Spirit Woman) is a registered massage therapist, a holistic practitioner, a workshop f acilitator, an artist, a mother, and an activist who has volunteered with many organizations such as Greenpeace, The David Suzuki Foundation, United Way, Wandering Spirits Pow Wow, and has been involved with and supported many, many more. She can be reached at 403-470-9630 or at Essentials of Wellness, 403-237-5774.

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unresolved grief that it creates. She feels strongly about how that kind of suffering can impair, so she now brings her story to her clients to assist them with personal healing support that honors their spirituality. Her goal is their wellness, and she will shape programs designed to accommodate their needs and personalities. Vicki is not afraid to expose her own weaknesses and bad decisions of the past in the areas of relationships, body image, abuse issues, emotional challenges or grief. She is effective in her approach because she has been there. She has walked the walk and compassionately understands the pain of others.

Continuing Education - Hypnotherapy Vicki Wolfson - Spiritual Counselor / Coach in Red Deer, Alberta Twenty years of hairstyling brought Vicki Wolfson to a place of understanding that she had more to do than just hair. We all know about the stories hairdressers hear from their clients when they come in to either maintain a look they love or undergo an often-radical transformation. Vicki heard them all. In fact she was so good with the clients that when difficult ones showed up, they were given to Vicki to work with. She loved it as they grumbled and she bantered through the appointment. Vicki says those clients almost always left in a better mood than when they walked in.

Vicki doesn't ever plan on stopping her learning process. She loves discovering more techniques that she can apply to her counseling methods. In fact, she is currently studying for her Advanced Clinical Hypnosis certification at the Excel Center. With this tool under her belt, she will be able to assist her clients in reaching into the dark recesses of trapped emotional pain in a non-confrontational or disempowering way.

Heightened Sensitivity Through her own journey, Vicki has discovered a growing sensitivity to others which assists her in picking up on what would work for them. She intuitively knows what tools to use and what style to present them in. There are no two people alike and she is not interested in a cookie cutter plan to apply to all issues. Her services and fees are customized to fit your needs.

The Gain from Recognizing Pain

First Meeting is Complimentary

Around the age of twenty-six, Vicki became aware that she was being haunted by old emotions that had been distorted, damaged and needed closure. They were surfacing in painful ways so she sought out a Spiritual Psychiatrist. As they worked together over time, Vicki started to realize how much she loved the work her Spiritual Psychiatrist was doing with her. She decided she wanted to do the same with others. While she lived in Vancouver, she also studied her first two years of her Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology.

Vicki likes the idea of allowing her clients to 'interview' her as she also 'interviews' them. No one is a good match for all people and to work with someone through personal blockages, you need to be comfortable and be able to trust fully. On the other hand, the Counselor / coach must also be comfortable enough have the confidence to work with you, their client. This meeting is structured around that precept so both of you can establish that comfort level required to start your work together.

When she relocated to Toronto, she was once again beckoned to school and by studying part-time over the weekends and in the evenings, in two years Vicki received her Spiritual Psychotherapy Diploma from the Transformational Arts College in Toronto. It had been two years of hard work, but she was now ready to offer her services to the world.

Personal Story Vicki has walked the path of pain and shame as a sexual abuse survivor. She understands the emotional challenges, the distorted body image, and the

March 2009

Vicki is Registered In Human Relations with the Canadian Examining Board of Health Care Practitioners. She enjoys playing with Ellie, her Jack Russell Terrier, reading self-help and spiritual books, and being a computer nerd. Vicki struggles to balance her passion for cooking with her life long weight challenge. Vicki works with clients in person in Red Deer and throughout Canada and the U.S. via phone sessions. To connect with this terrific lady, you can call her at 403-347-9088 in Red Deer, Alberta or toll free at 1-866-575-9088 in Canada and the U.S.; to arrange an appointment time for you.

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Money, Wealth

Your human journey is about choices and the experiences they bring. I can intuitively guide you to healthier choices which will enhance your life experience. I was born with the gift of clairvoyance, which is the ability to ‘see spirit’. I am a psychic medium, and I have recently returned from The Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Development in Stansted, England. The College is the best in the world for people with developing gifts, and I craved guidance in understanding how to apply these gifts for clients. The intense training and discipline required by my tutors has given me what I needed and I now bring these gifts to you. Psychics bring to their work their own unique gifts. We utilize those gifts in the sharing of information and historically, are best known for predicting future events. However, I am not a predictive psychic and here at the Studio Holistic Health Centre, I do not focus on future events through prediction. Instead, I offer my Psychic Gifts to assist in resolving current issues so you can influence your own future in a positive way. My psychic ability guides me to identify who or what might be standing in the way of your progress. I also will connect through Spirit with loved ones who have crossed over if the timing is right for them. This is Mediumship, and it offers two things. One, the ability to know without a doubt that this physical reality is not all there is to us and that our spirit lives on after physical death. Second, it allows you the peace to know how your loved one is doing and sometimes even receive messages that

can help you in the rest of your physical journey. It is simple. You ask the questions and I receive the answers that will make sense to you. This information, coupled with common sense opens the door to your ability to overcome challenges. Your energy will be read in regards to physical health issues, and emotional and mental disturbance. You will be advised and guided using the information received from all energies around you. This includes your own energy, crossed over loved ones, deceased pets, friends, spirit guides and Angels who always work closely with both you and I. Past live’s will be tapped into where challenges were not completely resolved, often determining if cell memory of those events share responsibility for current challenges. Out of respect for your power of choice and free will, I do not predict your future as I do not wish to encourage a state of limbo while you wait for the predictions to reveal themselves. Our focus is always based on the present, with a desire to influence a positive outcome for your future. You were born with the powerful gift of choice and your own intuition. You have the right to be what you choose and the choices you make reveal themselves in the results whether positive or negative. Your human journey is about those choices and the experiences they bring. I can intuitively guide you to healthier choices which will enhance your life experience. Life is meant to be happy, and to be loved and lived in the present time. Through the psychic links with Spirit and those in the Spirit world, as well as common sense you will receive valid evidence and information to live a happier, more positive life. Believe me, it is your divine right to be joyful.

For more information or to Book an Appointment, Contact: Sharyn LeMasurier Visit us online at:

March 2009

(403) 343-6679

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SOUL IMPRINTS A Soul Imprint is Custom artwork that I create and Transcribe based on the energy vibrations of the client. Since energy is Universal and has no boundaries the client does not have to be present for me to create a Soul Imprint for them. There is a substantial amount of creative and intuitive energy that goes into each and every Soul Imprint. Starting with honing in on the clients energy, to creating the actual imprint, to the scanning, reading the imprint, writing / translating and finally to the minute details which results in the end product. The entire process takes

By Carol Jay Uchytil - Eyes Of Peace -

about 3 to 5 hours to complete.

My goal for each client is to Awaken…Inspire…and Delight… (AID) while providing them with a keepsake they are proud to display. For additional samples and information please visit

“Carol Uchytil’s Soul Imprints are truly distinctive and utterly amazing” “If you are looking for an unusual gift for yourself or a loved one this incredible intuitive and beautiful soul work is a life long treasure to have and enjoy” “...I must admit I am truly amazed by the degree of accuracy with regards to my personality and other key points!” - Irene Martina -

“Carol's interpretation of my Soul Imprint is amazingly accurate. I look at this imprint daily as it has a life and energy of its own. It actually seems to pulse. I love it! I enthusiastically encourage other's to experience the allure of their own Custom S o u l I m p r i n t ! T h a n k -y you Carol for such an exciting work of artistic beauty!”

“I love my Soul Imprint! Thank you - L.W. -

- Nadine Gordon -

See Page 17 in The Violet Ray Market to Order Your Soul Imprint