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Chee Chee Craft and I went to Cabin Fever last Friday night at the Civic Center. As Always the Band of Oz was great. Some of the Vintonites /or close by there were Donna Richardson, Judy Newman, John Q and Joyce Hutchinson, Gary & Connie Houff, Benita and Jimmy Houff, Pat & Benny Powell, Tommy & Donna Hard, Eddie & Gay Lassister, Paul & Joy Bernard, Tommy Firebaugh (on guard), Brenda & Daryll Dellis, Ronnie and Margaret Whitlock, Jerry English and if I left anyone out I’m sorry it was just so many there. So much dancing and enjoying seeing so many I don’t get to see until party in the park. There will be 2 more. I guess you might say we are getting in shape for spring to come and the parties began. Can’t wait!!!! To put on my dancing shoes and boogie with You!!!! Amber Wells (Richmond) celebrated her 3rd birthday at Chuck E Cheese in Richmond eating the two cakes that Amber helped her mommy bake. Dora and Diego. Those attending Bootie Bell Chewning were Chase, Cade, Valerie and Kyle Hendricks, Leighton, Addison, Troy and Ginger Huffman, Michael, Sherry and Brad Van Horn, Aunt Angela Quesada Ramirez, Grandma and Grandpa Bell (Vinton), Nannie and PaPa Wells, Aunt Nicole Vass and Donnie and mommy and daddy John and Lindsey. Such fun. Not to leave out the Vinton crew John, Lindsey, Amber, Valerie, Kyle, Chase and Cade all came to Vinton on the 13th to celebrate the birthday again adding in Drake who shares the same birthday only 11 years apart. Not to forget another February 12th birthday of Annette Willard Gilmore. She celebrated the big 40. Corrol Camden Sandhu flew in from California to surprise Annette at her birthday party. Also while in town Corrol spent some time with her momma Sara Camden and her brother Lee who surprised her from Charlston, SC. Also, Corrol, Lindsey and John Wells, Valerie, Kyle, Chase and Cade, Tracey, Sara, Kylie, Mobley, Kierston Baldwin, Beth Dudley, Christy, Bobby, Parker, Ty, Brooke Heptinstall, Lisa Chittum Hambrick all had a great dinner at El Rodeo and then some fun at Christy and Bobbys house where Annette and Clayton Gilmore joined in the fun. Valerie and Kyle went to a different party downtown. Thanks to Grandma for babysitting the 3 little ones. A birthday celebration was held Friday the 12th for Drake Lewis. Drake turned 14. After his ballgame friends and family celebrated at his house. Those there were Ryan Dipple, Don, Tammy, Garrett, Jack and Wills Halliwill, Kim, Dale and Josh Barker, Greg Boitnott, Josh Powell, Wes


Brugh, Lori Moore, Melissa Hall, Tammy, Robert and Hunter Shepherd, Reed and Brooks Eastridge- in from Myrtle Beach to visit Michele, and of course mom Angie and sister Abbie and Nana Bootie. Thanks for such a fun evening! Happy Birthday wishes go out to , Cathy Nesbit Farmer, Chris Whitley, Patrick Kennerly (Cuz), Kathleen Myers, Douglas Payne, Hannah Chewning, Perry Spangler, Wayne Jones, James Webster Rachel Baldwin and Gwen Ashby. Hope you all Have or had a good one. Get well wishes and prayers go out to Joyce Kidd, Cassie Shepherd(Berkshire), Cathy C. Lafferty, Karen Miller, Mary Clapsaddle (Springtree), Glenn Shouthall, Bill Hufton, and Michele Yeatts at home fighting a courageous battle with Cancer. Motto _ CANCER SUCKS!!! To all of you with illness may it help to know you are in our thoughts. Our Miss Va 2009 Caressa Cameron Now Miss America will be coming home in Mar1113. Lots of events planned. I will have the full schedule in next week however in the meantime if you would like more info Go to website and check the events you might like to attend. We would love to have a huge crowd at each event. To show her we are proud of her. Another Big Event will be Caressa Crowning -Chinah Helmandollar - Miss Smith Mountain Lake Our New Miss Virginia. The crowning will be at The Hotel Roanoke at the Gala. Saturday night Mar. 13 Go by and check out the Vinton /Roanoke Veteran’s Monument at the War Memorial. It’s Looking great. Tell people about it. I still have people saying they didn’t know about it. We need everyone to tell at least 9 people. Also Buy a brick!!! Congrats! to WBHS PLAYERS & BURTON’S PERFORMING ARTS CENTER . Taking top Honors in New York last weekend. More next week Vinton’s Relay for Life Coming Up in April do you have your team together Yet???






In Brief Lacrosse team still taking registrations

The East Roanoke Lacrosse Bandits are still taking registrations for their upcoming season. You can find out more by visiting them on the web at Interested parties can also reach League Coordinator Matt Viar by cell phone at 597-3793 with questions.

Vinton artist wins Best in Show

Marie Gobble Levine’s painting, “Chuck’s Chew Toy,” won Best in Show on Friday night at the Taubman Museum. “Not bad for a Vinton gal,” she says. Her painting will grace the cover of the 2011 RVSPCA Calendar. The opening event featured over 300 paintings and sculptures. The show continues for the next two weeks at The Market Gallery.

WBHS Crossing Guard Liz Bower

WBHS Cheerleaders earn BRD honor Photo by Danny Cruff

Last Friday during the Blue Ridge District Basketball Tournament Finals, the William Byrd cheerleaders were given the BRD Spirit Award.

Band Boosters continue fundraiser

116 S. Poplar Street - Suite 1 Vinton, VA 24179 540-904-5836 - Office 540-904-5838 - Fax

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COLUMNISTS Bootie Bell Chewning General Info

The renovations are well underway at William Byrd High School and the band room is almost completed with new cabinets, carpet, lights, wall treatments, and a fresh coat of paint. It seems a shame to put the old mis-matched, brightly-colored plastic chairs back into this beautiful new music room!! The WBHS Band Boosters would like to provide new ergonomic, posture-perfect music chairs for the students and need your help. Now is your chance to make an impact on the music education of our students by supporting the WBHS Band Chair Fund. For a $65 donation, you can fund a chair to be used by a current and future Byrd musician. Your donation would be recognized by a plaque on the chair in your honor, an alumni student’s honor, or a local business. Donations of any amount would be graciously accepted and would benefit the chair fund. Our goal is to purchase eighty new black chairs that would showcase the new music room and benefit the students from our area of Roanoke County. Please send your check made out to WB Band Boosters to P O Box 585, Vinton VA 24179 and put in the memo line “Chair Fund” OR bring your check by the school office and tell them that it is for the band. Deadline to raise $5,000 is Monday, March 1st.

Robberies in Vinton last week

Last Wednesday at 11:35 pm, a call was received at the Vinton Communications Center reporting that a robbery had occurred on Bush Farm Drive in Vinton. Multiple suspects entered the residence, assaulted and tied up victims in the home, according to Vinton PD captain Benjamin Cook earlier today. The suspects then took several items from the residence and the two victims were taken to a local hospital; their names and conditions are not being released at this time.

Correction from 2/17/10 Issue

On page 3 of last week’s issue, the cover firefighter on the cover was incorrectly identified. That firefighter is actually Scott Morfitt. We apologize for an inconvenience this caused.

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The Olympics: Awesome or Pathetic? Chris Manning The Olympics are sport in its purest form. For the most part, the athletes you see during this time are the best in the world at what they do and they are doing it for exactly one reason…the love of their sport. Sure, there are a few that end up with endorsement deals and maybe some of them go on to do whatever it is they do professionally (like the ice skaters who end up doing “insert cheesy theme on ice”) but for the most part, these people compete for as long as they can as amateurs, then they move on with their life. As a former athlete, how can I not enjoy it? Nearly every night the Winter Olympics have been on, Ashlee and I have watched them. Some of the stuff neither of us care about, but it is still pretty cool to see these people who have put in all the time and effort (if not more) than their professional counterparts, yet are doing it strictly for the love. I realize that they Olympics don’t necessarily mean what they used to and I’m well aware that some of the games aren’t all that interesting (Curling?) but when you see the sport in its purest form, it is really difficult not to follow along. Bob Costas does such a fantastic job of making anything and everything seem interesting and of course, the American athletes always seem to be the underdog (even if they’re the favorite) but it doesn’t matter, because it makes for interesting TV and a nice couple of weeks where you get to watch sports that both you AND your wife can enjoy. With a few exceptions, you don’t have to worry about trash talking, excessive celebration or fights during the action. You don’t have to worry about your children hearing words they shouldn’t during interviews (except during Shaun White’s gold medal celebration in snowboarding, where were the censors on that one?) and you don’t have to worry about them doing it all for the money. When you’ve got the Olympics on, especially considering how their season is every four years, there is no reason, if you have any love for competition, not to tune in. Grab a bucket of popcorn and tune in, there’s a good chance you may see something you like and maybe your kids can have a new role model instead of the same ones that probably aren’t the best people for them to emulate.

Bob Costas does such a fantastic job of making anything and everything seem interesting...


Dan Vance The Olympics have become a waste of time. This isn’t pure anymore and it hasn’t been for most of my lifetime. That goes for the games a whole, taking in both the summer and winter games. The biggest news in this country in these games seems to have been Sunday’s win for Team USA Hockey over Canada. One, why is that a surprise? Let’s look at the locations of franchises in the NHL...yeah, we are a clearly superior hockey country now. The fact that people are milking this win for so much is a clear cut sign that we are trying to hold on to something in the Winter Games that just isn’t anymore. Folks, this isn’t 1980, it’s not the ‘Miracle on Ice.’ Sure, everybody seems to wish it was because the Olympics these days are just plain pathetic. No matter how hard some people may try to tell you that these games are so pure because of the ‘love of the sport,’ it is either not true at all or no more true than it is on a professional level. That may have something to do with the fact that most of these guys (and girls) are professionals at the end of the day. There is no such thing as the amateur athlete in Olympic competition anymore and that is what always made the game so pure. And as far as the intrigue of these sports? Name one Olympic sport that you cannot find an equal counterpart to more often than every four years. You want snowboarding? You can wait until 2014 or you could watch the Winter X Games next time their is naturally fresh powder on the ground later this year. And the sports you can’t find elsewhere, well not even Bob Costas can make Speed Skating interesting. Yes, let’s run in circles on ice...thats really competition. Note the sarcasm. The fact is that the Olympics have lost their luster and really only seem to be relevant when it comes to people being killed tragically or casting the next season of ‘Dancing with the Stars. It is the same stuff over and over and I’d rather watch paint dry than the Winter Olympics.

Not even Bob Costas can make Speed Skating interesting...yes, let’s run in circles on ice...

RCS weighing options for budget cuts Chris Manning Publisher Roanoke County Schools are looking for ways to continue the budget cuts that are making their way through the region, state and country. Although at one point the number that needed to be cut was high, according to Roanoke County School Board Chairman and Vinton representative Mike Stovall. “We started out coming into the ‘10-‘11 budget that we were going to have to cut 8 million” Stovall said. “We were informed two weeks ago that the number went to 13 million.” Many factors went into the extra expenses that needed to be cut, one of which was the sales

tax not coming through the way it was expected. “Didn’t come in like the state and a lot of people thought it was going to” remarked Stovall. While there were already plans in place to make the cuts, now the board is back to the drawing board, so to speak, in regards to finding new ways to cut money. “We’re not at 13 million yet, but we’ve got a lot of things on the table from consolidating other schools, to the laptop program to high school athletics” Stovall said. There are proposals to consolidate Fort Lewis and Clearbrook Elementary schools “that’s on the table” remarked Stovall, as well as changes to the laptop program that saw students start their high school career

with a laptop, instrumental in the classrooms today. Currently, the plan is for the laptops of departing seniors to be given to incoming freshmen, in a move that save roughly a million dollars. While some proposals seem to make sense in this economic environment, such as transportation and how to conserve costs there, one of the proposals is the elimination of high school athletics in the county, which shows how severe this economic climate truly is. Currently there isn’t much set in stone for the extra five million, but the board is looking at quite a few options. “Right now we’re waiting on the completion of the general assembly and to get the final numbers” Stovall said.

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Obituaries MARY CONTAS DRATES, 90, passed away peacefully in her sleep on February 9, 2010, while in residence at Summerville at Ridgewood Gardens in Salem, Va. Even though Alzheimer’s diminished her zestful capacity for life, Mary met each limitation with dignity. Everyone loved her beautiful smile. Mary was born in Toledo, Ohio in 1919 to Greek immigrant parents. When she was five, the family moved back to Crete, Greece. After the war ravaged Crete, Mary, her husband, George, and their young daughters immigrated to Roanoke, Va. to make their permanent home. Although Mary received a two-year college business degree, sewing was her passion. Many Roanoke customers benefited from her fine talent and skill. Mary loved to sing. She had a lovely lyric soprano voice and sang with the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church Choir on Franklin Road for many years. Mary was preceded in death by her parents, Christ Contas and Veneta Koutakis; her husband, George Drates; her brother, Emmanuel; her infant son; and her eldest granddaughter, Sally Spencer Dair. Mary is survived by her daughter and son-in-law, Venetia (Venny) and Bill Flodman, from Ventura, Calif.; her daughter, Eva Drates, from Lynchburg, Va.; four granddaughters, Melanie Spencer, Melissa Milner, Cynthia Anderson and Katherine Russell; and six great-grandchildren. The family would like to express their sincere gratitude to the staff of Summerville, to Good Samaritan Hospice and to the Home Instead caregivers, Lillian Brackens, Phyllis Sheets and Katherine Foster for their loving care of our beloved mother. Thanks also to Father Dean Nastos for his spiritual support. Arrangements are under care of the Lotz Funeral Home, 305 Washington St., Vinton, Va. Viewing will be 6 to 8 p.m. on Wednesday, February 24, 2010, followed by the Trisagion Service at 8 p.m. at the funeral home. Funeral services will be on Thursday, February 25, 2010, at 11 a.m. at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, 30 Huntington Blvd., Roanoke, with Father Dean Nastos officiating. Interment will be at the Mountain View Cemetery in Vinton. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made in her memory to the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church or to the Alzheimer’s Foundation. Eternal be her memory. Online condolences at

JANET SUE BROOKSHIRE SIDENER, 56, of Hardy, VA, passed away February 22, 2010 in her home surrounded by her family. Janet was born March 3, 1953 in Rolla, MO, to Blanche Lauraetta Southard Brookshire Fipps and Joseph Wright Brookshire. She was happily married to David Eugene Sidener for almost 40 years and had three loving children. Janet was an artist who loved to paint on everything from canvas to wood and glass. Though her passion was decorative tole painting, she also created landscapes on canvas, colored pencil drawings, crafting porcelain dolls, sewing, and knitting. Janet loved visiting the beach, exploring lighthouses and kayaking in Smith Mountain Lake with her husband. Janet was preceded in death by both her parents, her stepfather Delmar Brighton Fipps, sisters Dorothy Wilson and Connie Brookshire. Her survivors include her husband David, of Hardy VA; three children, Scott Sidener of Lexington, SC, Shawn Sidener of Haw River, NC, and Carrie Sidener of Lynchburg VA, grandchildren David Lehticht, Brooke Sidener and Kate Sidener, all of Lexington, SC; and siblings Brenda Mesplay and husband David of Columbia, MO; Eugene Brookshire and wife Ruby of Newburg, MO; Maxine Baird and husband Don of Salem, MO; Charlotte Fowler and husband Lowell of Salem, MO; and Geneva Miller and husband Rich of Rolla, MO; mother-in-law Jean Sidener, of Rolla, MO; sister-in-law Diane Head and her husband Ken, of Suwanee, GA; and numerous nieces, nephews and friends. The family will receive friends on Thursday, February 25, from 4 to 7 PM at Oakey’s Vinton Chapel. A memorial service will be held immediately following the reception at 7 PM. A service will be scheduled for a later date in her hometown of Rolla, MO. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to the Good Samaritan Hospice of Roanoke, VA, the American Cancer Society or the American Liver Foundation.

ROY F. (SHORTY) McDANIEL, 76, of Vinton, VA, went home to be with the Lord Monday, February 15, 2010. He was a U.S. Army veteran during the Korean War. He was preceded in death by his parents, Lloyd L. and Bertha Marie McDaniel; wife, Mary Elizabeth Hill McDaniel; daughter, Mary Catherine Walker; three sisters; and five brothers. Surviving are a daughter, Teresa (Eddie) Deisher; and two sons, Bobby (Tina) McDaniel and Barry (Kim) McDaniel, all of Roanoke; two sisters; four brothers, 10 grandchildren; and five great grandchildren. Funeral services will be conducted 2 p.m., Thursday, February 18, 2010 at Oakey’s Vinton Chapel with Pastor Earl Robertson and Pastor Lewis Wayne McDaniel officiating. Burial will follow in Mount Pleasant Cemetery. The family will receive friends after 2 p.m., Wednesday, February 17, 2010 at Oakey’s Vinton Chapel, 982-2221.


Danae Wensley Town of Vinton The most recent updates on the Town of Vinton’s Facebook page are a series of congratulations to those won a prize drawing. The “Facebook Fan Appreciation Drawing” was completed to celebrate reaching one thousand Facebook fans. There were many wonderful prizes, including insulated Town of Vinton lunch bags, Clean Valley Council hats, backpacks and can coolers, Vinton War Memorial tote bags, 2010 Town of Vinton wall calendars, a matted color photo of the Vinton War Memorial and a matted black and white photo of the Town clock. Once the Facebook page received one thousand fans, fans were given a week to enter the contest and then names were drawn. One hundred twenty-nine people entered the contest, including many past residents of Vinton who now live in other states or countries. The contest was so successful that we hope to continue doing them in the future. The Town of Vinton established the Facebook page in March 2009, because

Obituaries ATLAS MAE BEARD FARRIS, 92, of Vinton, departed this life on Tuesday, February 16, 2010. She was a longtime member of Thrasher Memorial United Methodist Church, where she was active in women’s circles. She was a homemaker and loving mother. She was preceded in death by her parents, John W. Beard and Annie P.Beard; husband, John G. Farris; two brothers, James Garland Beard and Robert Lewis Beard; and sister, Christine Beard. Surviving are a daughter, Judy F. Kniskern; granddaughter, Tara and husband, Mark Kram; grandson, Bill and wife, Kim Kniskern; three great grandchildren, Nathan and Alexandra Kram, and Emma Kniskern; and also, other relatives and friends. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to Thrasher Memorial United Methodist Church or to a favorite charity. Funeral services will be conducted 12 noon, Friday, February, 19, 2010 at Oakey’s Vinton Chapel with the Rev. Lynne Alley-Grant officiating. Burial will follow in Mountain View Cemetery. The family will receive friends Thursday, February 18, 2010 from 2-4 p.m. and one hour prior to the service at Oakey’s Vinton Chapel, 982-2221.

employee Julie Tucei thought it would be a good way to share photos from the 125th Anniversary celebration. Since then, Facebook has proven to be good for not only photos, but also important information like weather-related warnings or closings. Tucei serves as one of the administrators for the Facebook page. She is joined in her efforts by Emergency Services Coordinator Craig Sheets and Special Programs Director Mary Beth Layman. We have received a lot of positive feedback about the Facebook page, particularly for the recent weather and traffic-related warnings we have posted. One such post came after a water break on Mountain View Road. Facebook has also been a wonderful way for Layman to inform and remind area residents of upcoming events, as well as inform potential vendors of opportunities. Last summer Layman met two Farmers’ Market patrons who came from out of town as a result of seeing the event on Facebook. Area resident Mary Zirkle particularly appreciates the Farmers’ Market updates, which usually list what is in season at the market. Like most of us, Zirkle has a busy lifestyle, and said it is nice to know what she’ll be able to buy at RUBY JEAN THOMAS GARDNER, 74, of Salem, Va., and formerly of Bedford County, Va., passed away on Thursday, February 18, 2010. Jean was born on September 7, 1935, to the late Walter S. Thomas and Betty Lee Lynch Thomas. She was also predeceased by a brother, James W. Thomas; and a sister, Nancy Wilkes. Jean retired from Medeco Lock Company of Salem after many years service. Survivors include two sons, Ricky Wayne Gardner and wife, Gail, of Bedford, and Robert (Bobby) Gardner Jr., of Greenville; four grandchildren; one great-grandchild; a brother, Allen Winfred (Whitey) Thomas and wife, Margie, of Vinton; five sisters, Cathryn Wooldridge, of Blue Ridge, Dorothy Saunders, of Vinton, Nellie Mae Basham and husband, Hulon, of Moneta, Becky Meador and husband, Bobby, of Goodview, and Betty Sue Sink, of Roanoke; brother-in-law, Tink Wilkes, of Blue Ridge; and a sister-inlaw, Laura Thomas, of Roanoke. Graveside services will be conducted 4 p.m. on Sunday, February 21, 2010, from the Emmaus United Methodist Church Cemetery. Visitation starts at 2 p.m. in the church until time of graveside service. The Rev. Paul Greer will officiate. The family would like to thank all the staff at Springtree Healthcare Center and Good Samaritan Hospice. In lieu of flowers, the family suggests memorial gifts be made to the American Cancer Society. Lotz Funeral Home, Vinton Chapel is serving the Gardner family. Online condolences may be made to www.

the Farmers’ Market and what she’ll need to get elsewhere. Of course, we would never rely on just Facebook to make these announcements. Anything posted on Facebook can be found by calling or coming to Town offices, sending an e-mail or visiting the Town website. “We still use phone, e-mail and face-toface interaction more often than not,” Layman said. “But, as a small Town we also need to stay up-to-date with quick, convenient ways to get information to our citizens.” In this vein, the Town also has a Twitter account, which has been active since November 2009. The Twitter feed is linked to Facebook and the two sites update simultaneously. We also have a YouTube channel, which is home to many great videos of past events, including Halloween 2009 and construction of the Vinton/Roanoke County Veterans Monument. Those who do not have a Facebook account may sign up (free of charge) at www.Facebook. com. Current users can “Become a Fan” by going to our page at STACY ELLEN LONG, 53, of Lexington, died Wednesday, February 17, 2010. She was preceded in death by a son, John MacPhail; her mother, Harriet Smith; two brothers, Chuck & A.J. ; and by two sisters, Paige Morris & Jenna MacPhail. Surviving are one son, Matthew McCulloch. Three grandchildren, Alyssa Bryanna, & Cameron. One sister, Mysie (Kitten) Camper. A special brother-in-law, Michael Morris. Also, nieces, nephews, & other loving relatives & friends. A memorial service was conducted 10 AM Saturday, February 20, 2010 at Oakey’s Vinton Chapel. The family received friends one hour prior to the service at Oakey’s Vinton Chapel (982-2221).

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Vinton native making good, finding success with newest venture Chris Manning Publisher Rudyard Peters is proof that you can take the man out of Vinton, but you can never take Vinton out of the man. Rud grew up in Vinton, went to Byrd (although he graduated from Lord Botetourt, he does attend all of the class of ’86 reunions for William Byrd) and knew just about everyone in town. He was the guy that everyone else knew as well, the one with all the friends and everyone seemed to know him. Peters parlayed this popularity into the restaurant business right out of high school, Rudyard’s Pizza and Subs. “I thought that would be my claim to fame and easy money, until I got about three or four years into it” Peters said. After seeing many of his friends graduating from college, Peters made the decision to head back to school. “A lot of my friends were teachers and that looked fun, with them having summers off and such” he says with a laugh. “So I went back to school when I was 24 and wanted to be a teacher and got into education.” Peters received a BA in English from Roanoke College and a Masters from Old Dominion, then headed back to Lord Botetourt High School, this time as a teacher where he stayed for five years. During this time as a teacher, he began to fill his “summers off” with a job doing landscaping as a way to earn some extra money. The “extra money” part began to be a little more than just extra. “The money from landscaping started outpacing the money I was making as a teacher” he said. “And I decided to start growing that business.” For two decades, Peters’ business was landscaping, which included everything from cutting grass to digging ditches and everything in between. Finally, that business was rolled into what is now known as The Landscape Store. The Landscape Store is heading into its’ fourth season, but it is a little more than the typical landscaping business. “It is encompassing anything that folks would need for their outside projects” Peters says “anywhere, anything, pertaining to around the yard.” This includes mulch, decorative aggregate, stone, flagging and paving and wall systems “That seems to be the growing trend; the outside areas you can stay in and dwell in, such as your patios” he says. The yard hasn’t been forgotten though, with grass seed, fertilizer, sod and straw, “anything we need.” Peters still has strong ties to Vinton, especially the William Byrd baseball team. “Anything we can do for them, we like to help them out as much as we can.” Peters, himself a ball player in school has a can’t miss story of his own with a few Vinton area legends. “If I had been at Byrd my senior year I would have been a part of the first District Championship that Coach [Gary] Walthall won in 1986” he says. That team also included Mark Sweeney who went on to play in the Indians organization and Steve Sizemore, former standout as a player and former head coach of the Terriers. For more information on The Landscape Store, visit their website at or call Rud at 966-4046.


Looking for an Internship for college credit? the voice of vinton...this year and beyond The Vinton Voice is currently looking for interns for the summer of 2010. Must have computer, communication, social media and research skills and/or knowledge Contact Editor-in-Chief Dan Vance at for more info

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Pat Miller

Americana with a dark side and cutting style. Pat has starred in a number of films including Maximum Overdrive and Raw Deal.


Steve Cannon

of the John Boy & Billy show on


VINTON OFF TRACK BETTING CENTER 1135 Vinyard Rd. (behind McDonald's on Rt. 24) (540) 278-1120 .

Photos by Danny Cruff

Chris Manning Publisher Since 1973 there has been a familiar face at William Byrd High School…well not technically at the school, but right outside of it. For 36 years, she’s been there every morning to say hello and every afternoon when they leave to say goodbye. Of course, I’m talking about Liz Bower, the crossing guard at William Byrd. Everyone who has ever gone to Byrd knows the fast hand waving, the concerned look and the consistent presence of Bower, she’s been appreciated for a long time and she’s aware and grateful for it. “I have been told that [I’m appreciated] and everyone is so nice” she says. Dr. Richard Turner, principal at Byrd is someone who appreciates the work Bower has done, “I’ve been here for eighteen years and she was here before I was at Byrd” he says, “she does a great job for us.” When Bower started, her husband Roger was a police officer and they had just moved to Vinton from Floyd County. “Sheriff Foster needed a crossing guard and my husband said why don’t you try it” Bower remembers “he said ‘you never know, you might like it.’” Apparently, her husband was right, because thirty six years later, she’s still out there. At the time she was one of five crossing guards in Roanoke County, rumor has it that she’s the only one left. This is one of two jobs for Bower, the other is hairdressing, something she does out of her home.

“Sometimes I’ll leave someone under a dryer with their hair while I’m out directing traffic at the school” she says. Some things have changed over the years, including the start time, “when I first started, I had to be there at 8:10, now I have to be there at 7:15” Bower remarks. That obviously hasn’t stopped her, as she’s there every morning when school is in, regardless of the temperature or weather. You’d think with teenage drivers that she would see a lot of crazy things, but (“knock on wood” she says) she hasn’t seen anything that out of the ordinary. “I’ve only seen one wreck and it was a mild fender bender” she says “I consider it lucky and know the Lord has been looking after me.” Bower doesn’t think the teenagers are as bad as everyone makes them out to be as far as driving is concerned, “they really haven’t been a problem” she says. The worst thing she’s seen is the girls (and women) putting on makeup while driving into the school and the men coming in shaving with their electric razors. “The only thing the kids have done is come in hollering, but that’s no big deal, most of the kids have been really, really nice” she says. If you think that all she does is point and

wave, think again. Bower is directing traffic coming in and out of the school, which only has one entrance, as well as directing both sides of RT 24 and Baker Drive as well. “I think that’s maybe the biggest trouble, when I have to stop people on 24 and they don’t realize that I have to let the people off of Baker Drive too” she says. Bower has seen a few people get impatient and seem to be in a little too bit of a hurry, but says “it’s no big deal” and realizes they aren’t holding it against her and they know she has a job to do. Bower has two daughters, both Byrd graduates (April and Beth) and five grandchildren, ages ranging from twelve to three. During the interview for this story, she was watching four of them, making it three total jobs that she really has when you include watching the grandkids. So for all you students, teachers, parents that drive to the schools every day, or the people that have to drive by the schools on their way to work, take a second to stop and wave a Liz Bower, she’s just trying to keep you and everyone on the roads in front of her school safe.


William Byrd Ath

MARCH 2010 Wednesday March 3

WBHS Boys Soccer Scrimmage vs. Martinsville 5:30/7:30pm

Friday March 5

WBHS Softball (JV/VAR DH) Scrimmage @ Brookville - 5/7pm

Saturday March 6 WBHS Girls Soccer Jamboree at Byrd

WBHS Baseball (JV/VAR DH) Scrimmage vs. Brookville 1/3:30pm

Monday March 8

MS Softball vs. Ben Franklin - 4:45pm MS Girls Soccer @ Hidden Valley - 4:45pm MS Boys Soccer vs. Hidden Valley - 4:45pm

Monday March 15

MS Baseball vs. Cave Spring - 4:45pm

MS Softball @ Cave Spring (Clearbrook) - 4:45pm WBHS Boys Soccer @ Cave Spring - 6/7:30pm WBHS Girls Tennis @ Cave Spring - 4:30pm WBHS Girls Soccer vs. Glenvar - 5:30/7pm WBHS Boys Tennis vs. Cave Spring - 4:30pm WBHS Softball vs. Cave Spring - 5pm

MS Baseball vs. Northside - 4:45pm

WBHS JV Softball @ Cave Spring - 5pm

MS Softball @ Northside - 4:45pm

WBHS Baseball vs. Glenvar - 4:30pm

MS Girls Soccer @ Andrew Lewis - 4:45pm

WBHS JV Baseball @ Glenvar - 4:30pm

MS Boys Soccer vs. Andrew Lewis - 4:45pm

Tuesday March 16

WBHS Boys Soccer Scrimmage vs. Rustburg - 6/7:30pm

Thursday March 11

MS Baseball @ Ben Franklin - 4:45pm


MS Girls Soccer vs. Central Academy - 4:45pm MS Boys Soccer @ Central Academy - 4:45pm WBHS Boys Soccer vs. Liberty - 6/7:30pm

Wednesday March 17 MS Track vs. Cave Spring - 4:30pm

MS Baseball vs. Andrew Lewis - 4:45pm MS Softball @ Andrew Lewis - 4:45pm

Thursday March 18 MS Girls Soccer @ Read Mtn. - 4:45pm

MS Boys Soccer vs. Read Mtn. - 4:45pm WBHS Girls Tennis vs. Salem - 4:30pm WBHS Girls Soccer @ Salem - 5:30/7pm WBHS Boys Tennis @ Salem - 4:30pm WBHS Softball vs. Salem - 5pm WBHS JV Softball @ Salem - 5pm WBHS Baseball @ Salem - 5pm WBHS JV Baseball vs. Salem - 5pm

Friday March 19

WBHS Boys Soccer @ Hidden Valley - 5:30/7pm WBHS Girls Tennis vs. Jefferson Forest - 4:30pm WBHS Boys Tennis @ Jefferson Forest - 4:30pm

Monday March 22

WBHS Boys Soccer vs. Cave Spring - 6/7:30

WBHS Girls Tennis vs. Cave Spring - 4:30p WBHS Girls Soccer @ Glenvar - 5:30/7pm

WBHS Boys Tennis @ Cave Spring - 4:30pm WBHS Softball @ Cave Spring - 5pm WBHS JV Softball vs. Cave Spring - 5pm WBHS Baseball @ Glenvar - 4:30pm WBHS JV Baseball vs. Glenvar - 4:30pm

Tuesday March 23

MS Girls Soccer vs. Northside - 4:45pm MS Boys Soccer @ Northside - 4:45pm MS Baseball @ Read Mtn. - 4:45pm

MS Softball vs. Read Mtn. - 4:45pm WBHS Girls Soccer @ Bassett - 5:30/7pm

Wednesday March

MS Track vs. Northside - 4:30pm WBHS Boys Soccer @ Liberty - 5:30/7pm

WBHS Boys Tennis vs. Hidden Valley - 4:30

hletic Schedules







h 24



Thursday Match 25

MS Girls Soccer vs. Ben Franklin - 4:45pm MS Boys Soccer @ Ben Franklin - 4:45pm MS Baseball @ Hidden Valley - 4:45pm MS Softball vs. Hidden Valley - 4:45pm

Friday March 26

WBHS Girls Tennis @ Glenvar - 4:30pm WBHS Boys Tennis vs. Glenvar - 4:30pm WBHS Softball @ Glenvar - 4:30pm

WBHS Girls Tennis vs. Glenvar - 4:30pm WBHS Boys Tennis @ Glenvar - 4:30pm WBHS Softball vs. Glenvar - 4:30pm WBHS JV Softball @ Glenvar - 4:30pm WBHS Baseball (JV/VAR DH) @ Franklin County - 5/7pm

Tuesday March 30

WBHS Outdoor Track vs. Salem - 5pm

Wednesday March 31 MS Baseball @ Northside - 4:45pm

WBHS JV Softball vs. Glenvar - 4:30pm

MS Track @ Hidden Valley MS - 4:30pm

WBHS Baseball (JV/VAR DH) vs. Cave Spring - 5/7pm

WBHS Girls Tennis @ Salem - 4:30pm

Saturday March 27

WBHS Girls Soccer vs. Salem - 5:30/7pm

WBHS Outdoor Track Knights Classic - Roano9am WBHS Softball (JV/VAR DH) @ Hidden Valley - 12/2:30pm WBHS Baseball (JV/VAR DH) @ Hidden Valley - 12/2:30pm

Monday March 29 MS Baseball vs. Glenvar - 4:45pm MS Baseball @ Glenvar - 4:45pm

WBHS Boys Tennis vs. Salem - 4:30pm WBHS Softball @ Salem - 5pm WBHS JV Softball vs. Salem - 5pm WBHS Baseball vs. Salem - 5pm WBHS Baseball @ Salem - 5pm

WBHS Boys Soccer vs. Hidden Valley - 5:30/7pm


Billy the Goat Barbara Dillon Contributor When my dad grew up in Vinton, his dad had a goat. They were great to help keep your land looking neat because they would nibble and eat grass and plants like a live lawn mower. And they could climb around on little hills or ditches as well as smooth land. Well, Billy was a real family pet and friend. Billy would pull a wagon. And I have a picture of my dad and two of his brothers with this goat and the wagon. My dad is the baby in the wagon and my Uncle Joe, who later became the mayor of Vinton, is standing by him. This picture is also in the museum. Usually Sunday dinner (at noon) was always a special meal. After returning from church you might bring home company for lunch. Maybe even the preacher or other kin folks. One Sunday the dining room table was set with table cloth and everything in place for the noon meal. It was a really nice day outside. The sun was shining and the air was warm. In those days there was no such thing as air conditioning and most people had screens on windows and screen doors. Granddad had a wonderful front porch and it was only one step up from the front yard and there was a screen door at the door. Someone left the front door open and Billy came right on in and into the dining room. Where was everyone? Must have been in the kitchen or in the backyard because Billy got hold of the table cloth and pulled the dishes, some food, and everything off into the floor. My what a mess that must have been. This has been a favorite story handed down in our family for many years. Their neighbor across the street also had a goat, and a cow, and pigs, and chickens and ducks and cats and dogs.


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Local band releases album this weekend in Roanoke >Pair of William Byrd alumni among 6-member group that is proud to play without musical genre classification “Coming up with a band name is difficult. You keep coming with names in your head and you set down and Google it and it’s out there,” Drewery notes. “We came up with the ‘Sol’ because we like the soul of the music, the blues Since 2007, the Roanoke Valley has slowly type thing and revolt...not the revolt against the been getting to know the non-traditional blues previous band, but just kind of our different band known as Solrevolt. A group with their style of doing things.” roots firmly established in the area, Solrevolt Once a name was taken care of, the group will release their new self-titled, 10-original recorded a demo of cover songs in a garage track album this Saturday, February 27 at a and started beating on doors and found people show at Blue 5 in Downtown Roanoke City. willing to give them a chance, including Blue 5, They will follow it up the following Saturday at where they have been playing for years, even Pomegranate Restaurant and Gathering Place opening up for national recording artist Candye in Troutville. Kane late last year. The diversity in performance venues comes The new album, recorded at East Lake from the band’s variety of local roots. Studios in the studio of Drewery’s cousin David, “We have ties to most every community was started last year with 10-12 hour days in the around,” says rhythm guitarist Rick Drewery. studio, coinciding with the jobs they each half. From Botetourt County’s Commonwealth But Drewery says the band was pleased with Attorney Joel Branscome on harmonica, how the album turned out and also seems to drummer Buck Sink, keyboard player and take pleasure in the inability to really classify vocalist Chad Sacra and lead guitarist and the specific music they play. vocalist Scott Neal, some member of the group “When you listen to our CD, if you can put has a familiar face somewhere in the area. For us in a genre, please do,” Drewery jokes. “We’re Vinton, that familiarity comes from Drewery, going to cross blues lines, jazz lines, southern a 1981 graduate of William Byrd, or Travis rock and we are going to cross some country Barber, who plays bass and graduated from lines too. We are own thing.” WBHS in 2001. In addition to their Solrevolt came to be when original work (lyrics for eight Sacra, Neal and Sink’s former songs on the new album were band dismantled because of written by Sacra and one a difference in the music they each by Sink and Drewery), wanted to play. Drewery came the band also does covers or to know the three through artists such as the Allman his work in the Roanoke City Brothers, Stevie Ray Vaughan Police Department where and BB King. However, Sink, Sacra and Drewery were Drewery points out that they trained crime scene forensic do not try to imitate the songs technicians. and instead do them their Barber, the young one own way. Saturday, February 27 at Blue5 of the group, works for The band will hold their Downtown Roanoke ~ 9pm-1am CD release party this Saturday the Roanoke City Police Department and has been at Blue 5 from 9 pm through Get a CD and t-shirt for $20 trained in forensics. Today, 1 am. The album will be Sink is a fingerprint examiner available in a package with a in the office, Sacra was promoted out of the t-shirt for $20. office and Drewery has since retired. “We hope that of the 10 original songs on “We don’t bill ourselves as a cop band, there that there is something, one of those but the big buzz word ‘forensic,’ CSI stuff... songs, that you as a person will identify with,” it garners attention,” Drewery says. “We were Drewery says. “So many of the songs originate all friends in the forensic realm and we had a with life meanings or problems.” common interest in music.” Though limited by work and families, the The final piece of the puzzle, Branscome, band would like to travel more in the future was a prosecutor in Roanoke City for many throughout the state and down into North years. The band reached out to Branscome Carolina within a two to four hour radius. over a year into their existence to play the Drewery says that Vinton could be a great blue harmonica. He joined the group midway place to add more musical entertainment and through 2008, completing their lineup. notes the possibility of playing in town. But before Branscome was in the lineup, “I don’t know as the restaurant venue would the band faced what Drewery says is one of the work or not (in Vinton), but the market area in most difficult parts of the process: coming up Vinton is a good thing and that’s something we with a name for the new venture. would be interested in doing,” Drewery says.

Dan Vance Editor-in-Chief

Solrevolt is (from top): Rick Drewery, Scott Neal, Chad Sacra, Buck Sink, Travis Barber and Joel Branscome


Ask the


>Expert answers to your health and wellness questions Dwight Ward Contributor Question: With it being American Heart Month, I’m curious what dietary changes I should make in order to stave off heart disease? Just trying to be proactive rather than reactive! Answer: First of all, kudos for focusing on prevention! As far as diet is concerned, there are definitely some modifications you can make, but to be honest, they aren’t all that new. For starters, you could try following the DASH diet, which stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. This diet focuses on specific amounts of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, and lean proteins. Sounds pretty healthy, right? In fact, the diet has been shown to reduce hypertension, and can also decrease the risk of heart disease and stroke over time. But even if you don’t follow a comprehensive diet, you should still try to limit your sodium intake, reduce your intake of saturated and trans fats, moderate your alcohol consumption (no more than 2 drinks per day for men and 1 drink per day for women), and increase your intake of omega-3 fatty acids. All of these changes will go a long way in helping to protect your heart, and the rest of your cardiovascular system. If you want additional information, check out the American Heart Association website,,

or consult with a registered dietitian. Question: I lift 5 days per week consistently, but my strength gains have flat-lined. How do I continue to get stronger? I don’t think I can lift any more than I am right now. Help! Answer: I don’t really have much information to go on here, but let’s see if I can provide some insight. First of all, there’s the distinct possibility that you’re working out too much. Maybe your volume (the combination of sets and reps) is too high—a common problem for those looking to gain strength as quickly as possible. And how long has it been since you’ve taken some time off to allow your body to fully recuperate from the stress of exercise? Some much-needed rest may do the trick, and amazingly, people often come back even stronger. I also wonder if you’re changing up your workouts enough. Many people get into the habit of using machines or free weights, but then never gravitate toward other forms of exercise. Cables, tubing, bands, kettlebells, medicine balls, and even bodyweight exercises can all increase strength, so you should try to vary up your routine regularly. Lastly, you have to remember that strength doesn’t just increase exponentially on a continual basis. There is a threshold that you’ll reach at some point, and you could be there already. If you feel like you need help with your current program, talk to a certified personal trainer. Question: I see quite a few advertisements

for multivitamins these days, but I’ve never really thought about taking one. Now that I’m the big 4-0, I’m focusing more on my health. Do you think taking a multi is a good idea? Answer: In a word…yes! Nobody follows a “perfect” diet, so taking one makes sense. There are actually a number of health organizations that currently recommend multivitamin/ mineral (MVI) supplements for all individuals. I like to think of an MVI as insurance. You pay insurance for your house and your car, so why not take a multi to ensure that you’re getting all the nutrients you need to function and feel well? After all, there’s really no downside to taking one. In most cases, your body will use what it needs, and will eliminate what it doesn’t. The hard part is finding the right supplement. You should look for an MVI that is broad-spectrum, meaning it has a comprehensive list of essential nutrients that your body needs on a daily basis. You also want to make sure that the one you take includes these nutrients at functional dosages, which means that the ingredient levels actually affect your health in a beneficial way. Unfortunately, many of the most popular MVI’s only contain the Recommended Dietary Allowances, which are nutrient levels designed to prevent deficiency diseases, not necessarily enhance health. You should also look for products that are manufactured by reputable companies that follow good manufacturing practices and FDA regulations. There are plenty of well-formulated products on the market. If you need help choosing the one that’s right for you, contact a registered dietitian. About the author : Dwight Ward is the Club Owner/ Certified Personal Trainer at Anytime Fitness in Bonsack. To submit a question for future articles, please contact the author at

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(2) (4)

Blue Ridge District Semi-Final basketball took place last Wednesday as the WBHS girls team hosted (though in their road uniforms) the Lord Botetourt Cavaliers. Byrd pulled ahead at the end of one quarter, but could not sustain, getting scoring from just five people including junior Jessica Rhodes (1). At Staunton River, Jake Mankin scored 17 points (2) but wide open layups for Alleghany spelled the end of Byrd’s hopes for a BRD crown. On Friday, Mankin was named BRD Player of the Year. Basketball fever also reached out to the rec. leagues where Vinton Terrier Mark Harrell took some pride in his jersey number with a unique hair cut (3). Last Friday night, Herman L. Horn held a movie night (4) for students, giving them a chance to watch the movie ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs’ with their families. Vinton’s Marie Gobble Levine won Best in Show on Friday at Taubman for this painting entitled “Chuck’s Chew Toy.” (5) Photos by Danny Cruff (1,3,4), Dan Vance (2) and Submitted (5)




Indoor Track prepares for State run Chris Manning Publisher When you take fourteen athletes to the regional tournament, you realize that a lot of them might not make it to the state tournament…unless you’re Eric Royal, indoor track coach. Royal headed to the Region III Indoor track tournament Saturday with fourteen athletes hoping to make it to state…he left with nine doing just that, “that’s pretty amazing” Royal said of the success of his team. The boys team finished fourth overall, something Royal is very happy with. The 4x800 relay team finished first “unexpectedly” said Royal “we were third going in rank wise, but Nick Lefell ran a tremendous leg and during the third lap a guy challenged for the lead and Nick just denied him, it was awesome” Royal said. The awesomeness

continued as this was the first race of the day and it was a big win for the Terriers, made even bigger considering the finishing time was a new Region III record. “You don’t expect stuff like that” Royal said “that was a good start.” Kevin O’Connor finished second in the two mile and third in the mile. Nick Lefell qualified for state in the 1000 as well as John Williams and Chris Boyd. “Putting three people in state in the 1000 is unheard of” said Royal “Region III is a pretty strong region for distance, so we were very pleased with that.” John Mooney qualified for state in the 500 and although John Murphy just missed the cut for the 500, he redeemed himself later in the day running the first leg for the 4x400 team and ran the fastest split of the day. In the heat prior to that race, EC Glass had run a time more than two seconds faster than any time the Terriers had run prior

to that day and they knew they were in trouble when they saw the Hilltoppers race, “they looked back at me and said ‘what was their time coach’ because they knew they were fast” Royal remembers, “they knew they had to race their way in, because they hadn’t run fast enough to qualify at that point.” The Terriers finished third in the race, after challenging for the lead for most of the race. Justin Smith finished second in the high jump, and will be facing some stiff competition in state “he’s been jumping 6’2, there are guys from the other regions jumping 6’5 and above, so he’s going to have to break that plateau” Royal remarked. Bryce Connor threw two feet further in the shot put than he did in the district meet, another big accomplishment. “It was really nice to see that everyone stepped up when they were at Regions” Royal said “it showed that they really were prepared.”

The day wasn’t completely about the boys as the girls 4x800 relay team ran their fastest time of the year by over twenty seconds, including all of them running personal bests in their individual legs, that team consisted of Emily Yates, Kira Kingery, Corrie Swanson and Cynthia Stinnette, “it’s always excited to see someone get wrapped up in the race” Royal said “they knew they might not qualify for state, but they still ran their best race of the year.” This Saturday is the state tournament and once again will be at Liberty. Royal may not expect any state champions, but as he saw in the Region, you run the races for a reason. “We definitely have a chance for a couple guys to be all-state and our relay teams could be as well, to come out of the meet with anyone under the all-state category would be an incredible accomplishment” said Royal.

Botetourt ends girls season in BRD Semi-Finals Dan Vance Editor-in-Chief William Byrd’s girls basketball team saw their season come to an end last Wednesday night as they fell to Lord Botetourt for the third time this season, 55-42. Byrd jumped out early, looking to derail Botetourt for the first time since they beat the Blue Ridge District’s second-seed in December. A strong paced first quarter helped them jump out to an 11-9 lead, but they were unable to sustain. “We got off to a strong start, but Botetourt fought back and we never responded to their runs. They did a good job of responding to our run and we never could respond like we needed to,” said Byrd coach Fran Recchia. After Byrd’s first quarter, they were outscored by Botetourt by eight in second. The Cavaliers would lead by as many as 15 points in the fourth quarter. “We put it all out there. We told them that ‘you win, you keep lose, you go home... there’s no secret about it,’ and Botetourt was in the exact same position, so it comes down to who wants it more and who is going to

execute,” Recchia said. “And I’m not going to say they wanted it more than our girls because that’s not the case. But they did execute a little better down the stretch.” Byrd got scoring from five players, led by 12 each from Brittany Mattox and Samantha Webster. Jessica Rhodes had five. One of the Cavaliers’ biggest strengths in the game came on defense and also in rebounding. Byrd had just three offensive rebounds outside of Webster. The Cavaliers outrebounded Byrd 3023. “They obviously knew what our strengths and our weaknesses are,” Recchia said of Botetourt. “They were trying to make other kids make shots.” Byrd finished 8-12 on the year with several important games and victories throughout the year, including the overtime win over Botetourt and one that Recchia recalls to be most memorable–, a victory at Patrick Henry. “We overcame so many obstacles, we never were really leading until the fourth quarter,” Recchia said. “I thought it really showed the character of our girls to come back from being down against an athletic team, taking care of the basketball and really executing down the stretch.”

Photo by Danny Cruff

Brittany Mattox takes the ball up in BRD Semi-Final play.


Costly mistakes doom Terriers in Playoffs >Turnovers, fouls outweigh solid plays in District and Region tournaments Dan Vance Editor-in-Chief Senior Jake Mankin connected on four three-pointers in the fourth quarter and put up 28 points Monday night, but it alone was not enough at William Byrd fell to EC Glass in the first game of Regions, 51-45. It was the second time this year that Byrd has lost to the Hilltoppers, though this game was played at home for the Terriers. The Terriers looked strong early, coming close to taking a lead into the first quarter break before Glass scored in the closing seconds to pull ahead 9-8. Among Byrd’s tenacious plays in the opening frame was a great penetrating layup from senior guard Derrick Palmer and Byrd looked to be getting Glass in foul trouble. All four of their first quarter fouls came trying to contain Mankin, the leading scorer in the area. “We always want to get it in there,” said Byrd coach Dave Culicerto. “Sometimes its hard to get the ball in there when the other team is sagging you have people inside bodying, pushing.” Byrd hung close again in the second quarter, pulling within one at 19-18 on a Michael Hammond three-pointer. The Terrier were able to avoid the close margin growing just before half when Ben Hayden turned the ball over, but stepped up to take a charge on the other end, keeping Byrd within three, 21-18, at the break. “We knew they were going to come out and play a fast paced game with us,” Palmer said. “We just wanted to keep up and slow it down at certain points and when we tried to slow it down, we’d turn it over and lose control of it so it


kind of backfired on us a little bit. From there, each time Byrd made a run, small mistake began to pile up. EC Glass pulled ahead by their largest margin, at that point, with a 26-20 lead in the third before back-to-back Mankin baskets helped Byrd slim it to two. Glass pulled back ahead by six before a Will Trent three-pointer at the 3:15 mark, but more mistakes helped Glass pull ahead by seven heading into the final period of play. “We kind of hurt ourselves sometimes,” Culicerto said. “They changed the defense and we acted like we’ve never seen it before. We had some critical turnovers there. But I think they competed all night long and all year long.” Glass’ lead swelled to as many as nine in the final quarter, but one of those Mankin three pointers narrowed the gap to 49-45 with 6.6 seconds left. However, the Hilltoppers were strong on the line all night and hit down the stretch. They finished 19-for-23 from the line; Byrd was just 5-of-8 from the charity stripe. Hammond had six points behind Mankin. Eric Slone and Palmer each had four, while Trent added three. “All you do is try to take good shots and I think we took good shots for the most part. Sometimes they go, sometimes they don’t,” Culicerto noted. Last Wednesday, Byrd was eliminated from Blue Ridge District play, falling 46-36 to Alleghany in part due to 11 missed layup opportunities. Mankin ended that game with 17 points and nine rebounds. “We played hard, just never got in a real offensive rhythm,” Culicerto said. “It was a real physical game against Alleghany, every possession was a grind.”

Photos by Dan Vance (top) and Danny Cruff (above)

Senior guard Derrick Palmer lays the ball up for his lone field goal Monday night against EC Glass in Regions play. Palmer had four points including two of Byrd’s five free throws. “We all wanted to do well and make it past the point where we are at,” Palmer said in reflection of the season. “I think the snow break set

us off a little bit. After that break, we kind of went back and lost a few steps.”

Edsall records pair of top three finishes at State Dan Vance Editor-in-Chief In her second visit to the State swim meet, Byrd sophomore Kacy Edsall took a step up from the first visit. Edsall, the lone Terrier in the weekend’s meet at Old Dominion, garnered second and third place finishes in Saturday’s finals. On Friday in the preliminaries, she placed fourth in the 100 Fly and 100 Back. “Kacy swam well at prelims on Friday and then really came back ready to race at finals on Saturday. She felt great in the pool and had a terrific attitude heading into finals,” Byrd coach Krista Martin said. At Finals on Saturday, Edsall placed 3rd in the 100 Fly in a time of

•‘COOK’ continued from page 20 to play two sports – softball being the other. She’s also proud to have played for outstanding coaches at Byrd (Richard Thrasher in basketball and Billy Meador and Joanna Lonker in softball) and at Roanoke (Susan Dunagan, Alan Bayse). Today, Cook is in her first year as assistant principal at Green Valley Elementary School off Colonial Avenue in Roanoke County. She’s the wife of Chris (an investigator with the Botetourt County Sheriff’s Office), and the mother of two children (Colten, a kindergartener, and Cohen, who turns 1 next week). That doesn’t leave much time for outside interests, although Cook says she is a University of North Carolina men’s basketball fan. (This year’s Tar Heel team, 1413 overall and 3-9 in the conference at press time, has been “painful to watch,” Cook says. “Of course, after you’ve won an NCAA championship,

57.55, braking her own team record of 59.05. She then placed 2nd in the 100 Back in 58.26 breaking a team record from of 59.27 that was set by Claire Woodall-Gainey in 2004. “She took each race out fast, which to me, shows real courage,” Martin said. “They were both exciting races to watch, you can tell Kacy has a passion for the sport and she loves to get up and race.” Edsall will be one of many returners for the Byrd swim team next season as they look to repeat as Blue Ridge District champions and send more swimmers back to State. Edsall’s progression from last year to this season leads Martin to believe she could win an event at State next year. “She swims with a lot of drive, determination and heart,” Martin

you can take some smacks in the face. But expectations are a little high there,” she says.) High expectations have never daunted Cook personally, however. She played on some strong Byrd basketball teams with Angie McDaniel, Sherry Banks and Sherry Yeargan. The softball program was changing over from slow-pitch to fastpitch during her Terrier career and as a pitcher, she had to adjust on the fly. Cook credits her dad, Bill Hufton, for developing her. “We spent hours in a gym,” she says. At Roanoke, Cook was a star among stars for Dunagan, who is closing in on 600 collegiate win in a career approaching 30 seasons. Cook’s teams posted a cumulative mark of 88-24, won the ODAC tournament three out of four years and earned a berth in the NCAA tournament all four seasons. Cook was named firstteam all-ODAC her junior and senior years. In 1996, she was named cofemale athlete of the year at Roanoke College. One reason that Cook stayed an

Photo Submitted by Krista Martin

Byrd’s Kacy Edsall accepts one of her two medals during last Saturday’s State swim meet at Old Dominion. said. “I’m so proud of her... not only for how fast she swam, but for how

extra year at Roanoke was because softball was transitioning from a club sport to a varsity sport and that was a significant lure. Cook graduated in 1997, after pitching and playing several other defensive positions. As a teacher, Cook has also moved with the opportunity – starting as instructional assistant at Byrd, then teaching (primarily physical education and health) at Lincoln Terrace Elementary, Hidden Valley Middle, and Byrd. Through all the transitions she coached the Byrd softball team until her first child was born, and became an administrator after earning her master’s degree online from the University of Phoenix. “That was difficult because I’m a visual learner,” she says. As assistant principal, she spends three hours a day in the classroom, assisting with second grade. She’s also in charge of the school’s testing, a challenge this year with the high number of snow days. Cook says basketball was her favorite sport as a player, softball her favorite as a coach. Now that her

she carries herself. She is wonderful role model for other athletes.”

playing and coaching days are behind her, she’s focused on balancing a life of parenting and administration. All bets say she’s doing both jobs well – but without a lot of fanfare. coming in march Every picture, from every issue... at your fingertips....

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Voices of the Past

Marcee (Hufton) Cook: 3-point specialist could light it up – but she doesn’t dwell on the past

Is there something in the water of Southwest Virginia that helps develop the long-range shooting talent of basketball players? Most sports fans are well-versed in the scoring exploits of J.J. Redick, the career NCAA 3-point basket record-holder, who graduated from Cave Spring High School in 2002, shortly after he propelled the Knights to a Group AAA state championship. Many recognize the fact that he broke the collegiate 3-point record previously held by Curtis Staples, who helped Patrick Henry earn a Group AAA state championship in 1992. A few years before that, the NCAA record was held by Doug Day, who starred at Radford University and now is the boys’ coach at Blacksburg High School. Another fine outside shooter who resides in the Roanoke Valley John A. Montgomery is Glen Combs, who was an outside sharpshooter for Virginia Tech (class of 1967) and played seven successful seasons in the ABA. It should be noted, however, that Combs learned to shoot not in this part of the country, but in Kentucky, a launching pad for a number of tremendous shooters in its own right. One player that may not be on the tip of your tongue as a top-notch shooter that hails from the area is Marcee (Hufton) Cook, who graduated from William Byrd High School in 1992. Cook is listed in the Virginia High School League record book as No. 1 in career 3-point shooting accuracy among girls and second in the category of 3-point shooting percentage in a single season. Both of these numbers are slightly less than 50 percent, an outstanding figure for shooting a basketball from any distance, let alone beyond the 3-point arc. The plaque adorning Cook’s picture along the hallway of Byrd has her making 185 career 3-pointers out of 387 attempts, eye-popping stats to be sure, although Cook downplays them with characteristic modesty. “Records are meant to be broken,” she says, even though some of hers haven’t been. Thus it stands to reason that Cook is not caught up in the fact that she is also the career leader at Roanoke College in 3-pointers made (217), taken (517) and percentage (.420). Or that she ranks among that school’s top 10 in points, free throws made, free throw percentage, steals and assists. Cook is proud that her college inducted her into its athletic hall of fame in 2006, and that she chose the Maroons (over a scholarship to Longwood University) because Roanoke College gave her the opportunity


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Vinton Voice (Volume 2, Issue 8) February 24, 2010  
Vinton Voice (Volume 2, Issue 8) February 24, 2010  

The cover features WBHS longtime crossing guard Liz Bower. Inside, learn about Byrd girls basketball legend Marcee (Hufton) Cook and the ban...