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delivered a first-person Orwellian narrative from somewhere deep beneath the waves of noise that never let up on the listener. 1994 saw the release of D.I. Go Pop, an ironic title as it saw the band at its most experimental, with an avant-garde approach to sampling forming the basis of musical structure, as waves of distorted samples crash upon the listener at every turn (especially in the first half of the record), with only Willmott’s bass there to offer a semblance of stability. After the beautiful closing track “Footprints in Snow,” the album ends with a live recording of the band being interrupted by the owner of the venue for being too loud. After Crause wittily rebukes her, the few audience members in attendance chuckle and applaud, illustrating both the lack of respect the band felt from the public, but also showing the small cult following they had. Second Language came out just months later, showcasing a continuation of the pop found in “The Long Dance.” “The Atheist’s Burden” details the intrinsic beauty of the world and the EP’s closing track, “A Little Something” shows the very pop-based structure the band would take in their final EP and LP. However, its title track is what


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