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Chief Keef is the all-consuming hate, the directionless animus that drives the beaten animal to lash out in distrust. He is the rage at his own circumstance, impotent to alter his past. He is the ruthlessness and spite that mocks the deaths of his rivals in public and laughs off accusations of involvement. He is the youthful arrogance that spurs the son to wrestle his father. In absence of a father, gunplay with the Chicago PD is a worthy substitute. Chief Keef is a sinister midnight smile from a stranger on the street, one that births panic, a fumbling for the phone, and a subtly increased pace in the opposite direction. Chief Keef is the personality. He is the priest and God of His own religion, whose acolytes delight in His bacchanalia and find succor in the offertory heroin He provides for His chosen people. He is Ty Cobb, Barack Obama, Jesus of Nazareth. His grace is present in His Word, memoir and manifesto. There are many rappers but one Keef, and Young Chop is His Prophet. chief keef is a boy of seventeen. he is the sorrow of lost innocence and the child of a mother alone. he is named for one of the dead, and pursues his legacy. he is the burgeoning sexuality and youthful stupidity that leads to a picture of a blowjob on Instagram. he is the invincibility of the teenage spirit, filming a major interview at a gun range in defiance of the terms of his parole. he is the frailty and insecurity of the


Vinyl Tap Spring 2013  

WCWM 90.9-FM's semesterly music journal, featuring concert write ups, album reviews, and more.

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