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Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (TLC). Stop Smoking! Smoking is a bad habit which triggers the embolism. Smokers are a higher risk of stroke especially worsens with high cholesterol level. Keep your weight loss plays an important role to calculate our BMI (Body Bio x4Index), keep your weight in balance to leave over weight problem which is not good for your health. Diet for low fat food controlling cholesterol level does NOT mean you can't eat delicious food. The most important is to control the way you eat. Try not to consume saturated fat such as egg yolk, brain cow, liver, etc. Limit to consume mono-unsaturated fat food such as shrimp/prawn, crab. Have a lot of poly-unsaturated fat food which help to reduce the LDL and raise your HDL level, which is found a lot in tuna fish & mackerel fish. Trap with oats Disease

Living foods such as salads, soups, smoothies  

Living foods such as salads, soups, smoothies, whole grains and protein sources. By eliminating processed foods devoid of Bio x4 nutrients a...

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