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Executive Interview “My name„s Lee, Yi-Wen, a CEO of B.A.D Company. Born in 29, November, 1990, I am an energetic Sagittarius! I am fond of making new friends and establish every friendship firmly at the same time. I trust in being always sincere and honest to people around me. Speaking of my hobbies, I love listening to the music, singing the karaoke, exercising especially swimming. Besides, I like watching

baseball game and also learning softball recently. In addition, I enjoy traveling and trying new and exciting things.” “I am now a sophomore who major in Business Administration. Graduated from National Taichung Girls‟ Senior High School, I left for

National Taiwan University with great expectation and ambition. In addition to working hard for my profession, simultaneously I seek for further achievement and special experience inside and outside the campus. That‟s because I stick to one principle: “It is life that

should be wasted in wonderful things.” “However, I am still not satisfied with my status quo. It‟s the right time to expand the market in Microsoft! I am planning to promote the following products with three main series, which are Belief,

Attitude and Dream. I am quite confident with its future success.”


Buddy Program Courage



Core Technology

Proficient in English

Cultivate Global Perspectives

Product Specification Due to my strong will to practice English, I seek for the opportunity to be a buddy in the college of management. A buddy is one who should take responsibility to help with exchanged students adapt to the new surroundings and assist them to know more about Taiwan‟s culture. I‟ve been a buddy of students‟ from Switzerland, the Netherlands and France. In addition, I also met people from the USA, Korea, and Thailand who are now my best friends from all around the world.

2010. AIEF Interpreter (American International Education Foundation)

Core Technology Professional




Polish English Skill


Production Specification Being in charge of Academic of Art University in the education fair, I learned how to face people and made a clear introduction and explanation to them. Besides, I tried my best to build a bridge between the representative of AAU and the visitors in a professional and polite way.

Global Initiatives Symposium Volunteer




Core Technology

Team Spirit

Enrich International Experience

Product Specification My work for GIS was mainly making reception to delegates from around the world. From helping them setting down in the hostel, preparing for every meal, arranging the location for workshops and conferences to city touring and parties, I should make sure every single detail to help promote the quality of GIS and also the national image. Not only did I know how to hold a world-class activity, I also learned to cooperate in harmony with people from different backgrounds.

*Take pleasure in helping people* Eden Social Welfare Foundation Core Technology





Product Specification By helping kids who grew in disadvantaged families, I realized that having ability and power to give assistance to people in need is benedictional. I learned to be more satisfied with my life and made up my mind to cherish what I had and make a positive impact to the society in the future.

National Taiwan University Hospital Core Technology





Product Specification I regarded myself a real nursing staff when serving as a volunteer in the maternity department. In hospital, there was no chance to make up any mistakes. As a result I learned to be concentrated and much more careful when working there. During the period doing the voluntary work, I tried my best and proactively asking for things that I could help. Besides knowing the working atmosphere in maternity department, I also learned to be more responsible for my job.


ALC Program in Stanford University ”Aim High, Shoot High”




Core Technology



Product Specification Play Hard, Study Hard!!! In Stanford University, I stick to one specific principle:” play hard, study hard”. I seized every chance learning and experiencing American-style education and life. I learned how to live independently solving problems myself, how to work on research paper, (My topic is “Asian Americans‟ attitude toward interracial marriage.”) how to do a survey in America communicating with local residents, how to work well with classmates from Japan and Korea, how to plan future path, etc. It was a life-changing program for me and cultivated my faith in “Aim high, shoot high.”

TAC (Taiwanese Alumni Committee)

Product Introduction TAC (Taiwanese Alumni Committee) is an organization with composition of alumni from ALC program. I was participative and devoted in the alumni organization. Itâ€&#x;s a system that highly connects ALC alumni and VIA organization. It creates a place for participants to maintain sentiment and sharing life and career experience together.

Product Specification Through participating in TACâ€&#x;s activities, I learned how to take actions positively and determined to hold activities for alumni in ALC programs. TAC is a newly organized club, which is specially needed to maintain and inherit year after year. After helping with 2011 TAC reunion and was planning to hold TBC (Taiwan Business & Culture program (providing a chance for alumni mainly from America, Japan and Korea), I learned how to cooperate well with my team and plan numerous significant and unforgettable activities for TAC.

Public Relation Chief of “The Key to management” Core Technology

Product Introduction Because of abundant experience finding sponsors and supporting for student activities, I was chosen as Public Relation Chief in “The key to management, 2011” which was a summer camp held for high school students. My working content would be responsible for asking for funds and providing feedback to corporations, and build firm relationship between campus and enterprise.

Product Specification My work for public relation is still going on. Though having huge pressure finding funds to support “The key to management, 2011”, I won‟t give up any chance. What I gained from being the chief of public relation will be leading my team go through materially difficulties and also, keeping perseverant attitude and optimistic mind.


MICROSOFT To me, the journey to chasing dreams will never end. On 19th December 2010, my life was led to another journey to pursue excellence. At the moment Microsoft interns showed out their talent confidently with energy, excitement and passion, an idea just crossed my mind:”Yes! This is just what I want. The team, the perfect internship, the prestigious company…….” Because of diligent and responsible personality, I am sure that I can do well as an administrative assistance (AA). Besides, I am flexible enough to help with marketing planning and promotion. Though I am just a sophomore, maybe with less experience and academic knowledge, I still want to fulfill my dream of being a part of Microsoft. I aim for precious learning experience and attitude fostering toward work duty. I believe that Microsoft is the right choice for me and…I will be your best choice as well absolutely! I am not scared of any difficulties but am afraid of not having the chance to be admitted to Microsoft internship. Trust me and I will prove my unlimited potential for Microsoft in the near future.


B.A.D resume  

B.A.D resume for Microsoft,2011